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Why Were Commercial Jets Flying Over Eastern Ukraine To Begin With?

Ukraine Airspace After MH17

Basically, the answer is that nobody really thought there was much of a risk that a plane could be shot down.

Rupert Murdoch Rebuffed In Initial Bid To Buy Time Warner, But It’s Not Over Yet

Time Warner

Big news, and potentially a big merger, in the entertainment industry.

There Is No Such Thing as Europe


The English-speaking and Scandinavian countries are very different.

Implementation Of Europe’s ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ About As Absurd As You’d Expect

Google Privacy

Judging by the early results, the so-called “Right To Be Forgotten” recently created by Europe’s highest court is creating more problems than it will solve.

LeBron James’ Game (Theory)


Does the NBA’s best player have first mover advantage? Or should he take his time?

Barriers to US-Europe Trade Deal Remain


A US-EU free trade zone is a no-brainer. But the devil is in the details.

The Fourth Of July, Brought To You By China


Chances are the fireworks that you may enjoy later today aren’t exactly red, white & blue: On Independence Day, celebrations across the United States depend on China. The sparklers, bottle rockets and Roman candles you’ll be using this Fourth of July almost certainly came from there. So did the professional-grade pyrotechnics that’ll be launched above […]

Restaurant Reservation Scalping Is A Thing


A new app allows customers to cut the restaurant reservation line. What could go wrong?

Do Conservatives Think The Poor ‘Have It Easy?’


Coming across as uncaring doesn’t help advance your political arguments.

June Jobs Report: Good News For The Start Of A Holiday Weekend

Now Hiring Sign

The June Jobs Report is basically good news.

Target To Customers: No Guns In Our Stores, Please

Target Open Carry

Target is the latest business to ask customers to leave the guns at home when they go shopping.

Germany Lowers Retirement Age

SPD - Debatte über Rente mit 67

How long should we expect people to work?

Supreme Court Rules Some Employees Can Opt Out Of Public Employee Unions


The Supreme Court has limited the ability of public employee unions to force people to join their ranks.

Federal Court Strikes Down D.C. Law Requiring Tour Guides To Be Licensed

Washington DC Tour Guides

A Federal Appeals Court has struck down a D.C. law requiring tour guides to get a license and pass a test.

Previewing Tomorrow’s Hobby Lobby Decision

Hobby Lobby

The Supreme Court has saved the biggest case of the term for its last day.

Aereo Suspends Service In Wake Of Supreme Court Ruling

Aereo Transcorder

After a Supreme Court decision earlier this week that effectively declared its business model to be a violation of the law, Aereo has suspended service: Aereo, the start-up firm that threatened to upend the television industry, has hit the pause button. Three days after the Supreme Court ruled that Aereo had violated copyright laws by […]

No ‘Hard Choices’ In China


The more than one billion people who live in the People’s Republic of China won’t be able to buy Hillary Clinton’s new book for new: Hillary Clinton’s new book will not be sold in mainland China, despite efforts by her publisher, Simon & Schuster, to sell the memoir there. Chinese publishers have declined to purchase […]

Remember That Missing Plane? Yea, They Have No Idea Where It Is

MH370 Plane

A new report indicates that Malaysian Air Flight 370, the Boeing 757 that went missing nearly four months ago on a flight from Kuala Lampur to Beijing, may not be anywhere near where searchers have been looking: MELBOURNE, Australia — As Australia prepares a yearlong search for Malaysia Airlines’ missing Flight 370 in an area […]

DC Cabbies Block Streets to Protest Lyft and Uber



Aereo Loses Big As Supreme Court Upholds Intellectual Property Protections

Aereo Transcorder

New technology doesn’t mean that the laws don’t apply.

Economy Shrank Nearly 3% In First Quarter

Economy Heartbeat

The first three months of the year were worse for the economy than first thought.

Get Ready For Another Three Months Of LeBron James Hype

Lebron James

There had been some speculation during the NBA finals that LeBron James, who has led the Miami Heat to the NBA finals four times and won twice and been the leagues most valuable player three times, would apply for free agency after the season ended, and that’s exactly what he’s done: Carmelo Anthony enjoyed the […]

Russia Develops Pizza Delivery Drone While U.S. Lags Woefully Behind

Russia Pizza Delivery Drone

The Moscow Times reports that a Russian company has perfected the technology to deliver pizzas via drone: A pizzeria in the Komi republic’s capital city of Syktyvkar has launched a helicopter drone-delivery service. DoDo Pizza’s first unmanned delivery was made on Saturday to much applause from witnesses in the city’s main square. According to the regional news agency FlashNord, the drone was able to complete its task in just […]

Guardians Of “Traditional” Media Once Again Bar SCOTUSBlog From Getting Press Credentials


A committee of journalists who work in the “traditional” media has once again denied press credentials to SCOTUSBlog.

The Redskins Trademark Decision Is Legally Dubious, And Troubling

Washington Redskins Helmet

However you feel about the Redskins name, the decision to retroactively repeal their trademarks is troubling on many levels.

Former NSA Chief Cashing in Big as Cyber Security Consultant


Retired General Keith Alexander is hawking his services to banks at princely sums.

On Immigration, David Brat And The Tea Party Stray From Their Own Principles


There is no such thing as a consistent free market, limited government case in favor of restricting immigration, whether legal or illegal.

Washington Redskins Trademark Canceled


The US Government has deemed the nickname of the capital’s NFL club racially offensive.

Donald Sterling Wants To Air The NBA’s Dirty Laundry

Memphis Grizzlies v San Antonio Spurs - Game One

There’s really no better word for it than blackmail.

NBC Paid Chelsea Clinton $600,000 For What Exactly?


Not surprisingly, having a famous last name really helps when it comes time to negotiate a salary: Chelsea Clinton earned an annual salary of $600,000 at NBC News before switching to a month-to-month contract earlier this year, sources with knowledge of the agreement told POLITICO. Clinton, who joined NBC News as a special correspondent in […]

Hard Choices And D.C.’s Dirty Ghostwriting Secret


She won’t admit it publicly, but Hillary Clinton didn’t really write her new book.

United Changing Frequent Flier Program to Reward Spending, Not Distance


United is joining Delta in making its rewards program match the realities of the business. Chicago Tribune (“United Airlines overhauls frequent flier program“): United Airlines on Tuesday made a dramatic change to its frequent-flier program, basing earnings on dollars spent rather than miles flown. Chicago-based United’s new MileagePlus program mirrors a move made by Delta Air […]

Our Richest Presidents


A newly revised study finds that our first President was also our wealthiest, even after adjusting wealth and income of his 42 successors for inflation: Three years ago, 24/7 Wall St. published the net worth of every American president, from George Washington to Barack Obama. We have updated our numbers to reflect the earnings of the still-living […]

Are Federal Executives Underpaid?


Can we fix the VA at what government pays?

Netflix’s Online Business Model: A Mistake, Or The Future Of Entertainment?


Does encouraging binge watching make sense for Netflix?

A “Fashion Trend” That Should Die Before It Comes To Life

Short Suit

Hayley Peterson at Business Insider tells us — or is that warns us? —- about the dawn of a new fashion trend: Retailers are starting to push a new trend in menswear: the short suit. The ensemble looks like a regular suit from the waist up, with a sport coat over a button-down shirt and sometimes a tie […]

Virginia Goes To War Against Uber, Lyft, And Free Enterprise

Uber App

The Virginia DMV is threatening to crackdown on companies providing innovative car services to consumers.

The Coming End Of Checks

Check Writing

Once ubiquitous, checks are disappearing as a means of payment.

There’s A Smartphone App That Will Let You Order Booze And Have It Delivered


There is now a smartphone app that will allow you to get alcohol delivered to you, but it currently only works in Los Angeles: Enter Drizly. “The smartphone app for fast, convenient alcohol delivery” just launched in Los Angeles following its debut in Boston and New York. The first neighborhoods to launch include Silverlake, Venice, Westwood, Beverly Hills, […]

A Mostly Good Jobs Report, And A Milestone Finally Passed (Sort Of)

Now Hiring Sign

The May Jobs Report was fairly good, and it marks the end of a jobs recession that started six years ago. But things aren’t entirely rosy.

NFL Announces It Will Be Super Bowl 50, Not Super Bowl L

Super Bowl 50

When the NFC and AFC Champions meet in the not-yet-completed Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California on February 7, 2016, they won’t be playing in Super Bowl L,they’ll be playing in Super Bowl 50, but this change in the use of Arabic instead of Roman numerals for the first time since 1971 will only last one year: […]

Donald Sterling Gives Up

Memphis Grizzlies v San Antonio Spurs - Game One

Late yesterday, Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling agreed to drop the lawsuit he had filed against the NBA just last week and consent to the sale of the team to Steve Ballmer: Donald Sterling has agreed to go along with the $2-billion sale of the Clippers negotiated by his wife, Shelly, in an agreement that will […]

Obama’s New Carbon Rules Pose Political And Economic Risks For Questionable Benefits

Coal Fired Power Plant Sunset

The EPA’s new carbon rules leave much to be desired.

The Absurdity Of The “Right To Be Forgotten”

Google Privacy

The so-called “right to be forgotten” created by Europe’s highest court is unworkable, and ultimately absurd.

2022 FIFA World Cup Hit With Bribery Allegations

Qatar 2022

More problems for the planned 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Donald Sterling Sues NBA For $1,000,000,000

Memphis Grizzlies v San Antonio Spurs - Game One

Bring in the lawyers!

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer To Buy Clippers For $2 Billion

Memphis Grizzlies v San Antonio Spurs - Game One

Steve Ballmer, who took over as CEO of Microsoft after Bill Gates ended day-to-day involvement with the company, has apparently agreed to purchase the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion, possibly averting a move next week by the NBA to strip the franchise from Donald Sterling and his family: The former Microsoft chief executive Steve […]

The Economy Actually Shrank In The First Quarter Of 2014

Economy Heartbeat

In no small part because of a brutal winter, the economy shrank in the first three months of the year.

Yes, College Is Worth It (If You Graduate)


While it’s been much derided in recent years, there’s a definite economic benefit to obtaining a college degree,

Donald Sterling Appears To Be Giving Up Rather Than Fighting The NBA

Memphis Grizzlies v San Antonio Spurs - Game One

Reports this afternoon indicate that Donald Sterling has made a move that seems clearly designed to lead to the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers: Disgraced Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has agreed to allow his wife, Shelly, to negotiate a forced sale of the team, sources with knowledge of the situation told ESPN. Shelly Sterling […]

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