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The Tons of Fun Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over. …and an early Happy New Year to all.

Huckabee Won’t Run Negative Ads – Like This One!

The leeward and winward sides of the blogosphere are united in excoriating Mike Huckabee for a press conference in which he denounced negative ads — by playing a negative ad against Mitt Romney which he claims he decided not to run because he is so staunchly against negative ads! Katharine Q. Seelye broke the story […]

Predictions for 2008

I’ve posted my predictions for 2008 at The Glittering Eye. I’ve also included a round-up of predictions. My track record is running at 73% for both 2005 and 2006. Your own predictions are welcome in the comments either here or at TGE.

Pakistan Falling Apart?

Return of the Toast-o-Meter!

Steven Taylor brings back the venerable Toast-o-Meter, a staple of blogospheric election coverage. The 2008 inaugural edition focuses on the Democrats, pronouncing Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards all “white bread,” which is amusing on a number of levels.

24 Million

OTB passed the 24 million unique visitor, as measured by SiteMeter, sometime yesterday. We’ve been at it since 31 January 2003 and installed the counter the next week. Thanks to all who visit, comment, and link.

Bloomberg Readying Independent Bid

Talk of a Bloomberg candidacy won’t go away — mostly because Bloomberg won’t shut up about it (and he owns a media empire). Buoyed by the still unsettled field, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is growing increasingly enchanted with the idea of an independent presidential bid, and his aides are aggressively laying the groundwork for him […]

Aksa Brigades Call for Murder of Palestinian PM

The al Aksa Martyr Brigades put out a leaflet advocating the assassination of Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salaam Fayad. Fatah’s armed wing, the Aksa Martyrs Brigades, on Sunday called for the murder of Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salaam Fayad for “collaboration” with Israel and the US. This was the first time the group has openly […]

Caption Contest

Time for the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM (AFP/DDP/Michael Urban) Winners will be announced Thursday PM

Huckabee: Gay Behavior a Choice

Mike Huckabee is coming under quite a bit of fire for some remarks he made on yesterday’s “Meet the Press” about homosexuality: MR. RUSSERT: But this is what concerns people. This, this is what you did say about homosexuality: “I feel homosexuality is an aberrant, unnatural and sinful lifestyle.” That’s millions of Americans. GOV. HUCKABEE: […]

RIAA Sues Over Personal Use Copying

It would appear that the recording industry isn’t quite done with its years-long project of immolating itself rather than adapt to changing technology. Having apparently determined that the fact that they won some judgments in the course of their quixotic quest against file sharing proves that they were right to engage in it, no matter […]

Ron Paul Third in New Hampshire?

Ron Paul could finish third in New Hampshire, which “would embarrass Rudy Giuliani and steal media limelight from John McCain and Mitt Romney, who are battling for first place,” contends New Hampshire Union Leader editorial page editor Andrew Cline. This would seem rather far-fetched. Paul is a distant fifth in the New Hampshire polling averages […]

Boy Howdy

Jeffro2pt0 of the Weblog Tools Collection blog reports that some significant number of WordPress developers are irritated by the software’s practice of greeting users of its interface with a “Howdy” in the upper right hand corner. It seems as though the word Howdy, is not liked by many people in many places. I’ve been monitoring […]

John McCain the Comeback Codger?

Des Moines Register columnist Marc Hanson dubs John McCain the “Comeback Codger.” Every four years, it seems, one of the presidential candidates left for dead rises from the tomb and surprises everyone on caucus night. Around this time in 2004, John Kerry and John Edwards came alive, finishing first and second. Who will it be […]

Ron Paul Blogging

Megan McArdle has been a one-woman Ron Paul blogging machine the last couple of days. For starters, she catches DOCTOR Paul waffling on Evolution. Then, in a long post on Paul’s tax policy, she explains in great detail why she thinks eliminating an income tax and adding “about eighty zillion tax credits” are bad ideas. […]

Military Morale and the War of Words

Bruce McQuain cites the opinion of Marine Corps Cpl. David Goldich as further evidence of his own belief that negative commentary about the war by politicians, pundits, and retired generals hurts the morale of soldiers fighting the war. My own experience, as I’ve noted previously (see, for example, my December 2005 TCS piece “Does Criticism […]

OTB Caption JamTM

Weekend Caption Jam Linkfest. Rodney has a shorter contest this week Wizbang has Alvin of the Chipmunks. Wyatt Earp is challenging Sir Isaac Newton Public Pondering is trying out new smiley face emoticons. Right Pundits is throwing a party. Cowboy Blob thinks PETA should get involved. Brainfuel has taken up claymation. Other Humor: Icanhascheezburger welcomes […]

Topless Woman Police Entrapment Sting

Columbus, Ohio police are using hot, topless women to seduce men into exposing themselves in public so that they can arrest them. Robin Garrison, an off-duty 42-year-old firefighter, was walking in Berliner Park in Columbus, Ohio, in May when he saw a woman sunbathing topless under a tree. He approached her and they started talking […]

Netscape Officially Dead

We’ve known it for years but AOL has made it official: Netscape is dead. AOL on Friday stopped development of the Netscape browser, saying the respected brand that launched the commercial Internet in 1994 had little chance of ever regaining market share against its archrival Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. The Web portal, which took over Netscape […]

Ron Paul on Evolution: The Last Straw

Until and unless someone proves that this clip has been edited or doctored to make it sound like he’s saying something he isn’t, this will have to be considered the end of the Ron Paul “Revolution.” My longstanding respect and admiration for the man has already been steadily eroded by his Presidential campaign (most especially […]

Peggy Noonan on John Edwards’ Hair Poofing

Peggy Noonan sizes up the presidential field for “Reasonable Person” qualities and passes all of the major candidates except Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. Her reasoning on Clinton is, frankly, unreasonable: Because she’s polarizing, she wouldn’t be able to rally the nation in a crisis. By that standard, of course, the current president isn’t “reasonable,” […]

Ron Paul on Bhutto Death

The top story on Memeorandum this morning is a piece from Little Green Footballs entitled “Ron Paul Blames US Policy for Bhutto Killing.” The author links a CNN video in which Paul says that our support for the Musharraf government “does annoy some people” and “just gives incentives for people to resort to violence.” Hot […]

Caption Contest Winners

The Triple Lindy on Ice Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

The McCain Scenario

Bob Novak wonders if John McCain might not be the GOP’s Last Man Standing This scenario does not connote a late-blooming affection for McCain among the party faithful. Indeed, he remains suspect to them on global warming, stem cell research, tax policy and immigration controls, not to mention his original sin of campaign finance reform […]

Bhutto Round-up

If you are looking for round-ups of Spheric reactions to the Bhutto assassination, has quite a list in three posts: Blogosphere Response to Bhutto Death Blogosphere latest on Bhutto Blogosphere goes hyper with Bhutto rumours and counter rumours

Major Issues Remain Up in the Air in Iraq

Via the LAT: Iraqi Kurds delay Kirkuk vote Kurdish lawmakers agreed Wednesday to a six-month delay of a referendum on whether the oil-rich city of Kirkuk should join the semiautonomous region of Kurdistan or remain under Iraqi central government control. The delay had been expected because of problems in arranging the vote, which was supposed […]

Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

Former Pakistani prime minister and present opposition leader Benazir Bhutto has been assassinated in Pakistan: RAWALPINDI, Pakistan (CNN) — Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated Thursday outside a large gathering of her supporters where a suicide bomber also killed at least 14, doctors and a spokesman for her party said. While Bhutto appeared […]

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Ron Paul: Harbinger or Next Year’s Has-Been?

GWU political scientist John Sides is the latest individual to dispute the thesis that Ron Paul is a revolutionary figure in American politics. My working guess (given the givens about social scientists generally, but not knowing him personally) is that Sides is less sympathetic to Paul’s agenda than a libertarian (on the big L/little l […]

McCain Rising, Romney Fading in New Hampshire

The editorial board of the Manchester Union Leader believe that Romney has faded in New Hampshire, despite favorite son status and all the advantages, for a simple reason: “He has not been able to convince the people of this state that he’s the conservative he says he is.” And they’re circling back to an old […]

Castro Well Enough to be a Candidate

Via the BBC: Castro ‘well enough for election’ The health of Cuban President Fidel Castro is good enough for him to be a candidate in next month’s parliamentary elections, his brother Raul has said. Which raises the question: apart from breathing, how healthy is “enough” to run, given that he won’t have to campaign or […]

A Little Politics with Christmas…

Well, Christmas is winding down. Hopefully you all had a blessed and wonderful day. Of course, for the parents out there, no doubt the relaxing is only now beginning (one doesn’t realize how hard one’s parents worked at the holidays until one is a parent!). I started thinking about some political issues concerning Christmas (namely […]

Merry Christmas from Aruba

Merry Christmas! We’ve been up and about for a few hours already, owing to Aruba’s practice of not observing Daylight Savings Time and being therefore one hour ahead of Eastern Time, despite being similarly situated latitudinally longitudinally. I suspect few are reading political blogs today and even fewer are writing on them. My guess it […]

Caption Contest Winners

The Festivus for the Rest of Us Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Merry Christmas Eve

A merry Christmas Eve to all out there in OTB land! While some actual blogging may (or may not) happen later, I started a discussion on Christmas traditions over at PoliBlog if anyone is interested in discussing something other than Ron Paul or brokered conventions.

Caption Contest

Time for the Christmas OTB Caption ContestTM (AP Photo) Winners will be announced Thursday PM … and to all… have a Merry Christmas!

Door Open a Tad for a Ron Paul Independent Run?

Via today’s Meet the Press, Ron Paul left a slight door open for a third party run: MR. RUSSERT: If, if you do not win the Republican nomination for president, will you run as an independent in 2008? REP. PAUL: I have no intention to do that. MR. RUSSERT: Absolute promise. REP. PAUL: I have […]

Campaign 2008 Quick Hits

Romney and the Anti-Endorsement and New New Hampshire Polls—McCain Surges, Obama 2 Points up on Clinton

A Résumé is Not Enough

Frank Rich notes that established candidates in both parties are struggling against comparative upstarts. We can only imagine what is going on inside John McCain’s head when he contemplates Mike Huckabee. It can’t be pretty. No presidential candidate in either party has more experience in matters of war than the Arizona senator, and yet in […]

Edwards and Romney Highlight Parties’ Views of Wealth

A fascinating NYT profile shows how John Edwards and Mitt Romney became very wealthy circa 1984 and drew very different lessons from it. In the decade that followed, Mr. Edwards would win one big verdict after another, and Mr. Romney would oversee a series of hugely profitable investments. Like thousands of other Americans in a […]

Holiday Weekend Blogging

Ok, so my first (and only, to this point) post was a depressing bit on Zimbabwe. Beyond that, I have mostly been poking around on the net for SF news and such and blogged it over at my sideblog, PoliScifi. For those interested in such things, there are posts on Doctor Who, the new Speed […]

A Picture of Hell (Zimbabwe)

Via the LAT: Grim tales from Zimbabwe Life here is full of Catch-22 dilemmas that would strain credulity if they were fiction: It costs more to go to work than you can possibly earn, for example. There is no economy to speak of, either, just the black market, where even the government gets its dollars. […]

Traces of Enriched Uranium Found on North Korean Equipment

The blogosphere has been so busy with important stories like the religion of the presidential aspirants, whether George Romney actually marched with Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and whether any of the candidates have wrinkles that a rather interesting story has passed with little comment. The Washington Post has reported that traces of enriched uranium […]

OTB Caption JamTM

Weekend Caption Jam Linkfest. . . The ‘NOT NAUGHTY’ list is a little shorter this week. Rodney should’ve stuck with acupuncture. Wizbang has the Ghost of Christmas Pest. Wyatt Earp has lost his head. Public Pondering should’ve avoided the prune torte. Right Pundits is in the workshop. Brainfuel is delivering coal to 15 Old House […]

Rush Limbaugh – Mike Huckabee Kerfuffle

While I was spending the day trying to avoid sunburn whilst sipping rum punch, much of the blogosphere was apparently embroiled in a set-to between conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh and insurgent presidential aspirant Mike Huckabee. Apparently, Huckabee once wrote a book enjoining people to “listen to less talk radio” and someone vaguely associated […]

Closing the Earmarks Favor Factory

Mark Tapscott provides an extensive report of a Congressional Research Service finding that President Bush could, by mere executive order, stop all earmark spending directed by committee report rather than actual legislation. It turns out that this is the vast majority of all pork barrel spending. Of course, no evidence whatsoever has been provided in […]

RIP, Julia Carson (D-IN)

A Congresswoman from Indiana has died. I’ll readily admit I was not familiar with her (like another 300 members of Congress). I came across her death searching for Fort Carson on Google. She seems respectable person . Then I came across the hagiography from the Brady Bunch I consider the Brady Campaign to be loathsome […]

New Hampshire (and More Ron Paul)

An earlier post set off the normal reaction from Paul supporters. For those in that thread who objected to the fact that the poll was a Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll, here’s a Gallup Poll from USAT which looks just at New Hamphire (the other poll was national in orientation) and it shows Paul with 9%. […]

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