Nomar Garciaparra to Cubs in Blockbuster

ESPN – Cubs land Garciaparra in four-team deal No more Nomar. Trade rumors finally turned into reality when the Boston Red Sox sent five-time All-Star shortstop Nomar Garciaparra to the Chicago Cubs in a four-team deal Saturday shortly before baseball’s trade deadline. Montreal shortstop Orlando Cabrera, Cubs shortstop Alex Gonzalez and Minnesota first baseman Doug […]

Kerry on Gilligan’s Island?

Apparently, Steven Taylor wasn’t the only one reminded of Gilligan by John Kerry’s convention. Maureen Dowd was, too, according to Matt Drudge: “Given that the Kerry convention featured a skipper brave and sure, a first mate who makes others comfortable, a millionaire called “Lovey” by her spouse, two pretty young Kerry castaways and a movie […]

A Baby Bounce?

Newsweek – A Baby Bounce? Coming out of the Democratic National Convention in Boston, Sen. John Kerry now holds a seven-point lead over President George W. Bush (49 percent to 42 percent) in a three-way race with independent Ralph Nader (3 percent), according to the latest NEWSWEEK poll The poll was taken over two nights, […]

Kerry’s Salute

John Kerry’s convention “salute” brought out some amusing comparisons:

Mike Tyson KO’d by Tomato Can

ESPN – Down for the count If it isn’t over, then indeed it should be. There’s no reason to go on like this. No one in his right mind would want to. Mike Tyson, of course, has never been accused of being fully sane. Calliope music plays in his head, and he might be able […]

Zell Miller: Why I Skipped the Boston Convention

Zell Miller explains how he went from being a keynote speaker at the 1992 Democratic National Convention to skipping the 2004 convention and being a featured speaker at its Republican counterpart. n 1992, I spoke of the opportunity and hope that allowed me, the son of a single mother growing up in the North Georgia […]

Our Antiquated Military Pay Structure

Owen West, writing in Slate, wonders “Why would anyone volunteer to be an infantryman?” The new face on the battlefield here is the private contractor. Companies like KBR are blending in nearly seamlessly with the military machine, flowing into the war plan with logistical precision. This is neither an endorsement nor an indictment of these […]

Beltway Traffic Jam

The Friday linkfest: Scott Koenig rounds up the reactions to the “timing” of the capture of Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani Kevin Aylward has the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest up. Eugene Volokh discusses the legal implications of JibJab. Howard Bashman has a roundup of links on Alabama’s sex toy ban. Hanah Metchis notes that hope should be […]

From the OTB Mailbag

This eloquent comment to my post Ricky Williams to Retire deserves its own spotlight: Hey, To me i think that football should be more important than pot. I’m one of your bigest fans and i was shocked when i herd that you were retiring. God i cant belive it. are you for god d@?n real. […]

Campaign Finance Idiocy

Kimberley Strassel points out in today’s Opinion Journal that McCain-Feingold isn’t exactly having its desired effect. McCain-Feingold has proved more of an embarrassment than even its critics predicted, taking the “big money” that previously flowed to answerable politicians and neatly diverting it to unaccountable, shadowy groups, as well as stripping Americans of their free speech […]

John Kerry’s Convention Speech

I watched the speech in a somewhat noisy bar last night, so admit that I wasn’t in the ideal setting to soak it up. But Matthew Yglesias pretty much sums up my reaction: “I thought it was crap.” Granted, Matt thought so for entirely different reasons than I did. Like the John Edwards speech the […]


I’m off to Blogorama. There’s still time if you’re in the DC area. We don’t lock the doors if you’re tardy or anything.

Beltway Traffic Jam

The Thursday linkfest: New England Republican questions how positive Kerry’s “positive” campaign is. Herb Ely praises the media’s impact on intelligence gathering. Steve Bainbridge expresses skepticism over John Edwards’ claims that Presidents create jobs. Steve Verdon has similar views on John Kerry’s energy proposals. Mark Hasty wants us to lay off Ricky Williams. Steven Taylor […]

Sully to Teresa Heinz Kerry: Shove It

Andrew Sullivan, fresh from semi-endorsing John Kerry for president, produces a hilarious fisking of Teresa Heinz Kerry’s convention address that pretty much sums up my reaction, only funnier.

Video: Somali Driver Kidnapped

Hindu News Update Service – Al-Zarqawi’s terrorist group kidnaps Somali driver in Iraq Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s terrorist group has kidnapped a Somali truck driver in Iraq and threatened to behead him if his Kuwaiti company doesn’t stop working here, according to a videotape broadcast by Al-Jazeera today. The videotape, released by the Tawhid […]

Francis Crick, R.I.P.

NBC San Diego – Co-Discoverer Of DNA Structure Dies In San Diego Francis Crick, one of the two British scientists [James Watson was an American, actually. -ed.] who cracked the code for DNA, died at a San Diego hospital after a long battle with colon cancer. The 88-year-old scientist died Wednesday night at Scripps Thornton […]

Letter from John Edwards

Received via e-mail: Dear Friend, What a remarkable day today is going to be. You and I are going to have the great pleasure of watching John Kerry stand before America and lay out his plans for leading our country in a new, more promising direction. I’ve heard John Kerry speak. “Pleasure” is not a […]

Report: Zarqawi Captured

Jeff Quinton passes on a Russian report that Iraq’s head terrorist has been captured: Sofia Morning News – Al-Zarqawi Captured – Report Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, head of the group suspected of beheading two Bulgarian hostages, has reportedly been arrested in Western Iraq. Al-Zarqawi has been arrested by Iraqi police and US military close to the […]

Blogger Existentialism

Matt Yglesias argues that the question “Are you a blogger?” is inapt because the vast majority of people who blog spend most of their time doing something else. Nobody thinks of the miscellaneous class of people who have written books (say, Barnett, Samantha Powers, James Joyce, Robert Putnam, and Michael Crichton) as “book writers.” Rather, […]

9/11 Panel’s Plan Would Reduce Influence of CIA

WaPo – 9/11 Panel’s Plan Would Reduce Influence of CIA The intelligence reorganization proposed by the Sept. 11 commission would have the overall effect of sharply reducing the influence of the CIA while increasing the importance of the Pentagon and giving the White House more direct control over covert operations, according to assessments by a […]

Rules Don’t Apply in This Race

Susan Page has an insightful piece in USA Today explaining why “The ‘rules’ don’t apply in this race.” This campaign is different. This is the year Internet fundraising exploded, nearly erasing a Republican financial advantage that had been around so long it seemed to be written in the Constitution. Voters love and hate President Bush […]

John Edwards’ Convention Speech

John Edwards’ speech is an improvement over Sharpton’s, to be sure. It strikes me as being very much in a time warp, though. It’s not just a 9/10/01 speech, it’s straight out of 1980. The idea that average Americans can’t send their kids to school or get them health care is frankly absurd. The civil […]

Al Sharpton Convention Speech

I just finished listening to Al Sharpton’s address to the Democratic convention on the radio and was bewildered that the crowd kept cheering wildly at the most inane, demonstrably stupid things over and again. I don’t yet have a transcript available but, for example, does anyone in that room seriously think that, if George W. […]

Save Marine Life

I was somewhat disappointed that the GoogleAd PSA* “Save Marine Life” didn’t have anything to do with providing improved fragmentation vests, more training in stabilization operations, and the best equipment for our Marines. I’m sure that the Adopt-a-Beach, Beachwatch, and Seasearch programs are quite important but they are very unlikely to save the life of […]

Video: Pakistani Hostages Executed

News24 (SA) – Hostages executed in Iraq A militant group holding two Pakistani contractors hostage said on Wednesday it had killed the men, according to the Pan-Arab television station Al-Jazeera. The group, calling itself the Islamic Army in Iraq, announced in a video sent to Al-Jazeera on Monday that it had kidnapped two Pakistanis working […]

Beltway Traffic Jam

The drive in this morning was insane. It was raining pretty hard by Alabama standards, which is apparently considered an epic weather event in these parts. People were driving 20 mph for no apparent reason. I prefer to keep good tires and wipers on the car, turn on the lights, and drive at something approaching […]

DC Blogorama Reminder

Just a reminder that the DC Blogorama is tomorrow night at 7:30. All bloggers and blog readers are invited.

Did Kerry Stage War Footage?

Matt Drudge is breaking what, if true, would be perhaps the most bizarre general election campaign story in my memory: A bombshell new book written by the man who took over John Kerry’s Swift Boat charges: Kerry reenacted combat scenes for film while in Vietnam! The footage is at the center of a growing controversy […]

Bulgarian Beheading Photo

Reuters – Picture of Bulgarian’s Severed Head Posted on Net An al Qaeda-linked group in Iraq posted a picture of what it said was the severed head of a Bulgarian hostage on the Internet on Wednesday. The picture showed a masked man holding up a bloody head in front of a black flag of the […]

Toast-o-Meter Supplement

Steven Taylor has put out a mid-week supplement to the PoliBlogTM Toast-o-MeterTM in honor of the convention.

Lack of Loyalty in Sports

Larry Weisman, writing in USA Today, points out that “Lack of loyalty in sports doesn’t take sides.” While whistful about the days when a player would spend his whole career with one team, he notes it works both ways. Ricky Williams quits a week before training camp, leaving the Miami Dolphins without their best offensive […]

Fight Virus With Virus

Paul Boutin argues that the laziness and cluelessness of computer users are the only things that permit computer viruses to spread. His solution: The only way to stop MyDoom might be to out-hack the hackers. In the past, “white hat” programmers have launched viruses that expose security holes without causing destruction in an attempt to […]

Porn and Violence: For the Children

Glenn Reynolds, writing at TCS, argues that there is anecdotal evidence that increased access to pornography and violent video games has made America’s youth safer and healthier. Where twenty or thirty years ago teenagers had to go to some effort to see pictures of people having sex, now those things are as close as a […]

Elections Should Be Divisive

Al Knight, writing in the Denver Post, rebuts the notion put forth by Bill Clinton and other speakers at the Democratic National Convention that the Republicans are trying to “divide” the electorate and then moves to a broader point: In earlier times it was generally assumed that differences of this nature were normal and people […]

In Iraqi Homes, A Constant Battle Just to Stay Cool

WaPo – In Iraqi Homes, A Constant Battle Just to Stay Cool In the oppressive swelter of the Iraqi summer, where temperatures reach 110 degrees by morning rush hour, life in thousands of run-down apartments and shops in this once-modern capital revolves around a primitive routine for heat survival. This is the second summer since […]

Lost Record of Vote in ’02 Florida Race Raises ’04 Concern

NYT – Lost Record of Vote in ’02 Florida Race Raises ’04 Concern Almost all the electronic records from the first widespread use of touch-screen voting in Miami-Dade County have been lost, stoking concerns that the machines are unreliable as the presidential election draws near. The records disappeared after two computer system crashes last year, […]

Moore Invites Bush to Crawford Screening

Xinhuanet – Moore invites Bush to Crawford screening Oscar-winning US film director Michael Moore publicly invited US President George W. Bush on Tuesday to attend the screening of his Bush-bashing documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11” in Bush’s hometown in Texas. Moore issued his invitation to Bush on his Web site, saying he wanted a chance to thank […]

Beltway Traffic Jam

The Tuesday linkfest: NZ Bear has some excellent advice for blogging the conventions. Matt Yglesias sums up Bill Clinton’s appeal, minus the “true” part. Steven Taylor has photographic evidence that John Kerry is really spacey. McQ compares Kerry to Woody Allen. Eugene Volokh reveals a Jewish superhero conspiracy. Max Jacobs looks at the history of […]

Good Line

Matt Yglesias: Mark Shields, via David Gergen: “During the Bush years we’ve created more gay marriages than manufacturing jobs.” When will conservatives stop pushing their leftwing social agenda and start looking out for the working class? Indeed. Note to Ms. Coulter: Good political humor is funny to people on the other side of the aisle. […]

France Annuls Gay Wedding

BBC – France annuls first gay wedding France’s first gay marriage, which was conducted last month by a local mayor, has been annulled by a court. The tribunal in Bordeaux declared the marriage of Stephane Chapin and Bertrand Charpentier “null and void”. The mayor, Noel Mamere of the Green Party, was suspended for a month […]

Girlie Cave Men?

The Governator and the Girlie Men have reached an accomodation on the California Budget. Bloomberg – California’s Schwarzenegger, Lawmakers Strike Budget Agreement California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders said they’ve reached agreement on a $103 billion spending plan, breaching an impasse that’s held up passage of a budget 27 days into the fiscal year. […]

Amy Richards Redux

Michelle Malkin passes on a NY Sun report [$] that the editors at the New York Times Magazine didn’t know that Amy Richards, whose horrific tale of selectively aborting two of her triplets caused such a stir, was a prominent abortion activist. Says Malkin, I found it incredibly misleading that the Times presented Richards as […]

Iraqi Democracy

NYT – Early Steps, Maybe, Toward A Democracy In Iraq [RSS] Whether democracy is really coming to Iraq, or whether it is even possible here, seemed of no immediate concern to Dr. Ahmad Abu-Raghif, a physician in Baghdad. He was game anyway. He showed up at a university hall here on Sunday with a good […]

Kerry’s Daughters Open Up to Ben Affleck

LAT (AP) – Kerry’s Daughters Open Up to Ben Affleck Despite photos to the contrary, Alexandra Kerry contends the transparent dress she wore to the Cannes Film Festival was actually quite conservative. The problem, she told actor-turned-interviewer Ben Affleck in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar, was that it “did not withstand the impact of […]

Atrios Revealed

Via Kevin Drum, I see that the psedononymous “Atrios” of the popular lefty bog Eschaton has finally revealed that he is Duncan Black, an economist now a Senior Fellow at Media Matters for America. The need for a leftist economist to hide his identity remains unclear, however. Update: Rob Tagorda reacts and reminds us why […]

Ann Coulter: Unusable and Not Funny

Townhall has published the Ann Coulter column that USA Today “spiked because it was ‘unusable’ and ‘not funny.’” Frankly, while it’s usable (for, say, lining bird cages) it’s not funny. It’s the same tired, worn-out cliches and insults that have been going around for years: Here at the Spawn of Satan convention in Boston, conservatives […]

Kerry’s Greatest Trait?

David Brooks‘s latest column, “Kerry at the Wheel,”[RSS] is a rather amusing series of one-liners about John Kerry’s tediousness, which Brooks thinks may actually be “Kerry’s greatest trait.” [T]he Democratic Party is just sober enough to realize it needs a designated driver like John Kerry to get it home at night. This is a whacked-out […]

Latest Battleground Polls

Ron Gunzburger reports, In Florida, a new CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll places President Bush in the lead in this key battleground state. The numbers: Bush-50%, Kerry-47%. In a three-way race, it becomes Bush-50%, Kerry-46%, Nader-1%. Two new Ohio polls point to different leaders. The CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll places Kerry in the lead by a 51% to […]

Down to One PoliBlog

Steven Taylor reports that, with only several days of hemming and hawing, the Seattle Times has decided to change its name from “PoliBlog” to something yet to be determined. Anyone with a blog whose name they don’t want them to use should probably write them and mention that fact, lest they switch to it inadvertantly. […]

Clinton Speeches at the Democratic Convention

Drudge has early transcripts of the speeches by Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton at tonight’s convention opener. I skipped the live show, having had my fill of Clintons, but I’ll likely force myself to watch the Kerry speech Thursday. As a bonus, here’s Jimmy Carter’s speech. I must say, I’m intrigued by the line-up: Jimmy […]

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