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Reporter James Foley Beheaded in ISIS Video


American journalist James Foley has been beheaded by the terrorist network calling itself the Islamic State.

Professor-Cop Blames Victims of Police Violence


17-year veteran of the LAPD says, “If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me.”

Police Are Not Soldiers; Our Communities Are Not War Zones


We should not tolerate them acting otherwise.

We’re Back!


Our server went kaput. We got a new one.

No, Obama Isn’t Seeking ‘Regime Change’ in Iraq


The United States is, in fact, doing the exact opposite.

Robin Williams Commits Suicide


A man who brought joy and laughter to millions has ended his own life because he was too depressed to go on.

Will the GOP Ever Win Another Presidential Election?


It’s hard for a party to win four straight presidential elections. The Democrats may pull it off.

James Brady Death a Homicide


Former Reagan speechwriter and gun control activist Jim Brady’s death has been ruled a homicide. No, there was no foul play involved—at least not recently.

SNL’s Victoria Jackson Loses Tea Party Bid


Victoria Jackson has thus far been less successful in politics than her fellow SNL alum Al Franken.

The GOP Establishment Won The Primary Battles, But They Let The Tea Party Win The War

Elephants Fighting

Tea Party backed candidates may have lost most of the GOP primary battles, but they’ve won the war for control of the Republican agenda.

Viet Xuan Luong Becomes First Vietnamese-American General

Viet Xuan Luong official photo

Viet Xuan Luong pins on a brigadier general’s star today, becoming the first Vietnamese-American officer to achieve that rank.

Utah Blogger Fired for Homophonia


The folks at the Nomen Global Language Center are not that adept with the local language. Paul Rolly reports for the Salt Lake Tribune: Homophones, as any English grammarian can tell you, are words that sound the same but have different meanings and often different spellings — such as be and bee, through and threw, […]

US No Safer Than on 9/11 Says DIA Chief

US Army Lt General Flynn testifies before House Intelligence Committee in Washington

LTG Michael Flynn says the United States is no safer after 13 years of war

Why Americans Stink at Math



In Defense of Professional Military Education


My latest for RealClearDefense: “Senator Walsh’s Unrepresentative Black Mark on Professional Military Education”

Nothing is Private Anymore; Should it Be?

Google Privacy

Our laws and social norms have not caught up to modern life.

Military Enlistment Rates by State and Region


The South and Southwest have a much higher military enlistment rate than the Northeast.

Dad Tweets About Rude Gate Agent, Family Booted From Plane as Security Threat


Ticket collectors at Southwest Airlines are our first line of defense.

The Commandant Didn’t Say What Everyone Says He Said

Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. James F. Amos, addresses a crowd of U.S. Marines and Sailors at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan Dec. 23. Amos expressed his admiration to the service members for their accomplishments and dedication to supporting the ongoing counterisurgency mission, especially while deployed during the holiday season.

My latest for War on the Rocks: “Don’t Believe Everything You Read in the Papers.”

Morgan Freeman Reads LeBron James’ ‘Coming Home’ Letter


I heard this on the way in to work this morning: Frank Caliendo reads LeBron James’ “letter” explaining why he chose to go back to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the voice of Morgan Freeman’s “Shawshank Redemption” character. My familiarity with Caliendo was from the often lame bits he did on the Fox NFL pregame show […]

California Not Executing Enough People, Says Federal Judge


The most novel argument yet against capital punishment.

Six Californias? It May Be On The Ballot In 2016, But It Probably Won’t Happen

Six Californias

A Silicon Valley businessman says he has enough signatures to get it on the ballot, but the plan to break California up into six states is most assuredly going nowhere.

Getting The State Out of the Wedding Business


Why is the marriage ceremony the government’s concern?

There Is No Such Thing as Europe


The English-speaking and Scandinavian countries are very different.

Yes, Americans Care About Soccer Now


My latest for The Hill, “America Comes to Soccer,” has posted.

Sending Europe Mixed Messages


My latest for The National Interest, “Europe’s Free Ride on the American-Defense Gravy Train,” has posted.

All of America’s Secrets on Amazon Cloud


The US intelligence community is gambling that it can be more efficient through a public-private partnership than going it alone.

Fewer Americans Are Without Health Insurance


The number of uninsured Americans has declined since the Obamacare mandate went into effect.

Government Spied on American Muslims Who May or May Not Be Bad Guys


The NSA and FBI are doing more spy stuff.

Brazil’s Coach Shows How to Lose


Coach Luiz Felipe Scolari took responsibility for the 7-1 loss to Germany.

LeBron James’ Game (Theory)


Does the NBA’s best player have first mover advantage? Or should he take his time?

Rush Limbaugh Is Madder Than Hell And He’s Not Gonna Take It Anymore


Rush Limbaugh is still really, really angry about subsidized birth control. And lots of other stuff.

Did Gingrich Correctly Predict Medicare’s Demise?

Don't Steal From Medicare to Support Socialized Medicine

In 1995, the Speaker predicted Medicare is “going to wither on the vine because we think people are voluntarily going to leave it.”

Law Enforcement or War? Both!

Figure of Justice

My latest collaboration with Butch Bracknell, “Ahmed Abu Khattala and the Miranda-Rights Question,” has posted in The National Interest.

Make Your Password So Hard to Guess That Even You Can’t Remember It

Computer Password Security

All you have to do is make up unique password for each site based on randomly chosen details of an incredibly complex story associated with the first letter of the site.

Obama Secretly Backing Warren Over Clinton, Declares Lying Hack


Ed Klein says he has “Democrat sources” who Obama wants Warren to continue his mission to “transform America into a European-style democratic-socialist state.”

Are Cell Phones Getting Worse?


Modern devices are more fragile, frustrating, and resource intensive than those of a decade ago.

Seinfeld Is 25; Jerry Seinfeld is 60


The first episode of “Seinfeld” aired 25 years ago yesterday.

Barriers to US-Europe Trade Deal Remain


A US-EU free trade zone is a no-brainer. But the devil is in the details.

Mosquitoes Kill More People All Other Animals Combined


Bill Gates is working to raise awareness of the world’s deadliest animal: the mosquito.

Daddy, What’s a Landline?


In previewing a story about an Arkansas town fighting to keep phone booths, The New York Times explains what those are.

Mitt Romney is No Dick Nixon


Emil Henry makes “The Case for Mitt Romney in 2016.”

William J. Crawford: No Ordinary Janitor


Reflections on a story making the rounds this Independence Day.

Restaurant Reservation Scalping Is A Thing


A new app allows customers to cut the restaurant reservation line. What could go wrong?

Which Founding Father Are You?

Signing Of The Declaration Of Independence

1776 was a really, really long time ago.

Blogs Are Dead, Long Live Blogging


As the medium matures, something important is being lost.

A Typo in the Declaration of Independence?

Declaration Of Independence

Could a transcription error be changing our understanding of America’s founding document?

Has Soccer Finally Captured American Hearts?


Only two 2013 college football games attracted more viewers that Tuesday’s World Cup match vs. Belgium.

3D Printed Organs Coming Soon


The burgeoning science of additive manufacturing is on the verge of being able to print functioning human organs.

Germany Lowers Retirement Age

SPD - Debatte über Rente mit 67

How long should we expect people to work?

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