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Anna Kournikova Beach Photos

Kournikova Serves . . . Her Bush! (Celeb Newswire)

Not to be outdone by Kirsten Dunst’s renegade rack flash, beachbound tennis brat Anna Kournikova pulled aside her bikini bottoms to inspect her sandy ‘tang, offering up a crotch flash to God and everybody.

The fine folks over at Drunken Stepfather blog bring you a veritable cornucopia of Kournikova crevasse pics but the question remains: what was she looking for down there? Sand crabs? Lost car keys? Enrique Iglesias’s missing mole?

The pics in question:

Anna Kournikova looking for buried treasure in her bikini bottoms

For those who can’t get enough, he has another 40 Anna Kournikova Yellow Bikini pictures for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. Tom says:

    Incredible photos! It was pleasure to witness such a goddess.

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  2. tommy says:

    thank you!
    You made my day!

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  3. ThePie says:

    Any place where I can find the Dunst photos?

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