Bush-Kerry Debate Roundup

I’ll be watching the debate elsewhere this evening and may or may not do any live blogging of it. I’ll do a roundup at some point, either tonight or in the morning. Feel free to do a “do it yourself” version by linking to this post. Anyone who links and TrackBacks this post will be […]

Bush-Kerry Debate Preview: Foreign Policy

George Will is frustrated with President Bush’s foreign policy but nonetheless believes the nation will prefer it to Kerry’s lack of one. If ever an administration, in a re-election season properly dominated by a single issue of the administration’s choosing, has earned an electoral rebuke, it is this one. And if ever there has been […]

Bobby Cox Wins 2000th Game

No. 2,000 for Bobby Cox (AJC) Instead of just handshakes, there were hugs. This wasn’t just another victory. Not for manager Bobby Cox. Not for his players. Not for Braves fans. After the final out was recorded of his milestone 2,000th win, Cox was embraced by his players on the field, then serenaded by a […]

Whole Lotta Forgin’ Goin’ On

Paul at Wizbang fact checks the Boston Globe in advance. Apparently, a Dr. David Bailey of Utah State had evidence that the infamous CBS forged documents were in fact legit. Paul provides evidence that Bailey forged the documents proving the forged docs weren’t forged, which, for those keeping score at home, means that we now […]

Beltway Traffic Jam

The daily linkfest: Craig Henry observes that televising “perp walks” and other practices belie the media myth that they stand up to government. Joy Larkin explains why her next car won’t be a car. Terry Oglesby finds Lynne Cheney is funnier than the Kerry communications team. Ogged discovers that Robert Maplethorpe was a very odd […]

Byron Leftwich Dispels a Myth

Aaron Schatz has a piece in TNR explaining how Byron Leftwich is dispelling a racial myth by playing mediocre football. He’s the first African-American quarterback to follow in the footsteps of Tom Brady and Trent Dilfer as a “game manager” – well-regarded for intelligence and leadership instead of flashy plays and dazzling stats. Some good […]

George W. Bush: Debate Champion

Kevin Drum takes a look at the before and after debate polls in 1960 and 1976-2000 and finds the normal “bounce” is tiny: between 1% and 6%, with a mode of 3%. The one exception: Bush’s 15 point explosion in 2000. Kevin argues that, “despite conventional wisdom, this is not because Gore was an awful […]

Reports: Patriot Act Ruled Unconstitutional

The headlines: Judge Strikes Down Section of Patriot Act [RSS] (NYT) Key Part of Patriot Act Ruled Unconstitutional (WaPo) Judge blocks part of Patriot Act (CNN – AP) Orin Kerr points out that, in fact, what the court invalidated was “part of a 1986 law known as the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. ” Hmm.

Bush and the Women’s Vote

Recent polling results showing President Bush nearly even with–or even ahead of–Senator Kerry among women voters, overcoming a gender gap that has prevailed since at least the 1980 election, has generated quite a bit of analysis from the commentariat. Two interesting pieces on the subject appear in today’s papers. Margaret Carlson, writing in the LAT, […]

CBS News Draft Hoax

Bill at INDC Journal conducted has done more original reporting on the media: Yesterday I interviewed several CBS News employees about their controversial story highlighting the possibility of a Draft reinstatement. I spoke with Richard Schlesinger, the story’s reporter, Sandra Genelius, a CBS Spokeswoman, and Linda Karas, the producer of the piece. It’s an interesting […]

Bush Leads Kerry Going Into Debate

Bush Leads Kerry Going Into Debate (Ronald Brownstein, LAT) President Bush has a 5-percentage-point lead over Sen. John F. Kerry among likely voters, but nearly one-fifth say the candidate debates that begin tonight could affect their decision, a new Times poll has found. Bush leads his Democratic challenger 51% to 46% among likely voters in […]

UK Rules Out Bigley Hostage Deal

UK rules out Bigley hostage deal (BBC) Downing Street has stressed that the government’s position on no negotiating with terrorists remains unchanged. Tony Blair said he would talk to the kidnappers holding Ken Bigley in Iraq but said it would be “completely wrong” to give in to their demands. And Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said: […]

The Military Awards System

Owen West has an enlightening piece in Slate entitled, “Who Really Deserves a Silver Star? – The military’s unfair awards system. ” While I disagree with some of his premises, it’s a pretty accurate picture of how the process works. The current medal gap actually has three dimensions. First, the different services have different criteria […]

Beltway Traffic Jam

The daily linkfest: Rusty Shackleford got ripped off by MSNBC. California Yankee has a Kerry briefing book–prepared by the Bush team. Craig Henry notes that CBS News has been awful for a long, long time. Dean Esmay is much more popular than people realize. (He really is.) Kevin Aylward links to the latest Swift Boat […]

Drezner in NYT

Dan Drezner has published an op-ed in today’s NYT entitled, “Where Did All the Jobs Go? Nowhere.” It’s about out-sourcing, of course. He even has footnotes at the blog.

Stupid Republican Tricks

Steve Bainbridge reports on the most idiotic fundraising method, ever. And it’s not from the Kerry campaign.

Two Sentenced to Death for USS Cole Bombing

Two Sentenced to Death for USS Cole Bombing (WaPo) A court in Yemen sentenced two men to death and four others to prison terms today for their roles in the suicide bombing of the USS Cole in October 2000, an attack that killed 17 U.S. sailors and injured 40 more. The six — five Yemenis […]

Defense Department Tests Blimp over D.C.

Defense Department Tests Blimp (WaPo) Yes, there was a strange blimpy object flying over some government buildings in Washington before dawn this morning. But no, it’s nothing to worry about. It’s on our side. It was, in fact, a blimp. The Army has leased it from the nation’s only airship manufacturer and outfitted it with […]

Baseball in D.C.

Baseball, Angelos Close To Deal (WaPo, Ao1) Major League Baseball and Baltimore Orioles owner Peter G. Angelos moved closer to agreement on a compensation package yesterday as District officials prepared for what they hoped would be a formal announcement today that baseball would return to the nation’s capital after a 33-year absence. The broad outlines […]

More Sex is Safer Sex

Economist Steven Landsburg explains why, counterintuitively, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases would decrease if sexually conservative people would start having more sex. It’s true: AIDS is nature’s awful retribution for our tolerance of immoderate and socially irresponsible sexual behavior. The epidemic is the price of our permissive attitudes toward monogamy, chastity, and other forms […]

Schools Relax Cellphone Bans

Schools Relax Cellphone Bans, Nodding to Trend (NYT) [RSS] Sitting in his second-period computer class at Eastern High School, Gray Taylor, 15, felt his cellphone vibrate. To avoid being caught by the teacher, he answered quietly – and discovered an unexpected caller. “Why are you answering the phone in class?” Gray’s mother asked. He whispered […]

Did Italy Pay Million Dollar Ransom for Hostage Release?

Italians Rejoice Over Release of Aid Workers in Iraq (VOA) Italians are rejoicing Wednesday after two female aid workers arrived home following three weeks of captivity at the hands of militants in Iraq. Simona Pari and Simona Torretta were freed Tuesday and flew to Rome. As they enjoyed what Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi called their […]

Networks Balk at Bush-Kerry Debate Rules

Networks balk at Bush-Kerry debate agreement (CNN) Although the Bush and Kerry camps have meticulously crafted an agreement on the rules for this year’s presidential debates, the television networks broadcasting them refuse to go along with the plans. Specifically, the networks object to provisions in the agreement that place limits on their cameras, including prohibitions […]

Times Reporter Accused of Tipping Off Terrorists

TIMESMAN TIPPED OFF TERROR CHARITY: FEDS (New York Post) The Justice Department has charged that a veteran New York Times foreign correspondent warned an alleged terror-funding Islamic charity that the FBI was about to raid its office — potentially endangering the lives of federal agents. The stunning accusation was disclosed yesterday in legal papers related […]

Swing States Appear to Be Swinging to President Bush

Some Swing States Appear to Be Swinging to President (NYT) Days before the presidential debates begin, President Bush appears to be gaining in several swing states he lost in 2000. Experts caution that the race is highly fluid, but Mr. Bush, for now at least, is surging ahead in several crucial states. Polls show Mr. […]

Poll: Bush-Kerry Dead Heat in Michigan

Bush, Kerry In Dead Heat In Latest Michigan US Pres Poll (AP) [link not yet available] The U.S. presidential race in Michigan has tightened again, with Democratic candidate Sen John Kerry, D-Mass, back in a near-tie with President Bush, according to a poll released Tuesday. In the poll, commissioned by the newsletter Inside Michigan Politics […]

Airport Fingerprint Scans

Drudge seems to be upset about US-VISIT, a Department of Homeland Security program for checking international visitors: US-VISIT is a top priority for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security because it enhances security for our citizens and visitors while facilitating legitimate travel and trade across our borders. US-VISIT helps to secure our borders, facilitate the […]

Blogs: Balancing the Conservative Media

Markos Moulitsas, a/k/a Kos, uses the first installment of his weekly column for the London Guardian explaining how blogs like his are saving the world from the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: It was the year 2000, and Democrats were running on a record of peace and prosperity stewarded by the capable, if morally imperfect, Bill […]

John Walker Lindh Asks President Bush for Commuted Sentence

‘American Taliban’ Seeks Commuted Sentence (AP) John Walker Lindh asked President Bush on Tuesday to commute his 20-year prison sentence for aiding the Taliban. His lawyer, James Brosnahan, said that Lindh was fighting alongside the Taliban in a civil war against the Northern Alliance, that he is not a terrorist and that he never fought […]

49ers to Play at Monster Park

Audio cable biz pays $6M for Candlestick rights (ESPN) San Francisco renamed its most storied sports stadium “Monster Park” on Tuesday, with a Bay Area electronics cable company agreeing to pay at least $6 million for the naming rights to Candlestick Park. “It’s a only-in-San Francisco-name and San Francisco prides itself on being different and […]

Beltway Traffic Jam

The daily linkfest: Herb Ely passes on some perspective from a Japanese internee. Dean Esmay notes that the generals are more optimistic about the war than the journalists. Steve Bainbridge explains the lack of indigeneous corporate law in Islamic culture. Bryan S. is confused by stamps.com policies. Megan McArdle has some advice for Jimmy Carter. […]

Outing Gay Leaders A Bad Idea

Andrew Sullivan makes a compelling argument against the recent “outings” of allegedly gay Republicans in his TNR piece “Out Rage.” [O]n the face of it, the obvious hypocrisy of a few does seem to merit accountability. If Congressman Ed Schrock is seeking gay sex on phone lines in Virginia, it’s probably hypocritical for him to […]

The Florida Myth

The WSJ editorial page tries, certainly in vain, to dispel what it dubs “The Florida Myth:” the idea, continually mentioned by Democratic activists, that black voters were systematically disenfranchised in 2000, thus costing Al Gore the election. Democrats and their acolytes are raising this myth from the dead to scare up black turnout and lay […]

Dan Rather’s Ratings in a Free Fall

DAN’S RATINGS IN A FREE FALL (New York Post) Dan Rather’s ratings in New York continue to tank in the wake of the fake-documents scandal. The “CBS Evening News” averaged 160,000 viewers last week on WCBS/Channel 2 — down from 231,000 viewers the week before. Rather apologized for the National Guard documents debacle on the […]

George Soros BlogAd

George Soros’ folks just bought a one week BlogAd near the bottom of my page for $50. Easiest money I ever made. Memo to Teresa Heinz Kerry: I’ll take your money, too!

‘Fantastic Four’ Movie

This story is several days old, but this is the first I’ve seen of it: ‘Fantastic Four’ refers to actors, too (USA Today) After several false starts, the movie version of the dysfunctional family of comic-book superheroes known as the Fantastic Four has commenced filming in Vancouver, B.C., and will arrive in theaters July 1. […]

Bush Leads in Two Polls

Good news for Bush in two new polls (MSNBC) A pair of new polls released Tuesday show that President Bush is maintaining a healthy lead over Sen. John Kerry as the first of their three nationally televised debates approaches. In a Washington Post-ABC News Poll, Bush has a six-point lead over Kerry — 51 percent […]

Alan Keyes’ Gay Daughter

Politics1 notes that Alan Keyes is losing even more ground in his Senate bid: State Senator Barack Obama (D) still holds a landslide lead over former Ambassador Alan Keyes (R). The new Chicago Tribune/Market Shares poll gives the advantage to Obama by a 68% to 17% vote, with “Others” at 3%. Obama has widened his […]

IRR Call-Ups Slow to Report

Former soldiers slow to report (USA Today) Fewer than two-thirds of the former soldiers being reactivated for duty in Iraq and elsewhere have reported on time, prompting the Army to threaten some with punishment for desertion. The former soldiers, part of what is known as the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR), are being recalled to fill […]

Democrats Rooting for Bad News

Christopher Hitchens cuts to the heart of some recent comments by prominent Democrats in his piece, “Flirting With Disaster – The vile spectacle of Democrats rooting for bad news in Iraq and Afghanistan.” He begins with a quote much-commented upon in the blogosphere and elsewhere last week: “I wouldn’t be surprised if he appeared in […]

Are the Terrorists Failing?

Are the Terrorists Failing? (David Ignatius, WaPo) Looking at the gruesome images of beheadings and suicide bombings in Iraq, it’s easy to think that the Islamic holy warriors are winning. But a new book by a distinguished French Arabist named Gilles Kepel argues the opposite case. For all the mayhem the jihadists have caused, he […]

Military to Ban Hookers

Troops angry over no-hookers plan (UPI) U.S. troops stationed in Germany are upset over plans to change the Uniform Code of Military Justice to make paying for sex a punishable offense. In Germany, unlike other areas of the world where U.S. troops are stationed, prostitution is legal and women who choose the world’s oldest profession […]

Caption Contest

Time for another OTB Caption ContestTM. Write your caption in the comments below.Yahoo! News – Top Stories Photos – AP Winners will be announced Monday.

Football Fans For Truth

I may be the only site yet that hasn’t linked Football Fans For Truth before now. It’s fairly amusing.

Conan O’Brien will Succeed Jay Leno on ‘Tonight’ Show

NBC: O’Brien will succeed Leno on ‘Tonight’ in 2009 (Hollywood Reporter) NBC announced Monday that Conan O’Brien will take over from Jay Leno as host of “The Tonight Show.” But he’ll have time to write his jokes — the planned succession won’t happen until 2009. The announcement solves a delicate problem for NBC, which realized […]

Beltway Traffic Jam

The daily linkfest: Craig Henry contemplates the “revirgining” process whereby former hacks become respected journalists. Courtney Knapp has proposals for making baseball more interesting. Eugene Volokh argues that the “Bible ban” ad isn’t particularly misleading. Virginia Postrel is feeling old. Wizbang’s Paul reports that the Germans and French don’t like Kerry, either. Jeff Jarvis explains […]

The Kidnap Weapon

Bill Safire argues that we’ve seen the arrival of “The Kidnap Weapon,” a new political force to be reckoned with: The Zarqawi terrorist network in Iraq has developed a powerful new weapon. It requires no munitions and no suicide zealots, runs no risk to terrorists of death or capture and provides cash to finance other […]

Blogging Sells Out?

Whiskey Jar proprieter billmon has a controversial piece in yesterday’s LAT entitled, “Blogging Sells, and Sells Out.” He argues that the qualities of blogs currently being extolled in the mainstream media in the wake of RatherGate are largely a thing of the past. Even as it collectively achieves celebrity status for its anti-establishment views, blogging […]

Is CIA at War with President Bush?

Bob Novak asks, “Is CIA at war with Bush?” A few hours after George W. Bush dismissed a pessimistic CIA report on Iraq as ”just guessing,” the analyst who identified himself as its author told a private dinner last week of secret, unheeded warnings years ago about going to war in Iraq. This exchange leads […]

Lawrence Tribe – Plagiarist

In his Weekly Standard essay, “The Big Mahatma,” Joseph Bottum thoroughly documents the extent to which Laurence H. Tribe’s 1985 book God Save This Honorable Court borrows from Henry J. Abraham’s 1974 work Justices and Presidents. POOR HARVARD seems to be going through a spate of such incidents. A national news cycle was generated in […]

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