Morgan Freeman Does Television Voice-Over For North Carolina GOP Candidate [UPDATED: Morgan Freeman Denies It’s Him]

Well this is something you don’t see every day, an Academy Award winning actor doing a voice-over on a television commercial for a political candidate. The candidate is North Carolina Republican B.J. Lawson, and the actor is Morgan Freeman: There’s been some debate over whether that’s really Freeman in the ad, but Lawson himself confirmed […]

Harry Reid’s Closing Argument: Basically, My Opponent Is Crazy

If you want an indication of just how vicious the Nevada Senate race has gotten in the closing days, look no further: Will it work ? Who knows. At this point, I’m not sure that either one of these people deserves to win.

The Revenge Of Aqua Buddha: Rand Paul Up By 15 In Final Pre-Election Poll

The last poll of the Kentucky Senate race from Public Policy Polling shows Rand Paul headed for what looks like an overwhelming victory: Rand Paul has expanded his lead in the Kentucky Senate race even further over the last week and is headed for a blowout win. His margin over Jack Conway is 55-40. Kentucky […]

Ted Sorenson, Kennedy Adviser And Speechwriter, Dead At 82

Theodore Sorensen, a speechwriter and close adviser to President John F. Kennedy, died today at the age of 82

Quote Of The Day: Sarah Palin “Get Out The Vote” Edition

I’m just a blogger, but it strikes me that this isn’t exactly the most inspiring GOTV message: Referring to someone’s campaign as a “Lost Cause” doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. And it’s amusing that Sarah quoted the guy who argued the pro-evolution side in the Scopes Monkey Trial.

Broder, Iran and the Economy

David Broder offers up some odd ideas on the relationship between a war with Iran and the economy.

National Republicans Abandoning Joe Miller?

National Republicans are reportedly abandoning Joe Miller’s Senate campaign at the last minute out of fear that only Lisa Murkowski can stop Alaska’s Senate seat from falling into Democratic hands. That could have a serious impact down the road for relations between inside-the-beltway Republicans and the Tea Party.

Line of Day, Wishful Thinking Edition

“I believe Democrats are going to hold onto the House.”–Rep. Chris Van Hollen, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Sarah Palin To Joe Manchin: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Sarah Palin thinks that Joe Manchin should stay in office as Governor of West Virginia: On a last-minute visit for Republican John Raese’s Senate campaign, Sarah Palin said Democratic Gov. Joe Manchin is a “nice guy” who’s better off sticking with his current gig. “He’s such a nice governor, I think that ‘Manchin in the […]

Tiger Number 1 no Longer

Via the BBC:  Lee Westwood becomes world number one as Kaymer falters. It ends Woods’ streak of 281-weeks.

Too Many Law Schools, Too Many Lawyers

Neither Law Schools nor law students are admitting the fact that the legal market has changed significantly.

Wild Ads: Star Wars and West Virginia

One political point that is worth making:  being against the Department of Education is not the same thing as being opposed to public education (although it is typically cast as such in political commercials). Really, the worst part about it is:  everyone know you can’t take down a TIE fighter with a rifle! In terms […]

8 Senate Seat Changes, All Democrat to Republican

Nate Silver has produced “The Ultimate Hour-by-Hour, District-by-District Election Guide.” Here are his current toplines: No great surprises.   What really caught my eye, though, was this Senate chart: Even in an ultra-competitive election, a whopping 8 of 37 Senate contests are remotely likely to chance party hands.  And this is the body that doesn’t […]

Republicans About To Party Like It’s 1994?

With polls opening in less than 48 hours now, the final pre-election polling is showing that 2010 is going to be a pretty bad year for Democrats.

Cell Phones and Election Polls

The growing number of cell-phone-only households gives Democrats hope that the polls are undercounting them.

Stewart Rally Bigger Than Beck Rally?

215,000 people attended the “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear” compared to 87,000 for “Restoring Honor.” Even if you believe the numbers, they don’t tell us much.

Stewart And Colbert Rally For Sanity And/Or Fear, And Take A Jab At The Media

The Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear ended up having a point after all, but it’s not one that anyone is likely to take to heart.

Newt Gingrich Shows All The Signs Of Running In 2012

Newt Gingrich for President ? You might want to think twice about that, Republicans.

A Real “None of the Above”

What would the Nevada Senate race look like if “none of the above” could actually win?

Line of the Day, Angle Edition

“I’ll answer those questions when I’m the Senator”-Sharron Angle, Republican candidate (and frontrunner) for the Senate in Nevada. The questions? We’ve tried to go to her public events and ask, but she won’t answer. We’ve tried to call and email her campaign, but they won’t answer. Now, we’re finding her at the airport, still trying […]

When Reading 140 Characters is too Big a Strain

It only seems fair to take an entire tweet, lengthy though it may be, into account when reacting.

Bad Day at the Think Tank

The Onion spoofs life at a think tank with Boy, I Really Thought Like Shit Today.”

Gawker Tries To Explain Itself

The guys at Gawker took the web yesterday in an effort to justify their sleazy article about Christine O’Donnell. They failed.

Jonah Goldberg: Why Isn’t Julian Assange Dead?

Jonah Goldberg has written a bad column. In this case, an op-ed in the Chicago Tribune headlined “Why is Assange still alive?”

Angle Banning Press From Election Night Coverage

Apparently, Sharron Angle’s preference to not ever answer any hard questions will continue right up to the moment the Nevada Senate election is decided: Sharron Angle has banned two Las Vegas television stations from attending her election night party as retribution for reporters who tracked her down Friday and asked her questions without prior campaign […]

Caption Contest Winners

The Election Chia-ter Pet Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Daalder: Afghanistan Process Will Take Years

Ivo Daalder, the US Ambassador to NATO, says that we are “seeing the corner and can peek around it in Afghanistan” and that a province-by-province handover of security responsibilities to the host government will “start in the first half of 2011.” But the final handover is not expected until “the end of 2014” and NATO forces will remain in an advisory capacity indefinitely. “The process will take years,” he emphasized.

Cargo Jets Searched Over “Suspicious Packages”

The big cable news story of the day has involved a few cargo jets being held for inspection in New York and Philadelphia due to concerns about packages from Yemen: U.S. counterterrorism officials said that two suspicious packages removed from cargo planes en route to the United States on Friday did not contain explosives but […]

Merkel Wins Again

Once again, Angela Merkel has held her ground and forced the other EU leaders to accommodate Germany’s policy concerns. This time, it’s a set of amendments to the Lisbon Treaty to deal with sovereign debt emergencies.

67% Of Registered Voters Say Sarah Palin Unqualified To Be President

Another poll confirms that Sarah Palin continues to be viewed negatively by the majority of American voters, but that doesn’t seem to matter to supporters who seem have a degree of adulation usually reserved for celebrities than serious politicians.

Precinct Reporting Over

Starting Tuesday night, the results of statewide races will be reported by giving the percentage of “expected vote” rather than precinct-by-precinct.

Majority Of Active Duty Military Don’t Oppose Gays In Military

One of the last arguments against allowing gay men and women to serve openly in the military — that active duty military would be unable to serve alongside them — appears to have no empirical support.

Previewing The 2010 Elections

On Wednesday night, I took part in a special pre-election podcast at United Liberty along with Jason Pye, Brett Bittner, Stephen Gordon, Mike Hassinger, and Shana Kluck. We spent most of our time focusing on the Senate races in Florida, Kentucky, Nevada, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Colorado, but the conversation also wandered off into an […]

Johnny Carson as Carnak Johnny Carson as Carnak

2010 Election Predictions

We’ve been talking about the 2010 elections since, oh, the day after the 2008 elections.   Now, it’s time for final predictions.

Is This The Nastiest Campaign Season Ever? Not Even Close

We’ve seen plenty of nasty campaigning this year. Alan Grayson’s “Draft Dodger” and “Talbian Dan” ads, Jack Conway’s “Aqua Buddha”,  the Sharron Angle’s false ad claiming that Harry Reid voted to give Viagra to sex offenders, and yesterday’s Gawker piece on Christine O’Donnell can all be cited as evidence of that. But is this the […]

Slow Economic Growth: The New Normal?

Another round of GDP growth figures are out, and they show that the U.S. economy continues to grow far slower than necessary to sustain job growth. Is this a temporary problem, or something we can expect to live with for the foreseeable future?

Christine O’Donnell Hit By Sleazy Gawker Smear Job

The Delaware Senate race took a trip into the gutter yesterday.

Tom Tancredo: Obama A Greater Threat Than Al Qaeda

Tom Tancredo, currently running as the Constitution Party candidate for Governor of California Colorado, believes that the President of the United States is a greater threat to America than Osama bin Laden: DENVER — Tom Tancredo is quick to admit he brings plenty of baggage to the Colorado governor’s race. Like the time he called […]

Don't Steal From Medicare to Support Socialized Medicine Don't Steal From Medicare to Support Socialized Medicine

Coates Ad: Obama Forcing Seniors into “Government Run Healthcare”

Dan Coates has an ad that makes a claim that should make your head explode.

Clinton Tried To Convince Democrat To Drop Out Of Florida Senate Race

Former President Clinton tried to convince Kendrick Meek to drop out of the Florida Senate race, because Democrats know that Charlie Crist had chance to win and Meek did not.

Angle has Poll Advantage

Via the Las Vegas Review-Journal:  Angle poll data improve The Mason-Dixon Polling & Research survey has Angle with 49 percent support compared with 45 percent for Reid in its first survey since the Tea Party favorite and the Senate majority leader held their only debate Oct. 14. The findings match two other post-debate polls in […]

Christine O’Donnell Down 21 Points In Delaware Senate Poll

For the past week or so, several Christine O’Donnell supporters have been asserting that she was closing the gap with Chris Coons in the Delaware Senate race. While those claims seemed doubtful given the fact that they didn’t ever provide any actual poll numbers to confirm their assertion, the polling in Delaware had basically shut […]

2010 More Republican Than 1994

Gallup’s final pre-election poll gives Republicans a 15 point advantage over Democrats, compared to only 5 points in 1994.

Sarah Palin Discusses 2012 Presidential Plans……On Entertainment Tonight

Time to get out the popcorn: Exclusive: ET’s Mary Hart visits Sarah Palin at home in Wasilla, Alaska, where the former Republican vice presidential candidate tells ET she’ll run for president in 2012 “if there’s nobody else to do it.” The former Alaska governor, mom of five, and star of TLC’s upcoming series “Sarah Palin’s […]

William F. Buckley Jr. And Hugh Hefner, 1966

Andrew Sullivan links to a Roger Ebert article about Hugh Hefner, and includes one clip of Hefner’s appearance in 1966 on Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr. The whole interview — which covers everything from what Hefner referred to back then as “the Playboy philosophy” to nuclear weapons — is worth watching so I’ve […]

Medal of Honor: The Hard Way or the Hard Way

To earn a Medal of Honor commit a multi-part act of near comic-book-style heroism and, more often than not, die. Pentagon committees then convene to determine whether your valor merits an award traditionally given for acts so brave that no one would have even thought to complain if the soldier had neglected to do them.

Alaska Lisa Murkowski Write-in Alaska Lisa Murkowski Write-in

Alaska Supreme Court Approves Write-In Lists

The Alaska Supreme Court has approved the state providing a list of certified write-in candidates to voters who ask for help.

David Vitter’s Prostitutes (Finally) Become A Campaign Issue

Charlie Melaconan’s closing ad in the Louisiana Senate race doesn’t hold anything back: Unfortunately for Melancon it’s most likely too little, too late: Without meaning to offend any residents of The Pelican State, this is Louisiana so I suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised that consorting with prostitutes isn’t considered a bar to high office.

President as Straight Man

Did President Obama degrade his office by appearing on “The Daily Show”? Or is that notion a relic of a bygone era?

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