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Who picks your union?


I’ve been involved lately in a little issues advocacy regarding card-check.  Card-check involves a union being able to use a card that workers sign to compel a firm to recognize the union as the sole bargaining agent of the entire shop.  My first post on the subject included Congressional testimony by a former union organizer. […]

The markets for oil and gas can differ


Aside the controversy of using a campaign worker’s spouse (see the update) to pen what might otherwise have been seen as an interested letter to the editor, I thought Susan Gaertner’s letter about the claim of Michele Bachmann that the price of a gallon of gas could be $2 in the US in four years […]

When you try to control both price and quantity


(Thanks to James Joyner for a chance to post a few stories here while he is in Quebec.) A few weeks ago I read a story on air (it’s at the end of this podcast) that the idea of the gas tax holiday had not only foundered in Congress but that they were contemplating instead […]