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U.S. To Conduct Military Drills In Poland, Estonia


As the Ukraine situation continues to move toward an outcome that seems hard to predict, the United States is about to send a message of sorts to Russia: WASHINGTON — The United States plans to carry out small ground-force exercises in Poland and Estonia in an attempt to reassure NATO’s Eastern European members worried about […]

Brad Pitt To Play General Stanley McChrystal In Afghan War Movie


The book that the late Michael Hastings wrote based on the time he spent following former Afghan War Commander General Stanley McChrystal is set to become a movie starring Brad Pitt in the role of the General who ultimately was forced to resigned due to his comments about civilian and military superiors: There are few […]

NATO Commander Warns Alliance May Send Troops To Eastern Europe


NATO may be preparing to send Russia a message.

Iraq Vet with Post-Traumatic Stress Kills Three, Wounds Sixteen at Fort Hood


Yesterday afternoon’s shooting spree at Fort Hood appears to be a related to post-traumatic stress.

‘Active Shooter’ Reported At Fort Hood


Local and national media are reporting an active shooter situation at Fort Hood, Texas: (KCEN) — We have reports of an active shooter on Fort Hood. We are getting reports of at least one person dead along with several injuries from this shooting. There is at least one patient being transported to the hospital. We are also […]

Pentagon Orders Service Seals Off Wreaths Across America Trucks


The DOD says Walmart was violating its trademarks.

Jeremiah Denton, Vietnam War Hero, Dies


Jeremiah Denton, a Vietnam War hero and one-term US Senator from Alabama, has died. He was 89.

Pentagon Wants War Funding After Wars End


The Pentagon wants to continue receiving special war funding well into peacetime.

American Skepticism About Interventionism Is A Return To Historical Norms


Americans are skeptical about getting involved in the Ukraine crisis. This isn’t a surprise.

Army Starts Over on Cammo Search


The Army’s search for yet another new camouflage pattern is back to square one. Army Times (“MultiCam maker: Camo talks broke down over cost“): Disagreements over fees for MultiCam, a top-performing contender to be the Army’s main camouflage pattern, have emerged as the main reason the Army has gone in search of a new pattern. […]

Obama Awards 24 Medals Of Honor To Overlooked Veterans


Today at the White House, an historical error is being corrected: At the White House today, 24 people, three of them living, are receiving the Medal of Honor for their valor in wars of past decades. President Obama will present the awards in recognition of their actions in World War II, Vietnam and Korea. The […]

Hamid Karzai Says Afghanistan Doesn’t Need U.S. Troops To Stay After 2014

Hamid Karzai

Afghanistan’s outgoing President says that his nation doesn’t need American troops to stay after the end of the year.

No, Damn It, Army Generals Aren’t Exempt From Uniform Regulations


When will BG Jeffrey Sinclair get an effing haircut?

Frederick Mayer, Real ‘Inglorious Basterd,’ Denied Medal of Honor Again


A Jewish-American OSS hero has been denied the nation’s highest military honor.

Air Force Studying Using Electricity To Keep Troops Awake


The Air Force is apparently looking at ways to keep troops awake that don’t involve caffeine: WASHINGTON — For some modern soldiers, caffeine is just not enough to stay vigilant, especially for the growing ranks of digital warriors who must spend hours monitoring spy drone footage and other streams of surveillance data. So the Pentagon […]

Army’s Top Sexual Assault Prosecutor Charged With Groping Colleague At Sexual Assault Seminar

Military Sexual Assaults

As if the military’s sexual assault problem weren’t already bad enough, the Army is dealing with new allegations regarding the person in charge of prosecuting sexual assault cases: The Army is investigating its top sex-crimes prosecutor on allegations that he groped a female lawyer at a sexual-assault conference in 2011, Army officials disclosed Thursday. Lt. […]

Marines Roll Sleeves; Soldiers Roll Eyes


Rolling up your sleeves is hard if you’re a Marine.

Will Fewer Soldiers and Marines Come with Fewer Wars?

US Afghanistan

My latest for The National Interest, “Hagel’s Defense Cuts: The Least Bad Choice,” is out.

Pentagon Defies Congress with Budget Request


Poking the eye of the institution that passes your budget is a bold choice.

H.R. McMaster Gets Third Star, Charge of Army Future


A rather impressive recovery from a career that was mostly dead in 2007.

Do Women Make Better Military Helicopter Pilots?


One in ten Army helicopter pilot is a woman, yet men account for 97% of injuries in helicopter accidents.

Soldiers and Priests: A Contrast in Professional Ethics


My latest for The National Interest, “The U.S. Military’s Ethics Crisis,” has posted.

Obama’s Kill Rules Keeping Obama From Killing


President Obama’s new rules for killing Americans with drones are proving inconvenient.

Leroy Petry, Medal of Honor Recipient, Retiring from the Army


Sergeant First Class Leroy Petry, recipient of the Medal of Honor for gallantry in Afghanistan, is medically retiring from the Army.

Army Recruiting Fraud Scandal


Hundreds of soldiers allegedly scammed a system that awarded bonuses for referring recruits.

Medal Fatigue


The US military needs to cull and standardize its bloated award system.

Most Americans Now See Iraq And Afghanistan Wars As Failures

Afghanistan Troops

Most Americans now see America’s decade of war as a failure.

92 Air Force Officers Suspended For Cheating On ICBM Exam

ICBM Bunker

For more than a year now, we’ve seen problem after problem make its way through the Air Force’s corps of officers charged with manning the underground bunkers from which Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles are launched. Entire squadrons have been relieved of duty for extended periods of time, and commanding officers have been forced into retirement. Now, […]

War As Aspirational


Why do we persist in going to war?

Robert Gates: Invading Iraq Diverted Attention From The War On Terror

Bush Gates Rumsfeld

Former SecDef Robert Gates is among those who believes that the Iraq War unduly diverted attention from fighting the War On Terror.

Robert Gates Hits Obama, Biden, Clinton In New Book, But Will Americans Care?

Gates Obama Biden Clinton

A new book by former SecDef Robert Gates is making political waves in Washington power circles, but will it matter to ordinary Americans?

Israel Appoints First Female Battalion Commander [UPDATED]


The IDF has finally put a woman in command of a battalion. They’re decades behind American forces.

Marines Delay Female Fitness Standards


The Marine Corps’ plan to make women take the same fitness test as men has hit a wee snag.

F-35 Costs $182 Million to $299 Million Per Plane

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

Nobody gets the airplane they wanted but at least they’re paying more for the one they’re getting.

The USA v. the FARC


Newly disclosed details about the US role in Colombia.

Michelle Howard Navy’s First Female 4-Star Admiral


Michelle Howard has become the highest ranking woman in the history of the US Navy–and the US military, period.

US Army Honors Confederate Generals


At least one person wonders why the US Army honors Confederate generals.

Fred Kempe Named One of 100 Most Influential People in US Defense


My former boss, Atlantic Council president and CEO Fred Kempe, has been named one of Defense News’ 100 Most Influential People in US Defense. When you can pick up the phone and talk to America’s defense secretary just about anytime, you’ve got influence. Do that with top movers and shakers around the world and build […]

Army Cutting Nearly 4000 Captains and Majors


As we transition to a peacetime force, the Army is going to force some 4000 mid-career officers to retire early. Army Times (“Army will cut almost 4,000 captains, majors–Early retirement, separation boards convene this spring“): Almost 19,000 captains and majors will be screened by separation and early retirement boards this spring as part of the […]

Congress Orders Pentagon to Adopt Common Camouflage Pattern (Again)


The defense authorization law requires the Defense Department to go back to a single camouflage pattern.

On Veterans, Crime, Timing, and “Other Than Honorable” Discharges


For veterans who get in trouble with the law, *when* they commit a crime can have profound implications on their future. Does this make sense?

WWII Vets Lobotomy Story: Tragic But Not Scandalous


Some 2000 veterans of World War II were lobotomized by the VA. That’s awful but not outrageous.

Defense Bill To Be Rammed Through Without Debate or Amendment


Democracy was nice while it lasted.

On Iran, Diplomacy Beats Containment, And Containment Is Smarter Than Military Action

Iran Nukes

There are many choices in dealing with Iran’s nuclear program there are many choices, but some are better than others.

No Fighter Escorts For Santa


You know the Defense budget is getting tight when we can’t spare a few measly fighter planes to escort an imaginary character.

The Dumbest Argument for Restoring the Draft Yet


Dana Milbank offers a nonsensical reason for denying our youth the freedom to choose their own path.

When The Nuclear Launch Code Was 00000000


Karl Smallwood tells the story of a day when every Minuteman missile silo in America had a nuclear launch code that would make any security expert cringe: Today I found out that during the height of the Cold War, the US military put such an emphasis on a rapid response to an attack on American soil, […]

U.S. Challenges China’s Claim Of Expanded Air Defense Zone With B-52 Patrol

B-52 Stratofortress

China sends a message, and the U.S. responds. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

Army to Discharge Sex Offenders Regardless of When Convicted


The Secretary of the Army has ordered discharge proceedings to begin on all convicted sex offenders.

Army Looking for a Few Average-Looking Women

A diverse force in Steel Dragon

A leaked internal email has the Army in hot water with feminists.

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