Marvel Post-Credit Scenes

Here’s one vote for ending this annoying practice.

A Photo for Friday: “Evening at the Golden Gate”

“Evening at the Golden Gate” September 3, 2015 San Francisco, CA

The Difference Between AR-15 and Normal Gunshot Wounds

An emergency room physician explains why “assault rifle” wounds are much harder to treat than shots from a pistol.

Has Google Gone Gaga?

I’ve noticed in the last day or two that, suddenly, all of Google’s search services have gotten ridiculously worse.

Security Force Assistance Brigade Deploys Amid Beret Controversy

The U.S. Army is once again embroiled in an internecine fight over hats.

Mueller Snags Washington Attorney For Lying To Investigators

Robert Mueller has filed charges against a Washington lawyer who stands accused of lying to investigators regarding work he performed for Paul Manafort and Rick Gates in connection with their business dealings in Ukraine: Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team on Tuesday announced the latest target in his sprawling probe into Russian election interference, saying attorney […]

Tragedy a “reprieve” for W.H.

Officials informed the Washington Post that the Florida school shooting brought a “reprieve” from the onslaught of scandals facing the White House. In contrast, President Obama described the slaughter of children at Sandy Hook Elementary School as the worst day of his presidency. This does not make President Obama a hero.  It does, however, reveal that […]

New Site Bugs?

Rather than spamming every comment thread with issues, list any other issues here and we’ll see what we can do. 

German Air Force Wants F-35; German Government Doesn’t

Pork barrel politics is complicating Germany’s replacement of its 1970s fighter jet.

Uncase that iPhone!

Nick Statt argues that the iPhone X is just too nice to ruin with a plastic case.

Larry Nance Jr. Reprises Dad’s 1984 Dunk

On the one hand, this is cool. On the other, it’s just another sign of how damned old I am. I graduated high school in 1984. 

Joe Biden Tiptoeing Toward 2020 Presidential Run

He’s tan. He’s rested. He’s old.

Major Republican Donor Will Only Support Candidates Who Back Assault Weapon Ban

Al Hoffman Jr., a Florida-based real estate developer who was a leading fund-raiser for George W. Bush’s campaigns, said he would seek to marshal support among other Republican political donors for a renewed assault weapons ban.

Trump’s National Security Adviser Acknowledges What Trump Himself Won’t

President Trump has been labeling reports of Russian interference in the 2016 election as “Fake News” for the better part of a year now, and he’s been ignoring warnings about the potential of similar efforts in this year’s midterms, but his National Security Adviser isn’t: Evidence of Russian meddling in the 2016 election is “now […]

75% Of The Children Who Have Died From The Flu Weren’t Vaccinated

Thanks for nothing, anti-vaxxers.

A Photo for Friday: “That Sky”

“That Sky” January 24, 2018 Troy, AL (Main quad, Troy University)  

Fox News’ Obsession with Chelsea Handler

In my life I have not once, not a single time, encountered the name of Chelsea Handler in any context apart from Fox News articles. 

Megan McArdle Hired as WaPo Columnist

While I don’t always agree with her, I’ve never ceased to be amazed at the sheer vitriol she inspires, given that she’s unfailingly polite, not discernibly partisan, and bends over backwards to acknowledge the merits of competing viewpoints.

Trump’s (Lack of) Popularity in Latin America

Via Gallup:  Outlook Grim in Latin America for Relations Under Trump. The image of U.S. leadership took a hit worldwide during Donald Trump’s first year in office, but nowhere more so than in Latin America, where the median approval rating dropped from 49% in 2016 to 24% in 2017. As low as the approval rating was […]

Colombian Roses: Valentine’s Day and Free Trade

WaPo has an in-depth story on the Colombian floral industry that is worth a read:  In rose beds, money blooms: How the rose trade lifted Colombia – and nearly erased an American industry. The majority of roses Americans give one another on Valentine’s Day, roughly 200 million in all, grow here, the savanna outside Bogota, summoned […]

Second White House Official Resigns Amid Reports Of Spousal Abuse

Late Friday, a second member of the Trump Administration resigned his position amid accusations that he abused his former wife: A White House speechwriter resigned Friday after his former wife claimed that he was violent and emotionally abusive during their turbulent 2½ -year marriage — allegations that he vehemently denied, saying she was the one […]

A Photo for Friday (You Know the Drill)

Actually on Friday!  Ugh.  I wrote the post yesterday and then didn’t hit “publish.” “Untitled” January 28, 2018 Pike Road, AL

Trump Considering Ousting John Kelly

President Trump is reportedly considering replacing his chief of staff. Again.

Rachel Brand, Third Ranking at DOJ, Resigns

Yet another top Trump administration official has resigned.

Has Woody Allen Been Smeared?

Bret Stephens thinks so.

Brief Government Shutdown Ended by Massive Budget Agreement

I woke up to the news that the Federal government had shut down for the second time in a few weeks. Thankfully, the impasse was resolved in time for me to report to work as normal. CNN (“Congress votes to reopen government, passes massive budget deal“): Congress approved a major budget deal early Friday morning, […]

Democrats: Trump Lacks Authority for ‘Bloody Nose’ Strike on North Korea

They’re right. And there’s precious little they can do about it.

Navy Testing New Khaki Uniforms for Sea Duty

One of the oddities of military culture is the constan

The Law and Order President

Via the NYT:  Trump’s Unparalleled War on a Pillar of Society: Law Enforcement. The war between the president and the nation’s law enforcement apparatus is unlike anything America has seen in modern times. With a special counsel investigating whether his campaign collaborated with Russia in 2016 and whether Mr. Trump obstructed justice in 2017, the president has engaged in […]

Trump and the Memo

Some very interesting reporting from WaPo as to when Trump really knew what was in the memo: ‘Never any hesitation’: Trump was quickly persuaded to support memo’s release The president did not actually see the memo — written by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) and Nunes’s staff — until Wednesday afternoon, following the committee’s Monday vote […]

About Carter Page

Since the Nunes memo puts him back in the foreground of public discourse, here is an NYT profile of Carter Page from this week:  Carter Page, Ex-Trump Aide Once Shunned by Right, Is Back at the Center of the Russia Case. Two things about this piece that are worth noting. First, Page had been of interest to federal […]

A Photo for Friday (Again on Saturday): “Layered Sunset”

Better late, than never, I guess: “Layered Sunset” January 28, 2018 Pike Road, AL

Warner: We Need Revolution in Security Clearances

Senator Mark Warner, Vice-Chairman of the Select Committee on Intelligence, says, “We Need Revolution, Not Just Evolution” in Security Clearances.”

David French: Nunes Memo ‘Clears the Decks for the Special Counsel’

National Review legal analyst David French argues that the Nunes memo actually undermines the central claim its proponents were seeking to bolster.

Geraldo: Nixon Wouldn’t Have Had to Resign if he Had a Sean Hannity

The guy who found Al Capone’s vault wishes we had a guy like Sean Hannity back in the Watergate era.

Robert Wagner ‘Person of Interest’ in Natalie Wood’s 1981 Death

The lead story on Yahoo News at the moment, courtesy People magazine (“Robert Wagner Now Considered a ‘Person of Interest’ in Wife Natalie Wood’s Mysterious Death”):

500 Women Scientists Don’t Like Science Guy

The headline “Bill Nye Does Not Speak for Us and He Does Not Speak for Science” at the Scientific American site caught my eye, never having considered Nye particularly controversial. Its byline is “500 Women Scientists.” Tonight, Bill Nye “The Science Guy” will accompany Republican Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK), Trump’s nominee for NASA Administrator, to […]

Preventative Care Doesn’t Save Money

A longstanding claim—that I myself believed to be true—is that spending money on preventative care like regular checkups would save money in the long run by catching health issues before they become acute. The evidence does not support this.

Three Female Naval Academy Grads Running for Congress

Three women who attended Annapolis together are running for seats in Congress.

35-Year-Old Videogame Record Thrown Out by People with Way Too Much Time on Their Hands

Todd Rogers has been stripped of his world record for the Atari 2600 racing game Dragster.

Shut Up and Sing: Hillary Clinton Roasts Trump at the Grammys

So, this happened at last night’s Grammy Awards telecast: The people’s champ appeared on “Music’s Biggest Night” during a pre-taped sketch that had host James Corden holding spoken-word auditions for Fire and Fury, Michael Wolff’s bestselling book (novel?) about the chaotic Trump administration. There was Cher discussing Trump’s Just for Men-style “combover”; Snoop Dogg reading a passage on Trump’s […]

Soldiers Revealing Secret Locations With Fitness Wearables

A quarter century ago, soldiers were first using GPS to help them navigate the battlefield. Now, GPS is giving away their location.

A Photo for Friday (on Saturday): “Feeding Time”

Less I forgot yesterday (I didn’t) as much as couldn’t decide what to post combined with being too busy to make a choice.  As such, everyone loves animals, so: “Feeding Time” January, 17, 2018 Pike Road, AL

OTB Site Update [Updated]

We’re slowly fixing the site.

Tom Petty Died of Accidental Overdose

Last October, legendary rocker Tom Petty died of a heart attack, at the relatively young age of 66. The medical examiner has now attributed this to an accidental overdose of prescription drugs.

A Photo for Friday: “Shadows on the Snow”

“Shadows on the Snow” January 17, 2018 Pike Road, AL

The Fake News Awards

So, the The Highly-Anticipated 2017 Fake News Awards are now available and they are, well, underwhelming.  Ends up they are a list of errors at a GOP blog.  While there are a few that are clearly significant mistakes (such as the Brian Ross mistake about Michael Flynn), a lot of them are simply inconsequential (like the […]

About the Idea that Trump’s Tweets Don’t Matter? Well…

You know that debate in the comment section here at OTB about whether or not Trump’s tweets are important or not because they are just tweets? Well, note the following via CNN: Tillerson’s staff prints out the President’s tweets for him to read. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s staff prints out President Donald Trump’s tweets for […]

Photos for MLK Day

A friend shared a photo of the MLK statue and it may me remember these, and today is the best day to share them: Both taken June 17, 2015

Only the Best People…

Sigh. Via WaPo:  Meet the 24-year-old Trump campaign worker appointed to help lead the government’s drug policy office.

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