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This Will End Well…

Today in “Not The Onion” via  WaPo, This man is about to launch himself in his homemade rocket to prove the Earth is flat: Hughes promised the flat-Earth community that he would expose the conspiracy with his steam-powered rocket, which will launch from a heavily modified mobile home — though he acknowledged that he still had much to learn about […]

CBS Fires Rose


Via the NYT:  Charlie Rose Fired by CBS After Sexual Harassment Allegations. David Rhodes, the president of CBS News, told the news division in an internal email that Mr. Rose, a host of “CBS This Morning” and a “60 Minutes” correspondent, had been let go after allegations were raised “of extremely disturbing and intolerable behavior said to […]

Notorious Mass Murderer Charles Manson Dead at 83

Handcuffs Jail

Charles Manson, who led a cult-like “family” to a series of murders in 1969 and subsequently spent more than 40 years in prison, has died at the age of 83: Charles Manson, one of the most notorious murderers of the 20th century, who was very likely the most culturally persistent and perhaps also the most […]

A Photo for Friday: “Another Beach Bird”

“Another Beach Bird” November 4, 2017 Gulf State Park Gulf Shores, AL

On Write-In Votes in Alabama


There has been some press speculation concerning a write-in vote in Alabama Senate special election. Here’s what the Secretary of State’s page says on the subject: When the candidate you would like to vote for is not listed on the ballot, you may vote for that person by writing his or her name in the […]

AL Senate Polls


Via AL.com:  Doug Jones takes lead on Roy Moore in new Senate poll. Louisiana-based JMC Analytics conducted the poll after allegations of sexual misconduct by Moore were reported by The Washington Post. The poll had Jones received 46 percent support in the poll to Moore’s 42 percent. With a margin of error of 4 percent, however, […]

A Photo for Friday: “Beach Bird”

“Beach Bird” November 4, 2017 Gulf State Park Gulf Shores, AL

Senator Rand Paul Seriously Assaulted Outside Home

Rand Paul Senate Floor

Late last week, Senator Rand Paul was attacked by his neighbor in an incident that now appears to be a rather serious case of assault: WASHINGTON — Senator Rand Paul suffered five broken ribs and bruises to his lungs in an altercation with a neighbor on Friday at his home in Bowling Green, Ky., one […]

A Photo for Friday: “Old Bridge”

“Old Bridge” June 28, 2016 Near Cleveland, AL

Utah Nurse Accosted By Police Settles Claims

Utah Nurse Alert

Alex Wabbel, the Utah nurse who became famous in September after police body cam footage captured her being accosted by a police officer who was wrongfully demanding that she allow him to draw blood from a patient involved in an auto accident, has settled her claims with Salt Lake City and the hospital: A Utah […]

Rick Perry: Fossil Fuels Help Reduce Sexual Assault


Rick Perry says that fossil fuels can help prevent sexual assault: Energy Secretary Rick Perry suggested on Thursday that increasing fossil fuel use to spread electricity across Africa would help prevent sexual assaults there. Perry, who traveled to South Africa last week to tout the Energy Department’s partnerships there, said he spoke with a young […]

I Say Papadopoulos, You Say Stephanopoulos. Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off.


Yesterday, Wolf Blizter had perhaps the best gaffe of the day when introducing a segment on the guilty plea of former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos:

Moore on the Campaign Trail


Via AL.com:  Roy Moore at campaign rally: ‘We don’t need transgender bathrooms, transgender military’. It took Moore less than 90 seconds of a seven-minute speech to again trumpet on some of the conservative values he holds. “We don’t need transgender bathrooms and we don’t need transgender military and we don’t need a weaker military,” Moore […]

The SSN Problem


Via ArsTechnica:  White House wants to end Social Security numbers as a national ID Rob Joyce, the White House cybersecurity czar, said on Tuesday that the government should end using the Social Security number as a national identification method. […] “The concept of a Social Security number in this environment being private and secure—I think […]

Uncanny Resemblence


A description of Andrew Johnson from 1866 fits Donald Trump to a “T.”

“Husband” And “Wife” Running For Senate In Opposite Parties


A supposedly married couple are running for Senate in Montana, in different parties: Montana’s post-truth political power couple set the hook early. By the time anyone questioned the truthfulness of a married couple running as U.S. Senate candidates for opposing parties, the media had already taken the bait. William James Dean and his wife, Sarah, […]

A Photo for Friday: “Trailing Light”

“Trailing Light” June 28, 2016 Near Cullman, AL More info and photos by click on the photo.

In Which Rex Tillerson Speaks For All Of Us

Donald Trump Rex Tillerson

Rex Tillerson made a joke during an international trip yesterday that sounds like more than a joke: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Thursday that there are days where he feels like he needs to “curl up in a ball.” “Yeah, some days I feel like I need to do that. Curl up in a ball,” Tillerson […]

Ben Carson Has Absolutely No Idea What He’s Doing

Republican Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson at National Press Club

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson appeared for an oversight hearing recently, and it went about as badly as expected: At a hearing on Tuesday, Rep. Al Green grilled Housing Secretary Ben Carson about the $6 billion cuts to HUD outlined in the federal budget proposal the Trump administration released in March. Federal officials […]

Fats Domino, Rock & Roll Pioneer, Dies At 89

Fats Domino

Fats Domino, one of the early pioneers of Rock & Roll, has died at the age of 89: Fats Domino, the New Orleans rhythm-and-blues singer whose two-fisted boogie-woogie piano and nonchalant vocals, heard on dozens of hits, made him one of the biggest stars of the early rock ‘n’ roll era, died on Tuesday at his […]

Trump and the Autonomous Military


Via The Hill:  Trump: ‘My generals’ had decision-making authority on Niger mission. President Trump on Wednesday said he did not personally authorize the mission in Niger in which four U.S. soldiers were killed, saying “my generals and my military” have decision-making authority. Asked if he authorized the mission, Trump responded, “No, I didn’t, not specifically.” “I have […]

Robert Guillaume, Star Of “Benson,” Dies At 89

Robert Guillaume, who starred in situation comedies in the 70s, 80s, and 90s such as “Soap,” “Benson,” and “Sports Night,” has died at the age of 89: Robert Guillaume, who dreamed of being the first black tenor to sing at the Metropolitan Opera but settled for acting onstage and on television — and won Emmy […]

No, Kid Rock Is Not Running For Senate

Midterm Elections

Over the summer, Kid Rock engaged in an obvious publicity stunt that made some people believe he was running for President. Today, he revealed just how gullible everyone who fell for it was: Kid Rock is ending months of speculation about a possible Senate bid, reportedly saying, “F— no, I’m not running for Senate.” “Are […]

Shot. Chaser. (Trump And Bob Corker Edition)

Shot and chaser

President Trump fired another shot at retiring Tennessee Senator Bob Corker today: Bob Corker, who helped President O give us the bad Iran Deal & couldn’t get elected dog catcher in Tennessee, is now fighting Tax Cuts…. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 24, 2017 …Corker dropped out of the race in Tennesse when I […]

It’s Official, James Comey Is On Twitter

FBI Director James Comey

Ever since he was fired by President Trump, it’s been rumored that former F.B.I. Director James Comey had a “secret” Twitter account that followed a limited number of people or institutions, all of which had some kind of connection to Comey. Well, now, that secret account is a secret no longer, and it’s leading to […]

A Photo for Friday (Again, on Saturday): “Fall Yellow”

It is finally beginning to feel a bit like fall around here, so this seemed apropos: “Fall Yellow” November 21, 2012 Birmingham, AL For more about the photo, or to see more of my photography, click through on the image.

Senate Confirms Woman With No Diplomatic Experience To Be Ambassador To Vatican


The Senate has confirmed Callista Gingrich to be Ambassador to the Vatican: Callista Gingrich will be the next US ambassador to the Vatican. In a 70-23 vote, the US Senate confirmed her nomination Monday night. The move had been widely expected since President Donald Trump announced her nomination in May. The Vatican declined to comment Tuesday. […]

Trump isn’t Playing Multidimensional Chess (in Case you were Wondering)


President Trump in an interview with Sean Hannity this week: “The country — we took it over and owed over $20 trillion,” Trump said. “As you know, the last eight years, they borrowed more than it did in the whole history of our country. So they borrowed more than $10 trillion, right? And yet, we picked […]

A Photo for Friday: “One for the Money”

“One for the Money” January 1, 2016 Pike Road, AL For more info on this photo, or to see more of my photography, just click the image.

Top Aide To John Kelly Named To Head DHS


Kirsten Nielsen, who currently serves as Deputy White House Chief of Staff under retired General John Kelly, has been selected to become the new head of the Department of Homeland Security: WASHINGTON — President Trump said on Wednesday that he intended to name Kirstjen Nielsen, a top White House aide, to lead the Department of […]

Dianne Feinstein To Run For Fifth Term


California Senator Dianne Feinstein announced yesterday that she will run for a fifth term in 2018, ending months of speculation about her political future: Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) announced on Monday morning that she will run for reelection in 2018. “I am running for reelection to the Senate. Lots more to do: ending gun violence, combating climate […]

More on the Alleged Sonic Attacks in Cuba


Via the NYT:  A ‘Sonic Attack’ on Diplomats in Cuba? These Scientists Doubt It. According to the State Department, nearly two dozen diplomats at the American Embassy in Havana have been stricken with a variety of mysterious medical symptoms, including hearing loss and cognitive difficulties. […] Experts in acoustics, however, say that’s a theory more appropriate […]

The United Daughters of the Confederacy


Worth a read (via the NYT):  The Confederacy’s ‘Living Monuments’ The Daughters’ ambitious agenda was not solely focused on monuments. They sought to collect and preserve the artifacts of war, as well as archival material, which they believed would help tell a “truthful” history of the Confederacy. Indeed, what they collected often formed the basis of the first […]

A Photo for Friday (on Saturday): Untitled


Yesterday got away from me. “Untitled” October 17, 2015 Pike Road, AL These are in bloom again–some of my favorite wildflowers in this area.

Air Swamp


Via WaPo:  Nearly six dozen flights on charter, military or government-owned planes by Cabinet members, mapped. About a half-dozen members of President Trump’s Cabinet, past and present, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on charter jets, military planes and other government aircraft for travel that often could have been undertaken much less expensively on commercial aircraft. […]

Bernie Sanders And Larry David Discover They’re Related

Bernie Sanders Speaking

During the race for the Democratic nomination, comedian Larry David became known for playing Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live and many people remarked that he did quite a good job at it. As it turns out, there may be a genetic reason for that: In a released clip from the season four […]

Donald Trump To Puerto Rico: Let Them Eat Paper Towels

Trump Shrug 2

Yesterday President Trump visited Puerto Rico to survey storm damage from Hurricane Maria, and, inevitably, the cameras caught him doing something only Donald Trump would do: President Donald Trump’s latest viral move is paper towel throwing. Tuesday marked President Trump’s first visit to Puerto Rico, which was ravaged by Hurricane Maria two weeks ago. During a stop at […]

Ceasefire with ELN Starts Sunday


Via Reuters:  Colombia’s ELN rebel commander orders ceasefire beginning Sunday The commander of Colombia’s Marxist ELN rebels on Friday ordered his fighters to begin a ceasefire this weekend as the group struggles through complicated peace talks with the government aimed at ending five decades of war. Nicolas Rodriguez, known by his war alias Gabino, told […]

A Photo for Friday: Untitled

Untitled June 11, 2016 Montgomery, AL

White House Has Yet To Name A New DHS Secretary


Nearly two months after John Kelly, who was serving as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security before becoming White House Chief of Staff, departed as head of DHS to take his new position, the White House still hasn’t named a nominee to replace him: The Trump administration is hitting reset on its search for […]

Three Months After Shooting, Republican Congressman Steve Scalise Returns To Congress

Capitol Buidling Dayime2

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who represents the 1st Congressional District in Louisiana,returned to the House of Representatives today after being seriously injured three months ago when a gunman opened fire at a practice session for the Republican half of the annual Congressional baseball game: WASHINGTON — Walking gingerly and on two canes, Representative Steve Scalise, […]

A Photo for Friday: Every other one

“Every other one” February 4, 2016 Pike Road, AL

The Importance of Timing in Politics


Russell Berman makes an interesting point in The Atlantic:  How Democrats Gave the GOP One More Chance to Repeal Obamacare. the agreement that “Chuck and Nancy” reached with Trump may end up backfiring on Democrats in another way: It freed up time for Republicans to take one last stab at dismantling the Affordable Care Act. The […]

Trump Using Money From RNC And Campaign To Pay Legal Fees

Trump Shrug 2

Donald Trump is using money from the Republican National Committee and his campaign to pay legal fees associated with the Russia investigation, and it’s all perfectly legal: NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump is using money donated to his re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee to pay for his lawyers in the […]

Stanislav Petrov, Soviet Officer Who Helped Avert Nuclear War, Dies At 77


Stanislav Petrov, a former Soviet military officer who was largely personally responsible for what could have been all-out nuclear war, has died at the age of 77: Early on the morning of Sept. 26, 1983, Stanislav Petrov helped to prevent the outbreak of nuclear war. A 44-year-old lieutenant colonel in the Soviet Air Defense Forces, […]

Former Sheriff David Clarke Told To Revise Thesis After Plagiarism Investigation


Former Sheriff David Clarke is being told that he must revise his thesis or risk losing his degree: Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke must revise his master’s thesis or risk losing his degree in security studies from the Naval Postgraduate School, according to documents CNN’s KFile obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. […]

Ann Coulter Falls Out Of Love With Trump Over DACA

Donald Trump Shrug

It’s not just Sean Hannity and Breitbart News who’s upset with Donald Trump over his apparent DACA deal, Ann Coulter isn’t happy either: Ann Coulter has said some pretty over-the-top things about President Trump. She has sometimes referred to him as “emperor god,” proclaimed one of his immigration-themed campaign addresses to be “the most magnificent speech ever […]

London Underground Bombed By Presumed Terrorists


The London subway was hit by a bomb during the morning rush hour. Authorities are treating it as a terrorist attack.

A Photo for Friday: Pink Sky

“Pink Sky” July 20, 2017 Pike Road, AL

When You’ve Lost Sean Hannity

Fox News Logo

Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity has been among Donald Trump’s most obsequious supporters, but he doesn’t appear to be too happy about the reported deal to keep DACA alive: Politicians are supposed to keep their word. R’s failed on Healthcare, broke their word They have failed! @POTUS needs to keep his promises https://t.co/NldKWcFrRB — Sean […]

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