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Angry Tweeters Mistake SCOTUSBlog For SCOTUS, Hilarity Ensues


In the hours after the Hobby Lobby decision was handed down, people on Twitter started trolling the Twitter account for SCOTUSBlog with angry reactions and, worse. SCOTUSBlog decided to troll right back: When you start reading our description. MT @ProgressivesWin: @SCOTUSblog When will you start honoring the constitution. #5OldBigots — SCOTUSblog (@SCOTUSblog) June 30, 2014 […]

Supreme Court Rules Some Employees Can Opt Out Of Public Employee Unions


The Supreme Court has limited the ability of public employee unions to force people to join their ranks.

Louisiana’s Kissing Congressman Is Running For Re-Election


Vance McCallister, the Louisiana Congressman who had been caught on video kissing a married staff member at his district office, has decided that he’s running for re-election after all: Rep. Vance McAllister (R-LA), the congressman who was caught in April on tape kissing a female staffer who was not his wife, said Monday that he will […]

Three Missing Israeli Teenagers Found Dead


A sad end to the story of three missing Israeli boys: JERUSALEM — Israeli military searchers found three bodies believed to be those of the missing Israeli teenagers who disappeared more than two weeks ago in the occupied West Bank, the Israel Defense Forces said on Monday. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel called an emergency […]

ISIS Declares Caliphate, Renames Itself ‘Islamic State’


Is ISIS’s reach about to exceed its grasp?

Supreme Court: Some Employers Can Refuse To Cover Contraceptives For Religious Reasons

Birth Control Mandate

Hobby Lobby wins, but it’s unclear just how far this opinion will go.

Mitch McConnell: GOP Will Act To Limit Abortion If We Win The Senate


Mitch McConnell is making promises to pro-life groups that the GOP probably won’t keep, but it’s still a politically risky move.

Federal Court Strikes Down D.C. Law Requiring Tour Guides To Be Licensed

Washington DC Tour Guides

A Federal Appeals Court has struck down a D.C. law requiring tour guides to get a license and pass a test.

Obama To Name Former Proctor & Gamble Chief To Head V.A.


Nearly a month after Eric Shinseki resigned amid the growing scandal at Veterans Administration hospitals, President Obama will name a replacement today: WASHINGTON — President Obama on Monday intends to nominate Robert A. McDonald, a former chief executive of Procter & Gamble, to be the next secretary of Veterans Affairs, a White House official said […]

SOCOM Chief’s Rise Not Swift At All


And odd report from Washington Post and Stars and Stripes.

More Election Protests In Afghanistan


There were more protests in Afghanistan yesterday over election results that are increasingly coming into dispute: KABUL, Afghanistan — After a potential opening last week to ease Afghanistan’s political crisis, the presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah signaled on Sunday that more deadlock was ahead, promising again that he would not accept any decisions made by the country’s election […]

Abu Khattala Will Be Tried In A Criminal Court, As He Should Be

Khatallah in Court

The justice system works, there’s no need to scrap it.

President Obama’s Plan To Arm “Moderate” Syrian Rebels Is A Bad Idea

Obama Marine One

For some reason, President Obama wants to arm so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels.

Previewing Tomorrow’s Hobby Lobby Decision

Hobby Lobby

The Supreme Court has saved the biggest case of the term for its last day.

Wisconsin GOPer Facing Voter Fraud Charges Claims Amnesia


Well this is a unique defense.

Aereo Suspends Service In Wake Of Supreme Court Ruling

Aereo Transcorder

After a Supreme Court decision earlier this week that effectively declared its business model to be a violation of the law, Aereo has suspended service: Aereo, the start-up firm that threatened to upend the television industry, has hit the pause button. Three days after the Supreme Court ruled that Aereo had violated copyright laws by […]

Sarajevo, The Media, And ‘Breaking News’ Coverage, 100 Years Later

New York Times 29 June 1914

The news media of 1914 didn’t see World War One coming, but it’s not clear that we’re any better.

ISIS Threatening To Open A New Front In Lebanon

Lebanon Syria Iraq Map

Is ISIS about to make the situation in the Levant even worse?

Mississippi GOP Senate Primary Gets Even More Bizarre

Thad Cochran

Mississippi goes from bizarre to, well, even more bizarre.

Special Prosecutor: Scott Walker Not A Target Of Investigation

2013 Conservative Political Action Conference

It turns out there was much less to that Scott Walker document dump than the press coverage claimed.

While We’re on the Subject of Indian Nicknames, Let’s Talk About the Army


Native American names are everywhere.

News Media Mostly Ignoring Iraq War Critics

tv-remote (2)

When it comes to Iraq, the media only seems to be giving Americans one side of the story.

Democrats Have A 2014 Voter Enthusiasm Problem


If current trends holds, Democratic candidates are going to have a problem turning out voters in November.

Oklahoma Republican Claims His Opponent Is Dead, Was Replaced By Body Double


Timothy Ray Murray lost the Republican primary for Oklahoma’s 3rd Congressional District by a huge margin on Tuesday, but he’s not giving up because, well, he believes his opponent has been dead for the past three years: WASHINGTON — Political opponents accuse each other of lying all the time, but one Oklahoma congressional candidate took his […]

Sarajevo and Europe, 100 Years Later

Gavrilo Princip

A century later, the shots fired in Sarajevo 100 years ago still echo.

Unanimous SCOTUS Decisions Do Not Mean The Losing Side’s Arguments Were ‘Extreme’

Supreme Court Justices 2

We’ve seen a notable number of 9-0 Supreme Court decisions this term, but that doesn’t mean that the side that lost was making an extreme or meritless argument.

Isaiah Austin Picked 15-1/2th in NBA Draft


In a classy move, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver selected Isaiah Austin in the middle of the first round of the 2014 draft. AP/ESPN (“NBA selects Isaiah Austin in draft“): Between the 15th and 16th picks in Thursday night’s draft came a very special selection by the NBA. Commissioner Adam Silver announced at that point that the NBA […]

GOP Losing Cuban-American Vote Too


A new poll suggests that Republicans could be losing a constituency that is very key for them in the nation’s third most populous state.

Ukraine Signs Trade Deal With Europe

Ukraine EU Flags

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has signed the trade deal with Europe that his predecessor rejected, setting off a series of protests that led to him being deposed as well as a crisis in eastern Ukraine that continues to unfold: BRUSSELS — Seven months after Ukraine’s former president Viktor F. Yanukovych rejected a sweeping trade deal […]

No ‘Hard Choices’ In China


The more than one billion people who live in the People’s Republic of China won’t be able to buy Hillary Clinton’s new book for new: Hillary Clinton’s new book will not be sold in mainland China, despite efforts by her publisher, Simon & Schuster, to sell the memoir there. Chinese publishers have declined to purchase […]

Remember That Missing Plane? Yea, They Have No Idea Where It Is

MH370 Plane

A new report indicates that Malaysian Air Flight 370, the Boeing 757 that went missing nearly four months ago on a flight from Kuala Lampur to Beijing, may not be anywhere near where searchers have been looking: MELBOURNE, Australia — As Australia prepares a yearlong search for Malaysia Airlines’ missing Flight 370 in an area […]

Viewing the Sinclair Sexual Assault Case Dispassionately


My latest for The Hill, co-authored with Butch Bracknell: “Explaining the Sinclair demotion.”

GOP Senator Ron Johnson: I Won’t Oppose Marriage Equality If Voters Want It


Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is starting to waiver on opposition to same-sex marriage: Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) said Tuesday he wouldn’t oppose gay marriage if voters decided that’s what they wanted. “I’m a pretty traditional guy,” Johnson said, in comments reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I’m almost 60 years old. I think marriage is between a […]

It’s Still Ad Hominem If They’re Neocons


My latest for The National Interest, “Neoconservatives, the Iraq Debate and Ad Hominem Attacks,” has posted.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Abortion Clinic Buffer Zones

Abortion Clinic Protest

Another solid victory for the First Amendment from the Roberts Court.

Republicans In Congress Move To Block Marijuana Decriminalization In D.C.

Marijuana Plant

House Republicans go to war against marijuana in the District of Columbia

Former Senator Howard Baker Dies At 88

Howard Baker

One of Washington’s giants has passed away.

Supreme Court Restricts President’s Recess Appointment Power


The Supreme Court rules that Recess Appointments can only be made when there’s actually a Congressional recess.

New York’s Highest Court Kills Mike Bloomberg’s Soda Ban

Bloomberg Soda

Mike Bloomberg’s absurd soda ban is, thankfully, dead.

A Quote on Primaries


Apropos of my previous post, I just came across this while working on the index of A Different Democracy:  American Government in a 31-Country Comparison: “Primaries mean that the ability of party leadership to shape a party in a particular direction in terms of philosophy or party choice is quite limited.  Rather, the process is […]

GOP Senator Susan Collins Endorses Marriage Equality

Gay Marriage Wedding Cake Two Women

Susan Collins, Maine’s Republican Senator, has become the fourth Republican Senator to endorse same-sex marriage: PORTLAND, Maine — Republican Sen. Susan Collins on Wednesday announced her support for gay marriage for the first time after getting an endorsement from the nation’s largest LGBT advocacy organization in her bid for re-election. “A number of states, including my […]

A Quick Note on Voters (MS Primary Edition)


Parties do not own voters, and the job of campaigns is to attract voters.

The Tea Party Needs To Stop Whining About Losing In Mississippi

Thad Cochran

Chris McDaniel and his Tea Party supporters are being very sore losers.

U.S. And Germany Play Soccer! In Space!


One day before the U.S. and Germany meet in the World Cup, American and German astronauts got in a little game of their own: To help celebrate the upcoming match, NASA  released a video of the three astronauts showing off their soccer skills in zero gravity. The video features some upside down kicks, a header, and […]

U.S. Alleges Syria Bombed ISIS Positions Inside Iraq

Iraq Map

The United States is accusing Syria of launching air strikes inside Iraq against ISIS/ISIL forces: WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. officials said Syria launched airstrikes into western Iraq on Tuesday in an attempt to slow the al-Qaida-inspired insurgency fighting both the Syrian and Iraqi governments. Officials said Wednesday the strikes were the work of Syrian President […]

Army: No Evidence Bergdahl Aided Taliban During Captivity

Bowe Bergdahl

The U.S. Army is reporting that there is no evidence that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl aided the Taliban or committed any other misconduct during his five years in captivity: WASHINGTON—The U.S. Army said Wednesday that there is no evidence that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl engaged in any misconduct during his five years in captivity. Sgt. Bergdahl is […]

Cleveland And Dallas Are Final Two Sites For 2016 GOP Convention

GOP Convention

Republicans have narrowed down the list of possible sites for the 2016 Republican National Convention to two cities in two very different states: WASHINGTON — The 2016 Republican National Convention will be held in Cleveland or Dallas, the party announced Wednesday. The two cities made it to the final round of consideration after Denver and Kansas City, […]

EPA Employees Pooping in Hallway


Apparently, the EPA needs to start environmental cleanup a little closer to home.

Congress Silent on Federal Pay Raise, Thus Allowing One


We federal civil servants are apparently in for a backdoor pay raise.

10th Circuit Court Of Appeals Strikes Down Utah’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Same Sex Marriage Supreme Court

A big step forward for the challenge to state-based bans on same-sex marriage.

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