Captain Picard And Gandalf Get The Super Bowl, Well, Partly Right

From Patrick Stewart’s Twitter feed. It appears that he and Ian McKellen are in the Super Bowl spirit, albeit not entirely familiar with the game being played:

The House GOP’s Immigration Principles: A Good Start, But Can They Get Past The Tea Party?

The House GOP leadership’s principles are a good start, but it’s unclear if they can make it past the anti “amnesty” crowd that seems to dominate the GOP.

Amanda Knox and Double Jeopardy

The American justice system is unique.

92 Air Force Officers Suspended For Cheating On ICBM Exam

For more than a year now, we’ve seen problem after problem make its way through the Air Force’s corps of officers charged with manning the underground bunkers from which Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles are launched. Entire squadrons have been relieved of duty for extended periods of time, and commanding officers have been forced into retirement. Now, […]

Women Make 77 Cents For Every Dollar Men Earn? Only If You Rely On Misleading Data

A commonly cited statistic in support of the “equal pay” argument does not stand up to scrutiny.

Initial Fourth Quarter GDP Report Sends Mixed Signals

Some good news, but also plenty of reason to worry about the future.

Jeff Bezos Making His Mark At The Washington Post

It’s been several months now since the surprising sale of The Washington Post to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, and it appears that we’re just now beginning to see the impact that his ownership will have on the paper: The Washington Post has significantly increased its budget and plans to make dozens of newsroom hires under its […]

Nebraska To Abandon District Method For Electoral Vote Allocation?

Nebraska legislators are currently debating a bill that would end the state’s practice of awarding at least a portion of its Electoral Votes based on who wins each of the state’s three Congressional Districts: Nebraska legislators are weighing a bill that would reinstate a “winner-take-all” system of awarding presidential electoral votes. The state’s unicameral legislature […]

Libertarian Sarvis To Run For Senate In Virginia

Robert Sarvis, who just last year made headlines by running a stronger than expected race for Virginia Governor as a Libertarian, plans to get into the race for the United States Senate: Robert Sarvis, the libertarian candidate who won 6.5 percent of the vote in Virginia’s gubernatorial election last year, is back for Round 2. […]

Crist Leads Scott In Florida Governor’s Poll

Former Governor, and Republican turned Democrat, Charlie Crist, has a strong lead over Republican Governor Rick Scott in a new poll: Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist is leading incumbent Gov. Rick Scott in his campaign to retake the governor’s mansion as a Democrat. Crist tops Scott 46 percent to 38 percent in a Quinnipiac poll […]

OTB Caption Contest

Time for the Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM

State Of The Union Photo Of The Day: Biden Being Biden Edition

I’m not sure of the context of this photo, but it seems destined to become yet another entry into the Classic Biden scrapbook:  

Television Ratings For State Of The Union Lowest In 14 Years, Second Lowest In 21 Years

Following a trend that is four years old now, viewership for last night’s State of the Union address was the lowest since the final such address by Bill Clinton: Fewer than 33.3 million Americans watched President Obama’s State of the Union address on television last night, the lowest turnout since President Clinton’s final State of […]

Bob Barr Ready To Impeach Another President

Bob Barr, who was one of the Members of Congress who led the charge to impeach President Clinton in 1997, is running for Congress in Georgia again and he appears to be ready to consider impeaching another President: Bob Barr was endorsed by noted conspiracy theorist Alex Jones in an interview last week in which Barr pledges […]

Mike Huckabee Climbs To Top In GOP 2016 Poll

Huckabee resurgent? A new poll makes the case, but it’s far too early to say.

Snow and the South

Gizmodo’s Brian Barrett explains “Why the South Fell Apart in the Snow.”

President Obama Delivers Low-Key, Low-Ambition State Of The Union

The President’s sixth State Of The Union Address was fairly low-key.

The Constitution and the SOTU

One could argue the constitutional requirements of the SOTU are fulfilled on an onging basis.

New York Congressman Threatens Reporter

New York Republican Congressman Michael Grimm didn’t appreciate some of the questions that a local news reporter asked after last night’s State of the Union Address: Staten Island Rep. Michael Grimm physically threatened NY1 political reporter Michael Scotto at the conclusion of an interview in the Capitol Rotunda following Tuesday night’s State of the Union […]

The State Of The Union Is Pointless

Tonight, the American political system stops to engage in the biggest waste of time ever invented.

Florida To Vote On Medical Marijuana Legalization In November

Florida could become the next state to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes depending on the fate of a ballot initiative that will appear on the ballot in the Sunshine State this November: (Reuters) – Florida voters will decide in November whether to legalize medical marijuana after the state Supreme Court on Monday approved an initiative […]

Mohammed Morsi Goes On Trial In Egypt

Nearly seven months after being deposed in a military coup, former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi went on trial today on charges related to actions he took while in office: CAIRO — Egypt’s military-backed government put the deposed President Mohamed Morsi in a specially designed glass cell as he appeared in a court in Cairo on […]

Ukraine’s Government Resigns

Via the BBC:  Ukraine’s PM Azarov and government resign Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych has accepted the resignation of the prime minister and his cabinet amid continuing anti-government protests. Mykola Azarov had offered to step down as prime minister to create "social and political compromise" […] In his resignation statement, Prime Minister Azarov said: "To create […]

Graphing the Ideology of the SOTU

The Monkey Cage has a nifty graph and interview with its creator:  The political ideology of State of the Union addresses (in 1 graph).

ISA v. Blogs

The International Studies Association (ISA), which is the largest professional organization of persons studying international relations and is, therefore, a major organization within the discipline of political science and related fields, has issued a proposed new guideline for editors of ISA journals:. The issue of “maintaining and promoting a professional environment” is particularly pertinent to […]

Folk Singer Pete Seeger Dead At 94

Pete Seeger one of the primary forces behind the popular revival of American folk music and a long time political activist, has died at the age of 94: Pete Seeger, the singer, folk-song collector and songwriter who spearheaded an American folk revival and spent a long career championing folk music as both a vital heritage […]

All Living Relatives Of Kim Jung Un’s Uncle Reportedly Executed

Reports out of North Korea are indicating that pretty much all of the living direct relatives of Jang Song Thaek, the uncle to Kim Jong Un who was executed some time late in 2013, have been put to death: North Korea has reportedly put to death all direct relatives of the uncle of leader Kim […]

Dispute Involving Brain Dead Pregnant Woman Finally Comes To A Proper End

Marlise Munoz is finally at peace, but the law that kept her hooked up to machines for two months remains on the books.

Mayor Of Sochi: There Are No Gay People In My City

With the upcoming Sochi Olympics being somewhat overshadowed by the controversy surrounding Russia’s ban on so-called “gay propaganda,” the Mayor of Sochi has chimed in to claim that there are no gay people in Sochi: The mayor of Sochi, host of the Winter Olympics, has said there are no gay people in the city. Anatoly […]

Egypt’s Military Leader To Run For President

The man who led the coup that deposed Mohammed Morsi last July will be running for President in the upcoming elections: CAIRO — The senior leaders of the Egyptian military have authorized General Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi to run for president, state television reported Monday afternoon, making it nearly certain that he would seek the post. General […]

Rand Paul: Bill Clinton’s Lewinsky Affair Relevant To 2016 Election

Rand Paul seems to think a 15 year old scandal is relevant to the 2016 Presidential race.

Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias to Launch New Venture Doing News That Isn’t New

Ezra Klein has put out a teaser of the project that he left WaPo to pursue.

Congressman Arrested In Cocaine Bust To Resign

Florida Republican Congressman Trey Radel, who was arrested several months ago in a buy-and-bust by the Washington, D.C. Police, is resigning from office: Rep. Trey Radel (R-Fla.) will resign from Congress on Monday, according to multiple sources. Radel, 37, was caught buying cocaine in November from an undercover federal agent in Washington and spent nearly […]

Ukrainian Government Considers State of Emergency

Via the BBC:  Ukraine justice minister in state of emergency warning Ukraine’s justice minister has warned anti-government protesters occupying her ministry she will call for a state of emergency if they do not leave. Olena Lukash told local media she would ask the National Security and Defence Council to introduce the measures. The ministry became […]

Does International Aid Work? Who Knows?

Two experts debate the topic, demonstrating how little we really know.

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AZ GOP Censures McCain

A slap on the wrist underscores the bottom-up nature of US parties.

On A Personal Note

I just wanted to post a quick thank you to all of you who shared your kind words and thoughts regarding the news of my Dad’s passing earlier this month, both in the comments to the post that James Joyner kindly put up and via Facebook and Twitter for those who are connected with me […]

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The Feelin’ Like A Million Dollar Trooper Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Republicans Haven’t Reformed But May Win Anyway

Republican leaders continue to say stupid things. They may still retake the Senate in November.

Quick Thoughts on D’Souza

I do not pretend to know if Dinesh D’Souza is guilty of the crime for which he has been indicted, although I will confess that the nature of the case makes it seem more likely that he is than that he isn’t (I am not sure how the alleged activity could have been a mistake, […]

Dinesh D’Souza Indicted for Campaign Finance Fraud

Dinesh D’Souza has been indicted by a federal grand jury for being incredibly stupid.

Should Obama Schmooze Republicans More?

Conor Friedersdorf turns the oft-asked question on its head.

Who Should Pay Child Porn Victims? And How Much?

A man who viewed two photographs of a child abuse victim has been ordered to pay $3.4 million in damages.

Apple Fixing iOS 7 ‘White Screen of Death’

Apple is pledging to fix a bug in iOs 7 that I have never experienced and never heard of.

A Quick Note on Latino Voters

The following is inspired by a comment thread on my post about Tim Donnelly’s political ad. The following illustrates what ought to be obvious, but is lost on some who think that all they need to know about people is the hue of their skin, and that is:  voters respond to the messages of parties […]

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Time for the Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Major T.J. “King” Kong Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Why Owning Beats Renting, Digital Music Edition

One of the perils of the Internet age is that companies constantly go belly up, leaving their customers in a lurch

Volokh Takes The Boeing

On the day that news broke that Ezra Klein and Wonkblog are leaving the Washington Post, the Volokh Conspiracy made its debut there.

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