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A Spoiler Free Review Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Cheiwie Solo

You’ll be happy, Star Wars fans. And, don’t worry, no spoilers here.

Lame Defense of Carol Marcus Underwear Scene


Speaking to 1701 News, Roberto Orci (one of the authors of Star Trek into Darkness) offered the following on the scene of Carol Marcus changing her clothes in the movie (a scene that had a rather prominent place in the movie’s commercials): Orci also knows that some fans had issues with Carol Marcus, played by […]

Is The New Red Dawn The Dumbest Movie Ever?


The new Red Dawn promises to be even sillier than the first.

Producer Admits Atlas Shrugged: Part I Basically A Failure


The free market in action.

Megan McArdle On Atlas Shrugged: An Incoherent Mess


Even libertarians aren’t all that impressed with the effort to bring Ayn Rand’s magnum opus to the big screen.

TRON: Legacy — Flynn Abides

Tron Legacy Wilde

TRON: Legacy is an almost perfect sequel.

Quote of the Day, Ralph Reed Edition


“You can take some liberties in a movie inspired by actual people and events, but having Ralph Reed convert to Christianity would probably be more than any audience would be willing to believe.” — Fred Clark, in his review of Casino Jack

Inception Busts Open The Doors Of Perception


Inception has imposed itself as the film to beat for Best Picture and, I would guess, will become the lodestone for “mind movies” for a generation. Don’t miss it.

Favorite Movies Of Conservative Bloggers


RWN’s John Hawkins polled his roster of conservative bloggers on their favorite movies of all time. Only two flicks from this millennium made the top dozen, although several others made the larger list: 8) The Godfather II: 6 (1974) 8) Jaws: 6 (1975) 8) Raiders of the Lost Ark: 6 (1981) 8) Pulp Fiction: 6 […]

Al Weisel, Blogger ‘Jon Swift’, Dead at 46

Al Weisel Photo

The author and movie critic Al Weisel, best known in the blogosphere as the faux conservative satirist Jon Swift, died recently.  The tragic news, and the even more tragic circumstances, was broken by his mother on the comment section of his defunct blog: I don’t know how else to tell you all who love this […]

The Finest Film Ever Made


PoMoCo’s Robert Cheeks just saw “the finest film ever made.”  No, not Highlander, which reportedly won the Oscar for “best movie of all time.” On about six different levels The Book of Eli is the finest film ever made, though I’ll require a couple of additional viewings to come up with a comparative analysis between […]

John Wayne: 30 Years Later


Alex Massie and Radley Balko remind me that John Wayne died 30 years ago today. I recall it well, having just recently returned to the States from Germany and waiting to start 8th grade in El Paso.  I’ve seen most of his movies since and become a bigger fan. Someone (Robert Prather, perhaps) shared via […]

Rio Bravo at 50


Big Hollywood’s Leo Grin has an excellent analysis of the classic Howard Hawks film Rio Bravo,  which was made 50 years ago. A generous excerpt: Characters are the most important elements of any Hawks movie. By 1958 he had concluded that “audiences were getting tired of plots….But if you keep them from knowing what the […]

Quote of the Day – Action Film Edition


“[W]orrying about acting in a film like this is like worrying about fat in a double cheeseburger: It misses the whole point.” – Peter Suderman, reviewing the umpteenth installment in the “Fast and Furious” franchise for NRO

What Movie Will Obama Adminstration Be?


Dave Schuler has an amusing — and yet insightful — view of what the Obama administration will look like as seen through the lens of classic movies.

‘The Kingdom’: US-Saudi Relations on Film


Review: ‘The Kingdom’ Watching the trailers for ‘The Kingdom’ over the past several months, I was curious about how the film would portray Saudi Arabia and Saudis. I had personal experience with terrorist bombings of residential compounds in Riyadh and wanted to see how accurate the film might be. The film could have taken the […]

Bourne Ultimatum’s Anti-Americanism


Jonathan Last echoes a criticism I’ve seen of the final installment of the Bourne movie trilogy but articulates it better than others: The structural problem was the rampant anti-Americanism. I hate being predictable, but here goes: I get that the Bourne movies are anti-imperial; I get that the U.S. government is doing shady stuff at […]

Michael Bay Doesn’t Suck


Matthew Yglesias seeks to justify his “reputation in the blogosphere as a leading Michael Bay apologist” by providing a video of a Levis spot whereby readers might “truly glimpse the man’s skillz.” The commercial is rather entertaining. Then again, I’m not sure where the near-consensus among movie critics that Michael Bay makes terrible moves comes […]

Thumbs Up for Roger Ebert


After surgery for cancer of the salivary gland that removed part of his jaw, operations to replace his mandible, and complications from unanticipated bleeding, film critic Roger Ebert “ain’t a pretty boy no more”: I have been very sick, am getting better and this is how it looks. I still have my brain and my […]

Fictional Politics


Given that it is Saturday night, let’s set aside any more serious discussions and ponder the idiocy that is the political machinations of the Jedi Knights. As I mentioned at my place earlier today, my two oldest boys are sick and so we took advantage of Cinemax’s Star Wars marathon. Hence, I have had my […]

Superman Returns Movie Review


My wife and I went to the 10:00 p.m. showing of “Superman Returns” last night. No real spoilers below for any who have seen any of the pre-release publicity but my review is hidden after the jump just in case.