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Republicans Say They Have a Final Tax Bill, But Senate Democrats Want A Delay

Taxes Adding Machine

House and Senate Republicans say they have reached agreement on a final tax bill, and Democrats are engaging in an effort to delay a vote in the Senate until Doug Jones can be seated.

Minnesota Governor Names Lt. Governor Tina Smith To Replace Al Franken.

Capitol Dome

As expected, Minnesota’s Governor has named his Lt. Governor to replace Al Franken in the Senate.

Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Has Been Aimless And Ill-Informed

Trump Troops

Donald Trump’s foreign policy has been erratic, illogical, and demonstrated a clear disdain for diplomacy.

Doug Jones Wins In Alabama

Doug Jones Victory

In what amounts to an electoral perfect storm, Democratic nominee Doug Jones pulled off a win last night in the Alabama Senate Election.

No Matter Who Wins In Alabama, Republicans Stand To Lose

Republican Party

There are no good outcomes for the GOP in Alabama.

Trump Announces NASA Policy Goal Of Returning To The Moon

President Trump announced a goal of returning American astronauts to the Moon, but that’s easier said than done.

Pursuant To Court Order, Defense Department Will Allow Transgender Americans To Enlist

Trump Transgender Military Ban

Transgender Americans will be able to enlist in the military beginning January 1st thanks to a ruling from a Federal District Court Judge.

Supreme Court Declines To Hear Case Regarding Discrimination Based On Sexual Orientation

Gay marriage supporters hold a gay rights flag in front of the U.S. Supreme Court before a hearing about gay marriage

The Supreme Court declined to hear a major case regarding discrimination based on sexual orientation, but the issue is likely to come up again in the very near future.

Roy Moore And The Battle For Control Of Congress

Roy Moore Gun

A top Republican political analyst is warning that a Roy Moore victory in Alabama could pose real problems for Republicans in 2018. If it does, they’ll have nobody to blame but themselves.

Alabama Senate Election Is A Toss Up, But Moore Seems To Be Favored

Roy Moore Doug Jones

Polling remains uncertain in the Alabama Senate race, but the odds favor Roy Moore.

What Comes After Putin?

Vladimir Putin Sunglasses

Vladimir Putin will easily win re-election, but some are beginning to wonder who or what comes after him.

Senator Shelby on Roy Moore


Richard Shelby, the senior Republican Senator from Alabama: “I’d rather see the Republican win, but I would hope that Republican would be a write-in. I couldn’t vote for Roy Moore. I didn’t vote for Roy Moore. But I wrote in a distinguished Republican name,” Shelby said. “I’d rather see another Republican in there and I’m going […]

Donald Trump And The ‘Being There’ Presidency

Trump Watching Television

Donald Trump spends an inordinate amount of time watching television and regurgitating what he sees on Twitter. That’s not healthy.

Even More Moore-Jones


An analysis with maps and numbers via WaPo:  What it would take for a Democrat to win Alabama.

Supreme Court Takes On A Second Political Gerrymandering Case


The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a second case dealing with political Gerrymandering.

The Death Toll in Puerto Rico


Some stunning numbers in an under-reported story from the NYT:  Official Toll in Puerto Rico: 62.  Actual Deaths May Be 1,052. The entire piece is worth reading and sharing.

Character and Candidacies


Political Scientist Greg Weiner makes an argument for character in the NYT:  The Scoundrel Theory of American Politics. there is also a novel and ominous concept of the statesman emerging in American politics, most clearly in the gymnastic contortions being accomplished to justify support for the Senate campaign of Roy Moore, the former chief justice of Alabama: […]

An Additional Note on Moore Support


To add to my post form earlier, I would recommend this column in the NYT by Quin Hillyer:  How Roy Moore Survives. He raises two key points that are worth highlighting.  The first, which I did not mention in my post, Alabamians have a deep-seated resentment about perceived out of state inference.  As such, the following is […]

The Moore-Jones Race


Explaining what Tuesday is likely to bring.

Trent Franks Is Latest To Resign From Congress Amid Charges Of Sexual Impropriety

United States Capitol Building, Washington, D.C. Aerial

Another one bites the dust.

Remember Pearl Harbor?


Yesterday was the seventy-sixth anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. For most Americans, though, it was just another day. That’s only natural.

Roy Moore: America Was Great Back When We Still Had Slavery

Roy Moore Gun

Roy Moore wishes he was back in the days of cotton when families were close and African-Americans were enslaved.

November’s Jobs Report Is Strong, But There Are Caveats


November’s Jobs Report was stronger than expected, but there are several caveats to keep in mind.

A Photo for Friday: “Broken”

After missing last week, the PfF returns: “Broken” November 22, 2017 Shelby, AL

U.S. Floats Idea Of Skipping 2018 Olympics Over Safety Concerns

2018 Winter Olympics PyeongChang

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is floating the idea that the U.S. might not take part in the Olympics due to safety concerns. This would be a foolish decision.

Trump’s Jerusalem Announcement Demonstrates Yet Again The Art Of The Bad Deal


Donald Trump’s Jerusalem decision reveals yet again that he is an appallingly bad deal maker.

Al Franken Announces Resignation From The Senate Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations


Al Franken’s Senate career reaches its inevitable end.

Russia Barred From 2018 Olympics

2018 Winter Olympics PyeongChang

Russia has been barred from participating in the 2018 Winter Olympics after an investigation uncovered extensive evidence of cheating.

Trump, Trump Jr., And The Attorney-Client Privilege

Donald Trump Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. is claiming that some conversations between him and his father are covered by the attorney-client privilege. Based on what we know about those conversations, there’s a good possibility that he’s right.

Australia Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

Gay Marriage Wedding Cake Two Women

After a long wait, gays and lesbians in Australia have achieved marriage equality.

Time Name’s ‘The Silence Breakers’ Of The #MeToo Movement Person Of The Year

Person Of The Year 2017

A fitting honor for women who have brought to light an issue that was swept under the rug for far too long.

Seventh Woman Alleges Al Franken Groped Her As Calls For His Resignation Mount


A seventh woman has come forward to accuse Senator Al Franken of having groped her as calls mount from his Democratic colleagues for him to resign.

John Anderson, Independent Candidate For President in 1980, Dies At 95

John Anderson

Most Americans are unlikely to remember John Anderson, but he was a harbinger of things to come.

Trump To Recognize Jerusalem As Israeli Capital, Breaking Decades Of U.S. Neutrality


A foolish, and potentially dangerous, decision by President Trump.

Supreme Court Hears Arguments In Case Pitting First Amendment Rights Against LGBT Rights


The Supreme Court held oral argument in a case that pits First Amendment rights against the rights of LGBT Americans.

Michigan Congressman John Conyers Retires Amid Sexual Harassment Claims

John Conyers

The longest-serving member of the House has retired amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

Robert Mueller Crosses Trump’s “Red Line” By Seeking Information About Trump’s Finances

Donald Trump Robert Mueller

Mueller crosses Trump’s “red line.”

Supreme Court Lifts Injunctions Against Trump Administration’s Muslim Travel Ban Version 3.0

Trump Muslim Ban

The Supreme Court is allowing the latest version of Donald Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban to go into effect.

Trump Formally Endorses Roy Moore Despite Molestation Allegations

Roy Moore Gun

President Trump has formally endorsed an accused child molester for the United States Senate.

Supreme Court Justices Appear Skeptical Of Law Barring Legalization Of Sports Gambling

Baseball And Cash

The Supreme Court heard argument today in a case challenging a 1992 law barring sports gambling in all but a handful of states, and the Justices appeared skeptical of the law.

Republicans On Capitol Hill Racing To Avoid End Of Week Government Shutdown

United States Capitol Building, Washington, D.C. Aerial

The current temporary spending measure reached by Congress in September expires on Friday, and Republicans haven’t come up with a solution yet.

Mitch McConnell Caves On Roy Moore

Mitch McConnell

As I’ve said before, the Republican Party in the Trump Era has become the party of Trumpaloons, sycophants, sellouts, and cowards.

Polling Continues To Show A Tight Senate Race In Alabama

Roy Moore Doug Jones

With ten days to go, the Senate race in Alabama between Roy Moore and Doug Jones is close.

Senate Passes Tax Cut Bill On Party Line Vote


The Senate passed a tax cut bill last night, but it leaves a lot to be desired.

Jim Nabors, Television’s ‘Gomer Pyle,’ Dies at 87

Gomer Pyle

Jim Nabors, who became famous as Gomer Pyle on The Andy Griffith Show and Gomer Pyle USMC, has died at the age of  87: Jim Nabors, a comic actor who found fame in the role of the amiable bumpkin Gomer Pyle in two hit television shows of the 1960s while pursuing a second career as a popular singer […]

Japanese Emperor Akihito To Abdicate Throne


For the first time in history, the reigning Emperor of Japan will abdicate the throne in favor his eldest son rather than serving out the rest of his reign: HONG KONG — The emperor of Japan will step down on April 30, 2019, the first abdication by a Japanese monarch in two centuries, Prime Minister […]

Trump Pressed Top Senators To End Russia Investigation

Trump Russia

For a guy who considers the Russia investigation “Fake News,” President Trump sure is doing a lot to try to stop it.

Michael Flynn Pleads Guilty To Lying To The F.B.I.

Donald Trump Michael Flynn

Ominous news for the Trump Administration today out of Federal Court in Washington, D.C.

Undocumented Immigrant Acquitted In Case Trump Turned Into A Political Issue

Gavel And Scales Of Judtice

A not guilty verdict in a case that Donald Trump turned into a political issue.

Two More Women Accuse Al Franken Of Sexually Inappropriate Conduct


Senator Al Franken faces new charges of sexually inappropriate conduct on the same day that House Democrats are beginning to pressure one of their members to resign.

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