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I Bet the Florida GOP Feels So Very, Very Chastised


Given the serious media attention that Florida has received over the last week or so, and given that Florida’s primary is going to be discussed as being decisively important for probably most of the month of February, I am betting that the state’s GOP leadership is actually quite pleased that it decided to buck the […]

The Media, The Establishment, and Expensive Negative Commercials Beat Gingrich


Well, that’s at least what Newt is going to say after tonight (Via The Hill): With 68 percent of precincts reporting, Romney led Newt Gingrich 47 percent to 31 percent. Former Sen. Rick Santorum came in third with 13 percent and Rep. Ron Paul was last with 7 percent. I, for one, find the attacks […]

OTB Caption Contest Winners


The GOP Balloon Release Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Iowa GOP Chairman Resigns After Caucus Counting Disaster


he rather incompetently handled aftermath of the Iowa Caucuses has claimed a victim: DES MOINES – The chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa announced his resignation on Tuesday after mounting pressure over his handling of the results of the caucuses that kicked off the presidential nominating process this month. The chairman, Matthew N. Strawn, […]

Another Round Of Hand-Wringing Over “Negative Campaigns”


Once again, the punditocracy is bemoaning the rise of so-called “negative campaigning.”

Stephen Colbert’s Joke Super PAC Tops $1 Million


Stephen Colbert’s super PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, has raised a little over a million dollars.

Federal Workers Overpaid, Say Federal Workers at CBO


Employees of the US Federal Government earn substantially more in salary and benefits than their private sector comparables.

A Final Florida Preview


Voting has started in the biggest primary to date.

Gingrich Sets The Terms Of Debates He’ll Never Participate In

Gingrich Debate

Wrapping up a campaign in Florida that seems likely to end in a big defeat, Newt Gingrich went back to his old habit of attacking the media: With his poll numbers lagging in Florida, Newt Gingrich returned Monday to his tried-and-true offensive against the media, declaring that if he’s the Republican nominee, he will not […]

Record Unemployment in the Eurozone


Via the BBC:  Eurozone unemployment hits new record The jobless rate in the 17 countries that use the single currency was 10.4% in December, unchanged from November’s figure which was revised up from 10.3%. Some 16.5 million people were out of work in the eurozone in December, up 751,000 on the year before. The highest […]

Perry Burned Through A Ton Of Cash


By the time he dropped out of the Presidential race two weeks ago, Rick Perry had apparently spent nearly all the money he’d raised: Texas Gov. Rick Perry burned through the bulk of a once-sizable campaign war chest late last year in what became an increasingly desperate attempt to right his listing — and ultimately […]

Signs Of A Big Romney Win In Florida


Mitt Romney seems headed for a big, and important, victory tomorrow in Florida.

Aid Group Alleges Torture In Libyan Prisons


The well-respected aid group Doctors Without Borders is suspending its work in the jails in the city of Mistrata based on what it calls evidence of widespread torture taking place right under the new regimes nose: BENGHAZI, Libya — Doctors Without Borders has suspended its work in prisons in the Libyan city of Misrata because […]

Old People Should Resign Forthwith


Lucy Kellaway figures the best thing we middle agers can do for the young is to get the hell out of their way.

ObamaCare, The Catholic Church, And Religious Liberty


Requiring a religious institution to comply with civilian laws is not a violation of religious liberty.

Santorum Exit Wouldn’t Help Gingrich


NBC poll shows no bounce for Newt Gingrich is Rick Santorum quits the race

Newt Gingrich In 2009: Hey, That Individual Mandate Is A Great Idea!

Gingrich Debate

Newt Gingrich spent much of yesterday making his case against Mitt Romney on the grounds that Romney’s history with the Massachusetts health care reform plan would make it impossible for him to draw real distinctions between himself and President Obama on the issue of health care. As it turns out, though, Romney isn’t the only […]

Gingrich Likely to Fight on After Florida Debacle

Newt Gingrich

An epic collapse in Florida should spell the end of Newt Gingrich’s presidential run. It won’t.

Warren Buffett’s Taxes Probably Won’t Increase Under The “Buffett Rule”


The Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman explains why: Billionaire Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett is once again thrilling the political class by volunteering other people to pay higher taxes. Long-time observers recall his opposition to former President George W. Bush’s efforts to reduce the tax rate on dividends. Since Berkshire pays no dividends, Mr. Buffett […]

Obama Presidency Still Polarizing, Bipartisanship Still Dead


American politics is as polarized as ever, and it shows no signs of changing regardless of who wins in November.

Santorum’s Daughter Improving


Apparently, some good news from the Santorum family: PUNTA GORDA, Fla. — Rick Santorum said Sunday night that his daughter Bella has experienced a “miraculous turnaround” since being diagnosed with pneumonia earlier in the weekend. On a telephone town hall for Florida voters, the former Pennsylvania senator said doctors predict that the 3-year-old will be […]

Dumb Things Party Chairman Say


Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Pirebus made a joke on Face The Nation yesterday, unfortunately it was neither funny nor in good taste: (CNN) – The chairman of the Republican National Committee unveiled his latest attack on President Barack Obama on Sunday, comparing him to the captain of the wrecked Costa Concordia cruise ship. When […]

Gingrich Outspent In Florida By Up To $12,000,000


In the end, Newt Gingrich never really had a chance in the media war in  Florida: Newt Gingrich has been outspent on the Florida airwaves by a nearly $12 million margin, according to a source monitoring the Sunshine State ad war. Through Friday, the Romney campaign and the super PAC Restore Our Future had spent […]

Headline Reaction (That Doesn’t Sound Good Edition)

Via the the BBC:  Testicular zap ‘may stop sperm’. Some things just oughtn’t be zapped.

OTB Caption Contest


Time for the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM

For Some Reason, Newt Gingrich Wants To Make Character An Issue


Bad Newt is back.

Mitt Romney’s Bizarre View Of The U.S-Israeli Relationship

U.S. Israeli Flags

Mitt Romney’s view of the ideal relationship between the United States and Israel is, at the very least. quite odd, and, potentially, dangerous.

Sarah Palin: Attacks On Gingrich Are Stalinist And “Alinskyite”


Sarah Palin isn’t running for President, and she hasn’t officially endorsed anyone, but that hasn’t stopped her from putting her thumb on the scale.

Romney Campaign Will Not Withdraw Ad Featuring Brokaw Clip


As James Joyner noted this morning, NBC and Tom Brokaw have both objected to an anti-Gingrich ad put out by the Romney campaign that includes a clip of Tom Brokaw reporting on Newt Gingrich’s ethics issues while speaker. The Romney camp said this morning that they would not be withdrawing the ad: Eric Fehrnstrom, Mitt […]

Romney Holds A Strong Lead As Florida Heads To Final Days


Mitt Romney seems poised for victory in Florida.

Santorum’s Daughter Hospitalized


Rick Santorum will be taking the day off the campaign trail to deal with family medical issues: Rick Santorum has canceled his Sunday morning campaign appearances because his young daughter has been admitted to the hospital in Philadelphia, a spokesman for Santorum said. “Rick and his wife Karen are admitting their daughter Bella to Children’s […]

Mitt Romney Richer Than Most Presidents


Romney would rank among richest presidents ever

Brokaw Objects To Romney Anti-Gingrich Ad with Old NBC Footage


Tom Brokaw isn’t happy with Mitt Romney’s latest ad, which use of a 1997 NBC news report on Newt Gingrich’s ethics.

OTB Caption Contest Winners


The Employer In Chief Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Quote Of The Day: Everybody Hates Newt Edition

House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Senate Majority Leader Robert Dole joke with reporters November 13 a..

This conversation is apocryphal, but if you close your eyes and go back in time in 1995, you can almost believe this conversation took place: Why do people take such an instant dislike to me?” asked a perplexed Gingrich, to whom Dole bluntly explained: “Because it saves them time.” H/T: Andrew Sullivan

New Twitter Policy Leads To Misguided Cries Of Censorship


Censorship or sound business practice?

The Impeachment Crisis Of 2015?

Capitol Building Daytime 1

Could things possibly get worse on Capitol Hill? Grover Norquist seems to relish the possibility.

The Truth About The So-Called “Buffett Rule”


On it’s own, the so-called “Buffett Rule” is unlikely to do much to reduce the deficit.

Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio Warn Republicans On Losing Hispanic Voters


Two prominent Florida Republicans are warning their party about losing the support of the nation’s fastest growing ethnic group.

Senate To Force Vote On Buffett Rule? But, Wouldn’t That Be Unconstitutional?


Greg Sargent reports that some Senate Democrats are considering trying to force their Republican colleagues to take a vote on President Obama’s so-called “Buffett Rule,” which he described in his State Of The Union Address as a guarantee that no person earning more than a million dollars a year would pay taxes at a rate […]

National Park Service Tells OccupyDC It’s Time To Go

FireShot Pro Screen Capture #327 - 'Congress probes Occupy DC camp at McPherson Square I Washington Examiner' - washingtonexaminer_com_local_blogs_capital-land_2012_01_live-updates-congress-probes-occupy-dc-camp-mcpherson-square_212917

After months of complaints from city residents, business owners, and Members of Congress, the National Park Service is finally going to enforce the rules against overnight camping in McPherson Park: After four months in McPherson Park, the National Park Service says the camp-out is over. On Friday, the Park Service began distributing flyers to demonstrators […]

Former Aides Say Ron Paul Signed Off On Racist Newsletters

Ron Paul newsletter masthead

Yet more revelations about Ron Paul’s newsletters.

GDP Growth 2.8% In 4th Quarter: Not Great, Not Good, Barely Okay


Another weak GDP report that portends stagnation ahead.

Jurassic Newt


If you thought that Newt Gingrich’s idea for a Moon Base that eventually becomes an American state was a bit wacky, back in the 90s the former Speaker was talking about resurrecting the dinosaurs: The former House speaker has long been known for his boyish enthusiasm for subjects like dinosaurs, zoos and outer space. And […]

The Birthers Go Down To Georgia


You thought the birthers went away? Silly you.

Romney Fights, Gingrich Falters In Final Florida Debate

GOP Debate Jan 26

It was another big night for Mitt Romney. A night that may just have helped him lock up the Florida Primary.

Son Of Secretary Of Transportation Barred From Leaving Egypt


The son of Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood is among a group of Americans who are being barred from leaving Egypt: CAIRO — The Egyptian authorities have blocked the son of a United States cabinet member and at least five other American employees of two Washington-backed nongovernmental organizations from leaving Egypt in an apparent escalation […]

Heading Into Crucial Debate, Romney Has Florida Momentum


Right now the situation in Florida is Advantage: Romney. But, will it last after tonight’s debate?

The Jan Brewer/Barack Obama Incident: The Video

Barack Obama, Jan Brewer

It doesn’t necessarily add very much to what we’ve already heard about what happen, but the Associated Press has released video of President Obama’s arrival in Arizona yesterday, and his encounter on the tarmac with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. Unfortunately, the  President’s limosene was between the cameraman and where the President or Governor were standing […]

Barney Frank Marrying Jim Ready


Barney Frank is marrying a dude, further proving just how gay he is.

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