Perversion Inversion

Mr. Yglesias has it exactly backwards.

What If Roe v. Wade Were Reversed? Europe Offers A Guide

A somewhat surprising court decision from the European Union gives a glimpse of what the situation in the United States would be if Roe v. Wade were overturned.

Stripping for Freedom

Aaron Tobey stripped to his underdrawers in a Richmond, Virginia airport in support of the 4th Amendment.

Caption Contest Winners

The Contender Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Charles Krauthammer: Sarah Palin Has No Chance Of Winning General Election

Charles Krauthammer is still no fan of Sarah Palin: On Friday’s broadcast of “Inside Washington,” Krauthammer offered several reasons why Palin shouldn’t be considered the presumptive Republican nominee for the 2012 presidential election. “What do you mean if not Sarah Palin in 2012?” Krauthammer said. “No, but if not – who’s saying she’s going to […]

Former New York Times Reporter Judith Miller Now At Newsmax

In the journalistic world this is definitely what you call a step down the ladder: Judith Miller used to be a superstar. She was a major reporter at the New York Times for decades — at the DC bureau, in Cairo, in Paris, special correspondent to the Persian Gulf, embedded with a special unit in […]

$8,094,858,367,754.09 In Ten Years

That’s the amount by which the National Debt has increased in the past ten years: That comes out to an average increase of $809,485,836,775.41 per year, $67,457,153,064.62 per month, $2,216,251,435.39 per day, $92,343,809.81 per hour, and $1,539,063.50. If we were to match this pace over the coming decade, that would put the National Debt at […]

NASA’s Best 2010

Some spectacular photos over at HuffPo: click.

Outgoing GOP Congressman Denounces “Obama Hatred” In The GOP

South Carolina’s Bob Inglis is speaking out against what he sees as some of the irresponsible rhetoric coming from the right: Outgoing Rep. Bob Inglis (R-S.C.) said Thursday that a “credible conservative” movement that doesn’t focus on “hatred” of President Obama is needed. Inglis was defeated in a landslide by Trey Gowdy in the June […]

Skype Gets Blocked By The Great Firewall Of China

The latest online service to find itself banned in China is Skype, the service which allows users to make voice and video calls over the internet: In the latest move dashing Western internet company hopes of breaking into China, it was announced that all internet phone calls were to be banned apart from those made […]

No Pardon for Billy the Kid

Via the BBC: Billy the Kid fails to win pardon from Bill Richardson.

A Simple Example of Constitutional Interpretation

Constitutional interpretation is easy, right?

Facebook Surpasses Google As Top Site On Internet

The rivalry between Facebook and Google was a never-ending story in 2010 and, so far at least, it’s looking like Mark Zuckerberg’s creation is winning the war: This may go down as the year that social networking trumped searching as America’s favorite online pastime. In 2010, Facebook pushed past Google to become the most popular […]

The Constitution, Politics, And The Eternal Hamiltonian-Jeffersonian Battle

Constitutional ambiguity is as old as, well, it’s as old as the Constitution itself

Obama’s Hawaiian Vacation

President Obama likes to go back to his Hawaii home town and live like a regular guy for a few days.

Gary Farber’s 9th Blogiversary

Congrats to Gary Farber, who is starting his 10th year of blogging.

North Carolina Republican Under Fire For Vote To Repeal DADT

North Carolina Senator Richard Burr was one of the surprise Republican votes in favor of repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and now he’s facing heat for his vote from social conservatives back in his home state: Some county commissioners are upset with fellow Republican and U.S. Sen. Richard Burr’s vote to repeal a Pentagon ban […]

Constitution: An Invitation to Struggle

Like it or not, the U.S. Constitution has always been a political document, evolving depending on the players on the stage.

England Facing Coldest Winter in More Than 300 Years

Forecasters in the United Kingdom are saying that upcoming winter could be the most severe the nation has experienced since Charles II was King: If you thought last week was as cold as you could bear it, brace yourself. Forecasters say the worst is yet to come, and this winter could be the harshest since […]

70% Of Americans See Religion’s Role In Life Declining

A new Gallup poll reflects the declining role of religion in American public, and private, life.

Lisa Murkowski Certified Winner In Alaska

It took almost two months, but Lisa Murkowski’s historic write-in victory is now official: Sen. Lisa Murkowski was officially named the winner of Alaska’s U.S. Senate race Thursday, following a period of legal fights and limbo that lasted longer than the write-in campaign she waged to keep her job. Gov. Sean Parnell and Lt. Gov. […]

New York City Snow Cleanup Hampered By Union Work Stoppage

Streets in New York City like this one on Staten Island went unplowed for days thanks to a work slowdown by sanitation workers, which raises the question of what Public Sector Unions should be allowed to do.

Woman Who Inspired “Rosie The Riveter” Dies At 86

The woman who became the inspiration for one of the most well-known propaganda posters of the World War Two era has died: Geraldine Doyle, 86, who as a 17-year-old factory worker became the inspiration for a popular World War II recruitment poster that evoked female power and independence under the slogan “We Can Do It!,” […]

How Exactly Did Justin Bieber Become Involved In The “Ground Zero Mosque” Debate?

The most ridiculous political meme of 2010 has somehow been merged with the most ridiculous entertainment meme of 2010: Andy Sullivan, a construction worker and Brooklyn native, has been one of the loudest opponents of Park51, the planned mosque and community center near ground zero. Founder of the 9/11 Hard Hat Pledge — under which construction […]

2010 A Year In Review

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing some kind of end-of-the-year post but this piece from Nightline does a pretty good job of wrapping up the year in a nice little package: It’s been quite a year, folks.

Fox News, Hypocrisy, And “Politically Correct” Journalism

My earlier post about Megyn Kelly’s absurd equation of illegal immigration and rape in a discussion about changes to the Associated Press Style Guide reminded me of this little piece of news from earlier this month: As Congress took up health care reform last year, considering a “public option” to give insurers competition, marching orders […]

Fox’s Megyn Kelly: Calling Immigrants “Undocumented” Like Calling Rape “Non-Consensual Sex”

I honestly never really expect much in the way of serious commentary from the people at Fox News, but the latest utterances by afternoon anchor Megyn Kelly descend to an entirely new level of, well, just stupidity: Plenty of conservatives are pretty upset over a campaign by the Society of Professional Journalists to convince reporters […]

Conservative Congressman Calls Obama Recess Appointments An “Outrage”

The reaction to President Obama’s recent recess appointments provide us with yet another example of bipartisan hypocrisy.

Obama Makes Recess Appointments

The usage of the recess appointment process is just another example of the need for institutional reform in the Senate.

Ezra Klein: Understanding The Constitution Is Hard

The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein spoke this morning on MSNBC about the 112th Congress and the Constitution: The issue with the Constitution is not that people don’t read the text and think their following it. The issue with the Constitution is that the text is confusing because it was written more than a hundred years […]

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OTB Latenight – John Hiatt

Christine O’Donnell: FEC Probe Is Political Witch Hunt, Or Something

Matt Lewis passes along Christine O’Donnell’s official response to the news that a criminal probe has apparently been opened over her campaign spending issues: Responding to news that federal officials had reportedly begun an investigation of her use of campaign funds, former Delaware senate candidate Christine O’Donnell fired back, alleging the investigation was “politically motivated.” […]

Of Blizzards And Political Firestorms

Cory Booker, Michael Bloomberg, and Chris Christie have been in the news this week due to the political fallout over their handling of the East Coast blizzard.

Christine O’Donnell Under Criminal Probe For Campaign Spending

Three months after the allegations were first made. the FEC has opened a criminal investigation of Tea Party Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell

Marginal Income Tax Rates and Economic Growth, Ctd.

Building on yesterday’s post about Mike Kimel’s data crunching of top marginal rates vs. economic growth, today Kimel has created a handy bar chart of t+1 real GDP growth vs. top marginal income tax rate. Personally, I’d like to see some numbers run on effective tax rates vs. GDP growth (not to mention some inclusion […]

Yet Another Example of the Stupidity of Zero-Tolerance Policies

Via WRAL:  Lunchbox mix-up leads to charges for Sanford teen: An athletic and academic standout in Lee County said a lunchbox mix-up has cut short her senior year of high school and might hurt her college opportunities. […] This month, Ashley Smithwick, a soccer player who takes college-level courses, was charged with misdemeanor possession of […]

Tucker Carlson Thinks Vick Should Have Been Executed

Sitting in for Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson asserted, regarding Michael Vick and his animal cruelty (including the killing of dogs):  “I think, personally, he should have been executed for that.” Look, Michael Vick did some pretty heinous things.  However, he served his time and appears to have made amends.  Beyond that, are we really going […]

Anti-Gay Activist Phyllis Schlafly: How Dare Those Gay People Ask Us To Respect Them

This qualifies as the most irrational, hateful thing I’ve heard come out of Phyllis Schalfly’s mouth, and that’s saying something: Many social conservatives, such as Eagle Forum President Phyllis Schlafly of Ladue, refuse to believe that a majority of Americans would support gay marriage. Obama’s shifting position, she said, “is the story of politics: An […]

Natural Monopolies

Tim Wu has an excellent article about how the free-wheeling, free-market style of the Internet has led, for the most part, to natural monopolies. The Internet has long been held up as a model for what the free market is supposed to look like—competition in its purest form. So why does it look increasingly like […]

Wasting Time: Pardoning Billy the Kid?

Apart from the potential to bring a little national attention to New Mexico and maybe stimulating a little tourist interest, I must confess that I just don’t get the following (via CNN):  Decision on possible Billy the Kid pardon expected by end of week. The governor of New Mexico has until Friday to decide whether […]

That’s Some Old Soup

Via the AFP:  China uncovers 2,400-year-old soup: state media. Sadly, the Tupperware was improperly burped, so it didn’t keep.

Ironic Headline of the Day

Via USAT: European anarchists grow more violent, coordinated. I just find coordinated anarchy a tad amusing (the violence, however, not so much).

Does U. S. Support for NATO Serve a Strategic Purpose?

Does NATO membership serve a strategic purpose?

Federal Judge Dismisses Joe Miller’s Election Lawsuit, Clears Way For Murkowski

The Federal Judge assigned to Joe Miller’s lawsuit challenging the outcome of the Alaska Senate Election has dismissed the case after Miller decided to withdraw his request that the Court bar certification of the election results: A federal judge today dismissed Republican Joe Miller’s federal lawsuit seeking to overturn the results of the Nov. 2 […]

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Barack Obama And Michael Vick

President Obama was correct to commend the Eagles for giving Michael Vick a chance to redeem himself.

Social Conservatives Boycott CPAC 2011 Over Invite To GOProud

As they did last year, several top social conservative activist groups are boycotting next year’s Conservative Political Action Conference over the extension of an invitation to a gay conservative group, and nobody seems to care that they won’t be there.

Lower Marginal Tax Rates Don’t Correlate With Increased Economic Growth

I was looking for some data on tax rates vs economic growth for a longer piece I’m working on when I came across this interesting gem by Mike Kimel, in which he runs the numbers and finds no correlation between lower top marginal tax rates and real GDP growth (at least, in the United States). […]

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