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The Most Dreadful Inaugural Address in History


A speech traditionally used to unite was instead a continuation of a divisive campaign.

Youth, Women, and Bias in the Ideas Industry


It’s not all peaches and cream for pretty young women.

Electoral College Farce


While hardly the most compelling argument against an archaic institution, yesterday’s silliness was noteworthy.

Do Presidential Pardons Still Make Sense?


Obama has issued more commutations than all his predecessors combined. He set the single-day record Monday.

Trump and the Presidential Daily Brief

A man crosses the Central Intelligence A

Delegating the morning briefing to advisors isn’t actually that unusual.

Greater Deference to Generals Has Undermined Civilian Control of the Military

US Army Lt General Flynn testifies before House Intelligence Committee in Washington

I’m in the New York Times’ “Room for Debate” with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Duke’s Peter Feaver.

Man Calls Out ‘Hillary Bitches’ on Airplane

An airline traveler wanted his fellow passengers to know that he was a supporter of the president-elect.

America’s Weird Recount Laws


An irrelevant candidate is triggering a recount in three states Trump won by substantial margins.

Nikki Haley to Be UN Ambassador


While it seems a strange choice at first blush, it’s a good one.

Trump’s Wife and Child Won’t Live in White House

Melania Trump

President-Elect Donald Trump has signaled that his current wife and youngest child will continue to reside in their de-luxe apartment in the sky rather than move to the White House.

President Trump’s Unprecedented Conflicts of Interest


The incoming president’s business interests are a yuuuge problem.

Team of rivals? Kitchen cabinet? Or Waylon Smithers clones?

The real model for Trump’s team is neither Abraham Lincoln nor Andrew Jackson but The Simpson’s Mr. Burns with a room full of Waylon Smithers-types.

Google Account Hell


I’m about to lose access to the primary email account I’ve had for more than a dozen years.

Normalizing Hysteria

Trump Convention Speech

Donald Trump is not Adolf Hitler. But that’s not the standard.

Dave Chappelle Knows The Whites


I’ve been out of the “Saturday Night Live” habit for years now but they’ve done really well with the election cycle, as they always have. Kate McKinnon’s cold open was very well done. I kept waiting for the joke lyrics; they didn’t come. Quite a few in my Twitter feed found it sacrilegious for reasons […]

Trump Victory Spawns National Freak-Out


Americans are rioting in the streets because they don’t like the outcome of a democratic election.

The ‘Popular Vote’ is Irrelevant


The candidate I voted for got more than 200,000 votes for president than the winner. I’m okay with that.

Random Observations on Trump’s Election


Trying to make sense of that which makes no sense.

The Biggest F- You in Human History?


Michael Moore’s pre-election analysis is looking shockingly prescient.

As The Revolving Door Turns


A senior congressional staffer is taking a new job that happens to coincide with her boss’ committee assignment.

Trump, Populism, and Anti-Semitic Dog Whistles


Distinguishing between anti-elite populism and coded anti-Semitism is next to impossible.

Meh Hillary

Clinton, Gates, And Mullen Testify Before Senate Foreign Relations Cmte

It has become necessary to destroy the party in order to save it.

Both Sides Do It (Except One)


WaPo has a rather interesting headline to an AP report: “Ohio order blocks activities from both campaigns.” Reading through the report, which reads like a blog post with constant updates, I find only one campaign’s “activities” being “blocked,” namely that of Donald Trump. So, how do we arrive at the headline? Through very strained reasoning: […]

Clinton’s Lead Shrinking Ever So Slightly


Her numbers are steady; he’s reclaiming Republican voters.

Clinton-Cartwright Comparisons Don’t Hold Up


Clinton is getting no special treatment by the standards of her high-powered peers.

Clinton, Inc.


The personal, the political, and the Foundation are so intertwined as to be one enterprise.

Steven Den Beste, RIP

Steven Den Beste, one of the quintessential early bloggers (dubbed by someone one of the “Four Horsemen of the Ablogalypse” in those silly days when this medium was new) has passed after a long illness. Brickmuppet has a nice collection of tributes along with a summary of the news: Steven was brilliant, a former engineer with […]

Most Damaging Presidential Run, Ever?

Trump And GOP Elephant

Has any major party nominee for president ever damaged his reputation in this manner?

Trump’s Damaged Brand


Donald Trump is losing something much more important to him that an election.

The Third And Thankfully Last Presidential Debate of 2016


Last night’s debate, sadly, lived down to my expectations.

I Question The Timing


News outlets are suddenly finding out that Trump was a cad in 2005. Film at 11.

Erick Erickson’s Struggles


The erstwhile Republican firebrand and current NeverTrumper shares his personal struggles.

A Bizarre, No Good, Second Debate


Trump was alternately somnambulant, petulant, stalking, incoherent, and dangerous.

What Happens if Trump is Un-nominated?


Some early musings on a political fantasy that’s less implausible than it was 12 hours ago.

Trump Caught on Tape Being Trump, Shocking Trump Supporters


An 11-year-old tape of the Republican nominee making misogynistic comments should surprise no one.

Is Nuance Still Possible in American Politics?


Damon Linker writes, “Millions of people disagree with your political views. That doesn’t make them moral monsters.”

Trump Gaining With Less Educated Whites, Losing With College Grads


Donald Trump is doing worse with white voters than Mitt Romney did in 2012.

Pence Probably Won VP Debate; Almost Certainly Won’t Matter


It’s possible that Mike Pence won and Donald Trump still lost. It won’t matter.

Trump’s Dangerous ‘Rigged Election’ Nonsense

2016 Election Buttons

The Republican nominee is threatening our fragile democracy.

NYT Publishes Illegally Obtained Trump Tax Records


America’s newspaper of records has published three pages of stolen tax documents from 1995.

First Clinton-Trump Debate and Low Expectations Redux


Judging 2016 by historical standards hasn’t worked out well thus far.

First Clinton-Trump Debate Confirms Low Expectations


Trump had a much lower bar than Clinton going in. Neither cleared it.

Party Realignment Fantasies


David Brooks thinks American politics “Could get ugly” before the ship gets righted.

Hijacking the National Anthem


Athletes are sitting out the Star Spangled Banner to air their grievances. Management is pushing back.

Santa Clara Police Threaten to Not Do Job Over Cartoon Socks


Blue feelings matter.

Clinton Foundation Donors Got Access to Secretary of State Clinton


A majority of her non-government visitors coincidentally donated to her nonprofit.

Fox News Sums Up Clinton-Trump Race Brilliantly


Most Americans distrust Clinton. More distrust Trump.

Retired Generals Should Stay Out of Politics


My latest for War on the Rocks.

Conventions Helped Trump More, Even Though His Was Awful and Hers Wasn’t

2016 Election Buttons

The one with the better convention seems to have lost ground over the last two weeks.

Trump Leads Clinton After Convention Bounce

Trump Convention Speech

The worst convention in history has given Trump a yuuge bounce.

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