How to Blog Good

Iowahawk provides some pithy advice on How to Blog Good, specifically, to Style-ize For Maximal Impactfulness. Blog Dimension 1: Pith. In today’s go-go-go world, readers need their opinions now. They need them fast and to the point. Remember rule number one: do everything within your power to increase the economical verbal tersity of your posts, […]

An Example of Intelligent Design’s Idea of Peer Review

You just can’t make up stuff like this. Under cross examination in regards to the peer review of his book, Darwin’s Black Box Behe claimed that the peer review was more rigorous since there were more than twice as many reviewers who read the book carefully. One such reviewer was Dr. Atchison, a biochemistry professor […]

Al Qaeda’s Brand Name

Daniel McIntosh argues that the hijacking of the al Qaeda “brand” by the likes of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi may ultimately undermine the goals of its leadership. The Boys and the Brand (TCS) Al Qaeda has long been a “franchise” operation, but now anyone who wishes to do so can declare themselves to own one of […]

Lebanon Declares State of Emergency Over Hariri Report

Troops deployed in Lebanon cities (BBC) Lebanese troops have been deployed in the capital and other key cities a day before the release of a UN report into the killing of former PM Rafik Hariri. Armoured vehicles and soldiers have been patrolling Beirut, in what the interior minister described as an unofficial state of emergency. […]

Hurricanes Leave Half Million Unemployed

Nearly half a million Americans have filed unemployment claims related to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, according to Labor Department reports. Job Losses From Hurricanes Up to 478,000 (AP) Another 40,000 Americans filed claims for unemployment benefits last week due to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, pushing the total who have lost jobs because of the storms […]

Miers Questionnaire, Take II

In a lengthy post early this morning, I argued that, although I still think Harriet Miers unqualified for the Supreme Court, the flap over her answers to the Senate questionnaire was “silly.” Now that I have seen the questionnaire (in PDF format at NRO via Michelle Malkin) and not just a couple of excerpts from […]

South Park Lampoons Katrina Coverage

Matthew Sheffield passes on word about the latest South Park satire likely to spark controversy: Hurricane Katrina category archives ‘King of the Hill’ Democrats? Dee Snider: South Park Jew? From South Park to Afghanistan

Legal Experts Question Saddam Trial

Law Experts Divided Over Legitimacy of Tribunal (LAT) When Saddam Hussein declared Wednesday that the Iraqi war crimes tribunal had no right to put him on trial, he was not the first to raise questions about the panel’s legitimacy. Although some legal experts say the court is properly prosecuting the former Iraqi president, others say […]

$2 Million Navy Urinal Study

The House is shifting $2 million in Navy operational funds to a pet project to study flushless urinals. House Taps Navy Fund For Urinal Study (National Journal’s CongressDailyAM, p. 1, $) The House wants to divert $2 million in the Navy’s FY06 operations accounts to boost a rapidly growing Michigan environmental technology firm that markets […]

House Votes to Ban Fast Food Lawsuits

The House overwhelmingly passed a bill shielding the fast food industry from lawsuits from obese people blaming them. House Votes to Ban Obesity Blame Lawsuits (AP) The Republican-controlled House voted Wednesday to shield fast-food chains from lawsuits that blame them for making people fat. Nicknamed the “cheeseburger bill,” the measure stems from lawsuits accusing McDonald’s […]

Coburn Amendment: Bridge to Somewhere

Senator Tom Coburn (R, Oklahoma) has introduced an amendment (PDF) “To redirect certain funds for use for reconstruction of the Twin Spans Bridge connecting New Orleans and Slidell, Louisiana.” This amendment will transfer funding from the wasteful pork project, the “Bridge to Nowhere” in Alaska, to the repair and reconstruction of the “Twin Spans” bridge […]

Miers Asked to Provide More Detail on Questions

Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers was asked by the senior Republican and Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee to provide more substantial answers to several questions on her questionnaire. Miers Is Asked to Redo Reply to Questions (NYT) The Supreme Court nomination of Harriet E. Miers suffered another setback on Wednesday when the Republican and […]

Caption Contest

Time for the Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM REUTERS/Seth Wenig Winners will be announced Monday PM

“Real” Conservatism Redux

Jonah Goldberg has an insightful take on the intra-conservative debate spawned by the Harriet Meyers nomination: What is remarkable about the Miers nomination is that the pro-Miers side managed to define the debate as one between elitists and “heartlanders” or some similar nonsense first. […] I actually think this is a profoundly significant signal in […]

SNL Alum Charles Rocket Commits Suicide

Comedian Chris “Rocket” Claverie, a member of the Saturday Night Live cast from 1980-81, comitted suicide on October 7. Ex-‘SNL’ Comedian’s Death Ruled a Suicide Actor and comedian Charles Rocket, who had roles in a variety of movies and TV series and briefly gained notoriety for uttering an obscenity on “Saturday Night Live,” committed suicide, […]

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Post Office Behind the Times

Checking my mail upon return from the honeymoon, I was rather surprised to see no mail forwarded with those little yellow USPS labels waiting for me. I submitted the official change of address form online on September 29th and received instantaneous e-mail confirmation that it had been received. So, I call the helpful folks at […]

Judge Overturns Georgia Voter ID Law

A federal judge has ruled Georgia’s law requiring voters to show photo ID cards amounts to an unconstitutional “poll tax.” Georgia’s Voter Identification Law Barred (AP) A federal judge Tuesday blocked Georgia from enforcing a new state law requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls. In issuing the preliminary injunction, U.S. District Judge […]

Rumsfeld Orders Special Operations Command Review

Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld has ordered a thorough review of the Special Operations Command to determine how it might better fight terrorism. Review Is Set for U.S. Forces in Terror Fight (NYT ) Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has assigned a retired four-star general to review the Special Operations Command, the military headquarters with […]

Kitzmiller v. DASD

Right now there is a fight over evolution and creationism in public school classrooms. It is taking place in Dover, PA and it looks so far like the losers are going to be the creationists, or as they like to be called these days Intelligent Design (ID) theorists. What is interesting to me is how […]

Rumsfeld Advisors Recommend Outsourcing Mail

As the Defense Department continues to transform its business practices, a sensitive issue hits the chopping block: military mail call. DOD Business Advisers Tell Rumsfeld Military Mail Should Be Outsourced (, $) A group of business advisers to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says the Pentagon should outsource the collection, processing and distribution of military mail […]

Quarter of Iraq Vets Have Health Problems

A new survey reveals that more than a quarter of Iraq War vets have physical or psychological ailments. 1 in 4 Iraq vets ailing on return (USA Today, p. 1) More than one in four U.S. troops have come home from the Iraq war with health problems that require medical or mental health treatment, according […]

Mark Warner Withdrawing Support from Tim Kaine Campaign?

From a partisan talking points e-mail, I see that Walt Ball reports rather odd doings on the Democratic side of the race for governor in Virginia: We have learned here at CW, from sources involved with the General Assembly and close to a high ranking Warner administration official, some amazing news. At the Governor’s senior […]

Claire Danes Nude Sex Scene in Shopgirl

Claire Danes has apparently gotten over whatever misgivings she had about her first-ever nude movie sex scenes–with a geriatric Steve Martin, no less. Claire Danes Gets Over Worries About Nude Sex Scene in Shopgirl (National Ledger) Sexy actress Claire Danes gets it on with wild and crazy guy Steve Martin (sorry – couldn’t resist) in […]

Alabama – Florida State to Play in 2007

The Alabama Crimson Tide and Florida State Seminoles, two of the more storied teams in college football, are expected to announce an agreement to play a neutral-site game in the 2007 season. Hurdles cleared for Tide-FSU game (Birmingham News) An announcement that Alabama and Florida State will play a football game in 2007 appears imminent. […]

Wedding Photo

Here is a preview of our wedding shots from Kathy, our wedding photographer: It was taken at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. a couple hours before the wedding. Because of the rain, we took most of our pre-wedding shots at the museum, although there are also several shots at other historic sites in […]

Saddam Scuffles with Guards, Allowed to Walk Free

Saddam Hussein’s trial inched forward today, with a Not Guilty plea entered yet again. It ended with a postponement and Saddam scuffling with his guards and allowed to walk back to his cell on his own. Saddam Pleads Innocent, Gets Into Scuffle (AP) Saddam Hussein pleaded innocent to charges of murder and torture as his […]

Spanish Judge Issues Warrant for Three GIs

A Spanish judge has issued an arrest warrant for three American soldiers who accidentally killed a Spanish cameraman in Iraq in 2003. Spanish Judge Issues Warrant for Three GIs (AP) A judge has issued an international arrest warrant for three U.S. soldiers whose tank fired on a Baghdad hotel during the Iraq war, killing a […]

Hurricane Wilma Most Powerful Yet

Hurricane Wilma has now reached Category 5 status and is the most powerful hurricane of the season. Wilma Strengthens to Category 5 Hurricane (AP) Hurricane Wilma strengthened into a Category 5 monster early Wednesday packing 175 mph winds, and forecasters said a key reading of the storm’s pressure showed it to be the most powerful […]

Band of Brothers Back for Iraq

The regiment made famous by Stephen Ambrose’s “Band of Brothers” has been reactivated for Iraq. Band of Brothers Back for Iraq (AP) The 101st Airborne Division on Thursday reactivated a historic unit whose actions during World War II were the subject of the book “Band of Brothers.” The 506th Regimental Combat Team – also known […]

Vice President Cheney Rumored Mulling Resignation

U.S. News is reporting rumors that Vice President Dick Cheney may resign over the Valerie Plame CIA leak case and be replaced by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Cheney resignation rumors fly Sparked by today’s Washington Post story that suggests Vice President Cheney’s office is involved in the Plame-CIA spy link investigation, government officials and […]

NBA’s New Dress Code

NBA commissioner David Stern set forth the league’s new dress code for players today and implied that those who refused to comply would be suspended. Stern certain of dress code compliance (ESPN) NBA commissioner David Stern spoke out for the first time on the specifics of the league’s new off-the-court dress code on Tuesday. Despite […]

Postcard From Kandahar

A somewhat amusing exerpt from an email from a friend in the Canadian Armed Forces; The routine for Canadian movement in Kandahar at the moment is to travel under the cover of dark. So we leave before sun up and arrive home well after sundown. […] Me and one of the guys were just heading […]

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Misunderstanding Iraq’s Tribal Factions

Christopher Hitchens has an interesting piece noting that, despite Iraq having been constantly in the news for over fifteen years now, the media still don’t understand the country’s demographic factions. Tribal Ignorance – What you think you know about Iraq’s factions is all wrong When it comes to Iraq, one of the most boring and […]

Baltimore Harbor Tunnel Closed After Terror Threat

Baltimore Harbor Tunnel was closed while the Fort McHenry Tunnel was partially closed today after authorities received a terrorist threat. Threat Prompts Closure of Baltimore Tunnel (AP) One of two tunnels carrying traffic under Baltimore’s harbor was closed Tuesday and another was partially shut down in response to what an official said was a security […]

Bruce Bartlett Fired After Writing Anti-Bush Book

Longtime conservative columnist Bruce Bartlett has been fired by a conservative think tank after writing a book which argues that George W. Bush isn’t really a conservative. In Sign of Conservative Split, a Commentator Is Dismissed (NYT) In the latest sign of the deepening split among conservatives over how far to go in challenging President […]

Rick Springfield Returns to General Hospital

Rick Springfield’s Soap Flashback (E! Online) The last time Rick Springfield walked the halls of General Hospital, Ronald Reagan was President, Arnold Schwarzenegger was Conan the Barbarian, and you were wondering if painter pants made you look fat. With a nod to its past, and without apparent regard to how the move might make certain […]

Defense Business Transformation Agency Launched

After decades of resistance, the Defense Department is centralizing its business and acquisition programs under a single two-star led agency. Pentagon to house business programs in central agency ( The Pentagon is moving dozens of its most extensive business modernization programs under a single roof, officials announced last week. By creating the Business Transformation Agency, […]

“A Bullet Into The Heart of Terrorism”

In the run-up to the Iraqi referendum to accept or reject the Constitution, media outlets clamored that this was the “litmus test” for Iraqi security services and that it would help determine how soon US troops could withdraw from the country. The process of the vote has been highly successful, peaceful even, and the silence […]

Iraq Election Monitors Review Suspicious Votes

Election monitors are taking a look at some districts where the “Yes” vote on the Iraqi constitution exceeded 90 percent. Monitors in Iraq Review Votes Where ‘Yes’ Ballots Hit 90% (NYT) Iraqi election officials said Monday that they were investigating “unusually high” vote totals in 12 Shiite and Kurdish provinces, where as many as 99 […]

Tropical Storm Wilma May Set Records

Tropical Storm Wilma is slowly moving out of the Caribbean, likely to make landfall in Florida as a major hurricane this weekend. Tropical Storm Stalls in the Caribbean (AP) Tropical Storm Wilma stalled over the warm waters of the northwestern Caribbean early Tuesday, where forecasters said it would strengthen into an intense hurricane before potentially […]

Sly Stallone to Star in Sixth Rocky Movie

The sixth installment of the Rocky movie series is set to begin filming next year, starring a then-60-year-old Sly Stallone. Stallone to Star in Sixth ‘Rocky’ Movie Yo Adrian! Rocky is planning another comeback. Fifteen years after starring in “Rocky V,” Sylvester Stallone is reprising his role as the boxing champ in the sixth “Rocky” […]

Politics from the Far-left Coast

Cantwell drawing challenge from left flank (WA-D – Senate) I guess the far left is alive and well (?). I’m just amazed how disconnected from reality some on the far right and left actually are (this example is on the left, but the right is just as bad, maybe worse). Maria Cantwell, Washington’s junior senator, […]

Seahawks Free Safety Ken Hamlin In ICU

Another case of urban violence, but this case is getting the attention it should. Seattle Seahawks safety Ken Hamlin was in intensive care at Harborview Medical Center with a fractured skull, bruising of the brain and a broken hand following a fight outside a Seattle nightclub early Monday. Team physician Dr. Stan Herring said Hamlin […]

Wall Street & Real Estate Prices

I was just watching the 1987 film Wall Street with a young Chuck Sheen as Bud Fox, and of course Michael Douglas and the evil Gordon Gekko, who told us that “greed is good.” In one scene, after Bud has made it on Wall Street as Gekko’s lackey, he buys a Manhattan penthouse apartment — […]

Caption Contest Winners

The Class Clown Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Controlling Health Care Cost or…

…shifting health care costs. There is this curious notion that comes up occassionally that by switching to universal health care (read government funded health care) corporations could control their health care costs. Frankly I think people who think this way have it wrong. Even if we assume that the government is going to do it […]

Idiots in Ohio

A woman in Ohio was arrested because she owed back taxes and hadn’t filed tax forms for 5 years. How much did she owe? Go on take a guess.

Beltway Traffic Jam

If all’s going according to script, we’re in the air from Jamaica’s Montego Bay airport to Baltimore-Washington International and should get home around 10 p.m. I’m back to work tomorrow and hope to resume at least semi-regular blogging then, although I’ll likely have some catching up to do at the office. Create your own linkfest […]

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