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Mexico set to Elect its Next President


Via the BBC:  Mexico election: Presidential candidates end campaigns PRI candidate Enrique Pena Nieto, who has a big lead in the polls, held a final rally in his home state. Rivals Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of the PRD and Josefina Vazquez Mota of the governing PAN also addressed thousands of their supporters. Mexicans will also […]

Curtailing Political Speech in Venezuela


Via the BBC:  Anti-Chavez Venezuelan TV Globovision pays $2.1m fine A Venezuelan news channel highly critical of President Hugo Chavez has paid a $2.1m (£1.3m) fine for its coverage of a prison riot a year ago. The move comes a day after the Supreme Court placed a seizure order on assets belonging to Globovision worth […]

Paraguay Suspended from MERCOSUR Over Lugo Impeachment


Via the BBC:  Mercosur suspends Paraguay over Lugo impeachment The presidents of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay said Paraguay would remain outside the bloc until the next presidential election in April. But at the end of a two-day summit in Argentina they decided not to impose sanctions on Paraguay. […] Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner […]

Mursi Sworn in as Egyptian President


However, he and his party have hardly taken over.

OTB Caption Contest Winners


The Stretching The Truth Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Gallup Poll: Americans Divided On Supreme Court ObamaCare Ruling


Gallup is out with the first poll of public reaction to yesterday’s Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act, and while I will caution everyone to keep in mind that this a “flash” poll, meaning that it is only measuring immediate reactions, and that it is a poll of “Adults” rather that registered or […]

Don’t Try to Have It All: Just Live With Your Choices


My latest for The Atlantic continues the debate over work-life balance spawned by Anne-Marie Slaughter’s cover story “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All.”

Egyptian President-Elect Wants Plotter Of First WTC Attack Freed


Well, this is a disturbing development: CAIRO — President-elect Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood pre-empted the military’s choreographed swearing-in ceremony by taking his oath of office a day early in a televised speech to hundreds of thousands of supporters in Tahrir Square on Friday. But his rousing tribute to Egyptian sovereignty may be overshadowed by a […]

Verrilli Vindicated


In the wake of March’s oral arguments on the PPACA cases, Solicitor General Donald Verrilli received a lot of condemnation, mostly from the left, for what many perceived to be a sub-par performance before the High Court. Yesterday, he received some vindication: WASHINGTON — The first call President Obama made after learning that the Supreme Court had […]

Yes, The GOP Can, And Likely Will, Repeal ObamaCare in 2013 If They Win In November

Capitol Buidling Dayime2

If the GOP wins in November, there will be very few actual barriers in the way if they really want to repeal the PPACA.

A Silly Response to the SCOTUS Ruling. No Exaggeration


There have been a number of what can only be described as ridiculous over-reactions to yesterday’s ruling by partisan commentators.  Here’s a tweet from Ben Shapiro: This is the greatest destruction of individual liberty since Dred Scott. This is the end of America as we know it. No exaggeration. Yup, no hyperbole there.  This is […]

The Janet Jackson “Wardrobe Malfunction” Case Is Finally Over, Eight Years Later


More than eight years after the nation was apparently traumatized by a momentary glimpse of Janet Jackson’s bare breast, the F.C.C.’s efforts to fine CBS-TV and others for the incident have finally come to an end: More than eight years after the broadcast of perhaps the most controversial 9/16ths of a second in TV history, the […]

Charlie Cook: Ignore The Electoral College Math

Nightmare Scenario

In his latest National Jounral column, Charlie Cook argues that we shouldn’t be paying as much attention to the electoral math as many pundits like to do: The simple fact is that our nation has had 56 presidential elections. In 53 of them (94.6 percent), the winner in the Electoral College also happened to be the […]

Did Roberts Contradict Himself On The Tax Issue?

law gavel

Is there a logical flaw in the way Chief Justice Roberts addressed the tax issue in his opinion? Not really.

How Much Did SCOTUS Limit The Commerce Clause?


So, we’re safe from that broccoli mandate, right?

The Roberts ObamaCare Decision: The Epitome Of Judicial Restraint

Chief Justice John Roberts

In his ruling on the ObamaCare cases, Chief Justices Roberts reached back to a judicial philosophy with roots in men like Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. and Felix Frankfurter.

A Different Take On The Roberts “Switched Vote” Hypothesis

Supreme Court Justices

There is another explanation for the sometimes confusing nature of the dissent in the ObamaCare case.

A Note on Switching Votes on the SCOTUS

Supreme Court Building

If Roberts did switch his vote, it should not be considered odd.

Repeal and the Mechanisms of American Government

Romney Repeal

Electing Romney hardly means repeal of the PPACA, even if he will make it sound that way.

The Political Impact Of The Supreme Court’s Health Care Ruling

Obama Romney 3

Who benefits from the Supreme Court’s ObamaCare ruling?

Supreme Court Ruling Brings $4.2 Million Into Romney’s Coffers


The Supreme Court’s ruling on the Affordable Care Act was something of a fundraising bonanza for the Romney campaign: Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign has raised $4.2 million since the Supreme Court ruled President Obama’s healthcare law is constitutional. Romney started raising funds immediately after the decision, and in a post on Twitter his campaign spokeswoman said […]

Did Roberts Switch Vote on ObamaCare Ruling?

Supreme Court Justices 2

Either the majority and dissenting opinions in NFIB v. Sebelius were among the sloppiest in Supreme Court history or the Chief Justice switched sides at the 11th hour.

The Perils of Insta-News


Via The Ticket:  ‘Mandate struck down’: ‘Dewey Defeats Truman’ moment for CNN, Fox News Moments after the 193-page ruling was released by the court, several media outlets–including CNN and Fox News–erroneously reported on-air that the mandate had been struck down. “BREAKING NEWS: INDIVIDUAL MANDATE STRUCK DOWN,” CNN’s on-screen scroll blared. “Supreme Court finds measure unconstitutional.” […]

House Of Representatives Holds Eric Holder In Contempt

Capitol Building Dusk

Congress has found Eric Holder to be in contempt. I am not entirely sure what that accomplishes.

The Supreme Court’s New Limits On The Commerce Power


While it upheld the Affordable Care Act today, the Supreme Court also placed some clear limits on Congressional power. That’s a good thing.

More Troubling Economic Signs

Economy Heartbeat

Lost amid the news coverage of the Supreme Court was another round of troubling economic statistics from the government: U.S. consumer spending and export growth were not as robust as previously believed in the first quarter, suggesting less momentum in the economy. The Commerce Department confirmed on Thursday that the economy grew at a 1.9 […]

Can The GOP Deliver On Its Promise To Repeal ObamaCare? And What’s The Replacement?

Romney Repeal

The Republican strategy on health care in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision needs some tweaking.

Taxing vs Regulating


Chief Justice Roberts: “Although the breadth of Congress’s power to tax is greater than its power to regulate commerce, the taxing power does not give Congress the same degree of control over individual behavior.”

Obama Claims Victory In Supreme Court


Not surprisingly, the President was quite pleased with the Supreme Court’s decision on his signature piece of domestic legislation: (CNN) – President Barack Obama applauded the Supreme Court’s decision Thursday to uphold his controversial health care reform legislation, which has endured relentless debate since it was signed into law in 2010. Speaking in the East Room […]

Romney Reacts To SCOTUS Ruling: I’ll Do What The Justices Didn’t


Mitt Romney didn’t directly criticize the Supreme Court’s decision upholding the Constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act in his statement reacting to the decision, instead he used it as opportunity to renew his pledge to repeal the law when he becomes President: Washington (CNN)- Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate who has long pledged to repeal […]

Obama’s ‘Dewey Beats Truman’ Headline


Obama holds up “MANDATE STRUCK DOWN” headline from CNN in “DEWEY BEATS TRUMAN” photoshop

SCOTUS Upholds ObamaCare Mandate As Tax Even Though It’s Not a Tax


Chief Justice Roberts sided with a majority in upholding the individual mandate and, indeed, all but some trivial portions of the Affordable Care Act.

Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Care Act In Its Entirety


Thanks to a surprising decision by Chief Justice Roberts, the Affordable Care Act has survived the Constitutional challenges against it.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Stolen Valor Act


The US Supreme Court has struck down the Stolen Valor Act, which made it a federal crime to lie about military honors, on free speech grounds.

The 2012 Election And The Future Of The Supreme Court

Supreme Court Justices 2

Regardless of how the Court rules on the Affordable Care Act, the upcoming election has the potential to reshape the Court for decades to come.

Obama, Romney Neck-And-Neck In Three States


NBC News and Marist are out with a new round of swing state polling with some interesting, surprising results: A new round of NBC News-Marist polls shows President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney running almost neck-and-neck in three key battleground states, with Obama holding a slight advantage in Michigan and North Carolina, and the […]

SCOTUS Decision Day

Supreme Court Building

For better or worse, the Supreme Court will be handing down its decision in the Affordable Care Act cases today. I covered the Supreme Court arguments back in March in a preview post, as well as a summary of the arguments over the applicability of the Anti Injunction Act on Day One, the Constitutionality of the mandate on Day Two, and the issue of severability on […]

Gas Prices Set To Fall Below $3.00/Gallon, GOP Not So Suprisingly Silent


As gas prices fall, the politics of fuel prices are changing.

OTB Caption Contest


Time for the Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM

Politician Upset DVRs Allow Viewers To Skip Political Commericials


The longest serving member of the House Of Representatives is apparently upset that modern technology allows people to ignore people like him: Add Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., to the list of people who don’t like the new commercial-skipping function, known as “the Hopper,” on Dish Network’s new DVR. Fox, NBC and CBS are suing Dish Network […]

Monkey Hookers Screw OTB Servers


Our apologies for the site sluggishness and comment weirdness over the past few hours. A July 2008 post on monkey sex improbably made it to the front page of Reddit, generating roughly half a day’s traffic per hour and, thus far, 921 Facebook likes. As of this writing, we’re still ranked #13 and have generated […]

A Different Take On Fast & Furious

ATF Logo With Guns

A Fortune Magazine investigation puts a new spin on Operation Fast And Furious, but questions still remain.

Queen Elizabeth Meets Former IRA Commander

Royal visit to Northern Ireland - Day 2

Twenty years ago, the idea of the Queen of England meeting with a Commander of the Irish Republican Army would’ve been unthinkable, but times do change: BELFAST, Northern Ireland — In a moment of heady symbolism that would once have seemed unthinkable, Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s head of state, shook hands on Wednesday with Martin McGuinness, a onetime commander […]

Justice Scalia’s Odd Dissent In Arizona v. United States

Antonin Scalia

Justice Scaiia’s dissent in Arizona v. United States included many odd forays into areas that had nothing to do with the case before him.

Creative Class Myth Debunked?


Does talent spawn growth? Or does growth attract talent?

Debunking The Fast & Furious Gun Control Conspiracy


There’s no evidence that Fast & Furious, whatever it was, was a conspiracy to lobby for tighter gun control laws.

Poll: Obama Better Able To Deal With Alien Attack


According to a new poll commissioned by National Geographic, a majority of Americans (65%) believe Barack Obama would be better equipped to deal with an invasion by extraterrestrials than Mitt Romney. Funny, I thought they’d pick this guy:

Is It Worth Paying For a Yale Education?


Men who graduate elite universities earn an additional $107,000 lifetime. It costs $234,440 to get a Yale degree.

NRA Pressure Likely To Lead Some Democrats To Hold Holder In Contempt


Last week, the National Rifle Association announced that it would be “scoring” this weeks House vote on whether to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt, meaning that it will become part of the legislative score that the organization releases on an annual basis. Because of this, speculation has increased that a not insignificant number […]

Is The Supreme Court A “Threat” To Democracy? Of Course Not

Supreme Court Justices 2

In advance of tomorrow’s ruling, some pundits on the left are displaying some very odd views on the role of the law in American politics.

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