State of the Union Postmortem

Tonight’s State of the Union address was a bit strange on the domestic side, with President Bush somewhat declaring a series of ill-defined “Hopeful Society” programs that protect life, encourage education and innovation, and in general further the greatness of America and American culture. All pretty empty if you ask me, yet fortunately not the […]

State of the Union 2006

I was in D.C. having dinner with an old Army buddy who was here for a union workshop, so wasn’t home glued to the pre-SOTU chat. I heard the early part of the speech on the radio and am listening now via television. As usual, the transcript of the speech was released prior to actual […]

Intelligent Design Belittles God

Via the Commissar is this interesting article, Catholic Online – God is not needed to explain the “scientific picture of life’s origins in terms of religious belief.” I have to admit, I’ve often wondered at the desire by many to put limitations on God. It seems to me that many who believe in Creationism/Intelligent Design […]

Rowley Compares Kline to Nazi, Apologizes

Coleen Rowley, the former FBI agent lauded for her “whistle blowing” well after 9/11, has a post on her campaign blog comparing her opponent, 25-year Marine vet John Kline, to Colonel Klink of “Hogan’s Heroes” infamy. She compounded this juvenile act with a photoshopped image of Kline in a Nazi officer’s uniform. That photo is […]

Corzine Screws New Jersey District

Steven Taylor comments on the incredibly bizarre decision of New Jersey Governor John Corzine, who elevated a Democratic congressman to fill his old seat in the U.S. Senate and leave that seat unfilled the remainder of the year: “If Corzine felt that a special election for the seat was too expensive, he should have picked […]

Assessing Alito: Who Won?

Steve Bainbridge argues, persuasively, that the Gang of 14 was a success: “There were 14 more votes for cloture than for confirmation, proving that the deal was able to prevent a filibuster of a qualified but controversial candidate.” Still, Michelle Malkin points out, correctly, that Alito was only able to be nominated because conservatives rallied […]

Blogger 911

Brian at Iowa Voice is out of work and out of money. He’d appreciate any help you could give him.

Danish Newspaper Apologizes for Muslim Cartoons

The Danish government and a leading newspaper are apologizing to Muslims who have been offended by editorial cartoons published in said newspaper that imply that some Muslims are violent. Aljazeera reports it this way: Denmark has warned its citizens to avoid Saudi Arabia after Muslim fury mounted over newspaper cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Denmark’s […]

Site Glitches

Mark Jaquith is doing some major changes to the back end that should improve the site’s performance considerably. It might be a bit wonky for the next day or two, though. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Outing a Republican Senator

Michael Rogers at BlogActive, which bills itself as “Real Truth, Direct Action,” threatened last night to “out” a married Republican Senator as homosexual if he voted to confirm Judge Alito. Tomorrow you will decide if your political position is worth more than doing what is right for others like you. For others like you, Mr. […]

Conference Call with Senator Tom Coburn

Senator Tom Coburn spoke with a number of bloggers via a noon conference call to update us on the status of his efforts to reduce pork barrel spending. Coburn was quite informative and genial, speaking as he was to a friendly audience. He is clearly passionate about the issue of earmarks and has basically staked […]

Alito Confirmed to Supreme Court, 58-42

The United States Senate has confirmed Samuel Alito as the newest Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, replacing the retiring Sandra Day O’Connor. The vote was 58-42, largely along party lines. The Senate confirmed Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court on Tuesday by a vote of 58-42, a day after an attempt by some […]

The State of the Enemy II

TigerHawk has some extensive comments on my TCS article on the state of al Qaeda. I agree with most of his addenda with some minor quibbles. He notes that, “it is not correct to describe our relationships with the “apostate regimes” [Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan] as having ‘drawn closer.’They are, in the main, very […]

Three Year Blogiversary

My first post at Outside the Beltway was at 9:37 a.m. on Friday, January 31, 2003. You are reading my 11,642th. My co-authors have added another 1270: Rodney Dill, 355; Steve Verdon, 270; Robert Tagorda, 240; Kate McMillan, 215; Leopold Stotch, 152; Richard Gardner, 28; Robert Prather, 5; and Athena, 5. While the blogging phenomenon […]

Coretta Scott King Dies at 78

Coretta Scott King has died. AP reports, “Coretta Scott King, who turned a life shattered by her husband’s assassination into one devoted to enshrining his legacy of human rights and equality, has died, former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young said Tuesday morning. She was 78.” That’s a pretty good summary of her legacy. She was a […]

Woman Goes Postal, Kills Six, Self

A female former postal employee shot seven people before killing herself, CNN reports. A female former employee opened fire at a 24-hour postal service sorting facility in Goleta, California, killing six people and critically wounding another, before turning the gun on herself, authorities said early Tuesday. “That’s what we believe,” Santa Barbara County Sheriff Jim […]

Chris Matthews: Teddy Kennedy Molested Judge Alito’s Wife

On yesterday’s “Hardball,” Chris Matthews uttered the following words: …won’t they say something up beat and (bucking up)… isn’t she a great woman, didn’t she stand up-and then they’ll put the camera right on Ted Kennedy and show how he was the guy that molested her basically-that’s the way they’ll play it… According to John […]

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Why Are CEOs Paid So Much?

Successful CEOs are as indispensable to their companies as Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks are to their teams. By Elan Journo As millions of Americans watch the Seattle Seahawks take on the Pittsburgh Steelers, every minute of the game will be scrutinized, with slow-motion replays and a torrent of statistics. But, amid the cheers and groans, don’t […]

Senate Slaps Down Alito Filibuster, 75-25

The Senated ended the one-day Massachusetts filibuster of Samuel Alito by an embarrasing 75-25 margin (60 would have done it). But not before Senator Teddy Kennedy showed that he is still crazy after all these years.

A Comment on Comments

Orin Kerr offers some sage advice that is worth repeating in full: Do you occassionally think that a VC blogger has missed the boat? Do you sometimes feel that a post is based on a factual error or a misreading of the law, and has therefore reached a wrong conclusion? Do you want to leave […]

Wonkette’s Pajamas

Pajamas Media fronts an InstaPundit post on Wonkette’s new author: This is amusing on two counts. First, the “whole thing” is contained in the excerpt; clicking through just gives you the identical story in InstaPundit’s color scheme, minus the Wonkette photo. Second, the Wonkette photo? It ain’t Wonkette. Not only is it not the New […]


Karl Rove has agents everywhere; Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill are privately bristling over Howard Dean’s management of the Democratic National Committee and have made those sentiments clear after new fundraising numbers showed he has spent nearly all the committee’s cash and has little left to support their efforts to gain seats this cycle, ROLL […]

News Flash: Army Promotion Rates Skyrocket During Wars

The LAT is publishing, as if it were hot of the presses, news that Army promotion rates skyrocket during wartime. Mark Mazzetti, who is a solid defense reporter and should not be shocked by this, reports: Struggling to retain enough officers to lead its forces, the Army has begun to dramatically increase the number of […]

Do Women Shy Away from Competition?

An interesting question posed by some NBER researchers. The proportion of women in highly paid executive positions and in the professorial ranks of academic science and engineering is low relative to the proportion of women in the labor force. A number of explanations for this difference have been advanced. If women do not enjoy the […]

TCS Daily – The State of the Enemy

My latest for TCS, “The State of the Enemy,” is up. The hook: As President Bush prepares to give his annual address on the State of the Union (I predict it will be “strong”) it is time to reflect on the state of our enemy. My conclusion is that, while al Qaeda is still capable […]

Bloggers in Amsterdam: A Case Study in Media Ethics

A few days ago, Justin Abbott of BlogAds emailed asking whether I would be interested in going to Amsterdam for five nights as part of a promotional tour. The conditions were pretty straightforward: In exchange for the trip, each blogger will a) be interviewed by someone (a blogger or Blogads) about their trip (the Dutch […]

‘Baby Jessica’ McClure Marries at 19

Judging from my referral logs, a lot of people are interested in news about Jessica McClure getting married. “Baby Jessica,” whose dramatic rescue from an abandoned Texas well was televised across the country 18 years ago, got married in a private ceremony, People magazine reported on its Web site. Crews struggled for 58 hours to […]

Army Stop-Loss Program Forces 50,000 into Extended Duty

The AP has discovered the Army’s Stop-Loss policy, which is hardly news to those who have been paying attention. The sheer scope of the program might be somewhat surprising, however. The U.S. Army has forced about 50,000 soldiers to continue serving after their voluntary stints ended under a policy called “stop-loss,” but while some dispute […]

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Welfare and Wealth Redistribution: Quick Note

I am not promoting socialism but more egalitarianism. A fair and just society should provide for all. That means if you have no skills and can only do menial labor, you should at least be able to live and eat. And you know what, if that means Paris Hilton can’t inherit 100’s of millions from […]

No Media Bias?

For those of you who disbelieve the evidence that the mainstream media slants leftward, please explain to me what exactly is being “reported” here: “It’s turning into our Vietnam” (USAT) Aaron McGonigal knows all about patriotism and fighting terrorism. He was in the Illinois National Guard on Sept. 11, 2001. Soon after the attacks, he […]

ABC Anchor Bob Woodruff Injured by Iraq Bomb

CNN Breaking: “ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff and his cameraman seriously injured in a roadside bomb attack in Iraq, the network reports.” [Update: There’s now a story link with essentially the same details as the AP piece below.] ABC has few details at their site: “Bob Woodruff and his cameraman Doug Vogt were injured in […]

82nd Airborne Gay Porn

Apparently, some members of the “All-American” 82nd Airborne Division have part time jobs as porn stars. Gay porn stars, to be specific: Army officials are investigating allegations that members of the celebrated 82nd Airborne Division appear on a gay pornography Web site, a spokeswoman said Friday. Authorities at Fort Bragg have begun an inquiry into […]

Sheehan Considers Challenging Feinstein for Senate

Cindy Sheehan is considering a run for Dianne Feinstein’s Senate seat, arguing that California needs someone “in touch” with the voters. Cindy Sheehan, the peace activist who set up camp near President Bush’s Texas ranch last summer, said Saturday she is considering running against Sen. Dianne Feinstein (news, bio, voting record) to protest what she […]

Maryland Judge Orders Damages Against N.Y. Spammer

A Maryland judge has allowed the use of her state’s anti-spam laws against a New York spammer. Those annoying e-mails offering home financing deals or other offers can violate Maryland law, even if they’re sent from out of state, a state appeals court has ruled. Court of Special Appeals Judge Sally D. Adkins sided with […]

Texas A&M Angry Seattle Seahawks Fans Called ’12th Man’

Texas A&M is angry that the Seattle Seahawks refer to their fans as “the 12th man” in advertising promotions. The Seattle Seahawks are facing the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl, but they have an off-the-field battle brewing with Texas A&M. School officials are upset with the Seahawks’ use of the “12th Man” theme to […]

OTB Caption JamTM

Weekend Caption Jam Linkfest. . . and now also Saturday Traffic Jam for those who wish to link. Rodney is still jumping through hoops. Wizbang is on the trail of the elusive Bill Watterson The Right Place has thing one and thing two. Willisms has the measure of the man. The Man will follow up […]

Bloggers vs. Mainstream Media: Reader Feedback

Hotline’s William Beutler reports on a confrontation between WaPo’s Deborah Howell and lefty bloggers Matt Stoler and John Aravosis at the National Press Club over the issue of reader comments on blogs. Duncan “Atrios” Black notes that he has discovered of late that mainstream journalists are simply unused to dealing with readers. Even reporters/columnists/etc who […]

Wal-Mart and Academia, Redux

Groucho Marx, writing at the anti-Wal-Mart blog “The Writing On The Wal,” takes exception to my TCS piece on the similarities between the hiring situations at Wal-Mart and academe. I should start with a disclaimer: The submitted title of the piece was “Wal-Mart Economics” rather than the editors’ choice, “How Wal-Mart is Like Academia.” The […]

The Economics of Bootstraps

This need for business to have plenty of customers with disposable income used to be widely understood. There was a time when wage supports, be they labor contracts or minimum wage increases, where almost universally supported. This was a comment that appeared this post by James about the number of people applying for jobs at […]

Iraq’s WMD Moved to Syria Before War, Says General

The former number two man in Saddam’s air force claims that Iraq moved its WMD into Syria before the war. The man who served as the no. 2 official in Saddam Hussein’s air force says Iraq moved weapons of mass destruction into Syria before the war by loading the weapons into civilian aircraft in which […]

U.S.-Canadian Relations Off to Icy Start

Canada’s new conservative prime minister, expected to improve relations with the United States, started off on an acrimonious note, escalating a fight over the Northern Passage. Stephen Harper, elected Monday as prime minister, warned the United States on Thursday to back off from its challenge of Canadian sovereignty in Arctic waters that are fast thawing […]

Poll: Iran Greatest Threat

A new Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll reveals that Americans believe Iran is the most dangerous threat to American security, knocking North Korea out of the top spot. Americans think Iran is the country that poses the greatest immediate danger to the United States today, taking over the number one spot from North Korea. A FOX […]

Abramoff Prosecutor Steps Down After Promoted by Bush

NYT reports that, “The investigation of Jack Abramoff, the disgraced Republican lobbyist, took a surprising new turn on Thursday when the Justice Department said the chief prosecutor in the inquiry would step down next week because he had been nominated to a federal judgeship by President Bush.” Karl Rove is clearly losing his touch. While […]

Joel Stein Responds

Chris Short wrote a “concerned veteran” letter to Joel Stein, author of the infamous, “I don’t support the troops” op-ed. Read Stein’s response at the link.

Yglesias Award?

Andrew Sullivan awards the aptly named Yglesias Award to Brad DeLong‘s courageous slap-down of James Wolcott. Wolcott: “Compared to [George W.] Bush, [Clinton] looks like a competent, responsible, functioning adult.” DeLong: “I think Wolcott pushes things to far: I certainly wouldn’t call Clinton a ‘competent, responsible, functioning adult.’ In policy matters, yes. In personal matters… […]

Kerry Urges Alito Filibuster

John Kerry, who failed to get elected president as “the reasonable candidate” in 2004, is joining Kos Nation and urging a fillibuster of Samuel Alito. While this has gotten the base more excited than they’ve ever been about the junior Senator from Massachusetts, the idea has gone over like a lead balloon with his colleagues. […]

TCS Daily – How Wal-Mart Is Like Academia

My latest piece for TCS Daily, “How Wal-Mart Is Like Academia,” is up. It’s an extended version of yesterday’s post on the subject.

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