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Why Is Revenge Porn Legal?

Sex on laptop computer. Pornography

Wisconsin recently became the third state to criminalize revenge porn. Why is it still legal in the other 47?

New York Becomes 11th ‘State’ To Pass National Popular Vote Law


New York has joined nine other states and the District of Columbia to vote to for an Electoral College bypass.

Portland Dumps 38 Million Gallons of Water Over 16 Ounces of Urine

Woman Drinking Glass of Water

Portland, Oregon government officials and USA Today headline writers are innumerate.

Donald Rumsfeld Has ‘Absolutely No Idea’ if His Tax Returns Are Accurate


Our tax system is so complicated that whether we’re filing our returns correctly is a known unknown.

New York Times Discovers Adjunct Professors


The editorial board of the nation’s newspaper of record laments a quarter century-old trend.

An Airline Fee That’s Actually Reasonable


We should expect to pay more for the least undesirable seats.

Texas is How Big?


JR is from Texas wants you to know that Texas is big. No, bigger than that.

UConn Dominates College Basketball . . . Not So Much College Itself


UConn won another national championship. Their graduation rate remains embarrassing.

Brendan Eich Had To Go

Brandon Eich Mozilla

In an ideal world, we would be more tolerant of leaders who held controversial positions. We don’t live in that world.

WiFi Speeds About to Triple (Does Not Apply to US Government)


Massively faster wireless internet service should be available in early 2015.

Obama ‘Outpacing’ Bush on Judicial Confirmations


President Obama has gotten more federal judges confirmed at every level than his predecessor had at this point.

Trust In State Government


A new poll finds that people in Illinois have an accurate assessment of politics in their state.

USA Isn’t Religiously Diverse


Despite the mythos, 95% of Americans are either Christian or unaffiliated.

Stephen Colbert to Replace David Letterman?


Earlier this week, David Letterman announced he would be stepping down from his late night perch after three decades. Stephen Colbert is reportedly the frontrunner to replace him. Mashable (“Stephen Colbert Is CBS’ Top Choice to Succeed Letterman, and He’s Into It“): Stephen Colbert is CBS’ top choice to replace the retiring David Letterman, and has […]

Iraq Vet with Post-Traumatic Stress Kills Three, Wounds Sixteen at Fort Hood


Yesterday afternoon’s shooting spree at Fort Hood appears to be a related to post-traumatic stress.

ObamaCare Passes 7 Million Served


After many ballyhooed glitches, 7 million Americans have signed up for ObamaCare. Now what?

The 0.001 Percent


The “99 percent vs. the 1 percent” debate obscures the real income inequality picture.

Harder to Get Job at Walmart Than Admitted to Ivy League School?


.Wonkblog’s “Wal-Mart has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard” is rightly drawing some eye-rolling.

Pentagon Orders Service Seals Off Wreaths Across America Trucks


The DOD says Walmart was violating its trademarks.

Republican Controlled States Making It Harder For Democrats To Vote


A pattern continues.

Ray Rice Celebrates Aggravated Assault Indictment by Marrying Victim


Ray Rice celebrated his aggravated assault indictment by marrying his victim.

#CancelColbert Trolling


An opportunist ruins a good joke and hijacks an important discussion.

Jeremiah Denton, Vietnam War Hero, Dies


Jeremiah Denton, a Vietnam War hero and one-term US Senator from Alabama, has died. He was 89.

Pentagon Wants War Funding After Wars End


The Pentagon wants to continue receiving special war funding well into peacetime.

Saving Millions By Changing Font


A high school kid has figured out that changing fonts could save the taxpayer millions in printing costs.

Henry Kissinger’s Annoying Habit of Being Right


Benjamin Wallace-Wells wonders with some irritation “Why Henry Kissinger Never Goes Away.”

How Professors Spend Their Time


An oldie but goodie from PhD comics is making the rounds.

For Want of a Comma


Yet another incentive to get a STEM degree: via Jonathan Eyal

Fixing Income Equality is Easy (Unless You Actually Want to Fix It)


It’s simple: We just have to define the problem and then solve it.

Boy Allowed to Wear ‘My Little Pony’ Backpack to School


After national attention, a North Carolina school has rescinded its ban on a 9-year-old boy’s wearing of a “girl’s” backpack.

Big Bang ‘Inflation’ Theory Proved


Stanford astrophysicist Andrei Linde gets a nice surprise.

Army Starts Over on Cammo Search


The Army’s search for yet another new camouflage pattern is back to square one. Army Times (“MultiCam maker: Camo talks broke down over cost“): Disagreements over fees for MultiCam, a top-performing contender to be the Army’s main camouflage pattern, have emerged as the main reason the Army has gone in search of a new pattern. […]

Is All Politics Presidential?

Christie Obama

Have gubernatorial elections become more nationalized?

President Joe Scarborough?!


Was there ever a more tepid endorsement than “Joe Scarborough for President? Sure, Why Not?”

No, Damn It, Army Generals Aren’t Exempt From Uniform Regulations


When will BG Jeffrey Sinclair get an effing haircut?

Glittering Eye Turns 10


Congratulations to Dave Schuler on a decade of blogging.

Millennials Abandon Obama, at Least by Stupid Definition of ‘Abandon’


So, Dana Milbank has a column.

Frederick Mayer, Real ‘Inglorious Basterd,’ Denied Medal of Honor Again


A Jewish-American OSS hero has been denied the nation’s highest military honor.

Obama: ‘I Look Very Sharp in Jeans’


The president went there.

Unprofitable Professors Getting Fired


Being a public intellectual doesn’t pay.

Mike Huckabee Will Not Be President

Mike Huckabee

Nora Caplan-Bricker contends that, “Mike Huckabee Could Be President—If Only He Wanted It.”

‘Wild Bill’ Guarnere of ‘Band of Brothers’ Fame Dead at 90


Staff Sergeant William Guarnere, made famous by the “Band of Brothers” miniseries, has died aged 90.

Woman’s Death Goes Unnoticed for Years


A tale of life in modern-day America . . .

Carterization of Obama


Barack Obama is no Jimmy Carter.

Overselling the Stakes in Crimea


My first piece for The Hill, “Crimea is not Armageddon,” posted this morning.

Obama: No Country Has Right to Send Troops to Another Country Unprovoked


CNN Breaking: President Barack Obama said today that Russia’s military moves in Crimea violated international law, adding that “no country has a right to send in troops to another country unprovoked.” He said the United States is examining a series of economic and diplomatic steps to “isolate Russia,” and he called on Congress to work with […]

Western ‘Security Guarantees’ to Ukraine Don’t Say What Commentators Think


The Budapest Memorandums pertain solely to nuclear attacks.

Why German Sounds Harsh


Here’s Why The German Language Sounds Harsh To Most People

Ukraine, NATO, and the EU


The West owes Ukraine nothing.

Preliminary Thoughts on the Ukraine Situation


Russian invasion or legitimate secessionist movement? And does it matter?

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