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Electoral Fraud in Haiti


Via the Miami Herald:  U.S. observers: Haiti’s presidential elections deeply flawed. A team of U.S.-based lawyers who witnessed last month’s Haitian elections say there is mounting evidence showing a clear pattern of systemic fraud, voter confusion and intimidation, and in some areas disenfranchisement. The report paints a grim picture of a flawed, chaotic electoral process […]

Info on the Colorado Springs Shooter


Via NPR:  What We Know About The Alleged Planned Parenthood Shooter

Illegal Border Crossings Surge


Via the NYT:  Number of Migrants Illegally Crossing Rio Grande Rises Sharply The numbers of migrants crossing the Rio Grande illegally have risen sharply in recent weeks, replaying scenes from the influx of Central American children and families in South Texas last year. […] The new flows here are smaller than the surge in the summer […]

A Photo for Friday


“Linked” Sloss Furnace (Birmingham, AL) 11/25/15

Another White House Fence Jumper, This Time Caught On Camera

White House Fence Jumper

The additional security measures that the Secret Service has put in place didn’t stop a man from making a jump over the White House fence yesterday: A man draped in an American flag was taken into custody Thursday afternoon after he jumped the fence of the White House while the first family was inside celebrating […]

John Oliver On Getting Rid Of The Penny


On Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver hit on an issue that I’ve talked about before, getting rid of the penny: Why is the penny still a thing? As John Oliver pointed out on his HBO show “Last Week Tonight” on Sunday, it costs 1.7 cents to make each penny, so they lose money the moment they’re […]

NBC To Give Candidates Equal Time Due To Trump SNL Appearance

Trump SNL

At least five of Donald Trump’s opponents will be getting free time on NBC stations to counterbalance the time the Trump received when he hosted Saturday Night Live earlier this month: NBC viewers in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina should be prepared to see a lot of four Republican presidential candidates over the Thanksgiving weekend. […]

New President in Argentina


Via the BBC:  Argentina’s President-elect Macri lays out new course Mr Macri won Sunday’s run-off election by a narrow margin over Daniel Scioli, who was backed by outgoing president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. He said one of the key problems was the lack of accurate information about the state of Argentina’s economy. […] Mr Macri, […]

Just Some Perspective


Andrew Shaver writing at The Monkey Cage:  You’re more likely to be fatally crushed by furniture than killed by a terrorist. I am not saying ignore it.  I am saying have some perspective.

Kim Young-Sam, President Who Led South Korea Out Of Military Rule, Dies At 87

South Korean Flag

Kim Young-Sam, the former President of South Korea whose time in office marked the beginning of that nation’s turn away from military rule, died early Sunday at the age of 87: SEOUL, South Korea — Kim Young-sam, the former president of South Korea who replaced the last of the country’s military leaders, purged politicized generals […]

Washington Post Reporter Jason Rezaian Sentenced By Secret Iranian Court

Iranian And American Flags

Jason Rezaian, the Washington Post reporter who has been held by Iran on espionage charges that most everyone agrees are nonsense, has apparently been sentenced, although it’s unclear what his sentence actually is: TEHRAN, Iran — Iran has sentenced detained Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian to an unspecified prison term following his conviction last month on charges […]

Some Hard Truths about Terrorism (and Anti-Terrorism Policy)


Rosa Brooks, writing at Foreign Policy offers some truth on the issue of terrorism:  The Threat Is Already Inside (And 9 other truths about terrorism that nobody wants to hear.) The while thing is worth readings, but here are some excerpts: Occasional terrorist attacks in the West are virtually inevitable, and odds are, we’ll see more […]

A Photo for Friday

Let’s go with something recent and a bit different for this week: “Goldeneye” 10/25/15 Pike Road, AL

ISIS Runs Its Own Help Desk

ISIS Fighters

ISIS apparently has a round-the-clock help desk for terrorists: ISIS is using a 24-hour Jihadi Help Desk to help spread its message, recruit followers and launch more attacks on foreign soil, NBC News reports. The help desk manned by a half-dozen senior operatives was established to help would-be jihadists use encryption and other secure communications […]

We Won’t Have Bobby Jindal To Kick Around Anymore

Bobby Jindal Speaking

Bobby Jindal is the latest candidate to drop out of the race for the Republican Presidential nomination: WASHINGTON — Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, a onetime rising Republican star whose popularity has plummeted in his own state, abruptly dropped out of the presidential race on Tuesday, conceding that he was unable to find any traction. […]

Paul Ryan Joins Republican Calls For Halt To Accepting Syrian Refugees

Paul Ryan Speaking

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is the latest Republican to call for a halt to the processing of Syrian refugees who may eventually be brought to the United States: WASHINGTON — House Speaker Paul D. Ryan called Tuesday for the suspension of a program to accept Syrian refugees into the United States, and two […]

Soccer Match Canceled In Germany Over Discovery Of “Serious Plans” For Explosions


A soccer match in Hanover, Germany between the national teams from Germany and The Netherlands was canceled at virtually the last minute this evening local time due to what seems to be a serious security concern: Germany’s exhibition soccer match against the Netherlands was canceled less than two hours before kickoff on Tuesday, becoming the […]

Jeb Bush Breaks With Most Other Republicans On Refugee Policy


Jeb Bush seems to split with nearly all of the Republican Governors in the United States, and most of his fellow candidates for President, Jeb Bush told Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin that the United States shouldn’t bar Syrian refugees regardless of religion absent any evidence for concern: Jeb Bush said he wouldn’t ban Syrian refugees from entering the […]

Sarah Palin: Now That I Think About It, Katie Couric’s Questions Were Fair After All


Sarah Palin To The ‘Lamestream Media’: Never Mind

War Refugees And Public Opinion: Some Historical Perspective

Syrian Refugees

In the context of the ongoing discussions about Syrian refugees, a look at some past polling about refugees from a different time and a different conflict are instructive. These tweets come from the Twitter Account Historical Opinion, which curates poll results on issues of interest from the past: US Dec 12 ’38: College students: Should […]

Refugees and Terrorism (Some Numbers)


Via The Economist:  Of the 745,000 refugees resettled since September 11th, only two Iraqis in Kentucky have been arrested on terrorist charges, for aiding al-Qaeda in Iraq. (The whole piece is worth a read).

Second Democratic Debate Draws 8.5 Million Viewers, Lowest Of Any 2016 Debate So Far

Second Democratic Debate

Not unexpectedly, last night’s Democratic Debate in Iowa drew the lowest ratings of any debate so far: The second Democratic primary debate of the year averaged 8.5 million viewers on Saturday night, far fewer than the audience of the first debate, according to preliminary Nielsen ratings. The debate was the most-watched show of the night […]

Politinerds: Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski


Our guest this week on Politinerds was Buzzfeed News’s Andrew Kaczynski. We discussed how growing up in a conservative family shaped his political views, how he grew is brand in media by finding and sharing videos of politicians like Mitt Romney that ended up going viral and having an impact on politics, the role his college […]

Ben Carson’s Foreign Policy Incoherence Continues

Dr. Ben Carson Speaks At Launch Of New Media Online Network In Scottsdale, Arizona

Like many of the Republican candidates for President, Ben Carson’s appearance on Fox News Sunday this morning was dominated by questions about the attacks in Paris and what they mean for American foreign policy going forward. As with many of Carson’s previous comments in this highly complex policy area, what we got was another incoherent mess […]

French Suicide Bomber Posed as Refugee


This was not only predictable but predicted.

In Case Anyone Asks…


…via Quartz:  Muslims around the world condemn terrorism after the Paris attacks and USAT:  Muslims strongly condemn Paris terror attacks.

TCU Opts Out of Texas Campus Carry Law


Via the DMN:  TCU votes to opt out of campus carry Public colleges and universities have drawn most of the attention in the campus carry debate, since they can’t, under the law, totally opt out. And discussions remain ongoing at those campuses over what kind of gun-free zones might be established. But private schools retained the […]

An Account of ISIS Activity


An list and map via the NYT:  click. On the one hand, a concerning list.  On the other, most of the items seems to be arrests linked to people trying to join the group rather than being specific plots or threats. The more concerning issue is the number of countries where the group currently has military […]

A Photo for Friday

“Enchanted Forest” 11/8/14 Mt. Cheaha State Park (AL)

DraftKings and FanDuel Banned in New York


New York’s attorney general has ordered DraftKings and FanDuel to stop taking entries in his state, ruling that they constitute illegal gambling.

Helmut Schmidt, Cold War Chancellor Of West Germany In The 1970s, Dies At 96

German Flag

Helmut Schimdt, who served as Chancellor of West Germany for a good part of the 1970s and played a large role in the politics of the Cold War during that era, has died at the age of 96: Helmut Schmidt, the former West German chancellor who marshaled personal dynamism, managerial brilliance and often acid-tongued impatience […]

Russia Appears Ready To Deliver Sophisticated Anti-Aircraft System To Iran

Iran Nukes

With the Iran nuclear deal in place and sanctions being slowly lifted, Russia is announcing that a stalled weapons deal with Tehran is moving forward: MOSCOW — Russia’s most senior arms executive said Monday that a contract to supply Iran with powerful S-300 air defense missiles was now active. But with no delivery date or […]

New Star Wars Trailers Offer More Views Of The Force Awakens

Star Wars The Force Awakens

Star Wars fandom was abuzz yesterday with the release of the final Japanese and International trailer for The Force Awakens, which includes footage not seen in the trailer released here in the United States late last month: Among other things, the trailer does seem to indicate that Daisy Ridley’s character Rey will be at the center of […]

Politinerds: Andrew Malcom On Russia, China, ISIS, And Syria


Our guest this week on Politinerds was a Andrew Malcom, who makes a return appearance this time to talk about foreign policy issues ranging from Syria and Russia’s intervention in that conflict, the direction or lack thereof in American policy in the war against ISIS and the Syrian Civil War, and the issues at stake […]

Democratic Candidate For Louisiana Governor Goes There, Hits Vitter Over Prostitution Scandal


It didn’t take too long for the runoff for Louisiana Governor to go where pretty much everyone assumed it would: Democratic Louisiana gubernatorial candidate John Bel Edwards resurfaced rival and U.S. Sen David Vitter’s (R) 2007 prostitution scandal in a TV ad released Friday. The 30-second spot contrasts Edwards’ service as an Army Ranger with […]

A Photo for Friday

“Amarillo” 10/17/15 Pike Road, AL

Ben Carson Releases Rap Music Based Campaign Ad

Republican Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson at National Press Club

Like Donald Trump, Ben Carson is debuting a radio ad this week, but his is a bit more, well, unconventional for a Republican: Ben Carson is stepping up his rap game — sort of. In an appeal to younger black voters in urban markets, the Republican presidential candidate will run a 60-second ad featuring the […]

Donald Trump Hits Radio Airwaves In Early Primary States With Ads

Donald Trump Speaking Closeup

Donald Trump is going up on the air with ads for the first time in the campaign, but so far at least they’re just radio ads that will run in several early primary states: Donald Trump pitches himself as someone who “learned the values of hard work, determination and faith at an early age” in […]

Jon Stewart Signs New Deal With HBO


Mere months after leaving The Daily Show, Jon Stewart signed a deal that will have in back in television at least in a limited capacity: Three months after retiring as host of “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart has signed a production deal with the premium cable channel HBO, the channel announced on Tuesday. As part of the […]

Ahmed Chalabi, Iraqi Who Lobbied The West In Favor Of 2003 War, Dies At 71

Ahmad Chalabi

Ahmed Chalabi, the controversial Iraqi politician who played a crucial war in convincing the United States and other western nations to go to war against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in 2003, has died in Baghdad at the age of 71: Ahmad Chalabi, the Iraqi politician who from exile helped persuade the United States to invade Iraq […]

Dennis Hastert’s Portrait Removed From House Of Representatives

GOP Convention 2012

Politico reports that one of the first notable impacts of Paul Ryan’s Speakership has been the removal of the portrait of Dennis Hastert from the group of portraits of former Speakers Of The House that are displayed in an area just off the House Floor. Hastert, you will recall, was indicted over the summer on Federal […]

Lawrence Lessig Ends Presidential Campaign Most People Never Knew Existed

Vote 2016

Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig is ending his bid for the Democratic Presidential nomination, and you wouldn’t be alone in being surprised to learn he was running to begin with: Lawrence Lessing, the Harvard professor who began a late campaign for president, announced that he was ending his bid for the Democratic nomination, citing his […]

Ryan’s Disingenuous Dodge on Immigration


Speaker Ryan to MTP on the subject of immigration reform: “I don’t think we can trust the president on this issue,” Ryan told NBC’s Chuck Todd. “The president has proven himself untrustworthy on this issue because he tried to unilaterally rewrite the law himself. Presidents don’t write laws. Congress does.” A couple thoughts immediately spring to […]

Republican Race Status Quo in First Post-Debate Poll


The first poll after the third Republican debate, by Investor’s Business Daily, shows no substantial change. After taking a battering in last month’s poll, Donald Trump has re-emerged at the top of the Republican field in the latest IBD/TIPP poll. Support for Trump among registered Republicans and those leaning Republican is 28%; support for Carson […]

A Photo for Friday

After simply forgetting three weeks in a row, the weekly photo returns with an appropriate entry for Halloween Eve: “More Walking Dead” 10/20/12 Montgomery, AL

Paul Ryan Won’t Be The Next Speaker Of The House, Paul D. Ryan Will

House GOP

As expected, the House Republican Caucus has selected the Congressman from Wisconsin 1st Congressional District as its candidate in tomorrow’s election for Speaker of the House: Republicans on Wednesday rallied behind Rep. Paul Ryan to be the next Speaker of the House, declaring him the best candidate to turn the page and unify a fractured […]

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Pleads Guilty On Federal Banking Law Charges

GOP Convention 2012

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert has entered a guilty plea in the Federal banking fraud case that he was indicted on earlier this year: CHICAGO — J. Dennis Hastert, the former speaker of the House, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to trying to evade federal banking laws, telling a district judge here that he had known […]

Fox Business Network Announces Criteria For November 10th Republican Debate

Vote 2016

While Republicans are currently looking forward to the third Republican debate scheduled for this evening, Fox Business Network has announced the criteria for the fourth debate, which will be held just two weeks from now in Wisconsin: The fourth GOP primary debate, on Nov. 10, will feature an undercard debate, Fox Business Network announced Tuesday. […]

Clinton Jumps To Massive Lead In New Iowa Poll


In one of the first polls taken in the wake of Vice-President Biden’s decision not to run for President and her appearance before the House Select Committee investigating the Benghazi attack, Hillary Clinton has jumped to a massive lead in Iowa: With Vice President Joe Biden officially out of the running and the Benghazi testimony […]

Argentine Election Time


Via the BBC:  Argentina elections: Voters pick new president. Candidate basics: President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has served two consecutive terms and, under Argentina’s constitution, cannot run again. Her hand-picked successor, left-winger Daniel Scioli, is leading polls. But he is expected to face stiff competition from Mauricio Macri, the centre-right mayor of Buenos Aires. Another […]

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