OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Petite Filet Mignon Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Report: Michigan Congressman Thad McCotter To Run For President

  Apparently, another hat is about to get thrown into the ring: Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, R-Mich. will launch his presidential campaign on July 2, making him the third sitting member of the House to run for the White House in 2012. McCotter will make his bid official in his home state of Michigan, according to […]

Bill Clinton’s Solution to Debt Crisis: Punt

Former President Bill Clinton has a fool-proof plan to solve the debt problem: Cut spending and raise taxes . . . but not today. ABC’s Jake Tapper (“Bill Clinton Network Exclusive: Proposes Debt Impasse Deal, but Fears GOP Too Hamstrung by Ideology“): Former President Bill Clinton sees a possible way past the bipartisan impasse over […]

Report: Timothy Geithner May Leave Administration After Debt Deal Is Completed

It looks like we’re headed for another change in the Obama Cabinet: Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner has signaled to White House officials that he’s considering leaving the administration after President Barack Obama reaches an agreement with Congress to raise the national debt limit, according to three people familiar with the matter. Geithner hasn’t made […]

Sarah Palin: The Most Significant Woman Of The Past Decade? Hardly

Just how significant is Sarah Palin in the grand scheme of things?

Redefining Marriage

Jeff Jacoby claims that marriage cannot be redefined.

U.S. Planes Have Flown 3,475 Sorties Since Libya Mission Was Handed Over To NATO

The Navy Times reports that American forces have been involved in operations over Libya to a far greater extent than the Obama Administration’s representations have led us to believe: Air Force and Navy aircraft are still flying hundreds of strike missions over Libya despite the Obama administration’s claim that American forces are playing only a […]

Poll: 40% Of Americans Believe Economy Is In Permanent Decline

Another sign of economic pessimism from the latest CBS/New York Times Poll: Nearly 4 in 10 Americans say they think the economy is in permanent decline, a new polls shows as deep pessimism about the economy becomes more widespread. Thirty-nine percent of those surveyed for a New York Times/CBS News poll released late Wednesday say […]

Bachmann and the Press

From an interview with the Daily Beast: “The media is what the media is,” she says. “It’s part of the territory. A person has to accept that there are difficult questions and unfair questions and it is a part of this process and it is what it is.” First, to give credit where credit is […]

Pakistan Boots U.S. From Drone Base We Weren’t Using Anyway

Our good ally Pakistan has publicly ordered us to leave a base used for “covert” CIA drone attacks.

MSNBC Indefinitely Suspends Mark Halperin Over “Dick” Comment

It happened at six this morning, but it didn’t take long for the other shoe to drop over at MSNBC: Mark Halperin, a political analyst on MSNBC, called President Obama a word that stars with “D” and is synonymous with a part of the male anatomy Thursday on “Morning Joe.” MSNBC issued a statement suspending […]

Barack Obama Continues To Vote “Present” On Same-Sex Marriage

Not exactly an example of moral leadership.

Alan Simpson On The Debt Ceiling Negotiations

Former Senator Alan Simpson, a Republican who was outspoken when he was in office and has become even more so since then, was on MSNBC last night talking about the debt ceiling negotiations and he didn’t have many kind words for anyone involved, especially not Grover Norquist: Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news […]

Hybrid Cars, Rare Earth Elements, and Supply

President Obama wants a million hybrid cars on the road by 2015. That’s easier said than done.

U.S. Drones Strike Somalia, Or As We Can Now Call It, “War Number Five”

Today’s Washington Post reports that  American drones have made strikes against “militants” in Somalia: A U.S. drone aircraft fired on two leaders of a militant Somali organization tied to al-Qaeda, apparently wounding them, a senior U.S. military official familiar with the operation said Wednesday. The strike last week against senior members of al-Shabab comes amid […]

The Balanced Budget Amendment Is A Bad Idea

House and Senate Republicans are pushing a Balanced Budget Amendment. It sounds like a good idea, but it isn’t.

Time’s Mark Halperin Calls Obama A “Dick” On Morning Joe

The early morning segment on MSNBC’s Morning Joe included a moment that everyone involved probably wishes hadn’t happened: Mark Halperin, editor-at-large for Time, called President Obama “a dick” on Thursdayon a popular MSNBC morning show and then quickly apologized. “I thought he was a dick yesterday,” Halperin, who also is a senior political analyst for […]

New Commenting Features

As some have already noticed, we installed some new commenting plug-ins late yesterday adding some features that many have been requesting

Saudis Warn They’ll Go Nuclear If Iran Does

The Saudis seem to be sending a very clear signal to Iran, and the world: A senior Saudi Arabian diplomat and member of the ruling royal family has raised the spectre of nuclear conflict in the Middle East if Iran comes close to developing a nuclear weapon. Prince Turki al-Faisal, a former Saudi intelligence chief […]

Battleground Virginia: Senate Race, 2012 Presidential Race Basically Tied

In 2008, Virginia gave its Electoral Votes to a Democrat for the first time since 1964. Just a year later, though, saw Republicans sweep all three statewide elected offices, and last year the GOP picked up three Congressional seats from the Democrats. It’s inevitable, then, that the state will be on everyone’s radar next year, […]

Why Can Kids See Violence But Not Porn?

Is it worse for a child to see pornography or graphic violence?

Alabama’s New Immigration Law Meets The Law Of Unintended Consequences

Just as Georgia’s new immigration law caused a crisis in the farm industry as migrant workers fled the state, a similar statute in Alabama is having a similar impact in Alabama: When Tuscaloosa, Alabama, begins rebuilding more than 7,200 homes and businesses leveled by an April 27 tornado, it may find itself missing a workforce […]

Americans Overwhelmingly Back Obama’s Afghanistan Drawdown Plan

It got criticism from the right, but the American public seems pretty pleased with the President’s plan to start withdrawing troops from Afghanistan: An overwhelming majority of Americans support President Barack Obama’s plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, according to a new poll released Wednesday. In the Gallup survey, 72 percent of Americans say they […]

OTB Caption Contest

Time for the Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM

John Quincy Adams’s Wikipedia Page Altered To Make Him A Founding Father

This is just pathetic: [Bachmann] stated that John Quincy Adams worked tirelessly to end slavery. When George corrected her and informed her that John Quincy Adams was not a Founding Father she insisted that he was. Now it appears that her supporters have altered Wikipedia to make it appear that John Quincy Adams was a […]

Michele Bachmann: I Won’t Mud Wrestle With Sarah Palin

Today in South Carolina, Michele Bachmann downplayed speculation that a Palin entry into the race would result in the two female candidates going after each other for the same voters: CHARLESTON, S.C.—Michele Bachmann downplayed tensions with Sarah Palin here Wednesday morning. “They want to see two girls come together and have a mud wrestling fight,” […]

Standard & Poor’s: Default On Debt Will Turn T-Bills Into Junk Bonds

Standard & Poor’s has said that if the United States defaults on the bond interest payments that will come due on August 4th, it will downgrade our credit rating from AAA to D, the rating typically assigned to junk bonds: (Reuters) – The United States would immediately have its top-notch credit rating slashed to “selective […]

Sixth Circuit Upholds Constitutionality Of Affordable Care Act

The first Appeals Court decision on the Affordable Care Act was a victory for the government.

North Korea Assumes Presidency Of U.N. Arms Control Commission

Sometimes, you just can’t make stuff like this up: In the latest ‘you’ve got to be kidding’ news from the United Nations, North Korea assumed the presidency of the Conference on Disarmament Tuesday. “Bare months after the U.N. finally suspended Libya’s Col. Muammar Qaddafi from its Human Rights Council, North Korea wins the propaganda coup […]

Obama Is President, But Is He A Leader?

Barack Obama’s leadership style may be his undoing.

Oxford Drops Oxford Comma

Oxford University has dropped the Oxford comma! A dark day for humanity.

Caffeine Makes Us Feel Better

Yet another study shows that people who drink diet soda actually gain weight. But it probably doesn’t matter, since that’s not why people drink them.

Poll: Sarah Palin Would Lose Alaska To Obama

While Sarah Palin plays her kabuki dance with the media over whether nor not she’s going to run for President, a new poll in her home state sends a strong, and surprising, message: A new Hays Research poll shows Barack Obama would beat Sarah Palin among Alaskans if the presidential election was today. The poll […]

John Lennon, Closet Republican?

While his best-known solo effort was “anti-religious, anti-nationalistic, anti-conventional, [and] anti-capitalistic,” John Lennon became a Reagan Republican a few years later, his assistant claims.

If the U.S. Defaults, Eric Cantor Makes Money

If the U.S. defaults, Eric Cantor will make some money.

Bachmann, the Constitution, and Slavery

Bachmann’s views on the Founders and slavery are more significant than simply a question of how to classify John Quincy Adams.

Is The Debt Ceiling Unconstitutional?

Does a little known provision in the 14th Amendment make the entire debt ceiling debate irrelevant?

The Cost Of America’s Wars: $4.4 Trillion

A new study puts the full cost of America’s wars at a far higher than many of us had thought of before: The final bill for U.S. military involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan could be as high as $4.4 trillion, according to a comprehensive new report Tuesday. In the 10 years since American troops […]

Tom Petty: Michele Bachmann Can’t Use ‘American Girl

When Tom Petty found out Michele Bachmann was using his “American Girl” to introduce campaign events, he issued a letter saying, in essence, “Don’t do me like that.”

Vietnam Draft Lottery Had Lasting Impact

The draft ended in 1973. It’s effects still linger today.

In Which I Question Radley Balko’s Sincerity

Sure, Radley Balko has apologized to John Cole. But I don’t think he means it.

Analysts: Failure To Raise Debt Ceiling Means 44% Spending Cut, 10% Drop In GDP, Recession

As we get closer to the August 2nd deadline to raise the debt ceiling, estimates are starting to come out of what a failure to raise the ceiling might mean and it isn’t pretty: New analysis by the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) which has been shared extensively with members of Congress estimates that the Treasury […]

Two Agencies Investigating Wisconsin Supreme Court Allegations

The bizarre allegations surrounding two members of the Wisconsin Supreme Court are now in the hands of law enforcement: Two agencies are investigating a claim by Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley that Justice David Prosser put her in a chokehold earlier this month – an allegation Gov. Scott Walker on Monday called extremely serious. […]

Bachmann Leads in Oregon and Montana Polls

Via PPP:  More Bachmann Surge In Oregon Bachmann gets 29% to 28% for Romney, 10% for Ron Paul, 9% for Newt Gingrich, 7% for Herman Cain, 6% for Tim Pawlenty, and 2% for Jon Huntsman. In Montana she leads with 25% to 22% for Romney, 11% for Gingrich, 10% for Paul, 9% for Pawlenty,8% for […]

Tim Pawlenty’s Foreign Policy Speech And The Neocon Distortion Of Ronald Reagan’s Legacy

Tim Pawlenty’s foreign policy speech shows him siding with the hawks, and joining in the neocon distortion of Reagan’s legacy.

Choir Chastised for Singing National Anthem in US Capitol!

Alabama youth choir gets hand slapped for impromptu rendition of the national anthem.

Facebook ‘Like’ Issues?

Some of you have presumably noticed the addition of social media buttons, notably the Facebook “Like” button and a Twitter “retweet” button, to the posts some time back. Over the last couple of days, however, I’ve started having trouble with the “Like” button on random posts. On most posts, it works as it’s supposed to: […]

Obama Gets Lowest Job Approval Numbers On Economy To Date

Ongoing public pessimism about the economy is starting to have a decidedly negative impact on the public’s approval of the public’s handling of the economy: President Barack Obama is in a fragile position as the 2012 campaign begins: Only 37 percent of registered voters approve of his handling of the economy, his lowest rating ever, […]

Gallup Discovers The Obvious: Religious Americans More Likely To Be Republican

A new Gallup poll discovers something rather obvious, but there’s still a lesson for the GOP.

Former Bachmann Chief Of Staff: She’s Not Ready To Be President

The day after her big announcement in Iowa,  Ron Carey, a former Chief of Staff to Michele Bachman and former head of the Minnesota Republican Party, has an Op-Ed in the Des Moines Register, Iowa’s largest and most influential newspaper, saying that she isn’t ready to be President: As the former chairman of the Minnesota […]

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