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Can Rick Perry Overcome The Disaster Of 2012 With A 2016 Reboot?


After a disastrous campaign in 2012, Texas Governor Rick Perry appears to be gearing up for a new run for the White House in 2016, but questions remain.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

sraeli Arab youths clash with Israeli police at the entrance to the town of Kfar Kanna, in northern Israel

The Don’t Walk Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Darren Wilson Resigns From Ferguson Police Department, But That’s Unlikely To Quell Protests

Darren Wilson

The man who shot and killed Michael Brown has resigned, but that’s unlikely to satisfy protesters who still seem to be demanding criminal charges that are never going to come.

Casablanca Piano Sells For $3.4 Million

Casablanca Piano

Perhaps the most famous piano in movie history was sold at auction for more than $3 million dollars: The letters of transit — “signed by General de Gaulle, cannot be rescinded, not even questioned” — were hidden under its unusual hinged lid. It is golden yellow with touches of green and gold, a surprise to […]

Worldwide Ebola Cases Top 16,000 With 7,000 Dead, But There Is Some Good News

Ebola Virus And Caduceus

The numbers on the Ebola outbreak are bad, but they aren’t as bad as had been feared.

Egyptian Court Drops Charges Against Mubarak, Further Cementing Renewed Military Rule


Well, so much for that “people’s revolt” that brought down a military dictator.

Ray Rice Wins Appeal Of Indefinite N.F.L. Suspension, Now Immediately Eligible To Play


In a slap to the face of the N.F.L. and Commissioner Roger Goodell, an arbitrator has overturned the indefinite suspension that was imposed on former Ravens Running Back Ray Rice back in September.

Star Wars Episode VII Teaser Trailer Released

Star Wars The Force Awakens

As previously announced, the first teaser trailer for the next Star Wars movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been released in select theaters and online: For those interested, io9 has a scene-by-scene breakdown along with speculation about what it all might mean. For me, all I really needed was that final, short glimpse of […]

Supreme Court To Try To Draw Line Between Free Speech Online And Criminal Threats

Sex on laptop computer. Pornography

Next week, the Supreme Court will be asked to determine the line between free speech online and criminal threats

Black Friday Hits Britain And Other Parts Of Europe

Black Friday Britain

Black Friday chaos has crossed the pond.

Charts Are Persuasive!


Justin Wolfers of The New York Times’ Upshot blog passing along a study that demonstrates just how persuasive presenting information in a visual format can be: [T]wo Cornell researchers, Brian Wansinkand Aner Tal, ran a small online survey to assess whether alternative descriptions of the same information were more persuasive. Each respondent read the following description of […]

Ebola Continues To Be A Big Problem In Sierra Leone

Ebola Virus

While it has largely disappeared from the headlines in the United States, the Ebola crisis continues in Sierra Leone: While health officials say they are making headway against the Ebola epidemic in neighboring Liberia, the disease is still raging inSierra Leone, despite the big international push. In November alone, the World Health Organization has reported […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

How To Argue With Family About Controversial Political Topics At Thanksgiving: Don’t

Rockwell, Freedom from Want 1943.jpg

Today is a day for turkey and football, not a day for politics.

Justice Ginsburg Has Successful Heart Surgery


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is spending Thanksgiving in the hospital after undergoing a procedure to place a stent to deal with an arterial blockage: WASHINGTON — Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg underwent a heart procedure on Wednesday morning and was expected to leave the hospital within the next two days, the Supreme Court announced. […]

The Greatest Thanksgiving Sitcom Episode Ever

WKRP Thanksgiving

I posted this last year, but there’s no reason not to repeat this classic. When it comes to sitcom holiday episodes, there’s not much that can beat, Turkey’s Away, perhaps the one episode of WKRP In Cincinnati that even people who were not alive when the show aired are familiar with. For those of you […]

The State You Live In Could Decide How Good Your Thanksgiving Is

Thanksgiving Miserable

Depending on the state you live in, you may be more likely to have a miserable Thanksgiving: Amid the toasts and good times, there’s also the Thanksgiving disasters. There’s more that can go wrong on Thanksgiving than undercooking the turkey and sending everyone home with food poisoning. There’s all that drinking, arguing about politics, watching […]

Hagel’s Dismissal A Reflection Of Contradictory Policy

Chuck Hagel

The abrupt departure of Chuck Hagel says much more about Administration policy than it does about Chuck Hagel.

Retailers Opening On Thanksgiving Day Yet Again, But Don’t Blame Businessmen

Retailers Thanksgiving

Once again, some people are upset because retailers are opening on Thanksgiving Day, but that’s only because people are coming out to shop.

Americans Support The Substance Of Obama’s Immigration Policy, Not How He Implemented It

Barack Obama

A new poll shows that a majority of Americans support the President’s changes to deportation policy, but don’t like that he acted unilaterally.

“Aren’t I Gonna Get A Reputation For Being Soft On Turkeys?”


Later this afternoon, President Obama will pardon the White House turkey, so in honor of that, President Barlett wants to make sure we’re clear on the law:

Romney Continues To Lead In Polls Of 2016 GOP Candidates, Leading Hillary In Head-To-Head Match


The numbers don’t lie, Mitt Romney remains popular among Republican voters.

Carly Fiorina For President?

Carly Fiorina

For some reason, Carly Fiorina claims to see an opening for her to run for President: On a Republican presidential debate stage expected to be filled with more than a dozen current and former politicians, Carly Fiorina envisions herself standing out — as the only woman and the only CEO. Sensing an opportunity in a […]

Federal Judges In Mississippi And Arkansas Strike Down Same-Sex Marriage Bans

Gay Marriage Wedding Cake Two Women

Federal Judges in two of the most southern of southern states have struck down bans on same sex marriage in Mississippi and Arkansas: LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Arkansas and Mississippi became the latest two states Tuesday to have their gay marriage bans overturned by federal judges, but there are no rushes to the altar […]

Democrats Narrow List Of Convention Finalists To Three Cities

Democratic Convention Day Two

Columbus, Philadelphia, or New York City (well, Brooklyn really)?

Third Quarter GDP Grew 3.9% According To Latest Estimate

Economy Heartbeat

With all the news about Ferguson and other commitments, I missed the news that economic growth in the 3rd Quarter had been revised significantly upward to 3.9% in the latest report from the Department of Commerce: The nation’s economic output grew at an even faster rate during July, August and September than the government initially […]

Top Senate Democrat: Democrats Should Not Have Focused On Obamacare in 2009, 2010


Sen. Charles Schumer says Democrats made a mistake by concentrating on getting health care reform passed instead of on fixing the economy.

Photos of the Border


I can’t recall if I have posted this link before or not (so apologies if this is a rerun) but it is worth  look (if anything there are some stunning photos).  Via The Atlantic: On the Border.

Regardless Of The Grand Jury Decision, Ferguson Raises Issues Americans Need To Address

Ferguson Protests 112414 2

Regardless of the outcome of the Michael Brown investigation, there are legitimate problems that need to be addressed.

Speaking of Visa Over-stayers


Check out the top three:  Undocumented before they were celebrities.

Six Observations on Immigration Reform


Some points on the immigration debate that need constant (it seems) reinforcement.

The House Lawsuit Against Obama; Full Of Sound And Fury, Signifying Nothing


The House of Representatives has filed its lawsuit against the President. As expected, it doesn’t amount to much.

Violence Erupts In Wake Of Decision To Forego Indictment In Shooting Of Michael Brown


Not surprisingly, last night’s announcement that there would be no state court indictment in the Michael Brown shooting led to violence and confrontations with police. That’s not going to solve any of the real problems that face Ferguson, or any other community in the United States.

Ted Cruz Wants Joe Lieberman For Defense Secretary


  The junior Senator from Texas thinks he knows who Obama should pick for Secretary of Defense: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has a person in mind to replace outgoing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel: Joe Lieberman. Cruz floated the former Connecticut independent senator as a “strong” option to succeed Hagel, who announced his resignation earlier Monday. […]

Ferguson Grand Jury Returns No Indictment In Michael Brown Shooting

Protests Continue In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old Man

A not unexpected decision from the Grand Jury that investigated the Michael Brown shooting.

Republicans Would Be More Credible On Immigration If They Had A Plan Of Their Own


The fact that Republicans lack anything approaching a coherent immigration plan makes it hard to take their criticism of the President seriously.

Latino Voters Overwhelmingly Support Obama’s Executive Action On Immigration

Border of US And Mexico

Not surprisingly, a new poll shows that Latino voters overwhelmingly support the President’s executive action on immigration: Latino voters have Obama’s back again. That’s according to a new poll by Latino Decisions, for Presente.org and Mi Familia Vota, the first of Latino voters since Obama announced sweeping executive actions, given to BuzzFeed News ahead of […]

Is “Meh, Romney 2016” For Real?


When push comes to shove, top Republicans may still try to make Mitt Romney happen.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Stepping Down “Under Pressure”

Chuck Hagel

A surprising change at the top of the military’s civilian chain of command.

U.S. Bombings Driving Anti-Assad Rebels To Support ISIS

Obama Syria

Our supposed Syrian allies seem to have a different idea of who the enemy in Syria actually is.

OTB Caption Contest

sraeli Arab youths clash with Israeli police at the entrance to the town of Kfar Kanna, in northern Israel

Time the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM

Easier Voting and Turnout


Via TPM: Why Voter Turnout In Oregon Is Incredibly High Average voter turnout across the country was horrible during this year’s midterms: about a third of those eligible to cast ballots did so […] But turnout surpassed 50 percent in a handful of states: Maine, Wisconsin, Colorado, Alaska, Minnesota and Oregon. During each election over […]

In Responding To Obama’s Executive Action, Top GOPers Worry About Further Alienating Latino Voters

Latino Vote T-Shirts

Top Republicans worry that their party’s response to the President’s executive action will alienate Latinos. However, there’s little they can do about that.

How Obama Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Imperial Presidency


A critic of the imperial presidency becomes an imperial president.

Federal Judge Blocks New Jersey Sports Betting, But N.B.A. Commissioner Says ‘Legalize It’

Baseball And Cash

Once again, a Federal Judge has barred New Jersey’s effort to legalize sports betting based on Federal law. it’s time for the Federal Government to get out of the way on this issue.

University of Virginia Suspends All Fraternities For Nanosecond In Wake of Rape Scandal


UVA president Teresa Sullivan has suspended fraternities for a few days in the wake of a major sexual assault scandal. School will be out of session most of the suspension. Rolling Stone (“UVA Suspends Fraternities Following Rolling Stone Campus Rape Investigation“): Following Rolling Stone publishing Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s harrowing report “A Rape on Campus,” which detailed […]

Signifying Nothing

What have our efforts to improve the Afghan economy accomplished?

How a Bill Becomes an Executive Order


The SNL cold open updates a Schoolhouse Rock classic

Marion Barry, Four-Term Mayor Of Washington, D.C., Dies At 78

DC Councilman Marion Barry may be facing censure after a council vote today.

For better or worse, Marion Barry was a fixture in D.C. politics for much of the 40 year period of home rule that began in 1975.

America’s 500th Drone Strike


The shocking has become routine. We’re no safer because of it.

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