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European Allies Signal Trump On Iranian Nuclear Deal: We Don’t Support You

America’s closest allies sent a strong signal that they do not agree with President Trump on the nuclear deal with Iran.

Retirements Are Making GOP Control Of House More Precarious

The numbers aren’t looking good for Republican prospects in this year’s midterm elections.

Supreme Court Hears Argument On Ohio’s Voter Purge Law

The Supreme Court heard argument yesterday in an important case dealing with the circumstances under which voters can be purged from the voting rolls.

Federal Court Strikes Down North Carolina Congressional Districts As Partisan Gerrymandering

A Federal Court in North Carolina has issued a stinging ruling against the partisan gerrymandering undertaken by the Republican legislature in that state.

Federal Judge Rules Against Trump’s Effort To Halt DACA Program

A Federal Judge has put a hold on the impending end of the DACA program.

Steve Bannon Out At Breitbart

Steve Bannon loses his position at Breitbart after his blistering comments about the President and others in the Administration became public.

Joe Arpaio Is Running For Senate

Controversial former Sheriff Joe Arpaio is running for Senate in Arizona.

North And South Korea Reach Agreement On Olympic Delegation, Other Issues

North And South Korean Flags

Some progress on easing tensions between North and South Korea.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Sends A Strong Signal That She’s Not Going Anywhere

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is making it clear she has no intention of leaving office before the 2020 election.

Donald Trump: Working Hard, Or Hardly Working?

New reports indicate that the President is spending more and more time watching television and tweeting. That’s not what he was elected to do.

Headline of the Day

Via the Cleveland.com: Aggressive wild turkeys in Rocky River interfere with mail delivery. About 25 to 30 homes haven’t been able to get their mail delivered, she said, and the problem has been lingering for about three weeks.

One more on Twitter

If you can’t beat a dead horse on a blog, where can you?

The Dunning-Kruger Presidency

Knowing what you don’t know is important.

2018 Latin American Elections

LatAm elections 2018

For anyone interested in the 2018 electoral calendar in Latin America, ACE provides the following graphic:

Some Thoughts on Presidential Twitter


Donald Trumps’ tweets are the public statements of the President of the United States. This makes them noteworthy and often important.

Trump Says That He’s A “Very Stable Genius”

Donald Trump’s latest Twitter rant is one of his most bizarre.

A Photo for Friday: “At Pulpit Rock”

“At Pulpit Rock” November 10, 2017 Mt. Cheaha State Park (Alabama)

Republican Declared Winner In Disputed Virginia Election

Republican David Yancy was declared the winner of a disputed election, giving the GOP a slim one-seat majority in the state’s House of Delegates.

December Jobs Report Falls Short Of Expectations

Contrary to expectations, jobs growth in December was relatively modest.

Trump Administration Reverses Obama Era Policy On State Marijuana Legalization

Trump Marijuana

The Trump Administration is reversing policy on an Obama Era policy that allowed states to choose their own course on marijuana laws.

Donald Trump Is Seeking To Stop A Book Critical Of Him From Being Published

Who needs a First Amendment when you have lawyers willing to write threatening letters?

Trump Disbands ‘Voter Fraud’ Commission

President Trump has shut down the commission he established to investigate unsupported claims of “voter fraud” in the 2016 election.

The End Of The Trump-Bannon Bromance?

Whatever goodwill may have existed between the Trump Administration and Steve Bannon appears to have evaporated.

Trump Brags About The Size Of His Nuclear Button On Twitter

Donald Trump’s irrational tweets are once again focused on the leader of North Korea.

Orrin Hatch Announces Retirement, Opening The Door For Mitt Romney

Orrin Hatch Mitt Romney

After forty years in the Senate, Orrin Hatch announced that he will not seek re-election this year, thus opening the door for Mitt Romney to succeed him.

Kim Jong-Un Extends Olive Branch To The South

Kim Jong Un

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is extending an olive branch of sorts to South Korea while simultaneously claiming success in achieving a nuclear deterrent.

The President’s Pakistan Tweet

POTUS decided to start the New Year by insulting Pakistan over Twitter.

Project365 2017

Well, Project350 (I missed 15 days this year, but so it goes): Either click through to the album or arrow through via the embed.

Happy New Year From Outside The Beltway!

Happy New Year

2017 was quite a year. 2018 promises to be just as interesting.

Anti-Government Protests Spread In Iran

Iran Protests

Anti-government protests are spreading in Iran.

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