Bud Selig Seeks 50-Game Penalty for Steroids

Selig Seeks 50-Game Penalty for Steroids (AP) Baseball commissioner Bud Selig asked players to agree to a 50-game suspension for first-time steroid offenders and a lifetime ban for a third violation. In a letter sent this week to union head Donald Fehr, Selig proposed a 100-game ban for a second offense. He also asked the […]

Republicans Put Roadblock on Willie Nelson Highway

‘Nelson Highway’ isn’t a hit with GOP (Houston Chronicle) For Willie Nelson, dealing with the Texas Legislature is no picnic. Fact is, the lawmakers told the state’s best-known outlaw to hit the road again. Concerned that the singer is a bit-too-vocal a Democrat and a tad too fond of the night life, some Republican lawmakers […]

OTB Caption JamTM

Please note, there are some new participants this week Weekend Caption Jam Linkfest: “I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.” The buck stops here at Wizbang At Conservative Life Loonie doesn’t just refer to Canadian currency. At Gazernet, The priesthood is looking for a few good men. Brandon Jaynes […]

Missing Georgia Woman Found, Reportedly Got Cold Feet

Georgia Woman Found, Reportedly Got Cold Feet (AP) A Georgia bride-to-be who vanished just days before her wedding turned up in New Mexico and fabricated a tale of abduction before admitting Saturday that she got cold feet and “needed some time alone,” police said. Jennifer Wilbanks, 32, was in police custody more than 1,420 miles […]

Vietnam Marks 30th Anniversary of Fall of Saigon

Vietnam marks fall of Saigon (CNN) Thousands of Vietnamese took to the streets of Ho Chi Minh city to celebrate 30 years since the communist victory that ended what is known as the “American War.” On April 30, 1975, North Vietnamese tanks rolled into what was then called Saigon — the capital of U.S.-backed South […]

Astronomers Take 1st Picture of Planet Outside Solar System

Astronomers Take 1st Picture of Planet Outside Solar System (VOA News) European and American astronomers have taken the first pictures of a planet five times the size of Jupiter that is orbiting a star in a different solar system. The international team of scientists discovered the object last year as a red speck of light […]

School Mistakes Burrito for a Weapon

School Mistakes Huge Burrito for a Weapon (AP) A call about a possible weapon at a middle school prompted police to put armed officers on rooftops, close nearby streets and lock down the school. All over a giant burrito. Someone called authorities Thursday after seeing a boy carrying something long and wrapped into Marshall Junior […]

China and Taiwan End Their War after 60 Years

60 Years Later, China Enemies End Their War (NYT | RSS) The leaders of China’s Communist Party and of Taiwan’s opposition Nationalist Party, the two sides that fought China’s civil war, formally ended six decades of hostility on Friday with a nationally televised handshake and pledged to work together to undermine Taiwan’s independence movement. During […]

Marvel Settles Suit With Spider-Man Creator Stan Lee

I’m glad to see Lee get a piece of this pie given that none of it would exist without his creative vision.

Pope Benedict’s Used Volkswagon for Sale on eBay

Popemobile for Sale? (Reuters) A second hand car once said to be registered in the name of Joseph Kardinal Ratzinger — the new Pope Benedict – is up for sale on eBay and the sky seems to be the limit when it comes to bidding. The vehicle, a metallic gray 1999 Volkswagen Golf, went up […]

Lexus Lanes for D.C. Beltway

Beltway To Get Va. Toll Lanes (WaPo, A1) Construction of the first major expansion of the Capital Beltway in a generation could start as soon as next year, Virginia transportation officials said yesterday after signing a deal with two private firms to build toll lanes for a speedier ride on 14 miles of the chronically […]

Environmental Regulations, Oil Refineries & the Price of Oil

In the comments to this post, Praktike points to this page at the National Resource Defense Council which argues the following, Rolling back pollution protections, as some advocate, to allow refinery expansions is also not the answer. Although refinery capacity is a factor in today’s higher gasoline prices, environmental regulations are not the reason for […]

Beltway Traffic Jam

The daily linkfest: Steven Taylor, once again, explains “checks and balances” and other basic terms that keep getting misused. Ace explains that Bush is so muddled because he’s talking to very confused people. Michael Demmons has an amusing cartoon about a frustrated canine. Michele Catalano disses Meatloaf. Terry Oglesby admits that he’s a moron. To […]

Sudan Aids in War on Terror

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Sudanese government serves as “an unlikely ally in the U.S. fight against terror,” just as it continues to come under attack for grave human rights violations: Official Pariah Sudan Valuable to America’s War on Terrorism The warming relationship has produced significant results, according to interviews with American and […]

Grading Hell

Unfogged’s “Fontana Labs” finds himself in grading hell, a place I once frequented. If you want some examples, see this post. Or this one. Academics currently visiting grading hell are free to share their experiences in the comments or to write about them on their sites and send a trackback below. So, for that matter, […]

Hello OnStar?

Opportunity Mars Rover Stuck in Sand (Space.com) NASA’s Opportunity Mars rover has run into a sandy snag. All of its six wheels have sunk in deep into a large ripple of soil. Rover operators are optimistic they can extricate the robot from its jam, having gotten dug in before. But ground controllers will need time […]

Schwarzenegger’s Remarks: “Base Racism”?

Yesterday, during an interview on illegal immigration, Arnold Schwarzenegger touted The Minuteman Project, a “citizens’ neighborhood watch along our border.” Some were displeased: Schwarzenegger Praises Border Volunteers (AP) Nativo V. Lopez, president of the Mexican-American Political Association, called Schwarzenegger’s comments Thursday “nothing short of base racism.” “Those of immigrant stock should have no illusions about […]

Bush’s Energy Policy

President Bush has been talking up the idea of a national energy strategy again. Personally I always find these claims that “we need a national strategy” rather disappointing. Disappointing in that I don’t think the government is all that good at doing things (generally speaking). I made my decision. I know what is important for […]

FDA Approves New Diabetes Drug, Byetta

The FDA has approved Byetta, a new diabetes treatment. Unfortunately, it has to be injected, which may scare off some potential beneficiaries.

Detainee Questioning Was Faked, Book Says

Detainee Questioning Was Faked, Book Says (WaPo, A21) The U.S. military staged the interrogations of terrorism suspects for members of Congress and other officials visiting the military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to make it appear the government was obtaining valuable intelligence, a former Army translator who worked there claims in a new book scheduled […]

West Point to Loosen Service Requirements for Athletes

Army will loosen rules (Times Record-Herald) A new policy is poised to go in place that could change the face of West Point athletics, allowing Army athletes in any sport who sign a pro contract to serve two years active duty and six in the reserves upon graduation. The proposal is expected to be approved […]

Indiana Succumbs to Daylight Savings Time

Indiana House sends daylight-saving time bill to governor (AP) All of Indiana is just a stroke of a pen away from uniformly moving clocks forward an hour next year. Last night, state lawmakers narrowly approved a bill mandating the time change. The state’s governor ran on the issue and is likely to sign it. Most […]

Florida Supreme Court Denies Rush Limbaugh Appeal

Court denies Limbaugh’s appeal (CNN) The Florida Supreme Court has turned down conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh’s request to review a lower court decision that the state could seize his medical records. In a 4-3 decision, the court said it would not consider a motion for rehearing. Limbaugh has been under investigation into whether he […]

Reid: ‘Miracle’ Needed for Democrats to Win Back Senate

‘Miracle’ needed to win back Senate (Washington Times) Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid raised a few eyebrows yesterday on the Senate floor when he said it would take a “miracle” for Democrats to win enough races next year to take back the Senate. “I would like to think a miracle would happen and we would […]

Major Polio Epidemic Hits Yemen

Polio, once virtually eradicated, is making a big comeback over the last two years, with cases reported in 15 previously disease-free countries. WHO: Major Polio Epidemic Hits Yemen, 22 Infected (Reuters) A polio epidemic has infected 22 children in Yemen, and the paralyzing virus is threatening to spread further, the World Health Organization (WHO) said […]

Peggy Noonan on John Bolton

Betsy Newmark points to an interesting defense of John Bolton by Peggy Noonan: Bad temper is a bad thing in a public servant, but it is not the worst thing. Worse is the person who judges all questions as either career-enhancing or career-retarding, who lets the right but tough choice slide if standing for it […]

Is Bush Cutting Social Security?

Michelle Malkin notes that the major news outlets, notably the NYT, WaPo, and AP, are taking President Bush’s statement last night that, I propose a Social Security system in the future where benefits for low-income workers will grow faster than benefits for people who are better off. This reform would solve most of the funding […]

White House Shift Led to Network Coverage

White House Shift Led to Network Coverage (AP) A quick schedule shift by the White House enabled President Bush to get considerably wider television exposure than he would have otherwise gotten for Thursday’s prime-time news conference. Three of the nation’s four biggest broadcasters gave the president a quick hook, however, by cutting away to entertainment […]

‘Designer Babies’ Ruled Lawful by British Court

‘Designer babies’ lawful, British court rules (AFP – Washington Times) Britain’s highest court ruled yesterday that the creation of so-called ‘designer babies’ to treat siblings with genetic disorders was lawful. In a unanimous decision, the Law Lords upheld an Appeal Court judgment in April 2003 that overturned a ban on the use of in vitro […]

Hasan Akbar Sentenced to Death for Attack on Unit

U.S. Soldier Sentenced to Death for 2003 Attack on Unit (NPR) A military jury in Fort Bragg, N.C., has sentenced Sgt. Hasan Akbar to death. Akbar was convicted last week of premeditated murder in a 2003 attack on his unit in Kuwait. Two officers were killed and 14 others wounded. Click the link for Adam […]

Polling Versus Polling

Several comments by pundits reacting to the President’s press conference miss a subtle distinction between a politician consulting polls in order to figure out what stances to take on an issue vice consulting polls to figure out a strategy for selling their programs. The former is a sign of weakness. The latter is a sign […]

Zell Miller Hospitalized

The Fox News crawl reports that former Georgia Governor and U.S. Senator Zell Miller has been taken to a Georgia emergency room. He’s reportedly in stable condition. Update (2204): Zell Miller falls ill during speech in Gainesville (AP) Former Sen. Zell Miller fell ill while giving a speech in Gainesville Thursday night and was taken […]

Presidential Press Conference Live Blog

My extensive live coverage of President Bush’s April 29 press conference is below.

Beltway Traffic Jam

Just returned from the MSNBC appearance and dinner downtown. No linkfest but feel free to create your own below. To join in, choose a post from your blog to highlight, edit it to add a link to this post, and then send a TrackBack. If your blog doesn’t automatically generate one, use the Send TrackBack […]

Rethinking Mendel

Wired; Challenging a scientific law of inheritance that has stood for 150 years, scientists say plants sometimes select better bits of DNA in order to develop normally even when their predecessors carried genetic flaws. The conclusion by Purdue University molecular biologists contradicts at least some basic rules of plant evolution that were believed to be […]

Caption Contest Winners

The “Just Call me Dick” Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over. This was either a more challenging contest or a less inspirational contest

Swiss Army Phones

Wraps off swiss army phones (Courier-Mail) SUPERCHARGED mobile phones designed to replace MP3 players, camcorders and digital still cameras would be launched in Australia before the end of the year, Nokia revealed at its Asia-Pacific launch yesterday. Nokia’s new N-series mobile telephones, shown at its Next Generation conference in Kuala Lumpur, will include a phone […]


I’ve received a last-minute invitation to appear on “MSNBC Live” around 3:30 Eastern this afternoon to discuss disagreements Republicans have with President Bush. It’s part of their pre-press conference coverage, apparently.

D.C. Alert Triggered By Clouds

President Bush was rushed to an underground shelter yesterday morning because of “unidentified aircraft” had entered restricted space near the White House. As Rob Tagorda reported here yesterday, it was a false alarm. Now, as Paul Harvey would say, we have the rest of the story: D.C. Alert Triggered By Clouds (WaPo, A5) The mysterious […]

Female Amputees: All Troops Are on Front Lines

USA Today fronts the story of female soldiers who have lost limbs in Afghanistan and Iraq, highlighting the problematic nature of sending women to combat zones while trying to shield them from ground combat. Female amputees make clear that all troops are on front lines (USA Today, p. 1) On June 19, Lt. Dawn Halfaker […]

Europe’s Christian Flags

Dean Esmay has an impressive array of European (and one former European colony’s) flags which feature a variant of the Christian cross prominently in their design. He then observes, wryly, Interestingly, most of these countries have officially established state religions–state churches which receive taxpayer funding and official recognition at government functions. I find myself wondering: […]

Toll Roads Catching On

Paying on the Highway to Get Out of First Gear (NYT | RSS) It is a California still life. In this land of mobile ambition and instant communities, life is on hold in the parking lot that is the Riverside Freeway, 10 miles or more going nowhere at all hours of the day on one […]

D.C. Listeners Tune Out Talk Radio

Political talk radio ratings in the Washington, D.C. metro area have plummetted since the November elections. Local Listeners Tune Out Talk Radio (WaPo, C1) What a difference an election makes. No, we’re not talking about the fortunes of a rich and powerful democracy. This is about talk radio. And even in the nation’s capital, post-election, […]

Yao Named Chinese “Model Worker”

The 7′ 6″ basketball player, who scored 33 points in his most recent playoff game, joins the ranks of legendary farmers, construction workers, and party members: Working-Class Hero? NBA Star Nets China’s Proletarian Award (LAT) Take a bow, Yao Ming. The ruling Communist Party on Wednesday named the Houston Rockets’ center a model worker for […]

President Bush Holding Prime Time News Conference Tonight

Bush to Hold Prime Time News Conference Thursday (Reuters) President Bush will hold a prime time press conference on Thursday night, his first in over a year, to offer more details about his plans to overhaul Social Security, the White House announced. The 8:30 p.m. EDT East Room press conference comes at a time when […]

Iraq Forms a Cabinet

Almost three months after the election, Iraq finally has a government in place. Iraq’s Parliament OKs a Partial Cabinet (AP) The interim National Assembly approved by show of hands Thursday a partial Cabinet, including 27 ministers and five acting ministers, ushering in Iraq’s first elected government since the fall of Saddam Hussein. The Cabinet was […]

Caption Contest

Time for the Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM Since One Hand Clapping beat me to the Bush/Saudi picture I’m on to something else. It’s this or back to animal pictures. (Yahoo – Reuters) Winners will be announced Monday PM

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Dating

Tom Cruise, Actress Katie Holmes Dating (AP) Tom Cruise has a new girlfriend — actress Katie Holmes. Cruise, 42, and Holmes, 26, have been dating a few weeks, Cruise’s publicist and sister, Lee Anne DeVette, said Wednesday. The pair were photographed this week together in Rome, where Cruise on Friday will receive a lifetime achievement […]

Yahoo! News Redesign

The news aggregator Yahoo!News has undergone a rather extensive revamp sometime in the last few hours. It looks quite interesting, with images and other information appearing upon mouseover of the story links. The Introducing the New Yahoo! News page has quite a bit of information on the changes and is taking feedback. Among the new […]

Kate on Radio

Our own Kate McMillan will be appearing on The Citizen Journalist Report with Bill Ardolino and Jeff Goldstein tomorrow at 3 p.m. Eastern.

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