Food in a Box!!!

The Trump Administration is seeking to overhaul the food stamps program.

Greek Priorities

Via Reuters:  Despite crisis, few Greeks ready to forgo coffee “Greeks are ready to cut anything else, but not their coffee. Customer traffic is stable,” said Kleanthis Kanellos, 34-year-old manager of the packed Old Flo cafe in a working class district of Athens. Well, one has to have one’s priorities straight (although their propensity toward […]

Alcohol Tax Weirdness

Taxes on wine, beer, and spirits vary wildly from state-to-state and even within each state.

Your Second Third Drink

You should stop at three drinks. But you can stop there more than once.

Coffee News (and Another Example of Bad Science Reporting)

First comes the spiffy headline via the BBC:  Regular coffee drinkers have ‘cleaner’ arteries Hooray! he thought, between sips of strong, black Colombian… But then, actually reading the article: Drinking a few cups of coffee a day may help people avoid clogged arteries – a known risk factor for heart disease – Korean researchers believe. […]

Coffee News

Via ABC:  Up to 5 Cups of Coffee a Day OK, Gov’t Advisory Committee Says You can consume up to 5 cups of coffee a day, or up to 400 milligrams of caffeine, without detrimental effects, according to a new report that will help shape the official government dietary guidelines due out later this year. […]

10 Drinks a Day is a Lot of Drinks!

The Ezra Klein-less Wonkblog makes us feel good about our drinking habits.

Texting At The Restaurant

Managers at a New York City restaurant were puzzled as to why the speed of service in their restaurant seems to have slowed down in recent years despite the fact that they had not experienced any significant increase in customers. So, when they came across old videotapes of security footage of the restaurant during a […]

From the Fools and Money Stack: Kickstarting… Potato Salad?!

Kickstarting a dream of potato salad to the tune of $40k+

Coming To A Store Near You: Powdered Alcohol

Thanks to a recent decision by the relevant Federal agency, Americans will soon be able to buy powdered alcohol: American drinkers could find themselves sprinkling their favourite beverage rather than pouring it, as powdered alcohol brand ‘Palcohol’ is now fully approved by the US government. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau this week […]

U.S. Coffee Consumption Has Dropped More Than 50% In 70 Years

AEI’s Mark Perry passes along this chart based on data from the Dept. of Agriculture that coffee consumption among American adults has dropped from a high a 45 gallons per adult to less than 20 gallons per adult per year today, a level lower than it has been since the beginning of the 20th Century. […]

The Manufactured Evils of Coffee

An interesting read from The Atlantic:  The Devious Ad Campaign That Convinced America Coffee Was Bad for Kids. The piece is fascinating for a variety of reasons.  First, it is about coffee.  Second, it contains artifacts of a different era of advertising (when you could say pretty much whatever you wanted), and third, it points […]

Cheese, Is There Anything It Can’t Do? In Wisconsin, Apparently Not

Wisconsin, which already considers cheese to be a big part of its economy, is now using the stuff to help deal with winter snow and ice: MILWAUKEE — In a state whose license plates advertise it as America’s Dairyland, where lawmakers once honored the bacterium in Monterey Jack as the state’s official microbe and where […]

The Coffee Insurgency?

The Economist reports that “The coffee insurgency” is winning.

GOP Congressman: My Idea To Force Poor Kids To Work For Lunch Not Directed At Poor Kids

A GOP Senate Candidate in Georgia attempts to back track, and runs off the rails in the process.

Georgia Congressman: Kids Who Get Subsidized School Lunches Should Be Forced To Work

Does your kid qualify for subsidized lunch? One candidate for Senate in Georgia wants to put them to work.

By Wide Margin, Americans Oppose The Nanny State

When it comes to thinks like Mike Bloomberg’s large-sized soda ban, most Americans prefer to just say no.

Commemorate Pearl Harbor Day with Lousy Canned Spaghetti

Seventy-two years ago today, 2402 Americans were killed and another 1282 wounded in an Imperial Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. Share in their sacrifice by eating some SpaghettiOs, one of the worst mass market food products on the planet. Update (Doug Mataconis): The original Tweet appears to have been removed and replaced with […]

The Beginning Of The End Of Waiters and Waitresses?

Technology is about the way you order in your local restaurant.

Calorie Counts On Menus Don’t Seem To Influence Food Choices

Another government mandate that doesn’t address a real problem.

The F.D.A.’s Misplaced War On Trans Fats

The FDA is declaring war on trans fats. That’s a bad idea on many levels.

Too Good To Check: Bacon Will Make You Live Longer

Now here’s a scientific study we can all get behind: Science has enriched the lives of bacon-lovers everywhere. A study conducted by researchers at ETH Zurich has concluded that the high levels of Vitamin B3 (known as niacin) in this meat could help you live longer. To test this, Energy Metabolism Professor Michael Ristow fed […]

Air Force Bans Greek Yogurt

The Air Force has banned the sale of certain varieties of Greek yogurt: The new target in the Air Force’s war on drugs: Greek yogurt with hemp seeds. In keeping with the policy barring consumption of any product that contains or is derived from hemp seed or hemp seed oil, airmen must steer clear of […]

Too Much Coffee? Man!

Via NPR’s The Salt:  How Many Cups Of Coffee Per Day Is Too Many? That morning cup of Joe is a daily, practically sacred ritual for many of us. A large body of research has confirmed that a coffee habit is perfectly fine for most people, and may even have some health benefits – from […]

Pacific Beer Helps Avoid Breakdowns

Some century-old Pacific Beer beer ads are “nothing short of brilliant, absurd, and offensive.”

Home Brewing Legal in All 50 States

Until this month, America was not truly a free country.

Late Night Breakfast Coming To McDonald’s

Rumors that McDonald’s would begin offering its breakfast menu all day began surfacing earlier this year, now it appears that they are at least going part of the way there: McDonald’s is taking a small step toward offering breakfast items outside of its usual breakfast hours — at least if you’re a night owl. Starting this […]

Domino’s Working On Pizza Delivering Drone

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you, the Pizza Drone: Domino’s Pizza hired a creative agency called T + Biscuits to test the feasibility of octocopter drones that deliver a hot, delicious pizza to your doorstep. Heavily branded as the DomiCopter, the current prototype can deliver two, large pizzas in about ten minutes within a four […]

Texas Man Gets 50 Years For Stealing Baby-Back Ribs

Apparently, they take their ribs quite seriously in Texas: All Willie Smith Ward wanted was his baby-back ribs, but it cost him 50 years in prison. His problems started when he tucked a large rack under his shirt and tried to leave the H-E-B store at 1102 Speight Ave. without paying in September 2011. A […]

Bacon Bacon Bacon Restaurant Smells Like Bacon

A San Francisco bacon restaurant smells like bacon. Thankfully, a compromise has been reached.

105 Year-Old Woman Says Eating Bacon Every Day Is The Key To Long Life

It’s hard to argue with a woman who’s lived more than a century: A 105-year-old woman from Richland, Texas says that the key to long life is bacon. Pearl Cantrell’s love of bacon is so strong that the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile made a stop through town last week to wish her a happy birthday, all […]

Yay, Coffee! (Oh, and Green Tea, too)

Via NPR:  A Daily Habit Of Green Tea Or Coffee Cuts Stroke Risk Researchers found that the more green tea a person drank, the more it reduced the risk of suffering a stroke. "It’s almost a 20 percent lower risk of stroke in the green tea drinkers" who drank four cups a day, compared with […]

Bloomberg Big Soda Ban Dumber Than We Thought

The Big Gulp ban won’t ban Big Gulps. But it’ll ban 2-liter Cokes with your pizza and pitchers at Chuck E. Cheese.

Say it ain’t so, Joe

Via the CBC:  Coffee beans in danger of extinction That’s the warning behind a new study by U.K. and Ethiopian researchers who say the beans that go into 70 per cent of the world’s coffee could be wiped out by 2080. The only saving grace:  the odds that I will live to 112 are rather […]

Most Brutal Restaurant Review Ever

New York Times Restaurant critic Pete Wells decided to check out the new restaurant opened in Times Square by Food Network personality Guy Fieri, and came away so unimpressed that he penned perhaps the most brutal review any restaurant has ever seen: GUY FIERI, have you eaten at your new restaurant in Times Square? Have you […]

Worldwide Bacon Shortage Predicted

Okay, my friends, we’ve faced major problems before, but this one needs to be addressed immediately: (CBS News) BLTs next year might have to forego the B, according to a British trade group. Britain’s National Pig Association, “the voice of the British pig industry,” warned recently that a global shortage of bacon and pork “is now unavoidable” because […]

McDonald’s Opens Vegetarian Restaurant In India

McDonald’s has found an interesting way to break into the second most populous nation on Earth, a nation which also happens to have large numbers of  people who don’t eat meat, and certainly don’t eat beef: The standard-bearer of the hamburger, McDonald’s, is bowing to local demand and is opening a meat-free restaurant in India. […]

Are Organic Foods more Nutritious?

One survey of studies says no. Via the BBC:  Organic food ‘not any healthier’ Eating organic food will not make you healthier, according to researchers at Stanford University, although it could cut your exposure to pesticides. They looked at more than 200 studies of the content and associated health gains of organic and non-organic foods. […]

Chick-Fil-A Comes Under Fire For Stance On Same-Sex Marriage

Restaurant chain Chick-fil-A is facing criticism after its President’s comments on same-sex marriage.

Oh, Coffee, You Never Cease to Amaze

Via the Atlantic:  Study of the Day: Your Beloved Coffee Habit May Be Protecting Your Heart. Habitual, moderate coffee consumption, or drinking about two typical eight-ounce American servings a day, was inversely associated with risk of heart failure. Excessive intake, or drinking five to six commercial servings, appears to have no heart-related benefit and may […]

Buy Me Some……….. Granola And Soybeans??

The Washington Post publishes a Letter to The Editor from someone upset by the food choices at Nationals Park: I searched the entire stadium for healthful food but could not find any. I asked stadium workers for help in vain. Tens of thousands of spectators apparently have no food choices but stand after stand of […]

10 Best Chinese Restaurants in America

David Chan has eaten at more than 6000 Chinese restaurants. He says the best are all in California and most opened in the last decade.

Cambridge, Mass. Considering New York Style Soda Ban

Another local official wants to join the War On Big Soda.

Mike Bloomberg Wants To Control The Size Of Your Soft Drink

New York City’s Mayor wants to control the size of soft drinks.

Infographic Of The Day: The Growth In Fast Food Portion Sizes

This chart from the Center For Disease Control charts who different fast food offerings today are than they were in the days of drive-ins and local burger joints:   H/T Brian Fung

POM Pomegranate Juice Not a Wonder Drug?

Apparently, pretended overpriced pomegranate juice is a magic healing elixir is more than the law will allow.

Yogurt Makes Mice Sexy

Not only does yogurt make mice slimmer; it also makes them sexier.

New York City Bars Food Distribution To The Homeless

From the Department of Stupid Laws: NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s food police have struck again! Outlawed are food donations to homeless shelters because the city can’t assess their salt, fat and fiber content, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer. Glenn Richter arrived at a West Side synagogue on Monday to collect surplus bagels […]

The Junior Mints Are Too Damn High!

Movie theater snacks are expensive. This is not cause for a lawsuit.

Florida Bill Would Ban Food Stamps For ‘Unhealthy’ Food

Once again, a government entity thinks the average person is too dumb to take care of themselves.

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