Report Clears Armstrong of Doping in 1999 Tour de France

Report clears Armstrong of doping in 1999 Tour de France SI.COM AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) -Lance Armstrong called it a “witch hunt” from the very beginning, saying a French newspaper used dubious evidence to accuse him of doping – even charging that lab officials mishandled his samples and broke the rules. According to a Dutch investigator’s […]

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Capital Mall Robberies Break Unwritten Code

A recent spate of muggings on the National Capital Mall has spurned public outcry and a page 1 story in today’s WaPo. The green expanse of the Mall evokes many emotions, but wariness has never been one of them. Over the years, the lack of crime has created an aura of safety that allows joggers […]

Roger Clemens Comes out of Retirement, Rejoins Astros

Roger Clemens will be pitching for the Astros again this year. Roger Clemens is coming out of retirement for the third time, agreeing to a contract to pitch for the Houston Astros for the rest of 2006. The 43-year-old Clemens, who will be entering his 23rd major league season, is agreeing first to a minor […]

Federal Managers Pass Off Bad Workers with Great Evals

Many federal managers give highly inflated evaluations to bad employees in hopes they will get promoted to another assignment, a practice dubbed “Export Packing,” reports Government Executive magazine’s William Rudman. Hiring a federal employee might seem like a sure bet with the recommendation of a former boss. But think again. A common complaint among federal […]

Dixie Chicks New CD, Taking The Long Way, Breaks Records

The Dixie Chicks’ new album, “Taking The Long Way” has debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts, breaking their own record. As Taking The Long Way debuts at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 best-selling albums chart this week, with first week’s sales of 525,829, the Dixie Chicks have become the first female group in […]

What’s So Bad about Extremism?

Jonah Goldberg echoes Barry Goldwater’s famous dictum, “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice; moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue” in his latest column. Consider the current immigration debate. The Senate version of the immigration bill calls for a three-tier system for illegal immigrants. If you’ve been here for fewer […]

Hayden Following Powell Model at CIA?

The Wall Street Journal editors are worried that Michael Hayden will go too far in his efforts to soothe over the tensions created by Porter Goss’ sometimes reckless attempt to shake up the CIA. A top intelligence service is vital to national security. So we’ve been looking for signs that incoming CIA Director Michael Hayden […]

British Lecturers Boycott Israeli Scholars

Britain’s largest university teacher’s union voted for a boycott of Israeli academics who do not denounce their government’s Palestine policy. Britain’s largest lecturers’ union yesterday voted in favour of a boycott of Israeli lecturers and academic institutions who do not publicly dissociate themselves from Israel’s “apartheid policies”. […] Presented on the final day of the […]

Man Cuts Off Penis to Prove Fidelity

A Malaysian man cut off his penis to prove to his wife he was not having an affair. A man who apparently severed his penis in an attempt to convince his wife that he was faithful to her was recovering after surgery to reattach the organ at a northern Malaysian hospital, a news report said […]

Michelle Rodriguez Released Hours into 60 Day Sentence

Michelle Rodriguez, who was sentenced to 60 days in jail for violating probabation, served only a few hours before being released due to overcrowding. The former star of ABC’s “Lost” still must serve 30 days of community service and remain on probation until June 2009, a spokeswoman for the city attorney’s office said. “Our prosecutors […]

Illegal Immigration Debate Fueling White Supremacists

The passion surrounding the debate over illegal immigration is breathing new life into the white supremacist movement, reports TIME magazine. With immigration perhaps America’s most volatile issue, a troubling backlash has erupted among its most fervent foes. There are, of course, the Minutemen, the self-appointed border vigilantes who operate in several states. And now groups […]

The Contradictions of Michelle Malkin

I was pointed to this post by Michelle Malkin by TLB of the Lone Wacko Blog. What I found interesting was the basic premise and conclusion of Malkin’s post. It goes like this, There is an underground economy. Immigrants make up the bulk of this part of our economy. There are few if any taxes […]

Diane West’s Bogus Immigrant Number

Over at the Washington Times Diane West writes the following, The bill’s crazy provisions for allowing 66 million new legal immigrants into the United States by 2026 (twice the population of Canada) aside, the Senate bill grants citizenship rights to 10 million to 20 million mainly Mexican illegal aliens who have sneaked into the country […]

Dutch Pedophiles Launch Political Party

Dutch citizens tired of the threat to their civil liberties posed by bans on pedophilia and bestiality areorganizing their own political party. Dutch pedophiles are launching a political party to push for a cut in the legal age for sexual relations to 12 from 16 and the legalization of child pornography and sex with animals, […]

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Naked African Sorceress Arrested in Saudi Arabia

Arab News has a true crime report entitled, “Naked ‘Sorceress’ Falls From the Sky.” Members of the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice received a call of a suspected African “sorceress” in the holy city’s Al-Seeh neighborhood. Members of the committee along with police went to the suspected den of the […]

D.C. Sniper John Allen Muhammad Convicted for Six Maryland Murders

D.C. sniper John Allen Muhammad has been convicted again, this time by a Maryland jury for six murders he committed in that state. Washington-area sniper John Allen Muhammad was convicted of six more of the killings Tuesday after a trial in which he acted as his own attorney and the prosecution’s star witness was his […]

Some Interesting Points for Discussion on Immigration

This is also from Alex Tabarrok. Why do economists think more favorably of immigration than the general public? I think there are three reasons: theory, empirical research, and ethics. Some of these points are one’s I’ve raised here on this blog. For example, many complain that immigrants lower wages, but that is not so clear […]

Cheney Advisor Screens Bills for Executive Encroachment

Dick Cheney’s staff is routinely reviewing all legislation to ensure it does not diminish presidential authority before forwarding to President Bush for his signature, reports the Boston Globe‘s Charlie Savage. The office of Vice President Dick Cheney routinely reviews pieces of legislation before they reach the president’s desk, searching for provisions that Cheney believes would […]

Malpractice Insurance

One of the issues regarding the cost of health care is the role that malpractice insurance plays in the cost of health care. Malpractice insurance premiums are going up quite a bit. Some say this is due to runaway juries making outrageous awards (e.g. President Bush). Others say it is the greed and avarice on […]

Whistleblowers Not Protected by 1st Amendment

The Supreme Court ruled today that government employees do not have First Amendment protection for speech made in conjunction with their official duties and may therefore not sue for adverse job action on that basis. The Supreme Court on Tuesday made it harder for government employees to file lawsuits claiming they were retaliated against for […]

NH Phone Jam Convict out of Jail, Back to Advising GOP

Charles McGee, who went to jail for his role in masterminding the jamming of Democratic phone lines on Election Day 2002, is out of jail and back to advising GOP operatives. A major figure in the Election Day phone-jamming scandal that embarrassed and nearly bankrupted the New Hampshire GOP is out of prison and back […]

Iraq Deadliest War for Journalists

The death of two CBS crew members on Sunday brings the total number of journalists killed in Iraq to 71, making it the deadliest war for journalists on record. By some reckonings, the death of two journalists working for CBS News on Monday firmly secured the Iraq war as the deadliest conflict for reporters in […]

Goldman Sachs Chair Paulson Replacing Snow at Treasury

Goldman Sachs chair Henry Paulson will be named to replace John Snow asTreasury Secretary later today, AP reports. Treasury Secretary John Snow has resigned and will be replaced by Goldman Sachs Chairman Henry M. Paulson Jr., a senior administration official said Tuesday, in another chapter of a White House shake-up to revive President Bush’s troubled […]

Reid Took Free Boxing Tickets Then Sponsored Boxing Bill

The scandal of the day is that Harry Reid, Nevada’s senior senator, took free boxing tickets worth thousands of dollars from his state’s boxing association while boxing legislation was pending before the Senate. Senate Democratic Leader Harry M. Reid (Nev.) accepted free ringside tickets from the Nevada Athletic Commission to three professional boxing matches while […]

Caption Contest Winners

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An Experiment In Inertia, Velocity And Kneejerk Reaction

Next on the agenda for the politically correct: ensure high school physics teachers avoid the use of water in calculating displacement because, you know, a lot of people have drowned and some of them were schoolchildren. (Or, maybe David Lapp should just use a football for his experiments.) h/t Ken Woods.

Joe Brodsky, Former Dallas Cowboys Coach, Dies

Former Dallas Cowboys running backs coach Joe Brodsky has died. When Emmitt Smith thanked those who helped make him the NFL’s all-time leading rusher at his retirement announcement, his running backs coach for eight seasons, Joe Brodsky, was near the top of the list. Brodsky died Thursday after a battle with prostate cancer at his […]

Google Hates the Troops!

Jonah Goldberg: “It’s kind of sad. They change their homepage logo for all sorts of holidays and occasions. Just last week they paid tribute to Arthur Conan Doyle’s birthday. But Memorial Day doesn’t seem to rate anything at all.” I must admit, it’s kind of odd. They have logos for such obscure events as “Persian […]

Accidental War Deaths Medal

Some families of service members who died while deployed in combat zones but not from enemy fire are petitioning for the creation of a medal for accidental war deaths. Richard Perez made just one request when he said goodbye to his son on a tarmac at March Air Reserve Base just east of [Los Angeles]. […]

CBS Journalists Douglas and Brolan Killed, Dozier Wounded in Iraq

Two CBS journalists accompanying U.S. troops on a Memorial Day patrol in Iraq, Paul Douglas and James Brolan were killed and colleague Kimberly Dozier was wounded when the convoy was attacked. Two members of a CBS News team, veteran cameraman Paul Douglas, 48, and soundman James Brolan, 42, were killed and correspondent Kimberly Dozier, 39, […]

Google Purging Conservative News Sites II

A while back, there was substantial controversy about GoogleNews dropping several conservative blogs from their site. Interestingly, one of the main ones at the center of that controversy, Jawa Report, is back (via email tip from Joe Gandelman). Since the controversy broke, I’ve also noticed that the libertarian-right QandO is featured and the very conservative […]

Peak-Load Pricing (of Electricity) for California?

The California Public Utilities Commission is considering implementing peak-load pricing for businesses here in California. The idea is that during times when load on the system is at its peak the prices would be higher to reflect both the higher costs and the higher demand. This variable price signal would tell those consumers who can, […]

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Bad Reasons to Elect Democrats in 2008

Robert Kagan, whose foreign policy analysis I take seriously, has an interesting but wrongheaded op-ed in yesterday’s WaPo arguing that a Democratic president might be good for the country. While there are reasons why that might be the case, the ones he adduces are quite odd, indeed. The Democrats need to take ownership of American […]

UK May Have 1200 Potential Terrorist Suspects

The United Kingdom’s MI5 is too busy to participate in a hearings on the London train bombings because they’re too busy surveilling suspected domestic terrorists. TWENTY “major conspiracies” by Islamist terrorists in Britain have been uncovered by the security services, John Reid, the home secretary, has disclosed. Reid said that the existence of so many […]

Paul Gleason, Breakfast Club Principal, Dead at 67

Paul Gleason, who played Principal Richard Vernon in the 1980s classic “The Breakfast Club,” has died from asbestos-related lung cancer. He was 67. Paul Gleason, who played the go-to bad guy in “Trading Places” and the angry high school principal in “The Breakfast Club,” has died. He was 67. Gleason died at a local hospital […]

Van Halen Reunion isn’t Rocket Surgery

David Lee Roth is campaigning to rejoin Van Halen as its lead singer, saying putting the band back together isn’t exactly “rocket surgery.” Now that he’s lost his radio job, David Lee Roth is seeking gainful employment in another capacity — as lead singer of Van Halen. Again. “I see it absolutely as an inevitability,” […]

Memorial Day 2006

Prayer for Peace, Memorial Day, 2006, A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America Throughout our history, the men and women who have worn the uniform of the United States have placed the security of our Nation before their own safety. America will be forever grateful for their service and sacrifice. On […]

Words Fail Me

Rep. James Sensenbrenner is preparing to hold hearings about “trampling the Consitution”. What trampling of the Consitution? Is it the Patriot Act? No. Is it about the Kelo decision? No. It is none other than the raid on Rep. William Jefferson’s office by FBI agents wearing suits. Why is this so disgusting? Thanks to Radley […]

Danica Patrick Doesn’t Win Indy 500

The 2006 Indy 500 is over. Danica Patrick did not win. Mario Andretti’s grandson finished second and some guy I’ve never heard of won. Unlike golf reporters, who at least have the sense to tell us where Tiger Woods finished when he doesn’t win an event, the story does not mention where Patrick finished. She […]

Craig “Ironhead” Heyward Dies of Brain Tumor at 39

Craig “Ironhead” Heyward, a fullback for several NFL teams from 1988 to 1998, has died from a brain tumor. He was only 39. Former NFL fullback Craig “Ironhead” Heyward, who played 11 seasons in the league with five different franchises, died here Saturday after a seven-year battle with a recurring brain tumor. Heyward, who retired […]

Kerry Fighting Swift Boat Vets Long After Loss

John Kerry is still haunted by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and their campaign against him, which he feels cost him the presidency. John Kerry starts by showing the entry in a log he kept from 1969: “Feb 12: 0800 run to Cambodia.” He moves on to the photographs: his boat leaving the base […]

The Helpless Consumer

An interesting post over at the Cato Blog suggests that the notion of the helpless consumer, and the corollary that government intervention is the solution is not quite correct. The basic gist of the argument is that the FDA doesn’t have any authority to regulate dietary supplements. If the Helpless Consumer Theory is true, then […]

STDs Running Rampant In Retirement Community

Jame’s post below about some CT challenger to Joe Lieberman whom I have never heard of sent me to memeorandum, where this jewel of under reported stories was displayed. Doctor Blames Viagra, Lack Of Sex Education Doctors said sexually transmitted diseases among senior citizens are running rampant at a popular Central Florida retirement community, according […]

Speak English! This is America!

I’m a bit surprised at Michelle Malkin. When you’ve been pushing fear of “The Other” for so long, it seems inevitable that something like this was eventually going to happen. Fake nails and women’s shoes were flying as a bloody claw fight erupted at a Dorchester salon after one primping patron allegedly screamed at a […]

Cultural Identity, Country Music, and Voting Behavior

Digby has an epiphany about the difficulty Democrats have in appealing to Red State voters while watching the CMA Awards and examing the lyrics of a Gretchen Wilson-Merle Haggard duet. Interestingly, my roots are very much Southern and I technically still live in the South (Virginia’s DC suburbs) and like Merle Haggard quite a bit, […]

Ned Lamont Deserves Enthusiastic GLBT Support

Via Memeorandum, I noted with amusement a post entitled “Ned Lamont Deserves Enthusiastic GLBT Support” by Pachacutec at Firedoglake. While I have no doubt that a theoretical Senator Lamont would be more predisposed to vote for legislation favoring gays, lesbians, and transgendered persons than an actual Senator Joe Lieberman, one would think Lamont will need […]

Mother of Boy Who Called Notre Dame Play Dies

Cathy Mazurkiewicz, whose 10-year-old son, Montana, was granted his dying wish to call a play for Notre Dame, has died. The mother of a boy granted a dying wish to call a football play for Notre Dame died eight months after her son. Cathy Mazurkiewicz died Wednesday at 46 at her parents’ home in Bodfish, […]

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