The Murderous Reign of Saddam Hussein

Michael Totten; The Iraqi Truth Project has released a DVD documentary called Weapon of Mass Destruction: The Murderous Reign of Saddam Hussein. One of my favorite historians, Victor Davis Hanson, and one of the best up-and-coming documentary film-makers, Evan Coyne Maloney, both had a hand in this film. It will be shown at the war […]

Beltway Traffic Jam

The combination of another winter storm and intermittent Internet access means no linkfest today. Feel free to create your own below. To join in, choose ONE POST from your blog to highlight, edit it to add a link to this post, and then send a TrackBack. If your blog doesn’t automatically generate one, use the […]

Caption Contest Winners

The Go Figure Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over. “I’m tryin’ to think, but nothin’ happens” (AP Photo/Steve Cannon) The Winners First: Timmer – Mr Governor, who has better rides, Universal Studios or Disney World? Second: Chris Short – Who’s Terri Schiavo? Third: The WASP – Reporter: How wide is Hillary’s butt going to […]

Biden: Hillary Clinton Likely 2008 Nominee

Biden: Hillary Clinton likely as 2008 presidential nominee (USA Today) Sen. Joseph Biden says any Democrat who wants to run for president in 2008 should keep in mind these three words: Hillary Rodham Clinton. “I think she’d be incredibly difficult to beat,” the Delaware Democrat said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “I think she […]

Berry Wins Razzie

Former Bond girl Halle Berry wins Razzie award for Worst Actress (Actor News) Former James Bond girl Halle Berry, who played Jinx in the 2002 film “Die Another Day”, has won a Razzy Award for Worst Actress for her role in flop “Catwoman”. She joins the ranks previous of Razzie winners including Madonna, who won […]

Firefox Growth, Market Share Slow

Worldwide Technology – Firefox Growth, Market Share Slow (CIO Today) The recent market share growth enjoyed by the open source Latest News about open source Firefox browser has begun to slow in recent months, according to the latest data from U.S. industry watchers. Analyst WebSideStory reported today that Firefox’s market share gains against rival Internet […]

Cedar Revolution

The dominos continue to teeter towards democracy and reform in the Middle East. BEIRUT, Feb 28 (AFP) – Two weeks after the assassination of ex-premier Rafiq Hariri, some 10,000 people massed in the streets of Beirut early Monday in defiance of a ban as the government faced a tough test in parliament where the opposition […]

Bill Gates Urges Restructuring U.S. High Schools

Microsoft’s Gates Urges Governors To Restructure U.S. High Schools (WaPo) Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates opened a two-day education summit here yesterday by telling the nation’s governors and leaders of the educational community that the nation’s high schools are obsolete and need radical restructuring to raise graduation rates, prepare students for college and train a […]

Watching Europe Implode

Mark Steyn has a provocative column out entitled, “U.S. can sit back and watch Europe implode.” After a long discussion of President Bush’s no concessions goodwill tour of Europe and the idiotically burdensome EU Constitution (511 pages vice 11 for the 216-year-old U.S. version), Steyn makes a provocative statement: CIA analysts predict the collapse of […]

Saddam Hussein’s Half-Brother Captured

Saddam Hussein’s Half-Brother Captured (NYT rss) The Iraqi government said today that it had imprisoned a half-brother of Saddam Hussein, a suspected major financier of the insurgency and for several years the head of the country’s domestic intelligence and security service, once the most feared agency in Iraq. The half-brother, Sabawi Ibrahim al-Hassan al-Tikriti, is […]

Bombing in Hilla Kills at Least 125

Bombing in Hilla kills at least 125 (CNN) A suicide car bomber Monday morning drove into a crowd of Iraqis outside a government medical office in Hilla, killing at least 125 and wounding up to 200 others, Iraqi government and health officials said. Iraqi police recruits were lining up outside the building to be given […]

Caption Contest

Time for the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM (AFP/Maxim Marmur) Winners will be announced Thursday PM

Three Million Served

Outside the Beltway went past the 3,000,000 unique visit mark as calculated by Site Meter earlier this evening. It’s taken slightly over two years to pass this milestone, with the counter being installed February 4, 2003. Thanks to all those who’ve visited the site.

OTB Oscar Predictions

Because I have several deadlines to meet early this week, I’m unable to post my customarily detailed predictions for the Academy Awards. But here are a few thoughts: Best Picture For two months, I felt certain that Million Dollar Baby was the most accomplished film of 2004. Last night, though, I saw Hotel Rwanda and […]

Tipping Points

Michael Barone joins the chorus of people, mostly but not entirely on the Right, who note that President Bush’s policies seem to actually be creating the promised effects. He points to the apparently shifting tide in Lebanon, as I did here yesterday, as evidence of that. He also notes Martin Kettle’s two “Bush may be […]

GOP May Seek a Deal on Accounts

GOP May Seek a Deal on Accounts (WaPo) President Bush is still in the opening phase of a campaign to sell the public and Congress on his ambitious plans for Social Security, but some Republicans on Capitol Hill have decided it is not too early to begin pondering an exit strategy. With polls showing widespread […]

Palestinian Anger?

Charles Johnson notices a certain lack of enthusiasm for the Tel Aviv bombing; Palestinians expressed anger Saturday at an overnight suicide bombing in Tel Aviv that killed four Israelis and threatened a fragile truce, a departure from former times when they welcomed attacks on their Israeli foes. […] In contrast to the dozens of previous […]

Egypt’s Mubarak Orders Election Reform

Egypt’s Mubarak Orders Election Reform (AP) Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Saturday ordered a revision of the country’s election laws and said multiple candidates could run in the nation’s presidential elections, a scenario Mubarak hasn’t faced since taking power in 1981. The surprise announcement, a response to critics’ calls for political reform, comes shortly after […]

Lawrence Tribe: 9th Amendment Hero?

Ramesh Ponnuru has a long investigative piece into a 2003 article by Harvard Law professor Lawrence Tribe in which he claimed, repeatedly, that he singlehandedly “dared” to invoke the dreaded 9th Amendment in his first case before the Supreme Court, in 1980. Who was I, an utter novice at Supreme Court advocacy, to buck the […]

Syria Out of Lebanon by May

‘U.S. will get Syria out by May’ (WorldNetDaily) The U.S. led war against terrorism and its advances in Iraq and Afghanistan have enhanced the climate in the Middle East and will enable the international community to force Syria to withdraw its troops from Lebanon likely by May, former Lebanese Prime Minister Michel Aoun told WorldNetDaily […]

LAT: Bono for the World Bank

The LAT editorial board has a rather interesting recommendation: Bono for the World Bank. Bono, the U2 rock star, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and he is a credible candidate. But we have a better idea on how best to recognize his effective lobbying on behalf of African development — Bono should […]

Colin Powell Interview

The London Daily Telegraph has an in-depth interview with Colin Powell. No real news in it because, true to his character, he refuses to more than hint at any disappointments with President Bush or his tenure as Secretary of State. Whatever one thinks of Powell’s politics or performance in office, it’s hard to doubt that […]

OTB Caption JamTM

Weekend Caption Jam Linkfest: Rodney and Jeb can’t figure out what Dubya’s gonna do next The Conservative Life contest is a real Thriller The Wizbang weatherman may need to seek medical attention in four hours. Villainous Company is going from Bad to Worse Gazernet is finishing up the their redcoat edition and should start another […]

Family: Heart Attack Victim Moved for Michael Jackson

Family: Heart Attack Victim Moved for Michael Jackson (ABC News) A woman who had suffered a massive heart attack died after hospital personnel moved her out of a trauma room to accommodate a flu-stricken Michael Jackson, the patient’s family said. Jury selection in Jackson’s child molestation child had to be temporarily postponed Feb. 15 when […]

Old Soldiers

Matt at Blackfive recounts a conversation with a major he had as a young lieutenant: Me: What have you got to complain about, Sir? You could retire any time. Major D.: Retire? @#$% you, LT! I’m thirty four years old!!! He attributes the major’s apparently advanced age to his heavy coffee and cigarette consumption. My […]

What’s the # For?

I’ve had a few e-mail queries asking what the # preceding some of the sites on the blogroll indicate. It’s just an easy way for, me mostly, to quickly eyeball the sites that offer heavy doses of international security and military affairs analysis. As the blogroll has gotten longer, it’s been both more useful (more […]

The Conservative Case Against Wal-Mart

Steve Bainbridge disagrees with Hugh Hewitt on the benefits of Wal-Mart to the economy, making an extensive conservative argument to the contrary. Essentially, he argues that Wal-Mart drives out competitors, crushes the entrepreneurial class, and destroys the landscape with “butt-ugly” buildings. Kevin Drum essentially accepts Bainbridge’s points but thinks the bucolic vision Bainbridge embraces is […]

Professorial Innumeracy

John Cole points out a particularly uninformed comment by Juan Cole: AP reports that the one-day total for war-related violence in Iraq, including the police station bombing in Tikrit reported here yesterday morning, came to 30. That is about 11,000 persons a year if the rate were constant and extrapolated out. John offers a couple […]


Stuart Buck, noting how often Slate’s Bushism feature gets it wrong, coins two new phrases: 1. “Slate-ism,” which means “a snide attribution of error to someone else on grounds that are shown to be obviously and indisputably false by anyone who does any fact-checking whatsoever.” 2. “Slatenfreude” (related to schadenfreude), which means “taking delight in […]

Marine Shooting In Fallujah: Update

The report is in on the highly publicized shooting of an unarmed wounded Iraqi during the battle for Fallujah last November. Military investigators have decided there is not enough evidence to bring formal charges against Marine who killed an unarmed Iraqi while his unit searched a Fallujah mosque, CBS reported on Wednesday. The Marines entered […]

Beltway Traffic Jam

The daily linkfest: Steven Taylor disagrees with Newt Gingrich on tenure. Stephen Green shares his Veal Piccata recipe. Kate McMillan says to set your TiVos for C-SPAN tomorrow morning. Ron Bailey explains why old men deserve free Viagra. ibejo has a new photo blog. Dean Esmay weighs in on the “moderate Islamist” debate. To join […]

Taking on Tehran

Kenneth Pollack and Ray Takeyh have an interesting piece in the current Foreign Affairs, which is online despite not yet having reached my mailbox. (Of course highlighting the on-screen version is difficult, since the yellow shading doesn’t follow the text when I scroll. But I digress.) [T]here is reason to believe that Tehran’s course can […]

Insurgents Target Iraqi Media

Insurgents target Iraqi media (Miami Herald) While the insurgents have grabbed headlines by taking foreign correspondents hostage, Iraqi journalists and their families have been in just as much danger. And in recent weeks, the insurgents seemed to have stepped up attacks against the country’s public television station and against a U.S.-funded Arabic-language station. Local journalists […]

Thompson Shot Himself While on Phone with Wife

Thompson Shot Himself While on Phone (AJC) The widow of journalist Hunter S. Thompson said her husband killed himself while the two were talking on the phone. “I was on the phone with him, he set the receiver down and he did it. I heard the clicking of the gun,” Anita Thompson told the Aspen […]

All Military Vehicles in Iraq Now Armored

U.S. military armors fleet (AJC) All American military vehicles that roll across the Kuwaiti border into Iraq now have some form of armor protection, a top Army general said Thursday. “I’m comfortable that [the vehicles] have adequate protection for their mission,” Lt. Gen. Steven Whitcomb, commander of Third U.S. Army, said in a news briefing. […]

Condoleezza Rice’s Commanding Clothes

Condoleezza Rice’s Commanding Clothes (WaPo, page C1) Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrived at the Wiesbaden Army Airfield on Wednesday dressed all in black. She was wearing a black skirt that hit just above the knee, and it was topped with a black coat that fell to mid-calf. The coat, with its seven gold buttons […]

Returning Guardsmen Plan to Stay Put

Returning Guardsmen Plan to Stay Put (LAT) Sgt. Nate Gorin served tours with the Army in Afghanistan and then with the California National Guard in Iraq. Returning home Thursday to a boisterous, patriotic welcome at the Petaluma National Guard Armory, Gorin, 23, said he planned to leave military service and pursue environmental studies at UC […]

Poll: Bush More Popular than His Social Security Plan

NPR reported this morning on a poll it commissioned. They title the story “Poll: Bush More Popular than His Social Security Plan.” In a public opinion poll for NPR, Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg and Republican pollster Glen Bolger* survey voters’ views on the president’s signature domestic initiative allowing younger workers to invest some of their […]

The Academic Job Market

For those of you who don’t get how brutal the academic job market is, imagine spending a minimum of 10-12 years in college, going through the rigors of a doctoral program, and being faced with this: The University of Memphis invites applications for a non-tenure-track position in political science at the rank of instructor for […]

Caption Contest Winners

The Mjollnir Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over. AFP Top Photos The Winners First: Eddie Thomas – Razib was thinking: “If this cure works for Arun, maybe we can get rich by selling it to Mick Jagger.” Second: Dodd – “Oh no, that’s next door. It’s being-pounded-in-the-chest lessons in here.” Third: Jufray – Clear! […]

Fact Checking: More Trouble Than It’s Worth?

This Bram Cohen (BitTorrent) piece turns the common complaint about the “lack” of fact checking in media on its head; After a journalist finishes writing their story, it’s generally sent to a fact checker. Fact checkers serve to avoid embarassing gaffes, such as getting a person’s name wrong, or saying that they work for the […]

Spyware Scum Appointed to Homeland Security Board

Kevin Aylward passes on word that “the company formerly known as Gator (now Claria) has been appointed as a member of the Department of Homeland Security’s Privacy Advisory Board.” Unless this is a ruse to get them out of hiding so they can be summarily shot, I’m confused.

Beltway Traffic Jam

The daily linkfest: Jen passed the 100,000 visitor mark yesterday. Jeff Goldstein images a conversation between two Iraqi terrorists. Pejman Yousefzadeh is tired of reporting horrendous human rights abuses in Iran. Jeff Jarvis has a long letter exchange with NYT’s Bill Keller. Is it just me or is Cam Edwards using a lot more $&#* […]

Pope Has Tracheotomy

ABC News: Reports: Pope Taken to Operating Room (Reuters) Pope John Paul has been taken to an operating room in Rome’s Gemelli hospital and was expected to have surgery later Thursday to help him breathe more easily, Italian media said, quoting unnamed sources. Sky Italia television said the surgeons would perform a tracheotomy at 8:30 […]

Winter Storm Closes Government Early

Winter Storm Prompts Area Closings (WaPo) The federal government said today it would dismiss employees two hours early as a lackluster but nonetheless stubborn mixture of snow and sleet continued across the Washington region. The snowfall — which the National Weather Service says could total four to seven inches by midnight tonight — could complicate […]

The Whimsical World of Ward Churchill

Michelle Malkin has further evidence, should you require it, that Ward Churchill’s views are on the outer edges of orthodoxy.

Government to Steal Drugs?

Barbara T. Dreyfuss has a disturbing piece in today’s American Prospect. Unless the drug industry starts to negotiate significantly lower prices, it may find itself battling debt-strapped states for control over the manufacture of drugs. States already take land and other property in order to benefit the public by building things such as roads and […]

Moderate Islamists?

Shiites in Iraq Back Islamist to Be Premier (NYT rss) Ibrahim al-Jaafari, a Shiite doctor with an Islamist bent, was chosen Tuesday by the victorious Shiite alliance as its candidate to become Iraq’s new prime minister. The decision may well open a period of protracted and rancorous negotiations with a coalition of secular leaders intent […]

G-Mail Invites

I think everyone who wants G-Mail accounts has them at this point. I’ve got 40 to give away, though, should there be any takers.

Where Have The Rivers Of Chocolate Gone?

The Canadian Islamic Congress is now trying its hand at parody. To date, the American-led invasion of Iraq has resulted in the deaths of more than 100,000 Iraqis and thousands of Americans. Iraq has been transformed from country with 100% employment and a stable public service infrastructure, into an impoverished nation in disarray, with more […]

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