John Roberts Member of Columbia House Record Club

Like Orin Kerr, I missed this a few weeks ago but still find it funny enough to pass along. John G. Roberts, dues-paying member. crossposted to OTB-BS

Hurricane Katrina and the Economy

Hurricane Katrina may or may not disrupt the U.S. and/or world economies, according to economists and other experts. Some sample headlines: Katrina expected to disrupt economy (AP – Seattle PI) Katrina not expected to hit US economy (MSN Australia) Katrina may wreak havoc on world economy (The Economist – Australian) Katrina’s big imprint on economy […]

OTB Backup Plan

I’ll be posting updates at until I get the issues resolved with HostingMatters. I’ll cross-post that content back here as service and time permit. The main site is up occasionally, so I’m moving this notice to the top since I have little confidence it will remain up. Originally posted at 11:13

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Mayor: Katrina Killed Hundreds–Maybe Thousands–in New Orleans

CNN Breaking: New Orleans mayor says Katrina killed hundreds — maybe thousands — of people in city, Associated Press reports. Update: Mayor: Katrina May Have Killed Thousands (AP) The mayor said Wednesday that Hurricane Katrina probably killed thousands of people in New Orleans. “We know there is a significant number of dead bodies in the […]

Blogger Faces Lawsuit Over Reader Comments

A blogger is being sued for reader comments which are allegedly defamatory and illegally reveal trade secrets. Blogger Faces Lawsuit Over Comments Posted by Readers (WSJ) In a legal case being watched closely by bloggers, an Internet company has sued the owner of a Web log for comments posted to his site by readers. […]

Naval Academy Will Continue Mealtime Prayers

Naval Academy Will Continue to Say Grace (AP) The Naval Academy has no plans to drop the regular saying of grace before its midshipmen’s lunch, despite a policy issued this week by the Air Force to discourage most public prayer, a spokesman said. The Naval Academy is the only U.S. military institution that holds formal […]

Katrina Refugees Will Go to Astrodome

Yet another indignity has been heaped on residents of New Orleans: They have to evacuate the Superdome in favor of the Houston Astrodome. Katrina Refugees Will Go to Astrodome (AP) At least 25,000 of Hurricane Katrina‘s refugees, a majority of them at the New Orleans Superdome, will travel in a bus convoy to Houston starting […]

George Clooney Wants Casino With Dress Code

George Clooney is getting resistance to his plan to start an upscale casino in Las Vegas that would require patrons to dress in suits and other formal attire. Dress code idea for planned casino could get cold shoulder (Las Vegas Sun) Actor George Clooney has proposed the kind of casino that could be as welcome […]

Katrina: President Bush to Tap Strategic Petroleum Reserve

In response to the devastation of the Louisiana coast caused by Hurricane Katrina, President Bush has decided to release crude from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves. White House to tap reserves (CNN/Money) Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman said Wednesday that the White House plans on tapping the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve to help refiners hurt by Hurricane […]

Site Status Update

HostingMatters, which houses OTB and many other blogs, has been the target of denial of service attacks and well as some other issues related to AT&T and their cable provider. This attack is very large scale, endangering the entire Peak10 network, so they have temporarily stopped advertising our entire netblock. We’re working on getting them […]

Katrina: Mississippi Braves Season May be Over

Among the lesser inconveniences caused by Hurricane Katrina‘s destruction is the likely cancellation of the rest of the season for the Atlanta Braves’ AA affiliate, the Mississippi Braves, who play outside of Jackson. M-Braves season uncertain (AJC) Marooned in a hotel near Turner Field by Hurricane Katrina, the Class AA Mississippi Braves don’t know if […]

Anger Follows Flooding in Katrina Ravaged New Orleans

New Orleans residents, including the mayor, are lashing out in frustration over the uncertainty of their situation after Hurricane Katrina left the city flooded. Unrest grows in flooded New Orleans (CNN) As parts of flooded New Orleans slip into chaos and Gulf Coast communities struggle to deal with the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana’s […]

Baghdad Stampede Kills 648

A stampede apparently caused when someone shouted “suicide bomber” on a crowded bridge has killed at least 648 people in Baghdad. 648 dead in Baghdad stampede (CNN) At least 648 people have been killed and 322 others injured in a stampede on a bridge near a Shiite mosque in northern Baghdad, police sources said. Most […]

Jude Wanniski, 1936-2005

Jude Wanniski, the former Wall Street Journal editor who coined the term “supply side economics,” died Monday, aged 69. James Glassman offers a tribute. Wanniski was no shrinking violet. The preface to the fourth edition of his influential book on supply-side economics began: “When I sat down at an electric typewriter to write ‘The Way […]

Massive Federal Efforts Underway in Hurricane Afflicted Areas

Massive federal relief effort under way FEMA sends rescue teams, Pentagon sends ships, helicopters Victims of Hurricane Katrina — some of whom escaped with only their lives — soon will get help from a massive federal relief effort led by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Pentagon. The FEMA effort includes search teams to […]

EIA Special Report on Katrina

The link for those who have been following the issue of Katrina and energy/oil/gasoline. The first thing to jump out at me is the good news about the LOOP (the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port). While the LOOP has been shut down since Sunday, it appears to have suffered no catastrophic damage and the big issue […]

Katrina Could Bankrupt Three Airlines

In addition to the deaths and property damage caused by Hurricane Katrina, it may be the final blow to sruggling airlines Delta, Northwest, and Independence. Katrina Forces More Flight Cancellations (AP) Katrina forced scores more flight cancellations involving New Orleans and other Southern cities Tuesday as airlines juggled their schedules around one of the worst […]

How to Win in Iraq

Andrew Krepinevich offers a boldly titled plan for “How to Win in Iraq” in the current Foreign Affairs. The costs of such premature disengagement would likely be calamitous. The insurgency could morph into a bloody civil war, with the significant involvement of both Syria and Iran. Radical Islamists would see the U.S. departure as a […]

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Jordanian-Palestinian Confederation

Joseph Braude argues that conditions are right for a larger Palestinian confederation consisting of the newly released land in Gaza and the West Bank and portions of Jordan. Good Neighbor: How Jordan Can Help Palestine (New Republic Online) Israel’s unilateral pullout from Gaza this month marked more than just a blow to the settler movement. […]

SECDEF visits Operation Thank You

LCDR Scott “Smash” Koenig got a surprise visit yesterday at “Operation Thank You.” I won’t give away the story but, as Scott notes in his e-mail, “His name rhymes with ‘Ronald Mumsfeld.’” WITHOUT WARNING, a black SUV rounded the corner from Orange Ave. on to 4th St., slowing almost to a stop in front of […]

Prof. Hamilton on Katrina & Oil & Gasoline Prices

Prof. Hamilton has a very long post that looks at the impact of Hurricane Katrina on gasoline, natural gas, and oil prices. First off, Prof. Hamilton was surprised at the change in oil price (about a $1), Some analysts have compared these production figures with total U.S. crude production, but that is certainly not the […]

Hurricane Katrina Nearly Destroys New Orleans

Wizbang’s Paul, a New Orleans resident, provides a statistical overview of the severe damage wrought by Hurricane Katrina from the discomfort of the roof impaired Superdome. While not as severe as the cable news talking heads predicted (hoped?) the devastation was nonetheless massive. Other coverage: New Orleans Filling With Floodwaters Due to Breached Levee (WaPo) […]

Site Woes, Continued

My site host continues to have severe outages, possibly related to Hurricane Katrina (they’re located in Jacksonville, Florida) although they are not responding to e-mailed queries and their service outages page is itself out. I’ve scarcely been able to access the site in over 24 hours, although, if SiteMeter is correct, the site is at […]

Interview with Mayada al-Askari

Fayrouz, of the blog Iraqi in America, has interviewed Mayada al-Askari whose life story is detailed in the book “Mayada, Daughter of Iraq.” The book details the harsh realities of life under Saddam. One book review on Amazon reads: “Everyone in America should read this book now. We have so few reliable sources for inside […]

Katrina and the Cost of Gasoline/Oil

Well, if you thought that gasoline prices were high now, just wait a couple of days. From the sounds of it Katrina has really done quite a number on the oil production in the gulf, and the oil refining in New Orleans area. This is like getting shot in the gut and the head. Even […]

Caption Contest Winners

The Feinstein’s Monster Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

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Hurricane Damage to Superdome Forcing Saints to Move Opener

While Hurricane Katrina thankfully did not cause nearly as much damage as forecasters had predicted, this morning’s damage to the Superdome roof may leave the New Orleans Saints without a home as the NFL season approaches. Saints could go marching out after hurricane rips hole in stadium roof American football’s New Orleans Saints could be […]

Media Blogger Boot Camp

Mark Tapscott, director of the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Media and Public Policy, has announced that the second Computer-Assisted Research and Reporting (CARR) Boot Camp will be held September 23-24 at the National Press Club. Basically, they’ll provide attendees a crash course in use of Excel spreadsheets, crosstabs, regression analysis, and other basic statistics to […]

Site Woes

OTB has been mostly down the last couple of hours. My site host is looking into the problem.

Coffee is America’s Leading Antioxidant

A new study shows that Americans get more antioxidants from coffee than any other source. Unfortunately, this is an indication of poor dietary habits, not the wonders of coffee. Coffee is leading source of antioxidants in U.S. (Chicago Tribune) Coffee provides more healthful antioxidants than any other food or beverage in the American diet, according […]

Intel and Cisco Team to Boost Wi-Fi

Intel, Cisco Look to Give Wi-Fi a Boost (PC World) A joint development project announced last week at Fall Intel Developer Forum by Intel and Cisco Systems could have significant effects on enterprise wireless LANs. The companies want to ensure Wi-Fi wireless LANs deliver good VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) quality and as much data […]

Taliban Commander Killed in Afghan Clash

Payenda Mohammed, identified by the U.S. military as “a senior Taliban commander,” was killed in fighting with U.S. troops last week. Taliban commander killed in Afghan clash (Reuters) U.S. forces have killed a senior Taliban commander responsible for a spate of attacks in southern Afghanistan, the U.S. military said on Monday. The man, identified as […]

Katrina Our Asian Tsunami?

One “expert” has gone on CNN and claimed Hurricane Katrina could be “catastrophic” on the level of the Asian tsunamis that killed tens of thousands of people last December. Expert: Katrina could unleash disaster (CNN) Flooding expected from Hurricane Katrina could wreak catastrophe on New Orleans, overwhelming its water and sewage systems, damaging its structures […]

Iraqi Parliament Approves Constitution, Sunnis Dissent

Iraq’s parliament has passed the draft constitution over the objection of Sunni leaders. It now goes up for a national referendum on October 15. Sunnis dissent as Iraqi parliament backs constitution (FT) Iraq’s parliament yesterday approved a draft constitution but Sunni Arabs and radical Shia leaders vowed to defeat it in a referendum on October […]

Bunnatine Greenhouse, Halliburton Critic, Demoted

Bunnatine Greenhouse, the former head of procurement for the Army Corps of Engineers, has been demoted. Given that she has criticized the awarding of contracts to Halliburton, the move has naturally sparked controversy. Army official who questioned Halliburton deal reported demoted (AFP) A top US Army contracting official who criticized a large, noncompetitive contract with […]

Hurricane Katrina Hits New Orleans

After three days of gleeful anticipation by the news media, Hurricane Katrina has hit land in Louisiana. Hurricane Katrina Makes Landfall in La. (AP) Hurricane Katrina slammed ashore early Monday and charged toward this low-lying city with 150-mph winds and the threat of a catastrophic storm surge. Katrina edged slightly to the east shortly before […]

End to Political Polarization?

Michael Barone thinks the days of the 50-50 nation may soon be behind us owing to the rise of comparatively moderate candidates for the 2008 presidential race. “An end to political polarization?” (U.S. News, Sept. 5) or 10 years American politics has been sharply polarized, with just about equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats arrayed […]

Caption Contest

Time for the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM I borrowed this from the now defunct Sgt Fluffy site. It was used for one of his first Caption Contests there, but was probably ‘undercaptioned’ at the time. I think there are still a few captions left for this one. Winners will be announced Thursday PM

Katrina Watch

With Katrina expected to hit New Orleans as a Cat 4 or 5 hurricane, The Truth Laid Bear has set up a Katrina blogging ecosystem for those who want to follow the latest developments. Though, I doubt there’ll be much from anyone directly in her path. H/T Instapundit.

Beltway Sunday Drive

Kim and I are still in Alabama visiting the folks but will be heading for the airport in a couple of hours. In the meantime, it’s time for the second edition of the Beltway Sunday Drive. It’s like the Traffic Jam except, as Lionel Richie would say, easy like a Sunday morning. To join in, […]

One-Third of America’s Electrical Energy from Impoverished Indian Lands?

Native wind energy efforts display vision (ICT) It is good to finally see some potential for American Indians away from the major metropolitan areas. Most Indians are not the Mishatucket Pequots (Foxwoods Casino) where everyone is a millionaire. Intertribal COUP is a nonprofit council of federally recognized Indian tribes from North Dakota (Mandan, Arikara and […]

Using Credit Cards to Buy Gasoline

The Oil Drum points out that many people are paying for gasoline with their credit cards. Convenience stores, which sell about three-quarters of all gasoline sold in the nation, have seen the use of credit cards for motor fuel purchases rise to 70 percent of all gasoline purchases from about 54 percent last year, according […]

AP Poll: Military Kin Likelier to Back War

An Associated Press poll found that, while a majority of Americans now oppose the war, those who are close to someone who has served in it were more likely to support it. Also, over 90 percent support the right of people to protest the war, although Republicans like it less than Democrats. AP Poll: Military […]

Shiites and Kurds Move Ahead Without Sunnis

The Shiite and Kurd leadership have given up hope of reaching a compromise with the former Baathists who comprise the Sunni representation and are now moving on without them. Shiites and Kurds Halt Charter Talks With Sunnis (NYT) Shiite and Kurdish leaders drafting a new Iraqi constitution abandoned negotiations with a group of Sunni representatives […]

OTB Caption JamTM

… and now also Saturday Traffic Jam, for those that just need to link Weekend Caption Jam Linkfest: Rodney is pumping a little something more than iron. Wizbang is taking the whole blogosphere to a lamb shwarma buffet. Gazernet stands tall in the eyes of the church. Willisms Thinks nuns use too much starch. The […]

The Universal Sign For “Stop”

Imbedded with “Deuce Four” in Iraq, Michael Yon has new material up. Opels may be faster than Kiowas on straight-a-ways, but when the car made turns, the helicopter quickly caught up. Kurilla ordered the Kiowa to fire a warning shot, then quickly authorized the Kiowa to disable the vehicle. Kiowas are small, carrying just two […]

Beltway Traffic Jam

If all’s going according to plan, Kim and I are in the air halfway between Washington-Dulles and Atlanta. We’re visiting my folks for the weekend and this will be the first meeting between them and Kim. Create your own linkfest below. To join in, choose a post from your blog to highlight, edit it to […]

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