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Pelosi on SOX


Many observers assumed that the Democrat takeover of Congress spelled trouble for the business community – more investigations, more taxes, more regulations. In particular, many observers predicted that the chances for reforms of the post-Enron Sarbanes-Oxley Act had gone to nil. These pessimists, however, didn’t count on Nancy Pelosi. Sure, she’s an arch-liberal from the […]

Wealthy Voters Shift Blue


Daniel Gross reports: … the poll for the House vote in the East showed that the 25 percent of the electorate making over $100,000 went big for Democrats overall, 57-42, compared with a 49-48 margin in 2004. In 2006, those making between $150,000 and $200,000 voted for Democratic candidates by a whopping 63-37 majority, and […]

Why a Board?


My latest TCS column is Why have a Board of Directors?: Why aren’t corporations run using direct democracy—putting all major corporate decisions, including the choice of a new CEO, to a shareholder vote? Or by absolute corporate monarchy—allowing management to make all the decisions without oversight?

Wine Review: Etude Rose Pinot Noir (Carneros) 2005

Regular readers of my blog know that wine reviews long were a featured part of the blog, so much so that I eventually carved out a separate blog just to chat about wine. When Sue finishes reconstructing my site, wine and food will again be a major part of the mix. In the meanwhile, perhaps […]

Veterans’ Day


My grandfather Irwin served with the 17th Cavalry in Mexico, Arizona, and Hawaii between 1916-1919. In honor of Veterans’ Day, I’ve updated my collection at Flickr of scans of my grandfather’s pictures of the 17th and old Hawaii.

More on Carrying Water


My thanks to James for inviting me to guest blog here while my home site (ProfessorBainbridge.com) is undergoing construction. After three years of nearly daily blogging, I was ready for a break, but now that my hiatus has gone more than a month, I’m ready to be back. Steven Taylor’s post below on the “quotes […]