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Via WSFA:  Roby: "Breathtaking arrogance" from Democratic Senate leadership. Martha Roby (R-AL02) issued a statement this evening that read, in part, the following: Tonight the House again acted to keep the government open and to protect the American People from the harmful and unfair effects of ObamaCare. […] Acting on this commonsense package would avoid […]

Just Because I Need to Say it

A budget deadline is not the appropriate place to try and leverage major legislative change.  Further, playing with people’s jobs and the health of the economy (even if for a brief period of time) is not the actions of a party that takes governing seriously.  There has to be a point wherein the Republicans recognize […]

Houses Passes Third Anti-Obamacare CR, Which Senate Quickly Rejects

As I write this, there are just under two hours left until the authority of the Federal Government to spend money expires and we’re no closer to a resolution than we were when the day started: The House and Senate continued their game of ping-pong late Monday as the federal government lurched toward a shutdown. […]

More Evidence Of The Political Risk To The GOP In A Shutdown

With just hours to go, the Republicans on Capitol Hill seem prepared to take a big political risk.

Third House Continuing Resolution To Take Yet Another Run At Obamacare

Despite having two previous attempts to chip away at the Affordable Care Act rejected by the Senate, House Republican plan to make yet another attempt this evening as the clock winds down to a likely government shutdown: With just hours to go until the government shuts down, House Republicans will try to pass a bill […]

Senate Rejects House Continuing Resolution

To the surprise of nobody, the Senate has rejected the Continuing Resolution that the House passed on Saturday night on a strict party-line vote: Congress took another step toward a government shutdown Monday as the Senate voted 54-46 to strip language from a House funding bill that delayed ObamaCare by a year. Senate Democrats called […]

Check Your Email, Break The Law

If there’s a shutdown, Federal workers will be forbidden from checking their email: You know those vacations where you say you’re not checking your e-mail, but everyone knows you’re lying? Well, when federal employees go off the grid, they mean it. In the event of a government shutdown — just 12 hours to go until the deadline […]

CNN Cancels Hillary Clinton Documentary

A planned documentary about Hillary Clinton that had aroused much controversy among Republicans will not be going forward: CNN is canceling a documentary about Hillary Rodham Clinton after its director withdrew because of push back from the potential 2016 presidential candidate’s inner circle and the Republican National Committee. Director Charles Ferguson wrote in a Huffington Post […]

Breaking Bad Series Finale Open Thread (Spoilers)

My basic position as soon as it ended was satisfaction, which is probably the best compliment one can deploy for a series finale, especially for a series such as this that was clearly aiming to tell a complete story from the get-go.  While the dramatic zenith of the season was Ozymandias, two episodes prior, Felina […]

Poll: GOP Bears Biggest Political Risk In Shutdown

The GOP seems perfectly fine with risking a shutdown, even though polling shows they’d pay the biggest price for it.

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Lane Kiffin Fired – Who Will Hire Him Next?

The Miley Cyrus of college football will be back too soon.

Will The GOP Back Away From Using The Budget To Attack The PPACA?

Republicans don’t seem willing to let go of the Obamacare issue just yet. But, how long will that actually last?

Government Stupidity Continues with Shutdown Looming

The federal government won’t have money to pay its workers come Tuesday but it’ll spend like a drunken sailor on Monday.

Newsweek’s Golden Age

Eleanor Clift reflects on her “final issue after 50 years at Newsweek.”

House Passes Continuing Resolution That Makes Shutdown Inevitable

As expected, the House of Representatives has passed a new Continuing Resolution that seems to make a government shutdown inevitable: House Republicans forced through a short-term government funding bill that delays Obamacare and permanently repeals a tax on medical devices, setting up their most dramatic face-off ever with President Barack Obama and Senate Democrats. The […]

Congressional Reporter Tweet Of The Night

From Politico Congressional Reporter Ginger Gibson: I'm not over exaggerating when I say I can smell the booze wafting from members as they walk off the floor. — Ginger Gibson (@GingerGibson) September 29, 2013 To be honest, you’ve probably got to be hammered to watch the House floor proceedings at the moment as well.

GOP Adds Last Minute Language On PPACA Contraceptive Coverage To Budget Resolution

I suppose this is the legislative equivalent of playing like you have a Royal Flush when you’re really only holding a pair of deuces: Washington (CNN) - House Republicans have added a measure aimed at limiting contraceptive coverage to the spending bill coming up for a vote Saturday night, a spokesman for Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kansas, […]

Yep, Time To Prepare For The Shutdown

It’s now clear that, absent an unlikely miracle, there will be a government shutdown.

House To Insist On One Year Delay Of Obamacare, Making Shutdown All But Inevitable

The House will reportedly vote on a new Continuing Resolution with conditions that would seem to make a shutdown inevitable.

IRS Loses $67 Million Set Aside For PPACA Enforcement

Well, this is embarrassing: Hoo boy…this isn’t going to go over well. The IRS has seen its summer from hell extended into autumn, as a report issued today by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) revealed that the Service cannot account for $67 million that was set aside in a slush fund to help pay […]

Curiosity Finds Water In The Soil Of Mars

Mars may appear to be dry and barren on the surface, the Curiosity rover has found evidence of water in the Martian surface: Future Mars explorers may be able to get all the water they need out of the red dirt beneath their boots, a new study suggests. NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has found that surface soil […]

New Jersey Trial Judge Rules State Must Recognize Same-Sex Marriage

An historic same-sex marriage ruling out of New Jersey.

Ted Cruz and the Fight for the Soul of the Republican Party

With key conservatives pushing for sanity, the grown-ups have a chance to take back the GOP.

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Ted Cruz Working To Undermine Boehner’s Plan On Budget, Debt Ceiling

Ted Cruz is going after the Speaker of the House.

U.S. President, Iranian President Speak For First Time Since 1979

President Obama spoke with Iranian President Rouhani today, the first such contact between the nations in 34 years.

Essential Government Personnel, Professional Military Education Edition

One inmate’s view of the asylum.

Senate Passes Budget Resolution With PPACA Funding Added Back In

The week long sturm und drang in the Senate over funding the Federal budget past September 30th reached its inevitable end shortly after 1pm today: WASHINGTON — The Senate on Friday overwhelmingly approved stopgap spending legislation to keep the federal government open without gutting President Obama’s health care law, setting up a weekend showdown with […]

Ted Cruz Tops Poll Of 2016 GOP Contenders

If nothing else, Ted Cruz’s quixotic mission has succeeded in cementing him in the minds of Republican voters.

House GOP Lacks Votes To Pass Its Debt Ceiling Plan

Yesterday, the House GOP Leadership introduced its version of a plan to raise the debt ceiling that includes, among other things, a one year delay in the implementation of most provisions of the Affordable Care Act, approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, and other matters. Given that President Obama has said repeatedly that he would […]

Tom Coburn: Cruz’s Defund Obamacare Ploy Is Intellectually Dishonest

Tom Coburn is one of the most fiscally conservative members of the Senate, just has he was when he was in the House, but he’s not at all impressed with Ted Cruz: Oklahoma Republican Sen. Tom Coburn criticized Texas’ Sen. Ted Cruz for misleading the American people over Obamacare. “To create the impression that we […]

Reports: Wendy Davis To Run For Texas Governor

Wendy Davis, who became something of a minor political celebrity when she conducted a filibuster against an abortion bill in the Texas State Senate, will apparently be running for Governor of the Lone Star State: Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis and her advisers have begun informing influential Democrats that she intends to run for governor […]

Bill Gates: Ctrl-Alt-Delete Was A Mistake

During a recent talk, Microsoft founder Bill Gates admitted that it was a mistake to force users to use a three key sequence to reboot their PC’s: Bill Gates made many exceptional decisions while he was leading Microsoft to immense success. He did, however, make a few errors. One of those was the idea of […]

Cruz Needs to Work on his Analogies (and His Analysis)

Nazi comparisons are only helpful when discussing actual Nazis.

Army Cracks Down on Tattoos

My latest for Defense One, “The Army’s Misguided Crackdown on Tattoos,” has posted.

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George H.W. Bush Serves As Witness At Same-Sex Wedding

Over the weekend, former President George H.W. Bush served as a witness at a same-sex marriage ceremony in Maine: Former President George H.W. Bush was an official witness at the same-sex wedding of two longtime friends, his spokesman said Wednesday. Bush and his wife, Barbara Bush, attended the ceremony joining Bonnie Clement and Helen Thorgalsen […]

Green Eggs and Cruz

A passing observation that came up at lunch with some colleagues:  Green Eggs and Ham is a thematically odd book for Cruz to read during a filibuster aimed a propagating a rigid ideological goal.   After all, the book is about a fellow who goes on and on and on about how much he detests something, […]

Media Coverage Of Ted Cruz v. Media Coverage Of Wendy Davis

Can differences in media coverage of two unrelated filibusters be explained solely by media bias?

Senate Votes To Open Debate On House Continuing Resolution

The Senate unanimously voted to begin debate on the House of Representatives’ Continuing Resolution, which includes language that “defunds” the Affordable Care Act: The country woke up to Ted Cruz still holding the floor of the U.S. Senate, but on Wednesday afternoon the upper chamber moved on. The Senate voted unanimously, 100-0, on a procedural […]

Ted Cruz Ends Non-Filibuster Filibuster After 21 Hours

Texas Senator Ted Cruz ended the speech he started yesterday afternoon at Noon today: Ted Cruz finally released his grip on the Senate floor after more than 21 hours of speaking about the need to defund Obamacare. The Texas Republican seized control of the Senate floor on Tuesday about 2:42 p.m. vowing to “speak in […]

Christie Opens Up Massive Lead In New Poll

If the new Quinnipiac Poll is correct, Chris Christie is headed to what may well be the biggest re-election margin any New Jersey Governor has over seen: The odds that state Sen. Barbara Buono, the Democratic nominee for governor, will pull off an upset against the popular Republican incumbent, Gov. Chris Christie, are getting ever-slimmer […]

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New Jersey Senate Race Tightening? Maybe, But Not Enough To Threaten Booker

A lot of people raised their eyebrows this morning when Quinnipiac released a poll showing that the gap between Newark Mayor Cory Booker and Republican candidate Steve Lonegan had shrunk by half of what it has been in previous polls: A new poll on the U.S. Senate race suggests Cory Booker’s expected blowout over Steve […]

Earthquake In Pakistan Creates New Island In Arabian Sea

A massive earthquake in Pakistan has resulted in the birth of a new island: A major earthquake struck southwestern Pakistan earlier today killing over 100 people; injuring thousands more; collapsing building and houses; and, incredibly, causing a small island to form in the sea off Pakistan’s coastline. The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake that hit Pakistan’s Baluchistan province […]

Ted Cruz Begins Filibuster That Isn’t Really A Filibuster

Ted Cruz is holding the Senate floor “until I can no longer speak,” but he still won’t be able to stop the Senate from going forward.

The Stupidity of Government Non-Shutdown Shutdowns

It remains to be seen whether Congressional Republicans will force a government shutdown. What’s already clear is how counterproductive it would be.

Some Guy Lost Millions On Intrade Betting Mitt Romney Would Win

In the weeks before the 2012 election, someone made a multi-million dollar bet that Mitt Romney would win: One trader lost at least $4 million betting on former presidential candidate Mitt Romney through Intrade, possibly to make it appear he was faring better against President Barack Obama in the waning days and hours of the […]

Decline in Unauthorized Immigrants May be Reversing

Via Pew Research:  Population Decline of Unauthorized Immigrants Stalls, May Have Reversed The sharp decline in the U.S. population of unauthorized immigrants that accompanied the 2007-2009 recession has bottomed out, and the number may be rising again. As of March 2012, 11.7 million unauthorized immigrants were living in the United States, according to a new […]

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