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Happy Thanksgiving From Outside The Beltway!

Holiday feast

Happy Thanksgiving!

Second Federal Judge Issues Order Blocking Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

Trump Transgender Military Ban

For the second time in as many months, a Federal Court is blocking the Administration’s ban on transgender troops in the military.

Robert Mugabe Resigns As President Of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe could hold fresh elections in two years

After nearly four decades in power, Robert Mugabe has stepped down after a military coup. What happens next is another, more complicated, question.

Trump Endorses Moore Despite Molestation Charges

Roy Moore Gun

President Trump put his thumb on the scale for Roy Moore, ignoring the allegations of harassment and sexual abuse that have been made against the candidate.

Federal Judge Issues Order Barring Cut Off Of Funding To ‘Sanctuary Cities’

Sanctuary Cities

A Federal Judge in California has entered an order permanently blocking a Trump Administration effort to deny funding to so-called sanctuary cities.

Assessing The 2018 Battle For Control Of Congress

2018 Election

The early numbers in the battle to control Congress look good for Democrats, but there are are a number of caveats to keep in mind.

Another Year, Another Stupid Controversy Over Starbucks Holiday Cups

2017 Starbucks Cups

Some conservatives appear to believe that this year’s Starbucks coffee cops are “promoting a gay agenda.”

Roy Moore Accuser Speaks Out While White House Effectively Endorses Moore

Roy Moore Gun

The woman who says Ray Moore assaulted her when she was just 14 spoke out this morning at the same time that the White House effectively endorsed Moore’s candidacy.

Second Woman Says Al Franken Groped Her In 2010


Drip, Drip, Drip?

Robert Mugabe Ignores Deadline For Resignation

Zimbabwe Flags

The next step in Zimbabwe seems entirely unclear as long-time dictator Robert Mugabe refuses to formally give up power.

A Peek Inside North Korea Paints A Grim Picture

North Korea

A recent defection from North Korea gives us a peek inside the DPRK, and it’s not pretty.

Notorious Mass Murderer Charles Manson Dead at 83

Handcuffs Jail

Charles Manson, who led a cult-like “family” to a series of murders in 1969 and subsequently spent more than 40 years in prison, has died at the age of 83: Charles Manson, one of the most notorious murderers of the 20th century, who was very likely the most culturally persistent and perhaps also the most […]

Donald Trump’s Pettiness On Display Yet Again

President Donald Trump

Donald Trump is without question the pettiest, most vindictive person to ever occupy the Oval Office.

Presidential Authority To Order Nuclear Launches In The Trump Era

Trump Nukes

Is it time to reexamine Presidential authority to launch a nuclear strike?

Mugabe Removed As Head Of Zimbabwe’s Ruling Party, Threatened With Impeachment

Zimbabwe Flags

After more than thirty years in power, Robert Mugabe is on his way out in Zimbabwe, but that doesn’t mean things will improve.

Trump’s Tweets Are Hurting Him, And His Aides Can’t Stop Him

Trump Twitter

There’s growing evidence that Donald Trump’s tweets are hurting him but his aides have basically given up trying to control his Twitter habit.

Malcolm Young, Legendary Rock Guitarist And AC/DC Co-Founder, Dies At 63

Malcom Young

A huge loss for the world of Rock & Roll.

Roy Moore And Standards Of Proof

Gavel And Scales Of Judtice

No, we don’t have to presume that Roy Moore is “innocent until proven guilty.”

The Roy Moore Case Has Become The Focal Point In The Republican Civil War

Elephants Fighting

The differing reactions among Republicans in Washington and the base of the Republican Party to the charges against Roy Moore have enhanced a civil war inside the Republican Party.

Democratic Senator Says Bill Clinton Should Have Resigned Over Lewinsky Affair

Bill Clinton Monica  Lewinsky

New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand says Bill Clinton should have resigned over his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Raising the question of just how stringently we should apply the standards of today to the events of the past.

Polling Shows Alabama Senate Race May Be Slipping Away From Roy Moore

Roy Moore Gun

Could the tide be turning in the Alabama Senate race against Roy Moore? At least some polling indicates the answer could be yes.

House Passes Tax Reform Bill On Party-Line Vote

Taxes Adding Machine

House Republicans passed their tax reform bill. That was the easy part.

Case Against Senator Bob Menendez Ends In Mistrial

Bob Menendez

New Jersey Senate Bob Menendez has temporarily dodged a bullet, but his ultimate fate is far from clear.

Senator Al Franken Accused Of Groping A Woman In 2006


A Los Angeles reporter says that Minnesota Senator Al Franken groped her and engaged in other inappropriate conduct during a 2006 USO tour.

Signs Of Russian Meddling In Brexit Vote

Russian Hacking

It appears Russia attempted to influence last year’s Brexit vote in the same manner it did the 2016 election in the United States.

Four More Women Come Forward With Accusations Against Roy Moore

Roy Moore Gun

The charges against Roy Moore continue to mount as national Republicans continue to push back against him.

After 300 Days, Donald Trump Sees No Accomplishments And Dwindling Job Approval

Trump Sad Face

Donald Trump has been President 300 days and the record reveals no real accomplishments and increased dissatisfaction with the job he’s doing.

Senate Tax Plan Will Include Provision To Eliminate Obamacare’s Individual Mandate


For some reason, Senate Republicans want to attach a bad health care reform idea onto an already controversial tax reform bill.

Fox News Host Shepard Smith Debunks His Own Network’s Favorite Clinton Conspiracy Theory


A Fox News host has debunked the Uranium One conspiracy theory being pushed by his own network.

Australians Vote Overwhelmingly In Favor Of Marriage Equality In Non-Binding Referendum


An overwhelming majority of Australians voted in favor of marriage equality in a non-binding referendum. The ball is now in the court of the nation’s legislature to move forward.

Trump’s Asian Trip Leaves Allies Wondering And Doubting

Donald Trump with Map of Asia

President Trump returns home from an Asian trip that wasn’t exactly impressive.

Trump Lies 1,628 Times. The Truth Dies.

Donald Trump Shrug

Since taking office, President Trump has made an average of 5.5 false claims per day.

Donald Trump Jr. Had Direct Contact With Wikileaks Regarding Information About Clinton

Donald Trump Jr and Julian Assange

More indications that Donald Trump Jr. was heavily involved in Trump campaign efforts to coordinate with foreign contacts regarding damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

Another Roy Moore Accuser Steps Forward As Senate Republicans Turn Against Him

Roy Moore Gun

Another Alabama woman accuses Roy Moore of sexually assaulting him when she was a teenager.

The Insanity Of Preemptive War Against North Korea

US North Korea Nuclear Missiles

A preemptive attack on North Korea would be illegal, immoral and, most importantly, insane.

The Mentality Of Roy Moore’s Defenders

Roy Moore Gun

Roy Moore’s most die-hard defenders are living in a world of their own, and it’s unlikely they’ll change their minds.

Donald Trump Continues His Efforts To Undermine The Russia Investigation

Trump Russia

Even during an overseas trip, President Trump continues to try to undermine the Russia investigation.

Donald Trump’s Unqualified Judges

Trump Gavel

As a candidate, Donald Trump liked to claim that he only hired the “top people.” and said he would do the same thing as President. So far, it isn’t working out that way.

Deplorable Republicans Are Defending The Deplorable Roy Moore

Roy Moore Gun

While many on the right are condemning Roy Moore, there are far too many prevaricators and defenders out there.

Joe Biden 2020?


Will Joe Biden be ‘tan, rested, and ready’ enough to take on 2020?

Republican Senate Nominee Roy Moore Accused Of Abusing Four Women When They Were Teens

Roy Moore Victory Speech

Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore is accused of having molested a 14-year-old girl when he was in his 30s.

Republicans Face The Reality That Trump Is A Political Albatross They Can’t Get Away From

Trump And GOP Elephant

Republicans have a Donald Trump problem, and they can’t run away from it.

Momentum For A Law Banning Bump Stocks Has Slowed

Guns And Bullets

Notwithstanding overwhelming public support, Congress is not moving forward on a proposal to ban bump stocks.

Maine Voters Vote To Expand Medicaid, Making An End Run Around Governor LePage


Voters in Maine hand their conservative Governor a setback.

Ralph Northam Defeats Ed Gillespie In Virginia In Strong Democratic Rebuke Of Trump

Ralph Northam

Democrats, Republicans, and Independents came out for an an election that can only been seen as a strong rebuke to President Trump and the Republican Party.

Democratic Candidate Phil Murphy Easily Defeats Kim Guadagno In New Jersey

Phil Murphy

To nobody’s surprise, a blue state returns to its roots.

There Are Two Options When It Comes To North Korea, And Only One Of Them Makes Sense

Kim Jong Un North Korean Flag

On North Korea, there are two options, deterrence and war. And only one of those options makes sense.

Russian Lawyer Alleges Donald Trump, Jr. Offered Quid Pro Quo For Information On Clinton

Trump Russia

Yet more evidence of potential collusion between Trump campaign officials and Russians.

Breakdown In Background Check System Tied To Texas Church Shooting

Guns And Bullets

The shooter in the Texas church shooting was apparently able to get his weapons because the Air Force failed to report his domestic violence conviction.

Trump And The Rule Of Law

Trump Gavel

In his time as President, Donald Trump has demonstrated as much contempt for the rule of law as he did as a candidate.

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