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The Dangers of Relying on Airpower Alone


My latest for War on The Rocks, “The Inter-Service Wars Are Looking Like Calvinball,” has posted.

Hispanics Hate Trump, Love Hillary, Indifferent to Rest of Republican Field


Trump is at -51 net favorability and Clinton at +40. The rest of the field is at “Who?”

Joe Biden Sings About Shotguns


This apparently made the rounds in April but I just stumbled on it.

Should Political Debates Be on Pay TV?

2nd televised debate between Richard M. Nixon & John F. Kennedy (L)  (Photo by Paul Schutzer/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

Susan Crawford claims that “Cable-Only Presidential Debates are the New Poll Tax.”

Donald Trump, Human Bias, and the Art of the Deal


Tomorrow morning, I teach a seminar on “Perception, Cognition, and Biases” as part of our introductory Think, Decide, and Communicate course. Just in time, Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert and author of several related books, has written two interesting blog posts on how the Donald Trump campaign is brilliantly manipulating bias and other weaknesses in […]

Joe Biden Casually Mulling a Sketchy, Preliminary Plan for a Tentative White House Run, Some Speculate

Biden Sunglasses

The POLITICO gang report that a “Joe Biden strategy for [a] White House run [is] taking shape.”

Time To Take Trump Seriously?


The buffoonish billionaire is tapping into something real.

Hillary Clinton’s Server and Sensitive Compartmented Information

Clinton, Gates, And Mullen Testify Before Senate Foreign Relations Cmte

Clinton’s wanton disregard for the rules had predictable consequences.

Judge Rules New York Teacher Exam Not Racially Biased


Kimba Wood has finally found a teacher exam she likes.

Donald Trump Crosses Red State Red Line


Erick Erickson has disinvited Donald Trump from the RedState Gathering. What finally pushed him over the edge?

First Republican ‘Debate’ of 2016 Was Truly Awful

GOP Debate Aug 15

Last night reinforced what I thought about some candidates and changed what I think about others.

Lindsey Graham Promoted Twice As Absentee Reservist


Lindsey Graham recently retired as a colonel in the Air Force Reserves after 33 years of service. His missed most of the last twenty.

Trump as Perot 2.0


In 1992, an eccentric billionaire ran an independent campaign against a Bush and a Clinton. It could happen again.

Swearing in America: Big Data Edition


Jason Kottke points me to Stan Carey’s summary of Jack Grieve’s study of regional variations in swearing patterns across the United States.

Backlash Against Boss Who Raised Minimum Salary


Gravity announced a minimum annual salary of $70,000. Almost everyone is unhappy.

Current Polls Worse Than Meaningless


The current Republican primary polls are “measuring a unicorn electorate” yet effect the outcome of the race.

Our Ally Turkey Joins Fight Against ISIL, Killing Our Allies Against ISIL Rather Than ISIL


Turkey has finally joined in the US-led coalition against ISIL. Unfortunately, it’s killing the main ground force fighting ISIL.

US Military Ends Transgender Ban


The Defense Department is working to fully integrate transgender troops.

Chinese Courts Allow Blatant Ripoff of Air Jordan Brand


China adds to its status as the honey badger of intellectual property law.

Jim Gilmore Running for President (for No Apparent Reason)


As expected, former Virginia Governor and Republican National Committee chairman Jim Gilmore has tossed his hat into the ring:

Red States Eat Blue States’ Lunch, Grow Up to Be Blue States


Low costs and regulatory barriers are attracting people to red states–thus turning them purple and blue.

The Prison-Industrial Complex


The problem goes beyond the War on Drugs.

The Fine Line Between Protest and Riot


Hillary Clinton’s two biggest challengers were ambushed at a progressive political convention over the weekend.

TSA to Address Incompetence with Longer Lines

TSA Airport Scans

Trips to the airport will now be even more fun.

No, ‘Go Set A Watchman’ is Not a Sequel to ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’


Keith Collins and Nikhil Sonnad provide strong evidence that the “sequel” to Harper Lee’s classic novel was merely a bad first draft.

Iran Nuclear Deal Struck, Reactions Pretty Much What You’d Expect

Iran Nukes

Depending on who you listen to, it’s either peace in our time or an epic catastrophe.

The 2016 Campaign Probably Doesn’t Matter, Except That it Does

Campaign 2016

While “fundamentals” will have more impact on choosing our next president than what happens on the campaign trail, the race itself is important.

The Party of Reagan on Immigration


A 1980 debate between Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush shows a different GOP.

South Carolina Takes Down The Confederate Flag

South Carolina Confederate Flag


Political Hack Resigns As OPM Director

Katherine Archuleta OPM political hack

The unqualified hack who led OPM while China stole 21 million sensitive personnel files has finally resigned.

Ken Stabler Dead at 69

Oakland Raiders

Kenny “The Snake” Stabler, legendary Alabama Crimson Tide and Oakland Raiders quarterback, has died of cancer at the age of 69.

‘Hillary Loses’ Scenario Demonstrates Why She Wins


A Republican political consultant says Hillary Clinton is in danger of losing the nomination.

Ted Cruz’ Bestselling Book Not on Bestseller List


The NYT has left Ted Cruz’ new book off its bestseller list, despite it selling more copies than 18 of 20 titles on said list.

Can Lindsey Graham Win?

Lindsey Graham Campaign

The NYT paints the longshot senator as a happy warrior trying to win the White House by doing it his way.

Death Panels Are Back. Good.


With the last legal hurdle to Obamacare cleared, “death panels” have made a quiet comeback.

Nerdiest Joke Ever?


Paul Grenfell nominates this vanity plate of a Volkswagon Beetle (affectionately known as a “Bug”) with vanity plate “Feature”

Alcohol Tax Weirdness


Taxes on wine, beer, and spirits vary wildly from state-to-state and even within each state.

Lindsey Graham: Joe Biden as Good a Man as God Ever Created


In an era of incredibly polarized politics and 24/7/365 campaign mode, it’s refreshing to see politicians treat each other as human beings now and again.

Supreme Court Approves States Outsourcing Redistricting to Commissions


SCOTUS has upheld the use of election commissions to draw Congressional district lines.

A New Era for Conservatives?


The events of the past two weeks could allow the Republican Party to move forward.

The Law of the Land is the Law of the Land


There’s a lot of pandering and outright nonsense in the wake of the Supreme Court’s legalization of gay marriage.

The Supreme Court as Sitting Constitutional Convention


Debating the proper role of the judiciary.

Andrew Sullivan on Gay Marriage Ruling


Andrew Sullivan, perhaps the man most responsible for putting the notion of marriage equality into the national debate, has come out of his blogging retirement to weigh in on yesterday’s historic ruling.

Supreme Court Rules Constitution Guarantees Gay Marriage


The US Supreme Court has ruled 5-4 that the U.S. Constitution contains a right to same-sex marriage.

America’s Changing Demographics


The latest Census data show a changing America.

Idiot Congressman Wants to Force Supreme Court Justices into ObamaCare Exchanges

Supreme Court Justices 2

A Congressman wants to force Supreme Court Justices to get their health care through the ObamaCare exchange.

Why a Record Number of Republicans Are Running in 2016


Matthew Dickinson takes a stab at explaining “Why So Many Republicans Are Running in 2016.”

What Gun Laws Would Help?

Gun Flag

David Frum calls for several measures to reduce gun violence.

Does The United States Really Have More Mass Shootings Than Other Countries?


PolitiFact rates President Obama’s claim that other countries don’t have mass shootings at rates comparable to America”Mostly False.”

Walmart, Kmart, and Sears Remove Confederate Flag From Stores; Amazon, eBay Undecided


The Confederate battle flag is suddenly toxic.

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