Bobby Jindal Presidential Bid Underway

A long profile in today’s WaPo extolling Bobby Jindal as the Republican Party’s best hope to regain the White House may constitute the unofficial start of Campaign 2012.  It’s about time. Last weekend, 18 days after Barack Obama decisively defeated their candidate for president, a mostly Republican crowd of self-described conservatives received their first introduction […]

Military Recruiting Up as Economy Turns Down

It was inevitable:  As it becomes harder to find work in the civilian sector, more people are turning to their local military recruiter. The economic downturn and rising unemployment rate are making the military a more attractive option, Pentagon officials say. In some cases, the peace of mind that comes with good benefits and a […]

OTB Caption JamTM

Weekend Caption Jam Linkfest. . . Rodney is going to redistribute the whole pie. Wizbang is just another brick in the wall. Wyatt Earp is visiting the troops. RT’s Ponderings shoulda just said no. Blonde Sagacity didn’t pull his finger. Brainfuel has a roast to boast about. Other Humor: Political Demotivation is not particularly motivated. […]

Terrorist Rampage Ended in Mumbai (Updated)

After nearly three days the terrorist rampage that has rocked India’s financial capital, Mumbai, has ended in a hail of bullets as Indian forces killed the last three gunmen who had barricaded themselves within a luxury hotel: MUMBAI, India — A 60-hour terror rampage that killed at least 195 people across India’s financial capital ended […]

Black Friday Madness Madness

Two people were killed by gunplay at a California Toys R Us yesterday, joining the trampled Wal-Mart worker in New York.   Naturally, this is bringing out condemnations of America’s crazy appetite for stuff. Mark Silva: Lay a little blame at the feet of the government, for exhorting Americans to spend more money and shake off […]

OTB Latenight – Bruce Springstreen & the E Street Band

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Wal-Mart Worker Dies in ‘Black Friday’ Trampling

As seems to happen every year, a trampling incident has occurred as a result of a “Black Friday” sales promotion gimmick. This time, a man has died. A Wal-Mart worker died after being trampled when hundreds of shoppers smashed through the doors of a Long Island store Friday morning, police and witnesses said. The 34-year-old […]

Batman Killed, Long Live Batman

Bruce Wayne, Batman’s alter ego since 1939, has been killed.  By Dr. Thomas Wayne, his own father, who was himself “killed” in the origin story. Bruce Wayne — who by night is Batman — gets murdered by a man claiming to be the father he thought was dead. In a highly controversial new storyline Bruce, […]

Divorced on Election Day

Steve Clemons was married on August 18th and “divorced” on November 5th, thanks to the same California voters who overwhelmingly gave their 55 Electoral votes to Barack Obama narrowly passing Proposition 8 and overturning same-sex marriage in that state.  He wonders, [H]ow could people who helped deliver this man to the White House also spit […]

Obama and Bush Economic Advisors Compared

Greg Mankiw, who served as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors from 2003 to 2005, takes exception to Paul Krugman‘s assertion “Isn’t it amazing just how impressive the people being named to key positions in the Obama administration seem? Bye-bye hacks and cronies, hello people who actually know what they’re doing.”  He points to […]

What the Heck Happened in Mumbai? (Updated)

The Washington Post is now reporting that the Indian Army is conducting raids in an attempt to free the hostages that have been taken in the attack that took place in Mumbai yesterday: Sharpshooters and Indian Army commandos launched dramatic raids Thursday into two of India’s most luxurious hotels, attempting to root out gunmen whose […]

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Who’s Responsible for Mumbai Attacks?

A previously unknown group calling itself the Deccan Mujahedeen has claimed responsibility for the horrific attacks in Mumbai.  While these attacks came during a period when Western intelligence chiefs were “expecting an al Qaeda spectacular terrorist attack” and came just hours after the FBI warned that al Qaeda may be “targetting New York’s subways and […]

OTB Radio – Tonight at 7 Eastern

The next episode of OTB Radio, our BlogTalkRadio program, will record and air live tonight from 7-8 Eastern. Dave Schuler and Steve Verdon will join me to discuss Barack Obama’s cabinet choices, the continuing economic meltdown, and whatever other topics we meander into. Please join us. We’ll also be taking your calls at (646) 716-7030. […]

Russ Roberts on the Economic Crisis

I highly recommend reading the whole thing. Below are just some of the parts I liked and reflect most strongly my own thinking about the current economic mess. In 1930, Congress passed a massive tariff increase, in hopes of protecting American jobs. Hoover signed it. But it simply accelerated the economy’s slide. The Federal Reserve […]

Fed “Spitting in the Wind”?

The Federal Reserve’s new proposal to help “unstick” stuck credit markets sounds a bit dubious. Nov. 26 (Bloomberg) — The Federal Reserve’s new $800 billion effort to combat the financial crisis is designed to make credit more accessible to shaken consumers who aren’t sure they want more debt. Households and lenders may not respond much […]

Consumer Spending Biggest Drop Since 9/11

Another non-shocker in economic news. Consumer spending is off by a substantial amount. WASHINGTON (AP) — As the financial crisis was gaining force, Americans cut back on their spending in October by the largest amount since the 2001 terrorist attacks. The Commerce Department reported Wednesday that consumer spending plunged by 1 percent last month, even […]

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

It looks like travel this Thanksgiving will be a piece of cake, for those few of you who are travelling. CHICAGO (AP) – Travelers breezed through airport terminals Wednesday and drivers cruised open roads, the effects of a sour economy blamed for keeping people closer to home at the start of the annual Thanksgiving rush. […]

Why Fiscal Policy Tends Not to Work

Almost 2 weeks ago commenter Odograph posted this link. It talks about how much bang one gets for one’s stimulus spending. This chart shows the bang for the buck that the government can expect to get from various stimulus proposals. For each dollar spent on food stamps, for example, real gross domestic product is likely […]

Bush’s Flight Suit

Glenn Greenwald notes that Joe Klein has changed his mind in the last five-and-a-half years about President Bush’s now infamous flight suit gambit. Now:  “The flight-suit image is one of the two defining moments of the Bush failure.” Then: “[T]hat was probably the coolest presidential image since Bill Pullman played the jet fighter pilot in […]

Gates Staying as SECDEF

It’s being widely reported that Bob Gates has agreed to stay on, at least for a time, as Secretary of Defense.   Politico’s Mike Allen fills in the rest of the foreign policy team: Obama plans to announce a national-security team early next week that includes Gates at the Pentagon and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) […]

McCain Ads That Didn’t Run

Most of John McCain’s television spots, going back to the primaries, were simply dreadful. Now, Fred Davis III, the “advertising whiz” behind these atrocious ads, is whining to TIME’s Michael Scherer that McCain wouldn’t let him run some particularly clever ones. What if the McCain campaign had run ads using footage of Barack Obama dancing […]

Bailouts in Perspective

Barry Ritholz calculates that the various government bailouts under way amount to $4.6165 trillion dollars.  To put it in context, he shows the cost of some other government expenditures you might have heard of: • Marshall Plan: Cost: $12.7 billion, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $115.3 billion • Louisiana Purchase: Cost: $15 million, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $217 […]

Did Obama Buy the Presidency?

Barack Obama outspent John McCain by an enormous amount. President-elect Barack Obama placed 155% more spot TV ads than John McCain during the general election season (6/08 to 11/08), and almost twice as many ads dating back to the beginning of January when the primaries were just heating up. […] The local numbers show a […]

Obama’s All-Star Cabinet

Barack Obama’s cabinet choices have been met by gushing reviews.   While many of his choices have come under fire from both the left and the right on ideological grounds, the consensus seems to be that these are among the brightest, most capable people around. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell referred to them as “all-stars” and “the strongest, […]

Is Hillary Clinton Eligible to be Secretary of State? (Updated)

Aside from the issue of the wisdom of appointing Hillary Clinton Secretary of State, which I’ve discussed previously, there’s also the issue of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, which states, “No Senator or Representative shall, during the Time for which he was elected, be appointed to any civil Office under the Authority of the […]

OTB Latenight – King Crimson

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Conservative Policy Solutions

Kevin Drum seconds my concerns about conservative public intellectuals and offers two example where the Right isn’t offering useful policy alternatives. Conservatives on Global Warming Take global warming. Here’s the rough conservative reaction to it starting in the early 90s: It doesn’t exist. It exists but it isn’t manmade. It’s manmade, but it’s too expensive […]

Brit Happy Hour Ban

It seems our cousins across the Pond are considering drastic action: Britain is considering a ban on “happy hour” discounts at bars and restaurants to curb drinking, a spokesman said Saturday, as health advocates warned that a rise in liver-related deaths among young people may signal a future epidemic. Health officials will decide on whether […]

OTB Reader Survey

The fine folks at BlogAds are running their annual survey to assess readership trends around the blogosphere. Please take the Blog Reader Project survey and indicate that you got there from OTB. We’ll publish the aggregate results for OTB readers once the survey has completed. Last year’s results can be viewed here. Let’s just say […]

We Didn’t Want That Half of Our GDP Anyways

Bailout to top $7.76 trillion dollars. Funny, in comments people ask me to imagine the horror of letting Citigroup die. Then I look at this story. The money that’s been pledged is equivalent to $24,000 for every man, woman and child in the country. It’s nine times what the U.S. has spent so far on […]

No More Moral Hazard

Glad we beat that one. Now on to world hunger and poverty. Oh, and the cornocupia machine well be ready a week from Friday.

To Answer Alex’s Question….

Alex wants to know why we are bailing out Citigroup. Simple: the executives and large stake shareholders in Citigroup have the personal phone numbers of most politicians in their roll-a-dex. They are probably on a first name basis with Senator Harry Reid, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Secretary Henry Paulson, and Senator Mitch McConnell. […]

NFL in 3D

The NFL is going to debut its 3-D technology next week. With sports fans still getting used to their high-definition television sets, the National Football League is already thinking ahead to the next potential upgrade: 3-D. Next week, a game between the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders will be broadcast live in 3-D […]

Why Are We Bailing Out Citigroup? (Updated)

Citigroup is currently valued at about $20.5 billion. It received $25 billion from the Treasury already, and is now poised to receive another bailout. Here’s how they got to where they are. There, Citigroup’s chief executive, Charles O. Prince III, learned for the first time that the bank owned about $43 billion in mortgage-related assets. […]

Making Predictions Is Hard

especially about the future, as Niels Bohr once said (and was echoed by Yogi Berra). The National Intelligence Council has published its quintennial attempt to part the mists of the future and consider what the world might be like seventeen years hence in 2025. A good place to start taking a look at it might […]

Making the Transition in Iraq and Afghanistan

Yesterday’s New York Times featured a collection of seven columns on the challenges the incipient Obama Administration faces in managing the transition between administrations in two ongoing wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan. Contributors cover a wide spectrum of opinion and expertise from journalists (Linda Robinson, Rory Stewart) to scholars (Anthony Cordeman) to military officers (Peter […]

Right Needs New Public Intellectuals

In Saturday’s post “Talk Radio Killed Conservativism?” I observed parenthetically that “most of the best analytical blogs are on the center-left” and promised to elaborate. It’s something that has struck me for quite some time (see, for example, February’s “Rational Conservative Blogs“) and that was brought to mind again with two links at Matt Yglesias’ […]

Obama Skipped Church for Gym!

Barack Obama blew off going to church yesterday in favor of a workout, a breathless Politico report informs us. President-elect Barack Obama has yet to attend church services since winning the White House earlier this month, a departure from the example of his two immediate predecessors.  On the three Sundays since his election, Obama has […]

Franken to Win Recount by 27 Votes

Nate Silver uses a combination of regression analysis and wild ass guesses drawn from limited information on challenged ballots to project that Al Franken will come out ahead by a mere 27 votes.  Kevin Drum, for one, is convinced. While I’m less enthralled by Silver’s savant status than most (many came closer to the results […]

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On Media Narratives and Obama’s Staff Choices

I have to say, I’m frankly quite surprised that people are so surprised that a guy who ran for President on the grounds that he is a consensus building centrist is making cabinet picks that reflect his desire to be a consensus building centrist. The selection of Hillary to State and his other appointments, frankly, […]

Obama Shafts Progressives, Campaign Loyalists

Two reports in the British press indicate that Barack Obama has shunted aside key campaign advisors and given the back of his hand to his most ardent supporters in the liberal wing of his party. Leonard Doyle of The Independent reports on the machinations necessary to get Hillary Clinton on board as Secretary of State. […]

Not the Great Depression (Updated)

Daniel Gross makes the case that I’ve been making for weeks, supplying hard numbers where I’ve relied on common sense, that the current mess isn’t comparable to the Great Depression: Both got going when financial crisis led to a reduction in consumer demand. But the two phenomena differ substantially. Instead of workers with 5 o’clock […]

OTB Caption JamTM

Weekend Caption Jam Linkfest. . . Rodney is without love. Wizbang is a little nuts. Wyatt Earp has let loose the dogs of war. Cowboy Blob is getting hitched. RT’s Ponderings is relying on the force. The Gone Rick Motel has the odd couple. Right Pundits is being frank with us. Blonde Sagacity has some […]

Sarah Palin in Demand

Sarah Palin is a big star now. Oprah wants her, and so do Letterman and Leno. Fresh from her political defeat, Sarah Palin is juggling offers to write books, appear in films and sit on dozens of interview couches at a rate that would be astonishing for most Hollywood stars, let alone a first-term governor. […]

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