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Rick Perry: Radical Libertarian? Theocrat? No, Just Another Big Government Conservative

Rick Perry Headshot

Rick Perry isn’t as radical as some on the left are saying, but that doesn’t mean he’s any good.

John Boehner Tells President Obama He Must Delay Joint Address To Next Thursday


Well, this is a surprise. Speaker Boehner has already replied to President Obama’s request to address a Joint Session of Congress, and he’s told him he picked the wrong day: House Speaker John Boehner says he wants President Obama to talk to Congress not Wednesday evening next week, but on Thursday. The White House had […]

Democratic Congressman Says Tea Party Wants To Lynch Blacks


Just so we’re clear that the inflammatory, and uncalled for, rhetoric is not solely a province of the right, I give you Congressman Andre Carson, representing Indiana’s 7th Congressional District: A top lawmaker in the Congressional Black Caucus says tea partiers on Capitol Hill would like to see African-Americans hanging from trees and accuses the […]

Rick Perry Leads In Another National Poll

Rick Perry at Podium2

And Quinnipiac makes it five: Rick Perry led the pack of Republican presidential candidates among Republican and Republican leaning voters in another national survey released Wednesday. The Quinnipiac University poll showed the Texas Gov. and newcomer to the 2012 race with 24 percent, followed by former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney with 18 percent, former Alaska […]

The Triumph Of Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas

A new look at Clarence Thomas’s 20 years on the Supreme Court, from a critic, is surprisingly positive.

Do Conservatives Get a Pass?


How would a Democrat-equivalent of Rick Perry be received?

Iowa Rally Organizer: I Had To Un-Invite Christine O’Donnell (Again) To Get Sarah Palin To Attend

Sarah Palin at Podium

You need some kind of a Rube Goldbergesque diagram to keep up with the changes being made to Saturday’s Tea Party rally was on. First, Christine O’Donnell was in, then out within a matter of hours. Then, O’Donnell was back but Sarah Palin’s appearance was said to be “on hold.” Now, it looks like the […]

Obama Requests To Address Joint Session Of Congress On Same Night As GOP Debate

Obama Joint Session of Congress

There’s no way you can tell me that there isn’t some rather obvious politics involved in the White House’s request to address a Joint Session of Congress on the same day as a GOP Presidential Debate that’s been scheduled for months: President Barack Obama intends to deliver his much-anticipated speech laying out his jobs agenda […]

Christine O’Donnell Re-Invited To Iowa Tea Party Rally, But Now Sarah Palin Is “On Hold”?


I noted yesterday that Christine O”Donnell was invited and then dis-invited to Saturday’s Iowa Tea Party rally within hours. Well, late in the day she was invited again: After news spread across the Internet that O’Donnell had been dumped by the same tea party movement that catapulted her to victory last September over Rep. Mike […]

Christian Radio Host Wants To Put New Apple CEO In Jail For Being Gay


He didn’t mention Tim Cook by name, but the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer did say that he thinks that homosexuality should be a crime punishable by imprisonment: Both of the cases that went to the United States Supreme Court that dealt with the issue of whether states should criminalize sodomy, and of course they […]

Affirmative Action For The Unattractive?

Law Books Gavel

Do the less attractive deserve legal protection? One University Of Texas Profess thinks so.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: I Couldn’t Get Confirmed Today


Supreme Court nominees were confirmed quite easily within recent memory. What’s changed?

It Is News That Apple’s New CEO Is Gay?


Tim Cook is succeeding Steve Jobs as head of the world’s biggest technology company. Does it matter that he’s gay?

Obama Re-Election Keys


A political scientist whose formula has correctly picked every presidential winner since 1984 says Barack Obama will be re-elected.

Mitt Romney’s Vanilla Foreign Policy

Mitt Romney

Romney’s VFW speech was filled with tropes and bromides but nothing that should raise eyebrows.

No Science Please, We’re Fox


Bill Nye, who started his career explaining science to children, finds it harder to explain the subject to a Fox Business Network Host H/T: Mediaite

Iran Aiding Libyan Rebels


Apparently, the Libyan rebels have been receiving aid from the Islamic Republic of Iran: Iran “discreetly” provided humanitarian aid to Libyan rebels before the fall of Tripoli, Jam-e-Jam newspaper quoted Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi on Sunday as saying. We were in touch with many of the rebel groups in Libya before the fall of […]

Overhyped? Irene Could Rank As One Of The Ten Most Expensive Hurricanes Ever


As flood waters have overwhelmed New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont and, to a lesser extent, Upstate New York, the debate over whether the media “overhyped” Hurricane Irene this past weekend has faded fast. Now, there’s news that Irene could end up being one of the most expensive hurricanes to strike the United States since records were […]

Overpaid Bureaucrats


Government workers are among society’s favorite whipping boys. Why?

General Petraeus Retiring From Army Prior To Taking Over At CIA

David Petraeus ISAF Change of Command

Via The Navy Times comes news that General David Petraeus will bring his military career to an end prior to stepping up to head the Central Intelligence Agency: David Petraeus, America’s best-known general and the wartime model of a soldier-scholar-statesman, is retiring as arguably the most consequential Army leader of his generation. Petraeus is bidding […]

43% Of Likely Voters See “Tea Party” Label As A Negative, Only 29% See It As A Positive


The Tea Party honeymoon may be coming to an end: Looks like it’s a little more popular to be a liberal or a progressive these days, although conservative remains the best political label you can put on a candidate for public office. Being linked to the Tea Party is the biggest negative. Rasmussen Reports periodically […]

Christine O’Donnell Invited, Then Dumped, From Iowa Tea Party Rally

Delaware Republican senatorial candidate Christine O'Donnell gesture while speaking about winning in the Republican primary at her campaign victory event in Dover

Christine O’Donnell learned today that her 15 minutes of Tea Party fame are officially over: Former U.S. Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell will not speak at a tea party event featuring former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in Indianola, Iowa, this weekend, an organizer told Washington Wire. “I made a mistake,” said Ken Crow, president of Tea […]

Mitt Romney May Have Less Time Than He Thinks


John Ellis argues that Rick Perry may be on the verge of making it next to impossible for Mitt Romney, or anyone else, to stop him from winning the Republican nomination: Once Labor Day has passed, there will be five debates, in quick succession, on the GOP presidential candidates’ calendars.  These will be important tests […]

August Officially The Deadliest Month Of The Afghanistan War

Afghanistan Troops

It isn’t over yet, but already August 2011 stands as the single deadliest month of the war in Afghanistan: Sixty-six U.S. troops have died in Afghanistan so far this month, making August the deadliest month for American forces in the nearly decade-long war. Nearly half of the troops killed died on Aug. 6 when the […]

Obama’s Jobs Plan: Deja Vu All Over Again?


Details of the President’s jobs plan are starting to leak out, and they’re not looking impressive.

Alan Krueger’s Academic Record


Brad Plummer gives it a look for those who might be interested:  A closer look at Alan Krueger’s academic work. Krueger has been nominated to replace Austan Goolsbee as the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers.

Rick Perry: The Candidate of Hope and Change?

Rick Perry at Podium1

Ricky Perry is running on “hope and change” (but what else is new?)

Like/Dislike Back

Some recent glitches caused by a security upgrade have been fixed. Most notably, the Like/Dislike buttons on comments should now be working. Let me know if there are other issues.

No Cell Phones in The Classroom


No Cell Phones In Class!! Breaks it…

Romney’s Plan Of Attack On Perry

Romney Perry

The Romney campaign may be finally starting to pay attention to Rick Perry.

Federal Judge Puts Hold On Alabama Immigration Law


Mirroring what Federal Judges in Arizona and Georgia have done, a Federal Judge in Alabama has issued a stay on Alabama’s new immigration law, which may have decried as draconian: Alabama’s tough new immigration law was temporarily put on hold by a federal judge on Monday. Alabama’s toughest-in-the-nation crackdown had originally been set to take […]

OTB Caption Contest Winners


The Lawn Ornament Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Worst Excuse for Nude Photos on Internet Ever (Yes, Another Politician)


“You know I’ve been losing weight. As I shed that weight, I’ve been taking pictures. I don’t remember taking this particular picture but I’m not gonna say I didn’t take it. I’d tell you if I remembered taking the picture, but I don’t.”-Senator Roberto Arango (PNP-Puerto Rico). The photo in question was posted on what […]

Hurricane Irene And The Broken Window Fallacy


Repeating the “destruction creates wealth” fallacy every time there’s a natural disaster doesn’t make it any less of a fallacy.

Rush Limbaugh On Irene: Even More Of An Insensitive Jerk Than Usual


I concluded long ago that Rush Limbaugh was an insensitive jerk, but with 29 people dead and at least three states dealing with massive flooding, this pretty much takes the cake: On his Monday radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh accused the news media of building up Irene out of their “desire for chaos.” “It […]

Rick Perry Warns Against Military Adventurism


Rick Perry spoke before the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention today, which turned out to be an interesting venue for what he had to say about foreign policy: Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry appeared before a ballroom of veterans Monday as the governor of Texas, but used the platform to deliver a national message on […]

International Space Station May Have To Be Temporarily Abandoned


Thanks to a problem with the Russian rockets needed to get astronauts, supplies, and rescue missions there, the International Space Station may have to be temporarily abandoned: Astronauts may need to temporarily abandon the International Space Station this fall if last week’s Russian launch accident prevents new crews from flying, a NASA official said Monday. […]

Irene Lived Up to the Hype: Nate Silver


The very question is rather dubious.

Rick Perry Leads National GOP Field In Fourth Consecutive Poll

Rick Perry Campaigning

A new CNN/Opinion Research Center poll follows the lead of other recent polling from Rasmussen, Public Policy Polling, and Gallup to put Rick Perry at the top of the GOP field with a rather substantial lead: A new national survey is further proof that Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s entrance earlier this month into the race […]

When Is A Candidate’s Religious Faith A Political Issue?


Is it every appropriate to ask candidates about their religious faith? In some cases, yes it is.

Rick Perry: Social Security Is “A Monstrous Lie”

Rick Perry at Podium1

Rick Perry placed his cowboy boots firmly on the third rail of American politics.

Starbuck and Starbuck in a Starbucks


Dirk Benedict, who played Lt. Starbuck in the classic Battlestar Galactica, with Katee Sackhoff, who played Kara “Starbuck” Thrace in the modern Battlestar Galactica, in a Starbucks coffee shop.

Michele Bachmann: Hurricane Irene A Message From God, Or Something


Apparently, Michele Bachmann thinks that Hurricane Irene was some kind of message from her God: She hailed the tea party as being common-sense Americans who understand government shouldn’t spend more than it takes in, know they’re taxed enough already and want government to abide by the Constitution. “I don’t know how much God has to […]

Religious Extremism in America


What are the contours of “mainstream” religious thought in today’s America?

Colin Powell Shoots Back At Dick Cheney Over Book


Back during the days of the George H.W. Bush Administration, Colin Powell and Dick Cheney were colleagues. Cheney was Secretary of Defense and Powell as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and, along with President Bush, they successfully guided the United States through its largest military engagement since the end of the Vietnam War. […]

Was Irene Overhyped?


Now that the storm has passed, the media is being accused of over-hyping Hurricane Irene.

Next Step Towards new PM for Japan


Via the BBC:  Yoshihiko Noda wins Japan leadership race Noda won the contest to be the leader of the governing party, the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) and is expected to be confirmed as PM tomorrow. Noda was the Finance Minister in outgoing Prime Minister Kan’s cabinet.

George Will: Dick Cheney Owes Apology for Iraq War


My local ABC affiliate decided to preempt “This Week” yesterday morning so they could spend the hour discussing the fact that it had rained really hard the day before and some tree limbs were down. So I missed George Will criticizing Dick Cheney for what’s not in his new book: Five hundred and sixty five […]

OTB Caption Contest


Time for the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM

OTB Latenight — Joe Walsh

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