Marines Headed to Haiti Aristide Bows to Pressure, Leaves Haiti A contingent of U.S. Marines was headed to Haiti as peacekeepers Sunday night, hours after the resignation and departure of Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide aboard an American aircraft. President Bush said he dispatched the troops as “the leading element” of an “international force to help bring order and […]

Oscar Blogging

Kate, michele, and Kevin did the honors. I can’t remember the last time I watched the show, to be honest. I’m not a big fan of award shows, anyway, and it’s so rare that I’ve actually seen more than one or two of the big movies up for the awards and even rarer that the […]

The Pitfalls of Early Polling

Robert Prather has a lengthy excerpt from a subscribers-only article in WSJ that, in a nutshell, says not to pay much attention to presidential approval ratings at this point in the cycle. Not only are approval ratings not very helpful, neither is a candidate’s standing in opinion polls that ask people for whom they plan […]

Economic Illiteracy

Thomas Sowell: Some years ago, the distinguished international-trade economist Jagdish Bhagwati was visiting Cornell University, giving a lecture to graduate students during the day and debating Ralph Nader on free trade that evening. During his lecture, Prof. Bhagwati asked how many of the graduate students would be attending that evening’s debate. Not one hand went […]

Comparative Media Analysis

Matthew Yglesias makes a persuasive argument that the U.S. media is better than that in Russia. Apparently, this is an open question in some circles.

Aristide Flees Haiti

Aristide Bows to Pressure, Leaves Haiti Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, faced with an armed rebellion and pressure from the United States and France, left Haiti this morning, according to numerous reports. Administration officials and a spokeswoman for the French Foreign Ministry, confirmed the departure to wire services. “The administration believes Aristide made the right decision […]

Property Tax Windfall

Property Tax Spells Windfall For N.Va. The booming real estate market and skyrocketing home assessments in the Washington area have created a fountain of tax revenue for local governments in Northern Virginia, many of which are spending the money as fast as it pours in. In budget proposals unveiled in the past few weeks, local […]

Daniel Boorstin Dies at 89

WaPo reports, Daniel Joseph Boorstin, 89, the prizewinning and bestselling author and historian who had served as librarian of Congress and director of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of History and Technology, died of pneumonia yesterday at Sibley Memorial Hospital. Boorstin was author of two dozen books, which were translated into at least 30 languages. […]

Getting Government Into the Bedroom

Kevin Drum: Matt Yglesias suggests today that a) good sex is ipso facto a good thing and the government should encourage it, b) Christians would probably be happier about church-state separation if Christians were a minority, and c) if we had 100% taxation on incomes over $400,000 then no one would bother paying anyone more […]

The Night of the Living Constitution

Kieran Healy has written the movie synopsis: Night. CONSTITUTION escapes from display case in Library of Congress. Seen lurking in alleyway off of Mass Ave. Shadows. Attacks and eats Cato Institute INTERN. Day. The NATIONAL GUARD attempt to capture the Constitution on the Mall. Suddenly, ARTICLE III is invoked in a novel way. The GUARDSMEN […]

Jacko Goes Bye-Bye

Michael Jackson has been displaced atop my BlogAd strip by Richard Tilley’s Temporal Globe. I know many of you will miss the Jacko picture, but business is business. And, who knows, he could make a return appearance if the ad space is freed up.

Amusing Headline

Pfizer: Viagra doesn’t do much for women

Hollywood Economics

Bill Quick: Speaking as a longtime writer and produced screenwriter, let me tell you a little secret: Despite the supposed threats against Gibson emanating from certain Hollywood quarters, if this flick does anything like the now-predicted gross (which would stick 50-75 million dollars in Gibson’s personal pockets), not only will Mel Gibson have no trouble […]

Toast-O-Meter Update

Steven Taylor has the latest Toast-O-Meter at PoliBlog.

Shaping Market Forces

Matthew Yglesias argues that the government can alter market forces with tax and regulatory policy. The clearest example is that if we imposed a 100% tax rate on incomes over $400,000 no one would get paid over $400,000. Offering a $500,000 salary would cost the company $100,000 more than a $500,000 one, but would do […]

Pentagon Denies Osama Capture

AP: U.S., Pakistan Deny Bin Laden Was Captured Pentagon and Pakistani officials on Saturday denied an Iranian state radio report that Osama bin Laden was captured in Pakistan’s border region with Afghanistan “a long time ago.” The claim came as Pakistan’s army hunted terror suspects in a remote tribal region along the border, believed to […]

Miller Show Getting Tweaked

New York Post DENNIS Miller is taking a two- week hiatus from his new CNBC talk show – which is being remade while he’s gone. “The main thing we’re going to do differently is to have a studio audience,” consulting producer Steve Friedman told The Post. “We’re not doing the ‘Tonight Show’ – we want […]

Georgia Doesn’t Ban Gay Barriage

Ron Gunzburger reports, In a very surprising move, the Georgia House of Representatives narrowly rejected a state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage Thursday. The measure had been expected to pass and appear on the ballot this November. Instead, the House voted 117-50 in favor of the marriage ban — but that total was three votes […]

U.S. – German Relations on Mend

WaPo: Bush, Schroeder Mend Relations President Bush and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on Friday set aside their differences over Iraq, with the U.S. president proclaiming “relations are good” after a long period of bitterness between the two leaders. “We have differences — in the past,” Bush said as he and Schroeder sat side-by-side in the […]

Passion Reviewed

Rev. Donald Sensing has an excellent, detailedcritique of Mel Gibson’s controversial film “The Passion of the Christ.” It certainly sounds like an impresive movie, although not the type of thing I’m likely to see. I watch movies almost entirely for their entertainment value and almost never find movies about death and/or torture enjoyable–especially when they […]


Congratulations to Steven Taylor, who has been selected for promotion to Associate Professor and granted tenure at Troy State University.

U.S. Forces in Iraq After the Transition

Daniel Schorr points to an tricky problem ahead: At a Council on Foreign Relations meeting the other evening, I asked Gen. Peter Pace, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, what the position of American forces in Iraq would be after the handover of sovereignty scheduled for June 30. Carefully, he replied that the […]

Profiles in Blogging

Norman Geras has made me the subject of normblog profile 23.

Iraq’s Water Problems

My initial thought upon seeing this WaPo piece, “Iraqi Experts Tossed With The Water” was that Iraq’s water is probably better than D.C.’s. But the story is rather serious: Al-Ani is an employee of the General Co. for Water Projects, one of 200-odd ventures in Iraq that are owned wholly or in part by the […]

U.S. and France Agree: Haiti a Mess

Rebels Preparing to Attack Haiti Capital Haiti’s rebel leader said his fighters were advancing on the capital Thursday, awaiting an order to attack unless President Jean-Bertrand Aristide resigns. The United States questioned whether Aristide could “effectively continue” in office. With Haiti’s ill-equipped police force not expected to put up much resistance against a rebel assault, […]

Heinz Buys Wal-Mart

Matt Drudge implies that Teresa Heinz Kerry is hypocritical for dissing Wal-Mart despite the fact she’s bought over a million in their stock. “Another thing that drives me crazy, and I hope I don’t offend anyone here, is WAL-MART,” Mrs. Kerry told a group of Democratic women activists at a luncheon in St. Paul last […]

Peacekeeping Force

Kevin Drum is impressed with a Max Boot editorial calling for a peacekeeping force: Nationally, the United States needs to create a standing agency devoted to nation-building; it should have a director with the authority to force disparate departments in the U.S. government to work together, something that didn’t happen before the invasion of Iraq. […]

Fun with Stats

Apropos a discussion on the effects of the Bush tax cut at and Begging to Differ, Chris Lawrence gives us a review of two often-confused measures of central tendency, the mean and the median.* It’s rather common practice for sides in a debate to pick the one that best fits their argument. The press […]

Edwards Could Win . . . Georgia

UPI: Analysis: Edwards poised for a late run Trailing in two polls this week, Sen. John Edwards, D-N.C., may be poised to mount another late rally and overtake John Kerry in Tuesday’s Georgia primary. Edwards overcame double-digit deficits to finish second to Kerry in the Iowa caucuses and the Wisconsin primary. He also came from […]

Marriage Compromise

Random musings on the general subject of gay marriage from around the Blogosphere: Steven Taylor takes a firm stance against man-dog marriage. Apropos this Robert Prather piece, I wonder if Rosie O’Donnell will get a refund of her $82 if the courts ultimately affirm the law making gay marriage illegal? McQ is more impressed with […]

More Bad News in the Blogosphere

The Esmay Family is experiencing multiple crises at the moment and could use some help.

Good Marines Make Good Neighbors

Mark Mazzetti reports on the revival of a Vietnam-era Marine counterinsurgency program that may have promise for Iraq. [T]he 1st Marine Division is resurrecting one of the few tactics that worked in Vietnam, the corps’ counterinsurgency strategy: the “Combined Action Program,” or CAP. The revival of this counterinsurgency program represents an experiment by the 1st […]

Friedman on Outsourcing

Thomas Friedman gets one right: I’ve been in India for only a few days and I am already thinking about reincarnation. In my next life, I want to be a demagogue. Yes, I want to be able to huff and puff about complex issues — like outsourcing of jobs to India — without any reference […]

Weapons of Mind Destruction

Saddam planned invasion ‘on drugs’ OUSTED Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was probably high on drugs when he decided to invade Kuwait in 1990, a former chief of protocol said in a radio interview yesterday. Issam Rashid Walid, whose book In Saddam’s Shadow is due to be released in French in the coming days, also told […]

Amending the Constitution

Michael J. Totten has an interesting essay on the push to add an amendment to the Constitution. His premise is one I can agree with: The very idea of using our Constitution the ban anything is viscerally repulsive to me, especially when we’re talking about the harmless pursuit of happiness. You don’t have the freedom […]

Ain’t Done It

Donnie Hall has announced the impending shutdown of The Bejus Pundit, although not his blogging career. He’s going to concentrate his limited blog writing time over at We the People, where he is joined by some guy named Jack, another guy called Mog, Blackfive, and several other people.

Google Caption Contest

The Google Ads currently displaying on the latest Caption Contest: Kerry 2004 Buttons, John Kerry T Shirts, Gay Voter Registration, Carrot for President, and Howard Dean Quits Race. Some of those are pretty funny captions for the picture.

Need to Know Share

UPI: Lack of secure communications hampers DHS The Department of Homeland Security sent teams of officials to cities under threat during the recent holiday-period orange alert, because they lacked secure communication channels to state and local officials, the department’s second in command said Wednesday. Deputy Secretary for Homeland Defense Adm. James M. Loy said that […]

Rent Seeking

Robert Prather, building on articles by Walter Williams and George Will, makes an excellent point: When people complain about corporate welfare you rarely hear them complaining of tariffs and quotas. I have to wonder why. Steel tariffs help steel producers at the expense of steel consumers and sugar tariffs help sugar producers at the expense […]

Kerry’s Defense Votes

Fred Kaplan has an interesting piece in Slate today that seems to refute many of the claims made about Kerry’s voting record on defense issues in the Senate. Looking at the weapons that the RNC says Kerry voted to cut, a good case could be made, certainly at the time, that some of them (the […]

Caption Contest

Time for another OTB Caption ContestTM. Yahoo! News – Entertainment Photos – ReutersWrite your caption in the comments below. Winners will be announced some time after noon Monday.

Jamal Lewis Indicted

Yahoo! News – Jamal Lewis Indicted on Federal Drug Rap Baltimore Ravens running back Jamal Lewis, who had the second-highest rushing total in NFL history last season, was indicted Wednesday on federal drug charges. The Atlanta native is accused of helping arrange a drug deal involving cocaine in the summer of 2000, U.S. Attorney William […]


Jay Solo’s Verbosity is a year old today. There’s even a song commemorating the occasion.

What about Cheney

Kevin Drum has sort of thrown in the towel on the AWOL issue: I’m saddened, of course, that my preoccupation with George Bush’s National Guard record has been brought to a halt by the lack of any solid evidence that he did anything wrong. Sigh. Needless to say, I keep hoping that our intrepid corps […]

Health, Science, and Hume

Dean Esmay posted an Open Challenge last night: Can anyone point me to a peer-reviewed study which shows a reduced mortality rate from eating a low-fat or low-cholesterol diet? I started to weigh in at the time but thought I smelled a trap, so I posted the first comment in the thread: What are your […]


Several new sites have been added to the Reciproll on the right sidebar in recent days:

Neocons, the Jews, and Iraq

Volokh Conspirator Davd Bernstein refutes “the view that a small band of Jewish ‘neocon Likudniks’ somehow managed to manipulate the clueless goyim in the Bush Administration to invade Iraq on behalf of Israel.”

Gettin’ Old

Will Collier informs us that Van Halen’s “Jump” was the #1 song in the country twenty years ago this week. He even provides a link to a clip of the song, which I’ll refrain from duplicating since it’s on his (or actually, Stephen’s) bandwidth. I was exactly two months shy of high school graduation at […]

Sex and Self-Absorption after Yale

Naomi Wolf is amazingly self-absorbed. She has managed to land five web pages in New York Magazine to explain why she waited twenty-one years to make public her uncorroborated allegations against a highly respected scholar, Harold Bloom. Her reason? When she contacted Yale about the incident twenty years after the alleged act, they didn’t do […]

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