OTB Site Refresh

The long-overdue redesign of OTB is now live.

OTB Turns 15

Yesterday marked fifteen years since I launched Outside the Beltway on the old Blogspot service. 

OTB Site Update [Updated]

We’re slowly fixing the site.

OTB Admin Update

The redevelopment of the site that I posted about a few weeks back is underway in a phased approach.

Site Woes

We appear to be under some sort of hacking attack.

We’re Back!

Our server went kaput. We got a new one.

Reminder about the OTB TOS

We (the Authors and Mods of OTB) wanted to take a moment to remind everyone* of the site’s Terms of Service (TOS) and, in particular, the portions on civility: Remember that the people under discussion are human beings. Comments that contain personal attacks about the post author or other commenters will be deleted. Repeated violators will […]

Ronald Mataconis, 1937-2014

Our profound condolences to Doug Mataconis on the loss of his father.

OTB Makes It Into Hawaii’s Gay Marriage Debate

As I noted, the Hawaii legislature will be taking up a same-sex marriage bill earlier this week. Not surprisingly, that’s bringing out both sides of the issue to lobby voters and the legislature in advance of the debate and eventual vote. One of those groups, not surprisingly, is the National Organization for Marriage, perhaps the […]

Starting at Command and Staff College

Today will be my first day at Marine Command and Staff College.

Back to School

Your humble host is making a career move.

Joyner Unfair to Krugman

A decade ago. a certain New York Times columnist was more right than your humble host.

Commenting Issues?

I gather that there’s a recent issue wherein regular commenters are having to fill out the name and email address windows each and every time they comment on the site? Our new IT guy is doing some minor backend work, including experimenting with some social network sharing buttons, but nothing that should have caused this […]

OTB Reader Survey Follow-Up

The OTB Reader Survey posted a week ago today generated a solid discussion.

Too Early for 2016 Talk?

We’re actually not speculating about who might be running any more than we used to.

OTB Reader Survey

We’re soliciting reader feedback on three related questions.

OTB Turns 10

It has just occurred to me that today marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of OTB. I started the site with an “I’m here” posting at 9:37 am on the old blogspot service. About a quarter of the posts the first few weeks were bitching about the old blogspot service. I finally launched at […]

Katherine Applegate Wins Newbery Medal for ‘The One and Only Ivan’

Katherine Applegate, long suffering spouse of frequent OTB commenter Michael Reynolds, has been awarded the Newbery Medal for the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children for The One and Only Ivan.

Under Renovations

Some tinkering is done with our Related Posts plugins that’s causing some visual clutter. Do not adjust your sets.

Commenting Policies: A Reminder

Challenge the ideas of those with whom you disagree, not their patriotism, decency, or integrity.

Is SiteMeter Finally Dead?

I’ve been using SiteMeter since the earliest days* of OTB, going back to February 4, 2003. There have been some glitches from time to time over the years but, for the most part, it’s done a good job of tracking visits in real time.  It’s been down for three days now and, given that their […]

Monkey Hookers Screw OTB Servers

Our apologies for the site sluggishness and comment weirdness over the past few hours. A July 2008 post on monkey sex improbably made it to the front page of Reddit, generating roughly half a day’s traffic per hour and, thus far, 921 Facebook likes. As of this writing, we’re still ranked #13 and have generated […]

Color Coding Blogs by Political Bias

Andy Baio and friends have undertaken an interesting project: color coding political blogs to track bias.

Comment Ratings

By popular demand, we’ve altered the comment rating system such that comments that receive very poor marks continue to be color coded but are no longer “hidden” and thus requiring an additional click to view. For the most part, the old system achieved what I hoped it would: signal to readers which comments were outside […]

OTB on Colbert

Doug Mataconis’ Thursday posting “Herman Cain Releases Bizarre New Video Involving Apparent Goldfish Murder” got picked up on that night’s edition of The Colbert Report.

The Late, Lamented ‘Edit’ Feature

Some while back, we installed a plugin that allowed limited editing of comments after posting. Alas, that plugin is not compatible with more recent versions of WordPress, our blog software, and there do not appear to be any forthcoming updates to said plugin. Nor do there appear to be other plugins available that perform the […]

Katie Turns 3

Today is my eldest daughter Katie’s 3rd birthday.

OTB for iPad, iPhone, and Android

OTB is available on Google Currents.

Site Note

Thanks to all the kind sentiments on the passing of my wife, Kim. The outpouring from all corners has been gratifying. Alas, it has also put a tremendous strain on the server load for the first time since moving to the current configuration. Ed is working on some technical fixes to mitigate the problem. As […]

Like/Dislike Back

Some recent glitches caused by a security upgrade have been fixed. Most notably, the Like/Dislike buttons on comments should now be working. Let me know if there are other issues.

60 Million

Sometime in the last week, OTB crossed the 60 million unique visitor mark, as measured by SiteMeter. As always, thanks to all who read, comment, and link. Previous milestones: 50 Million – October 13, 2010 40 Million – December 21, 2009 35 Million – June 17, 2009 30 Million – October 14, 2008 29 Million – […]

New Commenting Features

As some have already noticed, we installed some new commenting plug-ins late yesterday adding some features that many have been requesting

Facebook ‘Like’ Issues?

Some of you have presumably noticed the addition of social media buttons, notably the Facebook “Like” button and a Twitter “retweet” button, to the posts some time back. Over the last couple of days, however, I’ve started having trouble with the “Like” button on random posts. On most posts, it works as it’s supposed to: […]

Elizabeth Webb Joyner

Our second girl, Elizabeth Webb Joyner,was delivered at 8:35 pm Eastern Tuesday evening.

FP Twitterati 100

Foreign Policy‘s annual Twitterati 100 list of “who’s who of the foreign-policy Twitterverse in 2011.” I’ve made the list again under the “Washington Wonks” category. WASHINGTON WONKS Spencer Ackerman (@attackerman) — National security correspondent for Wired‘s Danger Room; tweets on everything from Afghanistan policy to comic books to punk rock. Joe Cirincione (@Cirincione) — President of […]

Comments Alert

Our patience with those who repeatedly hijack the discussion thread to detract from the topic at hand has ended, effective immediately.

Presidential Reading List

Foreign Policy’s David Kenner has a reading list for President Obama to help him get read for his big speech to recast our relationship with the Arab world. Topping the Persian Gulf section is Crossroads Arabia, by our own John Burgess.

OTB Expose

Ok, so it has come to the attention of the powers that be that one of OTB’s regular authors is out of conformity with the others. To wit, we have OTB founder, James Joyner: Steven Taylor: Alex Knapp: Yes, a bit brooding, but bearded. And yet, what about Doug Mataconis?  Did he not get the […]

OTB Site Issues

We upgraded to the latest stable WordPress release, version 3.1, last night. It seems to have broken a couple of things, notably the Quick Picks and Editor’s Picks features. I’ve got a bug report in but, being Sunday, it could take a while to get a fix in.

New New Comments Thingie: Now, With Preview

Thanks to a suggestion from Mark Jaquith, we appear to have found a more elegant solution for making it easier to do simple HTML coding (bold, italics, strikethrough, blockquote) in comments. And added an optional preview feature as well. As always, let us know if there are quirks.

Site Comments: One More Time . . .

The WYSIWYG commenting interface is finally compatible with WordPress 3.x, so we’re trying again. In early testing, it seems to do a good job with the standard HTML commands: bold, italics, blockquoting, link insertion, and so forth. Unlike the interface from months ago, however, it won’t automatically convert raw HTML code into readable text. Those […]

Blog Comments Redux

I have banned a couple of serial violators in recent days after various warnings, deletions, and other signals failed to do the trick.

Stolen Content Alert

If you’re getting a message saying “Article stolen from OutsideTheBeltway.com” whilst reading our site’s content legitimately, we apologize.  It’s being corrected. Short version:  It’s an attempt to thwart “scraper” sites which steal the content from various blogs via our syndication feeds, posting them as their own.  The coding wasn’t supposed to show on OTB itself, obviously, […]

Commenting Issues

For whatever reason, the WYSIWYG commenting tools that we’ve had since moving to WordPress circa 2005 have not worked since moving to WordPress 3.x and the new layout, despite several attempts to fix.   My tech has disabled it again and will try something else soon, hopefully over the weekend.

50 Million Served

OTB crossed the 50 million unique visitor mark, as measured by SiteMeter, sometime overnight. As always, thanks to all who read, comment, and link. Previous milestones: 40 Million – December 21, 2009 35 Million – June 17, 2009 30 Million – October 14, 2008 29 Million – August 26, 2008 28 Million – July 11, […]

Alex Knapp is a Dad

Congrats to OTB’s Alex Knapp, who’s a proud new papa.

Comment Of The Weekend

Deep in the comment threat on one of my Friday posts, regular commenter Sam gives us a comment that is just pure gold.

Site Work in Progress

We’ve moved OTB to a new server. Let me know if you see anything unusual.

SiteMeter Bleg

My SiteMeter statistics have suddenly become much less useful. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Commenting Issues

I’ve again disabled the comments HTML editing buttons, as they seem not to be working properly and may be causing site sluggishness.  I’ll have Ed take another look into the issue when he returns from vacation.

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