Police Shoot and Kill Dog

A rather common occurence. A police officer in Norfolk Virginia shot and killed a pit bull after he claims it charged him. The police’s version of events is, Police say the dog was charging at the officer and the women in the accident. So the officer reacted. “He began to back up, yelling at the […]

Siegelman and Selective Prosecution

A NYT editorial calls for an investigation into the successful prosecution of former Alabama governor Don Siegelman. It is extremely disturbing that Don Siegelman, the former governor of Alabama, was hauled off to jail this week. There is reason to believe his prosecution may have been a political hit, intended to take out the state’s […]

Credit Card Worthiness

Kieran Healy recounts how he talked his six-and-a-half-week-old son out of declining to apply for the Citibank Platinum Select Mastercard he was offered. Times have certainly changed. About eighteen years ago, as a young Army officer, I applied for a gold card and was turned down on the grounds that I wasn’t making enough money. […]

A Tough Week for Chinese Imports

This week has been a tough one for Chinese imports. Early in the week there was a recall of truck and SUV tires made in China. The tires were made without gum strips—the thingummies that keep the strips of tire together. We import more tires from China than anywhere else (32% of our imports of […]

OTB Caption JamTM

Weekend Caption Jam Linkfest. . . and now also Saturday Traffic Jam for those who wish to link. Rodney wants to pull his finger. Wizbang is gonna make the call. Willisms wants fries with everything. Bullwinkle wants to know what you have in your tank. Right Pundits is protesting what other Americans won’t protest. Cowboy […]

Late Night OTB – Stevie Ray Vaughn

Ladies and gentlemen, Stevie Ray Vaughn: In 1983, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s tunes “Pride and Joy” and “Lenny” began trickling onto the airwaves and the blues and rock worlds did a simultaneous double take and a “What the hell was that?” unlike anything since Jimi Hendrix’s ascension in 1967. The power and the passion of his […]

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London Car Bomb Plot Foiled UPDATE: 2nd Found

There’s too little public information to draw many conclusions about the car bomb plot that was foiled early this morning. Given the propensity of the British authorities and/or media to cry “Wolf” about plots that often tend to turn out to be much less developed than the initial hype led us to believe, it’s best […]

Hillary’s AIDS Lie

In last night’s non-debate among Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton got the biggest applause line of the night: “If H.I.V./AIDS were the leading cause of death of white women between the ages of 25 and 34, there would be an outraged outcry in this country.” She continued, “If we don’t begin to take it seriously and […]

Ann Coulter: Democratic Fundraiser

John Edwards raised “$450,000 from 2,300 donors within 24 hours” after his wife confronted Ann Coulter on “Hardball,” John Harwood reports. One wonders if that will give Coulter’s defenders pause? via Taegan Goddard

Olmsted in Iraq

Army Major Andrew Olmsted headed to Iraq last night. Godspeed, indeed. While the Army made him shut down his own blog, he’s blogging his experiences for the Rocky Mountain News. They have a profile on him here.

OTB Subscribers

OTB’s syndication feed had been steadily marching toward 10,000 subscribers as of yesterday. Today, it’s down considerably: Was it something I said?

Dark Forces Behind Internet Videos

Mary Lu Carnevale, the blogger for the WSJ’s Washington Wire, has broken the lid open on a scandal that threatens to upend the blogosphere: Hot Air Network’s Web ad … urged “conservatives fed up with Republican scheming on this bill, [to] do something about it. If you gave to the party in the past year, […]

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner & Flappy Wings Unveiled

“The old Boeing is back,” the same one that brought us the 747! A scoop occurred due to Blogs and luck. On Sunday, July 8 Boeing will formally unveil the airplane that the world’s airlines want (cough, as opposed to what Airbus is offering), and in 9 languages, but pictures were taken yesterday since the […]

Romney’s Connections to Abusive “Boot Camps”

Maia Szalavitz has a disturbing article up at Reason about Mitt Romney’s ties to the folks who run camps for “troubled teens”. As The Hill noted last week, 133 plaintiffs filed a civil suit against Romney’s Utah finance co-chair, Robert Lichfield, and his various business entities involved in residential treatment programs for adolescents. The umbrella […]

Caption Contest Winners

The Green Eggs and Hamas Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Late Night OTB – Rodney Crowell

Last night’s iteration featured the late Johnny Cash. Here’s one from one of his many talented ex-sons-in-law, Rodney Crowell: It’s from 1989’s “Keys to the Highway.”

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The Military in Fiction

Phil Carter‘s commenters are having great fun with his critique of Lifetime’s “Army Wives” for “easy caricatures and the easy plot formulas” which “fails to convey the depth and complexity underlying a number of important military issues.” They rightly note that very few movies and television shows about anything are accurate and complex because their […]

The Gore Problem

Charles Franklin discusses an interesting debate among pollsters and those who analyze polls as to “What To Do About Al Gore?” Specifically, despite Gore’s repeated categorical denials that he’s running in 2008 — which I believe, incidentally — many national polls include him. Gore typically runs in third place — behind Hillary Clinton and Barack […]

Romney’s Campaign Goes to the Dogs

Yesterday’s Boston Globe report that Mitt Romney once strapped his dog to the top of a station wagon for a twelve hour car ride, during which the thing that the bumper stickers say “happens” in fact did, is getting much attention around the blogosphere. Ana Marie Cox attributes the behavior to Rommey’s Mormonism although, to […]

SCOTUS Strikes Down Race Discrimination as Cure for Race Discrimination

The Supreme Court, in yet another 5-4 ruling, has decided that discriminating on the basis of race is not a Constitutionally permissible solution to race discrimination. Lyle Denniston: Concluding its current Term with a historic ruling on race in public policy, the Supreme Court divided 5-4 on Thursday in striking down voluntary integration plans in […]

Bush Snubs Congressional Subpoenae

President Bush is refusing to honor a congressional subpoena of documents for former White House staffers. President Bush, moving toward a constitutional showdown with Congress, asserted executive privilege Thursday and rejected lawmakers’ demands for documents that could shed light on the firings of federal prosecutors. Bush’s attorney told Congress the White House would not turn […]

Mexican Immigration Problem Will Solve Itself

GWU economics professor Robert Dunn argues that the flood of illegal immigration from Mexico will stop of its own accord because a sharp decline in the birth rate is cutting the supply of out-of-work Mexican teenagers. More interesting still is his explanation for the trend: Better education and improved job opportunities for women mean that […]

Cheney and the Law

Attorney Bill Dyer (better known in blog circles as “Beldar”) provides an extensively-researched and footnoted answer to the question, “Does Cheney have a legal leg to stand on in contending that he and the OVP are not covered by the executive order on classified documents?” His analysis on the legal front (short answer = Yes) […]

Eating Habits

Alex Tabarrok looks at a popular new diet book and asks an interesting question: Do you eat the best thing first or save the best for last? Most people fall into one of these two categories and according to Brian Wansink’s Mindless Eating there is a simple economic explanation. The people who eat the best […]

Global Warming Bet

A professor at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of business has challenged Al Gore to a bet over global temperatures. The bet is for $10,000 and the professor, Scott Armstrong, is betting that global mean temperatures will be pretty much as they are now, while Al Gore will have to take the position that […]

Tax Rates of the Rich and Famous

Jon Henke is dubious of Warren Buffett’s oft-repeated claim that his $46 million annual income is taxed at 17.7 percent whereas his employees pay an average of 32.9 percent. Jon looks at the numbers and concludes, “Buffett is either paying his staff millions apiece, or they’re getting very bad tax advice.” My guess is that […]

Why We Can’t Ignore the Kooks

David Adesnik wonders, To what extent does criticism, no matter how harsh or how justified, only build [Michael] Moore up into a bigger celebrity? If one wanted to completely marginalize a public figure, how would one go about it? The answer is not that if you ignore him, he’ll go away. Rather, I think the […]

Attitudes on Homosexuality Changing

A majority of Americans now think homosexuality is an immutable trait rather than a lifestyle choice. A majority of Americans believe that gays and lesbians could not change their sexual orientation even if they wanted to, according to results of a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll released Wednesday. It’s the first time in a CNN poll […]

Caption Contest

Time for Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM www.thisislondon.co.uk Winners will be announced Monday PM This will be the last OTB Caption Contest started until mid-July

Late Night OTB – Hurt

Tonight’s entry inspired by a discussion between Julian Sanchez and Matt Yglesias about cover songs: Johnny Cash’s last hit before his death. Remarkably better, to my tastes, than the Trent Reznor/Nine Inch nails version from 1994:

Army Successfully Tests F-Bomb

The F-Bomb has been successfully tested. The Army announced today that the first successful F-Bomb test has taken place in the New Mexico desert. The F-Bomb – which is not nuclear but still produces a mushroom cloud – was begun after the above ground testing ban treaty in the 1960’s. “There was a lot of […]

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Brown Becomes PM, Blair Middle East Envoy

It’s official: Gordon Brown is the new PM. Former Treasury chief Gordon Brown became British prime minister Wednesday, promising “a new government with new priorities,” after Tony Blair left office with a legacy of economic prosperity overshadowed by the deeply divisive Iraq war. Power changed hands traditionally and quietly behind closed doors in Buckingham Palace […]

Plan to Send Immigrants Home Defeated

The Senate has killed amendments by Kay Bailey Hutchison (R, TX) and Jim Webb (D, VA) that would have required those who are here illegally to return home to apply for the new “Z visa” and limit legalization to those who had been in the country at least four years, respectively. Both concepts seem reasonable […]

Almost Famous

Megan McArdle has discovered that the Wikipedia entry about her was deleted because she’s been deemed insufficiently famous for inclusion. As the subject of my own, quite outdated Wikipedia stub (essentially a replica of a bio for an online journal I edited from 2004-2005) I find the whole thing rather amusing. I’m sure I’ll be […]

Simplifying the Tax Code

Kevin Drum makes two very good points about tax simplification: “[A]lthough it might make a great many people slightly happier, it inevitably makes a small number of people much angrier because they lose some loophole tax credit or other. And that small number of people will raise bloody hell about it.” “The complexity of taxes […]

The Whole World Really Isn’t Watching

Thomas Friedman is very, very afraid of bloggers. When everyone has a blog, a MySpace page or Facebook entry, everyone is a publisher. When everyone has a cellphone with a camera in it, everyone is a paparazzo. When everyone can upload video on YouTube, everyone is filmmaker. When everyone is a publisher, paparazzo or filmmaker, […]

Elizabeth Edwards Confronts Ann Coulter

Elizabeth Edwards called in to “Hardball” yesterday afternoon to confront Ann Coulter. Elizabeth Edwards pleaded Tuesday with Ann Coulter to “stop the personal attacks,” a day after the conservative commentator said she wished Edwards’ husband, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, had been killed by terrorists. “The things she has said over the years, not just […]

Fred Thompson Leads Rasmussen Poll

Fred Thompson has moved to the front of the GOP field, according to the latest Rasmussen poll. Thompson, preparing to formally announce his candidacy, leads the pack in the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey with 27% support. That gives him a four-point advantage over former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani who is currently […]

War Support Down, Even Among Republicans

CNN political analyst Bill Schneider reports on a new CNN-Opinion Research poll showing that, “Public support for the war in Iraq has fallen to a new low. Not only that, but Republican support is beginning to waver.” In the latest CNN-Opinion Research Corporation poll released Tuesday, 69 percent of those polled believe things are going […]

Diversity Breeds Contempt

Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam, of Bowling Alone fame, finds that “immigration and ethnic diversity have a devastating short- and medium-term influence on the social capital, fabric of associations, trust, and neighborliness that create and sustain communities.” John Leo: In the 41 sites Putnam studied in the U.S., he found that the more diverse the […]

Late Night OTB* – The Band

The other night, the wife and I watched “The Last Waltz,” Martin Scorsese’s 1978 film about The Band’s last concert together with band leader Robbie Robertson. Here’s a clip from that performance: “Stage Fright,” with the late Rick Danko on lead vocals: It’s not the best performance of the show — Levon Helms has several […]

TIME Switches To The Metric System

TIME managing editor Rick Stengel has ordered his staff to go metric. Gawker has the memo: Time is going global. And metric. Starting with the next issue, we will provide both imperial and metric equivalents for distance, weight, volume and temperature. (We’ve been doing this for some time in our graphics. Now we’ll extend this […]

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Lawsuit Mania

Steve Bainbridge tries to imagine the legal climate that would have followed if Judge Roy Pearson had actually won his $54 million case against a dry cleaner who had posted a “Satisfaction Guaranteed” sign and yet not satisfied him. Run into a grumpy flight attendant on United, sue because you didn’t experience the “Friendly Skies” […]

OTB on CQ Radio

I’ll be on CQ Radio with host Ed Morrissey from 3-3:30 Eastern talking about the Sally Quinn column on efforts to replace Dick Cheney and, presumably, the larger questions of Cheney as a political liability for the president. The listener call-in number is (646) 652-4889.

Bush Calls Immigration Bill ‘Amnesty’

President Bush, in a “slip of the tongue,” termed the controversial immigration bill up before the Senate today an “amnesty” bill. ABC’s Rick Klein reports: President Bush has spent a whole lot of time in recent months claiming that the immigration bill isn’t “amnesty.” But in describing the measure Tuesday morning, an apparent slip of […]

A GOP Plot to Oust Cheney

WaPo’s Sally Quinn conjures a plan among Republican leaders in the Congress to replace Vice President Cheney with Fred Thompson. The big question right now among Republicans is how to remove Vice President Cheney from office. Even before this week’s blockbuster series in The Post, discontent in Republican ranks was rising. Who are these Republicans […]

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