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Freddy Newandyke is an entertainment writer. He wrote for OTB's defunct Gone Hollywood spinoff for years and occasionally posted here.

Ex-Teacher Pam Rogers Nude Photos

Former teacher Pamela Rogers sent nude photos to her 13-year-old boyfriend in violation of her parole.

Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders Arrested for Bathroom Sex

Two Carolina Panthers cheerleaders were arrested Sunday after having sex in a bar restroom and starting a fight.

Janet Jackson Nude Sunbathing Video

Janet Jackson, whose nipple exposing “warddrobe malfunction” stole the show at the Super Bowl two seasons ago, now appears sunbathing nude on the Internet.

Lindsay Lohan and Renee Zellweger Eager to Pose Nude

Apparently, posing nude for magazines is the latest craze for Hollywood starlets needing a self-esteem boost. Both Lindsay Lohan and Renee Zellweger are joining the craze.

Jessica Simpson’s Sexy Boots Video Surpasses Paris Hilton Car Wash Video

Jessica Simpson’s new “These Boots Are Made for Walking” video, shot to promote her role as Daisy Duke in the new “Dukes of Hazzard” movie, has surpassed the Paris Hilton “Carl’s Jr.” sexy carwash video in drawing the ire of whackos.

Halle Berry Nude in Playboy

Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry is apparently contemplating a lucrative offer from Playboy magazine to pose nude.

Deb Gibson Nude in Playboy

“I put out anti-sexual images for so long, and I was so prudish for so long, it’s about time,” says the 34-year-old.

Naked News: Nude Reporter Sharon Reed Interviews Nude Anchor Catherine Bosley

Naked reporter Sharon Reed interviews naked former anchor Catherine Bosley tonight on Cleveland’s Action News 19!

Paige Davis Fired as Trading Spaces Host

Perky Paige Davis is packing her toolbelt and leaving TLC’s popular renovation show, “Trading Spaces.” The network announced the change in a statement yesterday, attributing their new Paige-less look to a dynamic change in format which allows the show to “focus more on the homeowners.”

Teri Polo Playboy Nudes

The long-awaited Teri Polo Playboy layout has been published. Here is a work-safe sample photo.

Teri Hatcher FHM Photo Spread

Teri Hatcher is on the February 2005 issue of FHM. She’s not only the cover girl but has a long interview and photo layout.

Kylie Minogue Caught with Pants Up

During Kylie Minogue’s recent appearance on a kids’ TV show, the children sitting in the front row were treated to oh so much more than her infectious brand of hooky, homosexual-friendly pop when an errant gust of wind blew up the handkerchiefs masquerading as her skirt.

Paige Davis Profile has an interesting profile on Paige Davis.

Anna Kournikova Beach Photos

The tennis star caused quite a sensation in her teeny weeny yellow bikini.

Paige Davis Sex Tape

There has been a steady influx the last several days of people looking for information on Trading Spaces hostess Paige Davis–especially information involving her nude, on tape, on video, and similar combinations.

Nine WWE Divas Set For Playboy Shoot

WWE and Playboy are ironing out the final details of a deal that would see at least nine WWE divas in an upcoming issue of the men’s magazine. If the deal were to go through, already confirmed for the shoot are Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie, Miss Jackie, Victoria, Chirsty Hemme, Joy Giovanni, Amy Weber, Michelle McCool, and Lilian Garcia.

Teri Polo Nude in Playboy

Meet the Fockers’ Teri Polo will be the celebrity feature in the February edition of Playboy.

Natalie Gulbis Sexy FHM Photo Spread

Natalie Gulbis’ sexy photo spreads are ruffling feathers in golf.

Anna Benson Photos

FHM has photos of the lovely Anna Benson, wife of Mets pitcher Chris Benson. She made quite a stir in the interview, threatening (promising?) to have sex with the entire New York Mets organization if her husband cheated on her.

Sharon Reed Nude TV Newscast

WOIO-TV television news anchor Sharon Reed appeared nude on TV newscast about Spencer Tunick’s nude photo installation in downtown Cleveland.

Tammy the Virtual Bar Maid

Game where users can strip virtual barmaid Tammy Plante nude and interact with her.

Cher Nude Photos

She might be old enough to be a grandmother but age is not stopping veteran singer Cher from being photographed nude to mark her 60th birthday.

Jessica Cutler Nude Playboy Photos

Playboy magazine released a set of nude photos of Jessica Cutler timed to coincide with the Republican National Convention.

Paige Davis Stripping Photos

“Trading Spaces” star Paige Davis got down and dirty at the Broadway Bares event. Downplaying the incident, Davis said: “I did collect some money in a pretend-stripper fashion from a crowd that was 99 percent gay men!”

Mary Kate and Ashley Nude Photos

Dean Esmay reports that Kevin McGehee* has no nude photos of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.