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Marine Fighting for Right to Post Bible Verses in Violation of Direct Orders


A woman discharged from the Marine Corps for violating multiple direct orders is fighting to the highest military court.

Networks to Limit Republican Debate Field

Dec 15 Fox Iowa Debate

With 14 candidates vying for the Republican nomination, TV execs are scrambling to make the debates watchable.

Fixing the Firewalled News Problem


There’s a better way to finance news than hiding it behind paywalls.

Lindsey Graham Wants To Kill Americans Without Inconvenience of Trial


Lindsey Graham says that, if elected president, he would summarily kill anyone thinking about joining ISIS.

How Will ‘Mad Men’ End?

mad-men-opening-credits (1)

The final episode airs tonight. How will Matt Weiner will wrap it up?

Tsarnaev Jurors Were Pro-Death Penalty


The gang at The Week are surprised that “Only jurors who were open to the death penalty were chosen for the Tsarnaev trial.”

Evander Holyfield Bests Mitt Romney in Boxing Match


A five-time heavyweight champion has beaten a rich politician in a bizarre charity event.

Former Egyptian President Morsi Sentenced to Death


Mohammed Morsi, Egypt’s first truly-elected president, has been sentenced to death by the government which ousted him in a coup.

Navy Secretary Doubling Maternity Leave to 12 Weeks, Lowering Weight Standards


Ray Mabus is trying to make serving in the Navy and Marine Corps more attractive to women.

2016 A Close, Noncompetitive Election?


Once again, only six or seven states are likely to matter.

40-Hour Week An Anachronism


Most managers work beyond 9-to-5.

Clinton Foundation Not Really a Charity


It’s complicated. And probably not a scandal.

Failed Executive and Politician Carly Fiorina Running for President


Carly Fiorina, who flopped at Hewlett-Packard and in her lone previous political campaign, wants to be the leader of the free world.

Baltimore: Nonviolence as Nonviolence


Ta-Nehisi Coates is insightful and eloquent. He’s wrong in this instance.

Political Experts Who Don’t Understand Politics


49 “experts in governance and democracy” to call for nonsensical reforms to the presidential debates.

Bruce Jenner and Dog The Bounty Hunter Come Out


Bruce Jenner has come out to Diane Sawyer admitting what most had already suspected: that he’s Republican and a Christian. Meanwhile, Dog the Bounty Hunter has endorsed Hillary Clinton for the presidency. The collective minds at the Daily Caller and Fox News are officially blown.

Clintons Most Successful, Most Controversial ‘Power Couple’


A series of mini-scandals point to the conflicts of interest around the Clintons.

Fixing the NBA Draft


“Tanking” to improve draft position has plagued the NBA for years. The solution is obvious.

David Petraeus Given Slap on Wrist for Espionage Act Violation


The former CIA Director received no jail time and a nuisance-level fine in exchange for a guilty plea to espionage charges.

Hillary Clinton ‘Unrunning’ For President


The press corps is already bored.

The Complexity of Genocide


The Holocaust was a very atypical case of genocide.

Chris Christie’s Costly Indecisiveness


WaPo’s “Top Christie ally defects to Bush” buries the lede.

Norway Phasing Out FM Radio By 2017


Norway is moving to all-digital radio.

Hillary Clinton, Sexism, and Hot Air


Jazz Shaw has some perfectly reasonable things to say in response to my posting “Hillary Clinton, Sexism, and Male Privilege.” The Hot Air commentariat . . . not so much.

Sexism and Hillary Clinton: Maureen Dowd Edition


Speaking of sexism and Hillary Clinton, I give you Maureen Dowd: THE most famous woman on the planet has a confounding problem. She can’t figure out how to campaign as a woman. In 2008, Hillary Clinton took advice from two men — Bill Clinton and Mark Penn — and campaigned like a man. Worried about […]

Hillary Clinton, Sexism, and Male Privilege

Clinton, Gates, And Mullen Testify Before Senate Foreign Relations Cmte

The “racism” debate brought about by Barack Obama in 2000 is getting a spin-off.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

Barack Obama, Raul Castro

The I Can’t GITMO Satisfaction Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Is 2016 a 50-50 Proposition?


Pundits and political scientists agree that, if the 2016 presidential election were today, we’d have a much better idea who would win.

Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Tip at Chipotle! Stop the Presses!


The scandal that will make everyone forget about Benghazi.

Australia To Deny Some Benefits To Parents Who Refuse To Vaccinate Their Kids


Australia has an interesting new idea about how to encourage parents to vaccinate their children.

Almost Nobody Complains About ‘Saturday Night Live’ Profanity


I’m not sure this is a concern that rises to the level of an article at The Atlantic.

No, the Army Isn’t Refusing to Treat Combat Wounds as Combat Wounds


Fox News’ Catherine Herridge is creating a scandal where none exists.

Fort Hood Victims Awarded Purple Heart


Nidal Hasan’s victims were finally awarded the Purple Heart yesterday. CSM (“Fort Hood shooting: why it took five years to award victims Purple Hearts“): More than five years after psychologist Nidal Hasan, then a US Army major, went on a shooting spree killing 13 people and wounding 30 others, the military victims of his rampage […]

Should Convicted Murderers Get Free Sex Changes?

March 28, 2014: Photo provided by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation shows Michelle-Lael Norsworthy. (AP Photo/California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.)

A federal judge has ordered the people of California to foot the $100,000 bill for sexual reassignment surgery for someone serving a life sentence for murder.

Job Growth ‘Setback’


The US economy added 126,000 jobs, much less than the guess of 244,000.

The Bright Side of RFRA


We’re down to debating whether bigots should have to sell cakes to gay people.

Guy Nobody Has Heard of Replacing Jon Stewart as Daily Show Host


Trevor Noah will be the next host of The Daily Show. Who’s Trevor Noah? Exactly.

Down Syndrome Teen Stripped of Varsity Letter Jacket


A sad, complicated story.

George W. Bush Gets CIA Award

George W Bush

President George W. Bush had a running battle with the CIA throughout his eight years in office. Now, they’ve given him an award.

Obama To Slow Withdrawal Of American Forces From Afghanistan

Afghanistan Troops

America’s longest war continues.

Indiana To Give Religious Business Owners The Right To Discriminate Against Gays


Indiana is about to become the latest state to grants special rights to religious business owners.

President Obama May Buy Magnum PI Home (No Word on Ferrari)


Someone has bought the estate where “Magnum P.I.” Based on no apparent evidence, POLITICO speculates that it’s going to be the Obama retirement home. When he’s done being president, could Barack Obama grow a mustache, don a Hawaiian shirt, and start driving a red Ferrari? Obama loves Hawaii – the land of his childhood, the […]

Irish Activist Commits Return Fraud, Gloats About it in Media


A Facebook friend posted this Irish Central story (“Irish American buys all of Walmart’s offensive t-shirts, will return them March 18“) on her wall: Kevin Westley has an inventive solution to the annual issue of offensive Irish merchandise leading up to St. Patrick’s Day. Go to your local big box stores, buy all the t-shirts […]

Your Second Third Drink


You should stop at three drinks. But you can stop there more than once.

Yes, Veterans Should Pay Taxes. And We Do!


Alec MacGillis argues for Slate that “Veterans Should Pay Taxes Like Everyone Else.” I agree!

Should We Boycott Moron Clothing Designers?


Elton John is leading a boycott against Dolce & Gabbana.

Dakota Meyer Engaged to Bristol Palin


A headline I did not expect to see, courtesy the Army Times: “Dakota Meyer engaged to Bristol Palin.”

Big Brother Meets Mickey Mouse


Ubiquitous tracking isn’t all bad.

Hot Air Remains, Balloon No Longer Aloft


A brutal assessment of Chris Christie’s presidential chances.

1965 in Photos


The Atlantic’s Alan Taylor has 50 photos from 50 years ago.

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