“All I Ate Was A Little Soup”

The leading contender for the 2008 Democratic nomination collapsed today just before she was to give an address on health care. That’ll teach her to accept dinner invitations from Massachusetts senators.

The People Have Spoken …

… but the message falls on deaf ears: Al Qaeda Vows to Fight on in Iraq Al Qaeda Islamist militants denounced the historic elections Sunday as an “American game” but leaders around the world hailed the vote as an unexpected success, regardless of whether they had supported or opposed the U.S.-led war in 2003. … […]

Caption Contest Winners

The Who’d You Vote For Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, Files) The Winners First: Scott Nichols – Hey, wait a second. . .more Ohio ballots! Second: Sgt Fluffy – Oh…Sh*&…you’re not Dubya Third: David Harris – “Pull it again! See what he says this time!” Honorable Mention: Masked Menace© – […]

Beltway Traffic Jam

It’s home projects week at my place, so linkfests will be few and far between the next few days. Feel free to create your own, though. To join in, choose ONE POST from your blog to highlight, edit it to add a link to this post, and then send a TrackBack. If your blog doesn’t […]

Handicapped Child Said Used in Iraq Suicide Attack

Child Said Used in Iraq Suicide Attack (AP – WaPo) Iraq’s interior minister said Monday that insurgents used a handicapped child as one of the suicide bombers who launched attacks on election day. Falah al-Naqib told reporters in Baghdad that 38 attacks were carried out on polling stations in Iraq on Sunday and that one […]

Dick Cheney’s Parka

A quick check of GoogleNews reveals no explanation for Vice President Cheney’s unusual clothing choice for the Auschwitz liberation commemoration. Andy Borowitz offers this, though: Attempting to explain his appearance in a drab olive parka at last week’s solemn ceremony marking the liberation of Auschwitz, Vice President Dick Cheney said today that he was so […]

The Filibuster Fiat

Congratulations to Kevin Drum, who has published a column in today’s WaPo entitled, “Resist the Filibuster Fiat.” It encapsulates several arguments Kevin has made over the last few months on his blog as to why the Senate Republican leadership should resist the urge to eliminate the filibuster as an option for thwarting judicial nominees. Most […]

The Impact of Microsoft on Personal/Disposable Income

The Bureau of Economic Analysis released its estimates for personal income and disposable income today, and wow, what a difference Microsoft makes. Here are the numbers, $360.9 billion, or 3.7% increase for Personal Income $354.4 billion, or 4.0% increase for Disposable Income Just to give the reader some context, usually personal income and disposable income […]

Caption Contest

Time for The Monday OTB Caption ContestTM Everything’s bigger’n Texas REUTERS/Brian Snyder Winners will be announced Thursday PM

Photo: Good News, Bad News

Dean Esmay posts this photo: Dean provides the good news: Know who that is? A member of Iraq’s new armed forces. A man who’s put his own life on the line to protect Iraqi lives from terrorist “insurgents” whose only mission is to deny freedom for his people. Know what he’s doing in this photo? […]

Gay Parenting

Michael Demmons criticizes President Bush for, saying, “Studies have shown that the ideal is where a child is raised in a married family with a man and a woman.” Michael observes, There actually are differences between kids who grow up with heterosexual parents and those who have gay parents. Here are just a few of […]

National Intelligence Director Post Difficult to Fill

National Intelligence Director Proves to Be Difficult Post to Fill (WaPo, p. A4) Six weeks after President Bush signed the intelligence bill calling for a new director of national intelligence, the White House is still looking for what the president told reporters last week is “the right person to handle this very sensitive position.” Although […]

Iraq Elections Successful, Now What?

While the Iraqi people and supporters of freedom around the world deserve a little time to revel in yesterday’s historic elections, the forces on the ground and policymakers have to continue working on making Iraq more secure and ready for a future where whatever foreign troops remain are their as invited partners rather than external […]

Two Year Blogiversary

OTB’s first post was at 9:37 the morning of January 31, 2003. If my math is correct, that was two years ago. I recently posted a Year in Review, so not much new to report in the way of a roundup. Thanks to all those who have read and linked over the past two years. […]

Iraqi Elections: Right Wing Gloating?

Matt Yglesias, while generally conceding that the elections themselves went well, laments that It’s time to prepare for three weeks of gloating from the hawks before they realize that nothing has really changed and they return to previous hawk practice of not mentioning Iraq. Most of the serious right-of-center sites I’ve seen, including this one, […]

Routine Tasks of Democracy? Check…

Yesterday’s election represented a display of political courage. In defying insurgents, Iraqis seized their country from the grips of terror — at least for one momentous day — and laid the foundation for democratic order. But, as we are moved by such an inspiring story, we should also recognize less dramatic accomplishments that paved its […]

The Iraq Elections: An International Perspective

Around the world, the reactions have been positive overall, even in typically hostile regions. CNN has a compilation of Arab press reports: Arab Reaction to Iraq Elections Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, based in London, carried an editorial by Adel Drawish calling the elections “An unprecedented and historic event… An Iraqi scene unlike any other in the […]


NBC’s Brian Williams was interviewed by Chris Matthews on Hardball earlier tonight, and he wanted to remind us that because there has been no recent census, we don’t really know exactly how many Iraqi citizens there are — so even if a large percentage of the 14 million Iraqis registered to vote did so, we […]

Rise To The Occasion

Principles are eternal. They stem not from our resolution or lack of it, but from elsewhere where, in patient and infinite ranks, they simply wait to be called. They can be read in history. They arise as if of their own accord when in the face of danger natural courage comes into play and honor […]

Iraq Election Roundup

I’ve been out an about today and haven’t seen any television coverage of the Iraq election returns. From what I can garner from the major print media, though, turnout exceeded every reasonable expectation. That doesn’t mean that “democracy” is Iraq is necessarily a resounding success or that the insurgency is going to evaporate overnight. Still, […]

Blast From The Past: Social Security and Taxes

I was trolling through the archives of Kevin Drum’s Political Animal and hit upon this post. Now what caught my eye was this part of the post, After more research than I care to admit to, it suddenly struck me that only one thing really mattered: how big is Social Security? I had been vaguely […]

72 Percent Turnout in Iraqi Elections

Polls are closed in Iraq, and it’s being reported that 72 percent of eligible voters cast ballots. If this number holds true, this is an unmitigated success, regardless of likely regional disparities in voter turnout. But there is an interesting subtext: over and over what Iraqis are saying is that they were “voting against terrorism” […]

High Turnout in Baghdad Points to Early Success

High Turnout in Baghdad Points to Early Success After a slow start, voters turned out in very large numbers in Baghdad today, packing polling places and creating a party atmosphere in the streets, which were closed to traffic but full of children playing soccer, and men and women, some carrying babies. After eight hours of […]

BBC Admits Errors about Iraq Deaths and Injuries

In a very discreet statement, Panorama, the BBC’s “flagship” program, expresses regret for misconstruing Iraq war figures. Essentially, when it got hold of statistics showing that 2,041 deaths and 8,542 injuries in the past six months had resulted from “military operations,” it automatically blamed them on “actions by the Coalition and Iraqi Security Forces.” Yet: […]

Captain’s Infirmary

Captain Ed Morrissey reported last night that his wife was in need of a pancreas transplant and that a match had apparently been found. Unfortunately, the donor organ was a no go. Pancreas transplants are more problematic than kidney transplants. For the most part, as long as the donor is or was healthy, the kidney […]

Smack My Bitch Up

It’s Kemeisha from Queens vs. Ray Ray from Brooklyn in HOT 97’s “Smackfest ’05.” Translation: two ghetto birds with no self-respect go to a radio station to participate in a slapping contest in hopes of winning five-hunnud dollas. If you haven’t seen it, download it HERE.

Is Condi Rice Dumbed Down?

Yes, according to Tibor Machan, one of her colleagues at the Hoover Institution: Rice Dumbed Down (Free Market News Network) Several years ago I used to attend quite a few presentations at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace – a Stanford University think tank – by such famous and prominent conservative folks as […]

Rocket Attack on U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

MSNBC – 2 die in attack on U.S. embassy in Baghdad A rocket hit the U.S. embassy inside Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone on Saturday, killing two people and wounding at least six, a diplomatic source said. NBC News reported that the embassy is in lockdown. The rocket struck after dark on the eve of Iraq’s […]

What If There Were No Fires?

Fire Shapes Global Vegetation (Nature.com) In a fire-free world, forest cover would double at the expense of grasslands and savannas say William Bond of the University of Cape Town and his colleagues in the journal New Phytologist. The team used a computer model to predict how plant patterns shift over time with changing climates. For […]

Slovak Man Pees Way out of Avalanche

Man peed way out of avalanche (Ananova A Slovak man trapped in his car under an avalanche freed himself by drinking 60 bottles of beer and urinating on the snow to melt it. Rescue teams found Richard Kral drunk and staggering along a mountain path four days after his Audi car was buried in the […]

OTB Caption JamTM

Great Googly Moogly – I’m seeing more and more contests appear. Some excellent chances for a little humor this week-end Weekend Caption Jam Linkfest: Rodney’s contest has gone from Target Dog to Target Dem Leopold Stotch started a Fun with Fiction contest Wizbang is having the Iraqi elections blues The Villainous Company contest subject looks […]

Sammy Sosa Traded to Baltimore Orioles

Cubs close in on trading Sosa to O’s (ESPN) Chicago Cubs outfielder Sammy Sosa will be traded to the Baltimore Orioles for infielder Jerry Hairston and at least two minor-leaguers, pending physicals and approval from commissioner Bud Selig and the players’ association. An Orioles source told ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian that the only way the trade […]

Global Elections

In his inaugural address, President Bush declared that “America speaks anew to the peoples of the world”: democratic reformers everywhere could find hope in “the power of our ideals.” These words come to mind as Iraqi expatriates cast their votes. Because the election is held not just at home but also in many other host […]

Kevin Aylward is Hot

Or so they say. Can you believe that this guy has been labeled the blogger “Babe of the Week”? Well, the Heritage Foundation’s Insider says so, and Mary Katharine Ham seems a solid source on such matters. Actually, totally unknown to those in attendance, Professor Chaos was at this event — cleverly disguised at mild […]

Saudi Hate Ideology Disseminated in the US

Freedom House has an alarming report on Saudi propaganda in our homeland. As the press release summarizes: The report concludes that the Saudi government propaganda examined reflects a “totalitarian ideology of hatred that can incite to violence,” and the fact that it is “being mainstreamed within our borders through the efforts of a foreign government, […]

OTB Fun with Fiction Contest

It’s time to find out just how literate and witty OTB readers are. The goal is to change one letter of a book title so as to give the story an entirely new meaning. After the altered title, offer a one or two sentence explanation of the new story. Examples: Of Rice and Men: The […]

Beltway Traffic Jam

I’m off to, of all things, an opera about “Democracy,” this evening in D.C. It’s conducted by Matt Mehaffey, the choral director at George Washington University, a friend via the girlfriend. At any rate, no linkfest today but, as always, feel free to create your own below. To join in, choose ONE POST from your […]

Man Accused Of Threatening Super Bowl With ‘Big Bang’

Man Accused Of Threatening Super Bowl With ‘Big Bang’ (Local6 – J’ville) A man accused of leaving voice mail on the City Council president’s phone saying “killing 100,000 people would get people’s attention,” was arrested Thursday, accused of making a bomb threat. “It was quite threatening toward the Super Bowl and making sure it didn’t […]

“We Are the World”

The memorable 1980s pop hit celebrates its twentieth anniversary: Stations pay tribute to ‘We Are the World’ (Boston Globe) A disaster continents away inspires a raft of pop and rock stars to band together and try to help. That scenario, playing out now following the devastating tsunami that swept over large parts of Asia on […]

The Rice Vote and Democratic Politics

Charles Krauthammer (WaPo, TownHall) asks a question that we’ve been kicking around OTB for a week: How smart was Democratic opposition to the Condi Rice nomination for Secretary of State? In parliamentary systems it is not uncommon to turn a political nomination — or even a relatively insignificant bill — as a way of expressing […]

Cheney’s Auschwitz Outfit

Cheney’s Attire Draws Ire (CBS-AP) Vice President Dick Cheney’s utilitarian hooded parka and boots stood out amid the solemn formality of a ceremony commemorating the liberation of Nazi death camps, raising eyebrows among the fashion-conscious. Cheney replaced the zipped-to-the-neck green parka he sported in Thursday’s blowing snow and freezing wind with a more traditional black […]

Lawyers Question Death Penalty in Train Wreck Case

Seeking death penalty in train wreck would be unusual, lawyers say (SF Chronicle) The capital murder charges filed Thursday against a driver accused of causing a fatal Los Angeles-area train wreck are a rare and perhaps unprecedented use of a century-old California law. The law, passed in 1905, makes it a capital crime to derail […]

Three Zarqawi Associates Arrested

Three suspected al-Zarqawi associates arrested (CNN) Iraqi officials on Friday announced the capture of three leading members of the insurgent group headed by Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Deputy Prime Minister Barham Saleh said that a “high-level Zarqawi lieutenant” identified as Anat Mohammed Hamat al-Kays was arrested on Friday. Al-Kays, who is also known as […]

Ringo Starr to Become Superhero

Ringo Starr to become superhero (BBC) Ex-Beatles drummer Ringo Starr will become a superhero in a new cartoon series by Spider-Man creator Stan Lee. Starr will voice the “evil-battling, earth-saving” hero with “a great sense of rhythm” in an animated TV and DVD series planned for 2006. “Ringo is beloved worldwide for his commitment to […]

Blog Ranking Metrics

Dale Franks and Jeff Goldstein are worried about the wild disparity between such blog ranking sites as the TTLB Ecosystem, Technorati, and BlogPulse. Dale is mostly confused as to why they differ so much, whereas Jeff is concerned that his low linkage rating despite comparatively high traffic will disadvantage him with advertisers.

Iraqi Candidate Killed on Videotape

Iraqi Candidate Killed on Videotape; Other Attacks Leave a Marine and Several Iraqis Dead [RSS] (NYT) Insurgents unleashed a string of fierce attacks across central and northern Iraq on Thursday that left nearly a dozen Iraqis and an American marine dead, while the militant group led by the country’s most wanted guerrilla posted a video […]

Corrections Canada Tattoo Parlours

CBC; Federal prison officials are setting up tattoo services at six correctional institutions, in spite of the concerns of guards that inmates will use the needles as weapons. Inmates will be trained to operate the tattoo services, which are designed to stem the spread of infectious diseases such as hepatitis C. Correctional Service Canada officials […]

How I Spent My Spring Vacation

Well, someone wasn’t thinking. Are YOU interested in spending up to 30 days along the Arizona border as part of a blocking force against entry into the U.S. by illegal aliens early next spring? I invite you to join me in Tombstone, Arizona from APRIL 1 – 30, 2005 to protect our country from a […]

Christian Coalition Condemns Left-wing Prejudice

Via GoogleNews, I found this story: “religious right accuses democrat senators of ‘prejudice’” from a UK site called “Ekklesia.” The Christian Coalition of America has condemned all the US Senators who voted against the confirmation of Condoleezza Rice for Secretary of State, as ‘prejudiced’. In a statement the Right-Wing group named the 13 senators who […]

Caption Contest Winners

The Target Dog Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over. AP Photo/Jaime Puebla Excellent captions, I was surprised it took so long for someone to come up with the take off on the Target Dog. I am pandering a bit with the list of honorable mentions, but this contest just seemed to bring out a […]

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