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Supreme Court Approves States Outsourcing Redistricting to Commissions


SCOTUS has upheld the use of election commissions to draw Congressional district lines.

A New Era for Conservatives?


The events of the past two weeks could allow the Republican Party to move forward.

The Law of the Land is the Law of the Land


There’s a lot of pandering and outright nonsense in the wake of the Supreme Court’s legalization of gay marriage.

The Supreme Court as Sitting Constitutional Convention


Debating the proper role of the judiciary.

Andrew Sullivan on Gay Marriage Ruling


Andrew Sullivan, perhaps the man most responsible for putting the notion of marriage equality into the national debate, has come out of his blogging retirement to weigh in on yesterday’s historic ruling.

Supreme Court Rules Constitution Guarantees Gay Marriage


The US Supreme Court has ruled 5-4 that the U.S. Constitution contains a right to same-sex marriage.

America’s Changing Demographics


The latest Census data show a changing America.

Idiot Congressman Wants to Force Supreme Court Justices into ObamaCare Exchanges

Supreme Court Justices 2

A Congressman wants to force Supreme Court Justices to get their health care through the ObamaCare exchange.

Why a Record Number of Republicans Are Running in 2016


Matthew Dickinson takes a stab at explaining “Why So Many Republicans Are Running in 2016.”

What Gun Laws Would Help?

Gun Flag

David Frum calls for several measures to reduce gun violence.

Does The United States Really Have More Mass Shootings Than Other Countries?


PolitiFact rates President Obama’s claim that other countries don’t have mass shootings at rates comparable to America”Mostly False.”

Walmart, Kmart, and Sears Remove Confederate Flag From Stores; Amazon, eBay Undecided


The Confederate battle flag is suddenly toxic.

Ted Cruz with a Gun to His Head


So, this picture is going around: And this one: In both, Ted Cruz is giving a speech about gun rights in front of an illustration of a gun. Naturally, outrage is ensuing. POLITICO (“AP photo shows a gun pointed at Ted Cruz’s head“): In an Associated Press image that drew comment and criticism on Twitter […]

Does It Matter Whether Charleston Was Terrorism?

Emanual A.M.E. Church Marker

The debate is ultimately academic.

Google Targets Revenge Porn in Weakest Way Possible


Google has announced a new policy regarding revenge porn: We’ve heard many troubling stories of “revenge porn”: an ex-partner seeking to publicly humiliate a person by posting private images of them, or hackers stealing and distributing images from victims’ accounts. Some images even end up on “sextortion” sites that force people to pay to have […]

Army Drops ‘Army Strong’ for . . . Nothing


The nine-year-old ‘Army Strong’ ad campaign is ended.

Was China OPM Hack Fair Game?


Was this simply ordinary intelligence collection? Or something more insidious?

The Return of the Liberals


More Democrats are calling themselves “liberal” than they have in years. Republicans, too.

MARSOC Now Officially ‘Marine Raiders’


Marine special operations forces have called themselves “Raiders” for years. Now it’s official.

Joyner on Federal News Radio

I was on yesterday afternoon’s edition of Federal News Radio’s “In Depth” with Francis Rose discussing my recent piece in The National Interest on military retirement reform.

Arlington Assholes Up Bullshit Fine For Swearing in Public


It could cost you $250 to say “F- Arlington” if you happen to be in Arlington when you say it.

Radical Overhaul of Military Pension System Doesn’t Go Far Enough


My latest for The National Interest, “America’s Military Needs a New Retirement Plan,” has posted.

Obamas Host Prince and Stevie Wonder at White House ‘On Their Own Dime’


The president is getting flack for holding a private party at his house.

Site Proves Racism Isn’t Really the Problem; Commenters Prove Otherwise


A black leader is running a billboard campaign to improve his community. Racism ensues.

Mitt Romney: Kingmaker?


Mitt Romney decided not to run in 2016 but he’s very much in the race.

Man Complains Airline Made Him Pay to Sit Next to His Kid


We have unreasonable expectations for airlines.

Jawbone Sues Fitbit Over Patent Infringement


Jawbone is suing Fitbit for infringing a patent that should never have been granted.

Americans Becoming Vastly More Accepting of Homosexuality


Americans are growing more tolerant of gays and gay marriage, with irrelevant exceptions.

Stealing a College Education


Lee Siegel takes to the NYT to explain “Why I Defaulted on My Student Loans.”

Too Much PII


Dave Schuler proposes a “radical idea” to safeguard individual privacy “in the wake of the hacking of Sony and the multiple credit card exploits over the last year or so.”

Why Aren’t Racehorses Getting Faster?


Humans have been getting progressively bigger, faster, and stronger. Not so horses.

OTB Caption Contest Winners


The Coffee Klatsch Clash Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Why is Harvard Subsidized by the Taxpayer?


A wealthy alumnus has given Harvard $400 million, sparking a heated debate.

New York Teachers’ Exam Ruled Racially Biased


Being required to demonstrate competency in liberal arts to teach is racially discriminatory, a federal judge has ruled.

Air Force Says ISIS Has Poor OPSEC, Demonstrating Poor OPSEC


An Air Force general is bragging about a targeting technique being used against ISIS.

Transgender Historical Revisionism

Caitlyn Jenner

Does an individual’s changed gender identity alter history?

Elon Musk Beneficiary of $4.9 Billion in Government Subsidies


Billionaire wunderkind Elon Musk has had a lot of help from taxpayers.

Domestic Spying ‘Suspended’ But Almost Certainly Continues Unabated

NSA headquarter

Don’t believe everything you read in the papers.

Bernie Sanders ‘Gaining Momentum’ and Drawing ‘Overflow Crowds’


The New York Times really, really wants a horse race for the Democratic nomination.

Beau Biden, Vice President’s Son, Dead at 46


Beau Biden, the former attorney general of Delaware and son of Vice President Joe Biden, has died of brain cancer at the age of 46.

FCC May Ban Robocalls, Including Polling


The FCC appears set to “encourage” telephone companies to install robocall blocking technology. Pollsters are panicking. POLITICO (“New ‘robocall’ rules could leave Americans in the dark“): For many Americans, the idea of technology that can block automated telephone calls sounds like a solution to all those annoying “robocalls” and interrupted family dinners.But to the nation’s […]

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Indicted on Bank Charges


Denny Hastert, who followed Newt Gingrich as Speaker of the House of Representatives, has been indicted for crimes related to banking transactions. AP: Federal prosecutors have announced bank-related charges against former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert. A statement from the U.S. attorney’s office in Chicago says the 73-year-old Illinois Republican is accused of structuring the […]

Marine Fighting for Right to Post Bible Verses in Violation of Direct Orders


A woman discharged from the Marine Corps for violating multiple direct orders is fighting to the highest military court.

Networks to Limit Republican Debate Field

Dec 15 Fox Iowa Debate

With 14 candidates vying for the Republican nomination, TV execs are scrambling to make the debates watchable.

Fixing the Firewalled News Problem


There’s a better way to finance news than hiding it behind paywalls.

Lindsey Graham Wants To Kill Americans Without Inconvenience of Trial


Lindsey Graham says that, if elected president, he would summarily kill anyone thinking about joining ISIS.

How Will ‘Mad Men’ End?

mad-men-opening-credits (1)

The final episode airs tonight. How will Matt Weiner will wrap it up?

Tsarnaev Jurors Were Pro-Death Penalty


The gang at The Week are surprised that “Only jurors who were open to the death penalty were chosen for the Tsarnaev trial.”

Evander Holyfield Bests Mitt Romney in Boxing Match


A five-time heavyweight champion has beaten a rich politician in a bizarre charity event.

Former Egyptian President Morsi Sentenced to Death


Mohammed Morsi, Egypt’s first truly-elected president, has been sentenced to death by the government which ousted him in a coup.

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