Ted Cruz Wins Texas GOP Senate Runoff

As expected, Tea Party backed insurgent candidate Ted Cruz has defeated Texas Lt. Governor Ted Dewhurst to win the Republican nomination to replace Kay Bailey Hutchinson in the United States Senate: Former state solicitor general Ted Cruz, a tea party-aligned conservative once regarded as a long-shot candidate, has won the Republican runoff in Texas, where he […]

Michael Phelps Breaks Olympic Medal Record; Greatest Olympian Ever?

Michael Phelps today won his 18th and 19th Olympic medal, breaking the old record held by gymnast Larysa Latynina. Does this make him the greatest ever?

Revenge Of The RINOs?: Moderate Republicans In Congress Starting To Rebel

Moderate Republicans in the House are starting to become more assertive in voicing their frustrations with how Congress is operating.

Will The Negative Press From Romney’s Foreign Tour Matter In November?

Romney’s foreign tour didn’t go quite as well as planned, but it’s unclear how much the minor gaffes will actually matter.

Colorado Shootings Had Little Impact On Public Opinion On Gun Laws

A new Pew Research Center poll indicates that the shooting in Aurora, Colorado has had no discernible impact in public opinion regarding gun rights and gun control: A new poll shows Americans views on gun control unchanged after the movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colo. earlier this month, with the public almost evenly split on the need for […]

Romney Praises Israeli Health Care System

Since Israel’s system is far more “socialist” by American rhetorical standards, I am not sure what his point was.

Romney VP Announcement App

So, Mitt Romney is going to give first notice of his vice presidential selection to those who download a smart phone app. The Hill (“Romney campaign to announce VP selection via smartphone app“): Mitt Romney’s campaign announced Tuesday that supporters can sign up to be the first to learn of the presumptive Republican nominee’s vice […]

Romney Press Aide Loses His Cool In Poland

Mitt Romney’s Press aide Rick Gurka had a run in with the press today just before the candidate’s speech in Warsaw: Warsaw, Poland (CNN) - The traveling press secretary for Mitt Romney lost his cool and cursed at reporters who attempted to ask questions of the Republican presidential candidate in a public plaza near the Tomb […]

Obama Related To The First Slave?

The people at Ancestry.com say that they’ve traced Barack Obama’s family tree back eleven generations and found a link to the first documented slave in the American colonies: The narrative of President Obama’s family embedded in the American psyche gained a new layer this week as a team of genealogists found evidence that he is most […]

Garbage: The Newest Economic Indicator?

Chris Cillizza passes along this interesting chart from Michael McDonough, an economist currently working for Deutsche Bank, that compares the volume of trash in the United States with Gross Domestic Product: It’s certainly an interesting correlation, and as Cillizza notes, the current direction of the carloads of waste line does not bode well for GDP. It […]

Three Million People Still Use AOL Dial-Up

Unbelievably, there are still three million people subscribed to America Online’s dial-up service: The headline from AOL’s earnings report this week is that its turnaround as a digital media and advertising company is slowly starting to show progress. But did you know that AOL still has 3 million dialup “access” subscribers — generating a third of the company’s revenue […]

Power Outages Leave 600 Million In India In The Dark

For the second day in a row, massive power outages have struck wide areas in India: (AP) NEW DELHI – India’s energy crisis spread over half the country Tuesday when both its eastern and northern electricity grids collapsed, leaving 600 million people without power in one of the world’s biggest-ever blackouts. The power failure has […]

Democrats To Add Same-Sex Marriage Plank To 2012 Platform

The Democratic Party will put support for legalization of same-sex marriage in the platform to be approved at the convention in Charlotte: WASHINGTON — A Democratic Party source confirmed to The Huffington Post that the party will include a plank supporting marriage equality in its official platform at the upcoming convention. The news, first reported by […]

Mitt Romney’s Path To Electoral College Victory Is Still Very Narrow

Mitt Romney faces an uphill battle in trying to get to that magic number of 270 Electoral Votes.

Romney: I’ve Been Audited

In an interview with ABC News, Mitt Romney admitted that he had been the subject of a tax audit in the past: Muir: You are here on what some have termed your world audition and democrats, not surprisingly, continue to hammer you back home on taxes, you remain firm two years and two years only. So […]

Ted Cruz Likely To Get Texas GOP Senate Nod

Some two months ago, Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst failed to receive 50% of the vote in Texas’s GOP Senate primary for the seat held by the retiring Kay Bailey Hutchinson. This sent  him into a runoff with former State Solicitor General and Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz. While Dewhurst lead Cruz by ten percentage […]

Photos Of The Day: Ron Paul Supporters Greet Romney In Poland

Mitt Romney arrived in Poland this morning, and CBS News reporter Bonny Kapp shared this photo on Twitter of Romney staffers trying to block a Ron Paul sign as Romney walked through Gdanask: Buzzfeed’s Rosie Gray shares another photo: You never know where you’ll find a Paul supporter, apparently.

NBC’s 20th Century Olympics Coverage In A 21st Century World

NBC’s Olympic coverage doesn’t necessarily recognize the realities of social networking and the 24 hour news cycle.

2012: An Election About Nothing

Neither Romney nor Obama are running on policy; rather, they’re trying to persuade people the other guy would be even worse.

Romney Wimp Factor: Newsweek’s Tired Trope

Mitt Romney is no more of a wimp than George H.W. Bush or John Kerry.

Peter Orszag: The Only Way To Save The Postal Service Is To Privatize it

The President’s former Budget Director joins the ranks of those calling for Postal privatization.

Mississippi Church Refuses To Marry Black Couple

A Baptist Church in Mississippi is finding itself the focus of controversy for refusing to marry an African-American couple: A Jackson couple had their wedding rehearsal last week, two days before their scheduled big day at the Crystal Springs church where they were planning to get married. But the couple’s dream of exchanging vows in the […]

Newport Beach Bills Obama and Romney for Fundraiser Security

Who should bear the cost of extra policing for candidate events?

Bill Clinton To Have Prominent Role At The Democratic Convention

Banking on the fact that he remains wildly popular with Democrats and in the nation as a whole, the DNC will give former President Clinton a very prominent role at the convention in Charlotte: (CBS News) Former President Bill Clinton will have a major role in this year’s Democratic Convention and will speak on Wednesday […]

Is SiteMeter Finally Dead?

I’ve been using SiteMeter since the earliest days* of OTB, going back to February 4, 2003. There have been some glitches from time to time over the years but, for the most part, it’s done a good job of tracking visits in real time.  It’s been down for three days now and, given that their […]

Mike Bloomberg Creating A Literal Nanny State

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg seems to quite literally to turn the Big Apple into a Nanny State: Mayor Bloomberg is pushing hospitals to hide their baby formula behind locked doors so more new mothers will breast-feed. Starting Sept. 3, the city will keep tabs on the number of bottles that participating hospitals stock and […]

Is Algebra Hurting America?

Andrew Hacker argues that, while quantitative skills are “critical for informed citizenship and personal finance,” making kids master algebra to graduate high school has disastrous consequences.

Juxtaposition of the Day

Currently sitting atop Yahoo’s most popular stories:   I am not, by the way, suggesting that the two stories are linked, I just found the two together to be a eye-catching. The top story is worth noting, sadly, because it is a reminder that deep racism still exists in some places in the US.

Apparently,Originalism is More Subtle than it Sounds…

..because apparently we can apply a modern definition of “arms” to the constitution, but not modern understandings of the word “citizens.”

Are Opponents Of Same-Sex Marriage Bigots?

The fact that someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they’re evil

White House Banned Reporters From Tweeting Biden’s Remarks

Apropos of the news about Romney closing the press out of a fundraiser in Israel, a decision which has since been reversed, I’m reminded of this story from earlier this week:  Vice President Joe Biden will take questions from reporters on a White House press call today, and as has been the case in the past, the […]

Israel Is America’s Greatest Espionage Threat In The Mid-East?

According to a new report, the CIA considers Israel to be an espionage threat.

Virginia Veterans ID Card

Virginia has been offering ID cards to military veterans to make it easier to prove that they’re military veterans for months now.

Dick Cheney: Picking Palin For VP Was A Mistake

Former Vice-President Dick Cheney spoke with ABC’s Jonathan Karl in the first interview since his heart transplant, and had some advice for Mitt Romney on picking a Vice-President that boils down to don’t do what John McCain did: Dick Cheney has some advice for Mitt Romney on choosing a running mate:  Don’t pick another Sarah Palin. […]

Inkblot, RIP

A sad update to the story of Kevin Drum’s missing cat, which James Joyner wrote about Friday: I hate to write this post, but all of you have been part of Inkblot’s life for so long that I can hardly not do it. One of our neighbors saw the flyers we posted around the neighborhood […]

Enrollment Drops In Nation’s Largest School Districts, Educators Still Wedded To The Past

As public education continues to wallow in the past, some parents are looking elsewhere for alternatives.

Using Twitter To Track Pandemics?

A new study raises some interesting possibilities for the use of social media to track and predict public health threats: Any person who’s feeling a little under the weather knows that some of the best medicine is sympathy. And where better to find tons of sympathy than from your social media group. Type in “#feelingsick” to […]

Romney Bans Press From Private Fundraiser; Press Upset

The Romney campaign has hurt the press corps’ feelings.

Report: James Holmes Claims He Doesn’t Know Why He’s In Jail

James Holmes is apparently telling his jailers that he doesn’t know why he’s in jail: James Holmes, the suspected shooter in last week’s movie theater massacre, has told his Colorado jailers he doesn’t know why he’s locked behind bars, the Daily News reports. But no one at the Arapahoe County Detention Center is buying Holmes’ […]

NBC Cuts Tribute To 7/7 Terrorist Attack Victims From Opening Ceremony Coverage

While I generally tend to agree with Kevin Drum that last night’s Olympics Opening Ceremonies were, well, bizarre, I think it was pretty bad for NBC to cut from its coverage a memorial to the victims of the July 7, 2005 terrorist attacks in London: The major transitional element of today’s London Olympics opening ceremony […]

Chick-Fil-A, Amazon.com, And Tolerating The Opinions Of Those Who Disagree With You

Sometimes, we just ought to accept the fact that people have disagreements when it comes to hot-button social issues.

Taking Romney and the GOP to Task on the UK Trip and Foreign Policy

Disseting the Romney visit to the UK and musing about the state of GOP foreign policy views.

Federal Judge: Private Employers Cannot Be Forced To Cover Contraceptives In Violation Of Religious Beliefs

An important ruling on the Obama Administration’s contraceptive coverage mandate from a Judge in Colorado.

Claire McCaskill Far Behind In Missouri Senate Polls

As things stand now, the GOP looks to stand a pretty good chance of picking up a Senate seat in Missouri: Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) trails all three of her potential Republican rivals, according to a new survey conducted for two Missouri news outlets, cementing her status as this cycle’s most vulnerable incumbent. Businessman John Brunner (R) holds the […]

BREAKING: Olympics Opened Hours Ago

Why the hell is CNN—which purports to be a news organization—pretending that NBC is live casting the Olympics?

People In DC Swear More At Work–Goddamn Right We Do

Some [expletive deleted] survey says that swearing at work is bad, even though almost everyone surveyed admits swearing at work.

Churchill Bust Mystery Solved: There Are Two Of Them!

Jake Tapper at ABCNews adds a new twist to the mystery of the bust of Winston Churchill: Like a plot twist in a sitcom, IT TURNS OUT THERE ARE TWO CHURCHILL BUSTS!!!!! The one in the White House Residence was a gift to the White House from the British Embassy during the Nixon administration. The […]

Inkblot, MIA

Kevin Drum has been writing about his cat, Inkblot, most every Friday for the last decade. Sadly, he’s been missing since Tuesday night.

Report: Colorado Shooter James Holmes Was Under Psychiatric Treatment

In a not entirely surprising report, it appears that the man who shot up a theater in Aurora, Colorado last week had been under the treatment of a psychiatrist: Shooting suspect James Holmes was seeing a psychiatrist at the University of Colorado-Denver, where he was a first-year graduate student in neuroscience, according to court documents released Friday. […]

It’s Okay to Lie About Politics But Not Breakfast Spreads

Why do we hold Nutella to a higher truth standard than our presidential candidates?

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