R.I.P., Hiroshi Yamauchi

Hiroshi Yamauchi, who between 1949 and 2002 transformed Nintendo from a minor collectible trading card company into a video game powerhouse, has died aged 85: He died of pneumonia at a hospital in central Japan, the company said, adding that a funeral will take place on Sunday…. “Hiroshi Yamauchi transformed a run-of the-mill trading card […]

No, IRS Targeting Was Not “Bipartisan”

Treasury IG: Liberal groups weren’t targeted by IRS like Tea Party: Liberal groups seeking tax-exempt status faced less IRS scrutiny than Tea Party groups, according to the Treasury inspector general. Russell George, Treasury’s inspector general for tax administration, told Rep. Sandy Levin (D-Mich.) in a letter dated Wednesday that the IRS did not use inappropriate […]

Jets Trade Revis to Bucs

The New York Jets have traded CB Darrelle Revis to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for this year’s No. 13 overall draft pick and another selection next year. The deal is reportedly worth $96 million with, interestingly, no guaranteed money.

Federal Prosecutor in Aaron Swartz Case Accused of Misconduct

Federal prosecutor Stephen Heymann is accused of withholding exculpatory evidence in the Aaron Swartz case: Heymann took the lead in the much-criticized effort to imprison Swartz, who committed suicide in January, and was the attorney who handled the case on a day-to-day basis, reporting to U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz. Swartz’ attorney Eliot Peters has filed […]

No, Obama Has Not Issued 923 Executive Orders

Nor did Bush issue a mere 63. These claims are spreading like a virus on blogs and Twitter. Both are grossly inaccurate. The numbers appear to derive from an email chain, the text of which can be found at Snopes. The figure was sufficiently eye-popping that I was dubious. So I checked it out. The […]

Shooter Opens Fire At Family Research Council D.C. Offices

A gunman, possibly upset about FRC’s policies, shot a guard at the conservative Christian group’s Washington, D.C. offices this morning.

Mr. Yummy Whips Mr. Whippy

Today’s big scoop: When ice cream men attack: Children and parents watched in horror as one seller, Zeheer Ramzan, smashed the window of the other’s van with a tyre lever. A second seller, Mohammed Mulla, then apparently rammed his van into the rear of the other. … John Tighe, 55, said: “It all came down […]

Is The Sex In “Game of Thrones” Gratuitous?

HBO’s Game of Thrones is violent and full of sex. Is it too much?


Peyton Manning Chooses Denver

Tebow on the block.

Michigan, Won By Romney, Then ‘Tied’, Now Won By Romney Again

As we all know, Mitt Romney got the most votes in Tuesday’s primary in Michigan. Initial reports then states that 15 delegates each would nevertheless go to him and Rick Santorum because each won seven congressional districts. Santorum was only too happy to characterize this circumstance as a tie, despite the fact that rode into […]

New York, Boston Mayors To Push Gun Control During Super Bowl

Nanny Bloomberg (D R I) and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino (D) have thoughtfully provided us with an excellent opportunity to take a bathroom break without missing any of this year’s crop of clever Super Bowl commercials. They’re going to run a spot hawking Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the gun-control group they founded in 2006 whose […]

Facebook Sharing Private Comments, Posts With Politico

If you so much as mention a Presidential candidate on Facebook, your post or comment (even if it’s private) will be shared with Politico: [E]very post and comment — both public and private — by a U.S. user that mentions a presidential candidate’s name will be fed through a sentiment analysis tool that spits out […]

Christopher Hitchens Dead at 62


Chiefs, Dolphins Fire Head Coaches

Despite winning the AFC West last year, Todd Haley was fired today after the team’s 37-10 loss to the Jets dropped the Chiefs to 5-8. Haley’s fractious relationship with GM Scott Pioli was not exactly a secret, so the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty Haley caught in yesterday’s game was especially stupid. And, in the least-surprising NFL […]

NLRB Drops Boeing Case

The case seems to have accomplished at least some of its goals, though: A top official with the National Labor Relations Board announced on Friday that the agency was dropping its politically charged case against Boeing, in which the agency had accused the company of violating federal labor law by opening a new aircraft production […]

Defense Bill Allows For Indefinite Military Detention of American Citizens

The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 authorizes the President the authority to indefinitely detain persons, even American citizens arrested on American soil, without trial because they allegedly support the enemy.

Pelosi: Jobs Less Important Than Unions

Two years ago, South Carolina Boeing workers voted 199-68 to decertify their union. The NLRB has filed suit against the company for choosing to locate a new plant there instead of Washington state. And House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi thinks it’s just fine if those jobs go the way of the dodo if they’re not […]

Raiders Owner Al Davis Dead

Long-time Oakland Raiders owner and NFL icon Al Davis has died.

What Is The World Coming To?

Better or worse?

OTB Latenight — Berlin

OTB Latenight — r.e.m. (Breakup Edition)

r.e.m., my longtime favourite band, announced Wednesday that they’re breaking up after 31 years and 15 albums. “A wise man once said — ‘the skill in attending a party is knowing when it’s time to leave.’ We built something extraordinary together. We did this thing. And now we’re going to walk away from it,” frontman […]

Obama’s Bridge Collapse

President Obama would like to sell you something.

OTB Latenight — Thomas Dolby

This Just In: Michele Bachmann Is A Complete Nutbar

Shocking news, I know.

OTB Latenight — The Stranglers

OTB Latenight — Joe Walsh

OTB Latenight — Bronski Beat

Roger Goodell, Benevolent Dictator

Two cases in the news today raise questions about the NFL commissioner’s power.

Fox News Deceptively Edits Video To Misrepresent Politician’s Views

Oh, wait… did I say Fox News? I meant to say NBC News: And, it being a new age and all, Ed Schultz has already been forced to retract and apologize. Not for, you know, falsely accusing Governor Perry of racism. That’s obviously in the “fake but accurate” category and therefore needs no apology. But […]

OTB Latenight — Styx

11th Circuit Strikes Down Individual Mandate

The Eleventh Circuit has struck down the individual mandate as exceeding Congress’ enumerated powers under the Commerce Clause.

The Rights of Englishmen

What’s a little thing like freedom of speech when there are shops being looted and burned?

OTB Latenight — EMF

Kill This Bill

Much like bills named for dead children, there’s a very high likelihood that any bill with “protecting children” and/or “pornographers” in the title is a) a very bad idea, b) a very stupid idea, c) of dubious Constitutionality, or, as here, d) all of the above.

NFL Lockout Should End Tomorrow

“Essentially the deal is considered a formality at this point in time.” Players should be back in locker rooms Wednesday. New league year, including free agency, would begin next Saturday.

Babes of Comic-Con 2011

Comic-Con is still going on as we speak, but the photogalleries of toothsome cosplay girls in attendance are already overflowing. Comic-Con apparently attracts a better ratio of Slave Leias who have the proper body type for the outfit than GenCon.

Malaise 2.0

Everything old is new again.

Derek Jeter Passes 3,000 Hits For The Second Time

Jeter’s 3,000 hits now “official.”

Spending Cuts & Other Mythical Creatures

In Washington-speak, $2 trillion in “cuts” actually means $1.8 trillion in spending increases: From Austin Bragg and my old pal Caleb Brown at Cato.

First and Final Word on Casey Anthony

The only thing I have ever said, or will ever say, on the subject of the Casey Anthony trial: I endorse this post in its entirety: I have neither interest nor opinion on the Casey Anthony acquittal. No offense to those who followed the trial. It is interesting. We all love a “truth-is-stranger-than-fiction” tale…. I […]

OTB Latenight — Aretha Franklin

At the risk of turning our impressionable youth into Republicans…

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