Political Storm Brewing

Drudge has three links to the news about Norman Hsu apparently a big time donor to Democratic candidates, and Hillary Clinton in particular. Hsu has donated over $600,000 to various candidates, but what is interesting is that his income appears to be a complete mystery. Further, there is an outstanding bench warrant for his arrest […]

The Council Has Spoken!

The Watcher’s Council has announced its picks for the most outstanding posts of the preceding week. The winning Council post was Big Lizard’s post, “NYT: Analogies Are Meaningless (Unless They Favor the Left)”. Second place honors went to Soccer Dad’s “Separate But Unequal” Soccer Dad compares the reactions to two charter schools. The winning non-Council […]

Wyoming Latest to Defy New Hampshire Date

James Pindell has an interesting look at the Wyoming GOP’s decision to move their caucus to January 5th, risking the wrath of the national party in so doing. They feel they have already benefited, regardless of the outcome, because the system as it has operated previously made them a total non-factor in the nominating process. […]

Internet Could Have Saved Larry Craig

Josh Marshall reports that a series of Web sites out there that “rate different public sex bathrooms around the country” and that “An airport bathroom, specifically one near a shoeshine stand behind the ticket counter, generated the most comments until Web-site users posted warnings in June that men were getting arrested there.” While disturbing on […]

Caption Contest Winners

The Crikey! That’s a Big One Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

OTB Radio – Tonight at 7

The next episode of OTB Radio, our BlogTalkRadio program, will record and air live tonight from 7-8 Eastern. The show will return to Wednesdays next week. I’ll be joined tonight by my co-blogger Dave Schuler as well as special guest Jim Henley from the excellent blog Unqualified Offerings. We’ll be discussing Senator Craig’s trials and […]

The Past is a Foreign Economy

Brad DeLong reflects on how radically the world economy has changed in the last century or so: What did the world look like in the last generation of the nineteenth century? It was a much emptier world: 1.2 to 1.5B people instead of our 6.4B. It was a much poorer world–of the 1.2B people in […]

Iraq Withdrawal Logistics (Updated)

Phil Carter draws my attention to a report by Lawrence Korb and colleagues on the logistics of troop withdrawal from Iraq. The study’s working assumption, that the Surge will inevitably fail and that withdrawal must commence immediately, is a political question that’s hotly contested. The military-logistical questions, though, are interesting in their own right. Those […]

Richard Jewell Dies at 44

Richard Jewell has died at the ridiculously young age of 44. Richard Jewell, the former security guard once suspected of the Centennial Olympic Park bombing — then cleared — died at his home Wednesday morning in Woodbury. For the past three years, Jewell, 44, worked as a deputy sheriff for the Meriwether County Sheriff’s department, […]

Caption Contest

Time for Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM (AP Photo/EyePress) Winners will be announced Monday PM

Site Issues

My apologies for the numerous site outages and odd mySQL error messages over the past few days. Unfortunately, OTB Media has outgrown its dedicated server. I have entered into an agreement with Rackspace for a much more robust multi-server system. Mark Jaquith will be porting everything over the next couple of days. Please bear with […]

AQ Runs Afoul of Iraqi Marriage Customs: When Soft Power Turns Hard

There is an absolutely fascinating post over at SWJ Blog from David Kilcullen on the origins of the tribal revolt in Iraq. Some tribal leaders told me that the split started over women. This is not as odd as it sounds. One of AQ’s standard techniques, which I have seen them apply in places as […]

OTB Radio Programming Note

I’ve got a meeting in D.C. this afternoon that will preclude my hosting the show this evening. Alex Knapp will host the show tomorrow night at 7 Eastern along with Dave Schuler.

Sarkozy: Bombing Iran an Option

French President Nicolas Sarkozy caused quite a stir by raising the specter of bombing Iran to prevent it becoming a nuclear weapon state. The biggest challenge to the world was the avoidance of conflict between Islam and the West, President Sarkozy told the annual gathering of French ambassadors. Iran was the crossroads of the Middle […]

Iraqi Refugees Face Catch-22

Tens of thousands of Iraqis who might qualify for asylum in the United States as refugees are unable to do so because of bureaucratic and practical obstacles, Sabrina Tavernise and David Rohde report. Despite a stepped-up commitment from the United States to take in Iraqis who are in danger because they worked for the American […]

Republicans Penalize Early Primary States

The RNC is joining its Democratic counterpart in punishing states who hold primaries earlier than allowed. The Republican National Committee plans to penalize at least four states holding early primaries, including New Hampshire and Florida, by refusing to seat at least half their delegates at the party’s national convention in 2008, a party official said […]

What Was Larry Craig’s Crime?

The Larry Craig scandal has been, if nothing else, educational. Most of us are learning for the first time that public restrooms are a major hangout for gay men looking for a quickie and that there’s a secret signaling code. That’s a good thing, since it’s apparently illegal to send this code in Minneapolis and […]

Larry Craig and Right Wing Hypocrisy

Several bloggers on the left see hypocrisy on the response by right wing bloggers to the Larry Craig lewd conduct story. Glenn Greenwald wonders why those were so outraged when Mike Rogers floated rumors outing closeted gay Republicans are now so vehement in insisting that Craig should resign. While I don’t doubt that there has […]

Late Night OTB – Lola

While “Meet Me In The Bathroom” by the Strokes might technically be more appropriate, the Kinks classic “Lola” is more my speed. Musically, I mean.

Secret Gay Code

Michael Demmons explains how to tell whether the fellow in the next bathroom stall is grooving to the beat of his Walkman or is a United States Senator lookin’ for love in all the wrong places. Photo courtesy ABC News

U.S. Poverty Rate Down Significantly

Today the Census Bureau reported that the poverty rate in the U.S. is now 12.3% which is a 12.6% decline down from 12.6%. The last significant decline in the poverty rate came in 2000, during the Clinton administration, when it went from 11.9 percent to 11.3 percent. The poverty rate increased every year for the […]

Craig Says Not Gay, Did Nothing Wrong

When Senator Larry Craig scheduled a press conference this afternoon, many naturally presumed he would resign or at least offer some plausible defense of his actions. Instead, we got this: Under fire from leaders of his own party, Idaho Sen. Larry Craig on Tuesday the only thing he had done wrong was to plead guilty […]

The Pit Bull Problem: Bad Dogs or Bad Owners and Bad Laws?

A woman in Washington was badly injured when a pit bull type dog and a pit bull mix breed dog got into her house and attacked her dog, the neighbors dog she was watching and then her. In the ensuing attack Ms. Gorman suffered extensive injuries to her face, arms, breast and upper body. Apparently […]

Beltway Traffic Jam

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Iran Ready to Fill Iraq Vacuum after U.S. Leaves

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad pledged that Iran is ready to step in once the U.S. leaves Iraq. Iran is ready to fill a vacuum in Iraq caused by the collapsing power of the United States, its president said on Tuesday. “The political power of the occupiers (of Iraq) is being destroyed rapidly and very soon we will […]

Crazy Astronaut Nowak Pleads Insanity

Lisa Nowak, the diaper-wearing astronaut who went crazy in a bizarre quest for romantic vengeance, has indicated trough her attorney that she’s going to plead temporary insanity. Former astronaut Lisa Nowak is pursuing a temporary insanity defense on charges that she assaulted and tried to kidnap a romantic rival, according to a court document released […]

Three Iraq Wars

Christopher Hitchens begins his latest Slate column with an easy set-up: “When people say that they want to end the war in Iraq, I always want to ask them which war they mean.” “All of them!” is, of course, the rather obvious reply. In reality, though, it’s a bit more complicated than that. There are […]

President Quotes Pundit, Pundit Agrees

William Shawcross begins an op-ed in The Australian thusly: NOT everybody would regard it as a badge of honour to be cited favourably by President George W. Bush in a speech about Iraq, but I was pleased it happened to me last week when he warned that the consequences of leaving Iraq precipitously could be […]

Economist Loves to Party

Slate’s Daniel Gross says that Jim Cramer and other fat cats who want the Fed to cut interest rates constitute a Punch Bowl Caucus who want to be bailed out against the long term interests of the economy. College students don’t alleviate the after-effects of an evening spent at the punch bowl by returning to […]

Why Arguing From A Single Example Sucks

Ace of Spades guest Jack M. links a two-and-a-half-year-old story about U.N. peacekeepers committing sex crimes in Congo as part 1 in a 5 part series on “International Law: Why it sucks, why people shouldn’t buy into it, and why it should be abandoned.” In that spirit, I will use his post as the first […]

Police Can’t Get Ammo Because of War!

WaPo fronts an obviously dubious story claiming that, “The U.S. military’s soaring demand for small-arms ammunition, fueled by two wars abroad, has left domestic police agencies less able to quickly replenish their supplies, leading some to conserve rounds by cutting back on weapons training, police officials said.” Because, you know, the military uses so much […]

Sen. Larry Craig Hits on Male Cop in Restroom

Senator Larry Craig apparently likes to make creepy advances on strange men in airport bathrooms. Unfortunately for him, one of his random targets was a Minneapolis airport policeman. Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) was arrested in June at a Minnesota airport by a plainclothes police officer investigating lewd conduct complaints in a men’s public restroom, according […]

Late Night OTB – Confederate Railroad

When you get past the mullets and the name, Danny Shirley and Confederate Railroad put out some quality songs across the spectrum of the country genre, from cutesy to honky tonk to some superb ballads. This, from their eponymous 1993 debut album, is one of the latter:

Caption Contest Winners

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Of the Lawyers, By the Lawyers, For the Lawyers

Prof. Reynolds notes a Times Select piece that argues that “judges can be counted on to rule in favor of anything that protects and empowers lawyers.” This goes directly to a discussion I was having with a friend of mine the other day about what has long been my biggest beef with the Supreme Court. […]

Beltway Traffic Jam

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Fair Tax Crankery

Kevin Drum says the idea of a national sales tax replacing the income tax is pure “crankery” and cites a Bruce Bartlett column in yesterday’s WSJ as proof. Despite my strong intuitive sense that a consumption based tax is more fair and efficient than one based on income, I’m prepared to admit that I don’t […]

Blogging: Who Needs It

Jim Henley demonstrates, contra Julian Sanchez, that blogs provide a perfectly fine venue for discussing animal rights.

Gonzales Resigns as Attorney General

Reuters Breaking News: Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has resigned from office, an official confirmed on Monday. The Justice Department refused to comment on Gonzales’ departure but has scheduled a press conference for 10:30 a.m. EDT. Good news, if long overdue. Oddly, President Bush not only didn’t push this move on Gonzales but apparently tried to […]

George Allen Comeback?

The Swamp: Rebounding George Allen, rising Fred Thompson Former Sen. George Allen, who made “macaca” a household word and upset his once-promising political career, already shows signs of preparing for a possible comeback. His new Web site, www.georgeallen.com, touts his travels around Virginia, mostly in Republican-friendly territory. A press account posted on his site of […]

Banned Opus Strip

Berkeley Breathed has up this Note to Opus readers: The Opus strips for August 26 and September 2 have been withheld from publication by a large number of client newspapers across the country, including Opus’ host paper The Washington Post. The strips may be viewed in a large format on their respective dates at Salon.com. […]

Caption Contest

Time for Monday OTB Caption ContestTM (AP Photo/RIA-Novosti, Dmitry Astakhov, Presidential Press Service) Winners will be announced Thursday PM

Why is the NYT Anti-China?

On Friday the New York Times ran a fear-mongering story on the prospect of a Chinese company acquiring Seagate Technology, a leading manufacturer of hard drives: SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 24 — A Chinese technology company has expressed interest in buying a maker of computer disk drives in the United States, raising concerns among American government […]

DNC Strips Florida of Delegates

The DNC has stripped Florida of its delegates to the party convention unless it quickly moves its primary at least a week after New Hampshire’s as required by party mandate. The Democratic National Committee sought to seize control of its unraveling nominating process yesterday, rejecting pleas from state party leaders and cracking down on Florida […]

Bloomberg-Hagel 2008: Third Party Fantasy #9

If we needed confirmation that silly season is in full swing, we need look no further than David Broder‘s wistful column this morning about a possible independent bid by a Michael Bloomberg-Chuck Hagel ticket. Aside from the standard “Washington is gridlocked in partisan battle between two equally spent parties” and people are tired of it […]

OTB Caption JamTM

Weekend Caption Jam Linkfest. . . and Saturday Traffic Jam for those who wish to link. Rodney’s is already learning the darkside of the force. Wizbang has a lot of attraction. Willisms has Ervis the Pervis. Right Pundits is hawking crack. Bullwinklette believes in mixed marriages. Cowboy Blob prefers a good blaster over hokey religions. […]

Phenomenology of Blogging

Julian Sanchez posts, cryptically, “This animal rights discussion is reminding me how little worth saying can be said in blog posts. I think I’m done with this medium for a while.” I’m not sure what brought that on, really, since pretty much anything one can say anywhere can be said in a blog post. It’s […]

Progressive Revolution to Purify Democratic Party

Matt Stoler is leading the charge for the Netroots to root out the “Bush Dogs” from the Democratic Party, purging it of the impure traitors who do not buy into every jot and tittle of the Progressive Agenda. We’ve been working to identify the group of conservative Democrats in the House who are holding back […]

The Jolly Roger

Why hasn’t this story received much, much more attention in the political blogosphere? It’s potentially the biggest economic story of the year. The WTO has decided in favor of Antigua’s case against the United States on gambling: The dispute stretches back to 2003, when Mr. Mendel first persuaded officials in Antigua and Barbuda, a tiny […]

Fidel Castro Dead or Alive

Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is dead. Unless he’s not. Val Prieto had a flurry of updates yesterday reporting Castro’s death, with imminent announcements expected. Half the political blogosphere linked the post and his server couldn’t handle the strain. In a Communist plot, no announcement was forthcoming. Meanwhile, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton got into the act […]

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