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Mattis Right on NATO


My latest is out at RealClearDefense.

Normalizing Hysteria

Trump Convention Speech

Donald Trump is not Adolf Hitler. But that’s not the standard.

EU Leaders Must Keep Calm and Carry On

Brexit Puzzle Pieces

Early panic over the Brexit referendum was an overreaction. It’s time for statesmanship.

Too Many Generals?


My latest for The National Interest has posted.

Rigor in Professional Military Education


My latest for War on The Rocks, “Professional Military Education and the Rigor Problem, has posted.

You’ve Thanked Us Plenty for Our Service

Associated Press/Bob Daugherty, File - FILE - In this Jan. 12, 1991 file photo, Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf stands at ease with his tank troops during Operation Desert Storm in Saudi Arabia. Schwarzkopf died Thursday, Dec. 27, 2012 in Tampa, Fla. He was 78. (AP Photo/Bob Daugherty, File) l

My latest for RealClearDefense, “The Forgotten Veterans of Desert Storm,” has posted. The headline belies the argument.

This is Why Civilianizing Military Justice Can Work

Last week, War on The Rocks published my essay with James Weirick entitled “SEXUAL ASSAULT IN THE MILITARY AND THE UNLAWFUL COMMAND INFLUENCE CATCH-22.” They followed it with a response by Charlie Dunlap, formerly the number two lawyer in the Air Force, titled “CIVILIANIZING MILITARY JUSTICE? SORRY, IT CAN’T — AND SHOULDN’T — WORK.” Yesterday […]

Defending of Crazy Talk


A controversial article arguing prominent war critics should be targeted as enemy combatants is worth discussing.

The Dangers of Relying on Airpower Alone


My latest for War on The Rocks, “The Inter-Service Wars Are Looking Like Calvinball,” has posted.

Joyner on Federal News Radio

I was on yesterday afternoon’s edition of Federal News Radio’s “In Depth” with Francis Rose discussing my recent piece in The National Interest on military retirement reform.

Politinerds: Andrew Malcom Returns


This past week’s episode of Politinerds featured our first return guest, Andrew Malcom, currently writing at Investors Business Daily and previously at The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, and several other publications over the years. We last had Andrew on nearly two months ago, and even an extended show didn’t give us enough […]

Politinerds: The Dave Weigel Interview


This weeks episode of Politinerds featured an interview with David Weigel, currently a political reporter at Bloomberg News, and previously with Slate, The Washington Post, Reason magazine, and a host of other publications. We covered several topics with Dave, ranging from issues about how a reporter’s political opinions should impact their reporting, the role of […]

Politinerds: The Jake Tapper Interview


The week’s episode of Poitinerds features another special guest, Jake Tapper, host of CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper and before that White House Correspondent for ABC News. Jazz Shaw and I talk with Jake about his career in journalism, what it’s like to host a daily news show in an era of fast breaking […]

The Domestic Side of National Security


Another commentary on the National Security Strategy, this one at The Hill.

Obama’s National-Security Wish List


The first installment of my analysis of the National Security Strategy.

Obama’s Missed Opportunity


My latest for The National Interest, “Obama’s Paris Blunder: Part of a Much Bigger Problem,” has posted.

Politinerds Radio: Congressman Richard Hanna


On this week’s episode of Politinerds, Jazz Shaw and I interview Congressman Richard Hanna, a Republican representing New York’s 22nd Congressional District, a District in Central New York State that stretches from the southeastern shore of Lake Ontario south to the New York-Pennsylvania border south of Binghamtom. Congressman Hanna has been in office since being […]

Introducing Politinerds


I’m happy to announce that going forward, I’ll be co-hosting a podcast at Vigilant Liberty Radio called Politinerds with friend and fellow blogger Jazz Shaw of Hot Air. While we’ll likely hit on current events quite a lot in the weeks and months going forward, as Jazz notes, we’re aiming for something just a little […]

Hagel’s Dismissal A Reflection Of Contradictory Policy

Chuck Hagel

The abrupt departure of Chuck Hagel says much more about Administration policy than it does about Chuck Hagel.

Obama’s Astrategic ISIS Strategy


The plan won’t achieve achieve its stated goals.

In Defense of Professional Military Education


My latest for RealClearDefense: “Senator Walsh’s Unrepresentative Black Mark on Professional Military Education”

The Commandant Didn’t Say What Everyone Says He Said

Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. James F. Amos, addresses a crowd of U.S. Marines and Sailors at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan Dec. 23. Amos expressed his admiration to the service members for their accomplishments and dedication to supporting the ongoing counterisurgency mission, especially while deployed during the holiday season.

My latest for War on the Rocks: “Don’t Believe Everything You Read in the Papers.”

Yes, Americans Care About Soccer Now


My latest for The Hill, “America Comes to Soccer,” has posted.

Sending Europe Mixed Messages


My latest for The National Interest, “Europe’s Free Ride on the American-Defense Gravy Train,” has posted.

Law Enforcement or War? Both!

Figure of Justice

My latest collaboration with Butch Bracknell, “Ahmed Abu Khattala and the Miranda-Rights Question,” has posted in The National Interest.

Blogs Are Dead, Long Live Blogging


As the medium matures, something important is being lost.

Viewing the Sinclair Sexual Assault Case Dispassionately


My latest for The Hill, co-authored with Butch Bracknell: “Explaining the Sinclair demotion.”

It’s Still Ad Hominem If They’re Neocons


My latest for The National Interest, “Neoconservatives, the Iraq Debate and Ad Hominem Attacks,” has posted.

VA’s Lake Wobegon Syndrome Isn’t Unusual

My latest for The Hill, “Why all VA executives are above average,” has posted.

Fixing Military Sexual Assault the Right Way


Retired Marine lawyer Butch Bracknell and I tackle the subject for The Hill.

Obama Should Own Bergdahl Decision


My latest for War on the Rocks, “HAGEL: CLIMBING OUT FROM UNDER THE BUS,” has posted.

What Bowe Bergdahl Deserves

Bowe Bergdahl

Not every soldier is a hero. Not even every POW.

Overselling the Stakes in Crimea


My first piece for The Hill, “Crimea is not Armageddon,” posted this morning.

Pentagon Defies Congress with Budget Request


Poking the eye of the institution that passes your budget is a bold choice.

Soldiers and Priests: A Contrast in Professional Ethics


My latest for The National Interest, “The U.S. Military’s Ethics Crisis,” has posted.

Medal Fatigue


The US military needs to cull and standardize its bloated award system.

OTB In The New York Times

Just posted at The New York Times is today’s “Room For Debate” section on the subject: Should Governor Christie Step Down? I was asked to contribute and my piece, hot off the presses with revisions made while Governor Christie was still conducting his two-hour press conference can be found here. I’ll have a longer post on the press […]

Military Benefits vs Military Readiness


Without hard choices on pay and benefits, the Pentagon will have to make big cuts in readiness.

Review: Bacevich’s Breach of Trust


My review of Andrew Bacevich’s latest book, Breach of Trust: How Americans Failed Their Soldiers and Their Country.

The Shutdown and the Damage Done


My latest for The National Interest, “The Military and the Shutdown: Assessing the Damage,” is out.

Army Cracks Down on Tattoos


My latest for Defense One, “The Army’s Misguided Crackdown on Tattoos,” has posted.

Syria and Civil-Military Relations


My latest for The Atlantic, “It Isn’t the Military’s Place to Weigh In on the Syria Debate,” has posted.

Obama’s Syria Plan As Confused As Ever


President Obama’s plans in Syria are as unclear as they were before he spoke last night.

DoD Needs Real Strategic Review


“No More Baby Steps,” my first piece for Defense News, has posted.

Obama’s Confused Syria Strategy


Humanitarian wars have their own grammar but not their own logic.

Joyner and Foust on Manning and Other Stuff


Joshua Foust and I discuss Chelsea Manning and other issues for BloggingHeadsTV.

Three Hops and You’re Out


Think of it as the spy version of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Can Senators Handle The Truth on Syria?


Senators John McCain and Carl Levin have demanded answers from General Martin Dempsey on Syria. Can they handle the truth?

John McCain Doesn’t Understand What Joint Chief Chairman Does

My first post for DefenseOne, “McCain is Wrong About Dempsey on Syria,” has posted. The piece is relatively short and defies excerpting. The essence is that McCain wants the chairman of the Joint Chiefs to weigh in on the advisability of intervening in Syria and Dempsey argues that it’s the president’s job to make that […]

The Apathy Inherent in the System


My latest for The Atlantic, “Why Should Congress and the Courts Care About Snooping If Citizens Don’t?” has posted.

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