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Obama Under Attack For Not Visiting Louisiana In Wake Of Flooding

Obama Golfing Marthas Vineyard

President Obama is being criticized for remaining on vacation while Louisiana deals with historic flooding.

W.H.O. Declares 2014 Ebola Outbreak Officially Over

Ebola Virus And Caduceus

The World Health Organization has declared the Ebola Outbreak that began in 2014 to be officially over.

Strongest Western Hemisphere Hurricane Ever Headed For Western Mexico

Hurricane Patricia

The strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere is headed for the western coast of Mexico, and the prospects for a true disaster seem to be quite high: Hurricane Patricia, which meteorologists say is the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere, was expected to make landfall in southern Mexico on Friday afternoon. […]

Italian Seismologists Cleared Of Manslaughter Charges Related To 2009 Earthquake


In the wake of a 2009 earthquake that registered 6.3 on the Richter scale and resulted in death of some 300 people in the town of L’Aquila, a group of Italian seismologists were charged with, and later convicted of, manslaughter for allegedly failing to effectively warn the community of the danger of a coming quake. As I […]

Hurricanes With Female Names More Likely To Kill People

Hurricane Radar Image

A new study claims that hurricanes with female names tend to kill more people because people don’t take warnings about them seriously: People don’t take hurricanes as seriously if they have a feminine name and the consequences are deadly, finds a new groundbreaking study. Female-named storms have historically killed more because people neither consider them as […]

Avalanche Brings Single Deadliest Day Ever On Mt. Everest

Mount Everest

An avalanche on the world’s highest mountain has resulted in the deaths of at least twelve Nepalese Sherpas: KATMANDU, Nepal — An avalanche swept down a climbing route on Mount Everest early Friday, killing at least 12 Nepalese guides and leaving four missing in the deadliest disaster on the world’s highest peak. Several more were […]

Thousands Feared Dead In Wake Of Philippine Typhoon Strike


Death toll estimates in the wake of what may well have been the strongest storm to strike land in recorded history continue to mount: MANILA — The powerful typhoon that swept across the Philippines on Friday, one of the strongest storms ever to make landfall, cut a path of destruction through several central islands, leaving […]

Earthquake In Pakistan Creates New Island In Arabian Sea

Pakistan Island

A massive earthquake in Pakistan has resulted in the birth of a new island: A major earthquake struck southwestern Pakistan earlier today killing over 100 people; injuring thousands more; collapsing building and houses; and, incredibly, causing a small island to form in the sea off Pakistan’s coastline. The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake that hit Pakistan’s Baluchistan province […]

Fukishima ‘Much Worse’ Than We Thought


Everyone knew the Fukushima disaster was bad. We likely underestimated how bad.

Mitt Romney: I Wish Sandy Hadn’t Happened When It Did


Mitt Romney has mostly been out of the public eye since losing the election, but he’s been giving interviews this week, and it’s clear that he still retains the ability to say exactly the wrong thing: Mitt Romney said he wishes Hurricane Sandy hadn’t wreaked havoc on the East Coast a week before the election, […]

Three Storm Chasers Killed In Friday’s Oklahoma Tornadoes


The tornadoes that moved through Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri on Friday were, fortunately, far less destructive than the May 20th tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma, but they ended up claiming the lives of three people who had dedicated their lives to following these most dangerous of storms up close and personal: Storm chaser and meteorologist […]

The United States Is The Tornado Capital Of The World

Alexis Madrigal explains why: The simple answer is that warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico gets sandwiched between warm, dry continental air and cold, dry air from drifting down from the Rockies. The combination creates the perfect conditions for thunderstorms to form. A more detailed explanation of the regional air movements is available here. As […]

Chris Christie Has No Regrets

Christie Obama

It was six months ago today that Hurricane Sandy plowed into the Jersey shore and the coastal areas of New York City causing a level of destruction unlike anything that part of the country had seen in recorded memory. In the wake of that storm, which of course occurred just over a week before the […]

Did Special Forces Snipers Kill Americans After Katrina?


A former Navy SEAL charges that Blackwater snipers killed American citizens in New Orleans during Katrina’s aftermath.

Meteorite Strikes Central Russia, Up To 500 Injured


A bolt out of the blue.

A Different Way Of Handling Disaster Relief


It’s time to start thinking outside the box when it comes to disaster relief.

Chris Christie Slams House Republicans Over Sandy Relief Failure

Hell hath no fury like a Christie scorned.

New York City Cites Hurricane Sandy Victims For Failure To Maintain Property


This is insane: Residents in one Queens neighborhood are crying foul after they were written up for failing to clean up the city’s own mess. It is yet another new complication in life after Superstorm Sandy. Rosanne and Joe Cavaliere are still trying to clean up from the hurricane. They have branches through their roof, busted front […]

Final Costs Of Hurricane Sandy Could Exceed $60 Billion


It’s been just under a month since the East Coast was hammered by Hurricane Sandy and, while the initial problems of power outages and gasoline shortages have largely cleared themselves up, much rebuilding remains to be done, and damage estimates are just starting to roll in. Just a few days ago, New Jersey Governor Chris […]

Christie’s Approval Rating Surges In Wake Of Hurricane Sandy


Not surprisingly, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is getting high marks in the wake of Hurricane Sandy:  (Reuters) – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s approval rating has leaped 19 percentage points since superstorm Sandy slammed the state, as voters by a wide margin applaud his response to the crisis, a Rutgers-Eagleton poll said on Wednesday. […]

BP To Pay $4.5 Billion In Fines, Plead Guilty To 11 Counts, In Gulf Oil Spill Settlement


More than two years after an explosion at the Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico, during which oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico for nearly three months and caused severe environmental damage along the Gulf Coast, BP has reached a settlement with the Federal Government on the claims against it: LONDON — BP, […]

U.S. Death Toll From Hurricane Sandy Hits 113

The recovery from Hurricane Sandy continues to proceed, but the costs continue to mount: The outward signs of recovery were everywhere Monday across the Northeast nearly two weeks after Superstorm Sandy struck: Power restored to tens of thousands, bridges and tunnels reopened, and limited train and ferry service up and running. But there were signs, […]

Chris Christie Denies Snubbing Romney, Blasts “Know Nothing, Disgruntled” Romney Staffers


Chris Christie responded to the report I made note of yesterday that he had turned down a request to appear at Mitt Romney’s Sunday night rally in Suburban Philadelphia in a press conference today, and it was vintage Christie: “I told Governor Romney at that time that if the storm landed as predicted that it […]

Obama, Christie, and Springsteen: Superstorms Make Strange Bedfellows

Barack Obama Bruce Springsteen Chris Christie

The bromance between President Obama and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has now become a love triangle with the addition of Bruce Springsteen.

Chris Christie Turned Down Request To Appear With Romney Last Night


In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Chris Christie said that he didn’t ”give a damn about Election Day,” in the light of the disaster that was inflicted upon his state. In case anyone doubted it, we now know that the Romney campaign asked Christie to appear at a rally in Pennsylvania last night and Christie turned […]

Chris Christie: My Critics Don’t Get It


Chris Christie has responded to those on the right who have been critical of his praise for President Obama in the wake of Hurricane Sandy: (Reuters) – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie defended his praise for President Barack Obama after superstorm Sandy, but said he would stick with his fellow Republicans and vote for Mitt […]

U.S. Death Toll From Sandy Rises To 109

The death toll from Hurricane Sandy is starting to rise: The death toll in the United States from Superstorm Sandy rose to 109 victims on Friday, as Pennsylvania reported four additional deaths and New York City reported two more fatalities. Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned: “There could be more fatalities.” Two bodies were recovered Friday on […]

After Criticism, Bloomberg Cancels The NYC Marathon


After another day of criticism for his decision to allow the New York City Marathon to go forward, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced late this afternoon that the event would be canceled, although it may be held at a later date: After days of intensifying pressure from runners, politicians and the general public to […]

Alabama Utility Crews Turned Away From Sandy Relief: Not Union [UPDATE: Not Exactly]

Utility crews from Alabama traveled to New Jersey to help get the power back on. They were turned away on account of not being unionized.

New York Marathon Diverts Scarce Resources After Sandy


Mayor Bloomberg has decided to hold the New York Marathon Sunday even though millions are still without power and the city infrastructure is unable to cope with normal activity.

Hurricane Sandy Damage Estimates Up To $50 Billion


Current estimates of the damage inflicted by Hurricane Sandy, if proven true, would make it one of the worst storms to ever hit the United States: Economic damages inflicted by Hurricane Sandy could reach $50 billion, according to new estimates that are more than double a previous forecast. Some economists warned on Thursday that the storm could […]

Don’t Try To Parse Chris Christie


Pundits on the left and the right are having a hard time understanding what Chris Christie’s praise of the President is all about.

Chris Christie Postpones Halloween

There won’t be any little ghosts and goblins tonight if Chris Christie has anything to say about it: Gov. Chris Christie today signed an executive order to postpone Halloween until Monday because of unsafe conditions throughout New Jersey in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. “In too many communities in our state, the damage and losses […]

New York Subway System Closed For “Four Or Five” Days


New York City didn’t take a direct hit from Sandy last night. Indeed, that happened some 150 miles to the south. Nonetheless, it was clear that the city was going to be impacted in a major way when water started flooding into the low lying areas around Battery Park and, eventually, into the subway tunnels. […]

On Postponing Elections


Under the right circumstances, it would be possible to postpone a Presidential election.

Hurricane Sandy Open Thread


Were you impacted by Hurricane Sandy? If so, how did you fare?

Chris Christie Praises Obama Sandy Response


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been working tirelessly to ensure Barack Obama is a one-term president but has been effusive in praising Obama’s leadership during Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricanes And The News Media


Why do natural disasters cause the news media to act so stupidly?

Tomb of the Known Unknowns


Do we really need to guard the Tomb of the Unknowns in the midst of a hurricane?

The Politics of Hurricane Sandy


Naturally, most of us are asking: What does this mean for next Tuesday’s election.

Mid-Atlantic Braces For Sandy

Sandy 2pm Track 1028

The Mid-Atlantic region is under the gun.

Italian Seismologists Convicted Of Manslaughter For Failure To Correctly Predict Earthquake


Back in May 2011, I noted that an Italian Judge had ruled that a group of seismologists in the country could be charged with manslaughter for failing to provide more accurate warnings of an earthquake that devastated an Italian city in April 2009. Today, that group of scientists was convicted of manslaughter and each man faces the […]

Hurricane Isaac Pounds Louisiana, Mississippi


Hurricane Isaac isn’t the monster wind storm that Hurricane Katrina was five years ago, and the destruction it leaves in its wake is likely to be far less thanks in large part to the improvements to the New Orleans levee system that were made post-Katrina, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t causing serious problems for […]

Isaac Could Rival Hurricane Katrina


Though still just a Tropical Storm, Isaac has the potential to be as dangerous as Hurricane Katrina.

Isaac Demonstrates Why Political Conventions In Late August Are A Dumb Idea

2012 GOP Convention

Tropical Storm Isaac won’t be as much of a danger to Tampa as feared, but it’s still having an impact. That’s all because of bad scheduling ideas.

Who will Face the Wrath of God?


Much has been made (and mostly in tongue-in-cheek fashion) about the fact that Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac could hit the Tampa area, which is where the RNC convention will be held next week.  However, a lesser known fact is that the American Political Science Association is having its annual meeting in New Orleans next week as […]

Iran in the News


Some troubling, sad, and downright puzzling stories

July Was Hottest Month In U.S. Since Records Have Been Kept


July was the hottest month on record for the United States: In 118 years of U.S. records, July 2012 stands as king, hotter than any month previously observed. NOAA reports today that the average temperature across the continental U.S. was 3.3 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the 20th century average, 0.2 degrees hotter than the previous record set […]

Power Lines, Cherry Trees, And NIMBY Nonsense


Last month’s sudden windstorm that caused many in the Washington, D.C. area to go without power in the middle of a massive heatwave has brought a lot of criticism directed at the local electric utility companies, especially PEPCO the company that services the District as well as a good part of Maryland’s D.C. suburbs. Pepco […]

Photo Of The Day: The Aftermath Of the Waldo Canyon Fire


Via NASA: The Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) on the Terra satellite acquired this view of the burn scar on July 4, 2012, when the fire was still burning but was 90 percent contained. Vegetation-covered land is red in the false-color image, which includes both visible and infrared light. Patches of unburned […]

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