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Greek Priorities


Via Reuters:  Despite crisis, few Greeks ready to forgo coffee “Greeks are ready to cut anything else, but not their coffee. Customer traffic is stable,” said Kleanthis Kanellos, 34-year-old manager of the packed Old Flo cafe in a working class district of Athens. Well, one has to have one’s priorities straight (although their propensity toward […]

Tech 1776


Via Shelly Palmer:  7 Hottest Tech Trends in 1776

Friday Foto

A new feature from me:  a weekly photo. This week:  Savannah Sunset: More from Savannah, GA here.

The U.S. Just Recorded Its First Measles Death In 12 Years

Childhood Vaccine

For the first time in twelve years, an American hospital has recorded a death due to measles: Health officials on Thursday confirmed the country’s first measles death since 2003, and they believe the victim was most likely exposed to the virus in a health facility in Washington state during an outbreak there. The woman died in the spring; […]

Nerdiest Joke Ever?


Paul Grenfell nominates this vanity plate of a Volkswagon Beetle (affectionately known as a “Bug”) with vanity plate “Feature”

Lindsey Graham: Joe Biden as Good a Man as God Ever Created


In an era of incredibly polarized politics and 24/7/365 campaign mode, it’s refreshing to see politicians treat each other as human beings now and again.

Nicholas Winton, Briton Who Saved 669 Children From The Holocaust, Dies At 106

Nicholas Winton

Nicholas Winton, a British man who helped save more than 600 children, most of whom were Jewish, from Czechoslovakia as the world hurtled toward the Second World War, and went largely unknown for much of the rest of his life, has died at the age of 106: Nicholas Winton, a Briton who said nothing for […]

Hillary Clinton Raises $45 Million In First Fundraising Quarter

Hillary Clinton Blackberry

With the end of the FEC reporting quarter coming at midnight last night, we’re starting to get the first fundraising reports from campaigns. Not surprisingly, the first report came from Hillary Clinton’s camp and it showed her bringing in a record amount over the past three months: Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign expects to have raised […]

NBC To Donald Trump: You’re Fired

Trump Apprentice

Following up on the disputes with Univision that arose in the wake of Donald Trump’s derogatory comments toward Mexican immigrants, NBC Universal has cut its ties with Donald Trump: Amid mounting public pressure, NBCUniversal announced Monday that it will cut business ties with Donald Trump due to “recent derogatory statements” the Republican presidential hopeful made […]

Politinerds: Matt K. Lewis On Bill Maher, Charleston, And A Poisonous Political Media Culture


Our guest this week on Politinerds was Daily Caller columnist and media personality Matt K. Lewis. We talk about Matt’s experience on last week’s Real Time with Bill Maher during which he and the Daily Caller were blamed for the Charleston murders (no I am not making that up). We also get into a broader […]

Donald Trump: ‘I’m For Traditional Marriage’

Donald Trump Hair

With little sense that he appreciated the irony, Donald Trump told Jake Tapper this morning that he supports “traditional marriage”: GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump said in an interview broadcast Sunday that he opposes gay marriage, and defended his own history of having been divorced twice. On CNN’s “State of the Union,” host Jake Tapper […]

Metro Photos

And now for a deviation from battle flags and SCOTUS rulings. I was recently in DC for a few days and here are some photos I took in DC Metro stations. I always find the combination of architecture, geometry, and lighting to provide for some interesting photographic opportunities.

Pro-Battle Flag Rally in Montgomery


Via WSFA:   Rally held at Alabama Capitol to protest removal of Confederate flags According to the Sons of the Confederacy, the rally is to send a message that the Confederate flag is about heritage, not hate. I am really tired of that formulation.  What specific heritage?  Fighting a war to preserve slavery?  A symbol […]

Roberts Blackmail Plot!


Wayne Root, former Libertarian VP candidate asked a provocative question:  Was Supreme Court Justice John Roberts Blackmailed? His concern:  Roberts’ vote in the PPACA cases. His evidence? Doubt me? On the same day that Justice Roberts and the Supremes upheld Obamacare – again – the key IRS watchdog reported to Congress that the IRS purposely […]

Protester Removes Confederate Flag At South Carolina Capitol

Confederate Flag Protester

Good for her.

America’s Changing Demographics


The latest Census data show a changing America.

Univision Breaks Ties With Donald Trump Over His Comments About ‘Mexican Rapists’

Donald Trump Hair

Donald Trump’s comments about Mexicans during his announcement speech last week are having financial repercussions: Univision is canceling its telecast of the Miss USA pageant, an event partially owned by Donald Trump, to protest Trump’s offensive remarks about Mexicans. Furthermore, Univision says it is severing all other business ties to Trump. Univision is the biggest […]

Silly Legislative Tricks


Via The Hill:  House bill would force the Supreme Court to enroll in ObamaCare Rep. Brian Babin (R-Texas) said that his SCOTUScare Act would make all nine justices and their employees join the national healthcare law’s exchanges. [...] Babin’s potential legislation would only let the federal government provide healthcare to the Supreme Court and its […]

Jon Stewart’s Flagdance

Confederate Flag South Carolina

Jon Stewart weighs in on the Confederate Flag controversy as only he can: The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive I’m really, really gonna miss him when he’s gone.

Why Does This Town’s Logo Look Like A White Guy Choking A Native American?


Things that make you go hmmmm…..

Google Comes to Bama

While the state continues to deal with its past, the future looms as well. Via CNBC:  Google makes a big bet on… Alabama? The Internet and technology giant plans to build a new data center in the state at the site of a former coal-fired power plant. In a blog post Wednesday, Google said the […]

Confederate Flags Removed from Alabama Capitol Grounds


Via WSFA:   Confederate flags removed from Alabama Capitol grounds Alabama Governor Robert Bentley ordered the removal of all Confederate flags from the Confederate Memorial Monument that stands on the grounds of the state Capitol, making him the first Southern governor to completely remove the flag from the state capitol. The four flags (three national flags […]

Economy Not As Bad In First Quarter As Initially Feared

Economy Heartbeat

The final revision to Gross Domestic Product for the first three months of the year showed that the economy did indeed shrink, but at a slower rate than reported in earlier reports: While nothing to brag about, the economy’s performance in early 2015 was not quite as bad as the number-crunchers in Washington had thought. […]

Donald Trump Convinces Jon Stewart To Stick Around


Jon Stewart almost quit The Daily Show early, but Donald Trump convinced him to stick around: The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive

Fox News Dumps Sarah Palin


Fox News has ended its contract with Sarah Palin, although the former reality television star will apparently still appear on the network from time to time: Fox News will not renew its contract with Sarah Palin, whose bombastic appearances have been a cable staple since the former Alaska governor’s failed run on John McCain’s ticket […]

After Six Years, GMail Finally Takes ‘UnSend’ Out Of Beta


After a long, long time in Beta testing, Google has finally made Unsend a feature that everyone can use, here’s how to turn it on: So how do you enable Gmail’s undo feature? Go to the little cog icon in the upper righthand corner and select “Settings.” About a third of the way down the […]

Donald Trump Surges In New New Hampshire Poll

Trump Announcement

A new poll of the Republican race in New Hampshire puts Donald Trump just below the head of the pack: He’s dismissed by the political professionals, but there is no denying that the appetite forDonald Trump among Republican primary voters is real. The New York developer and reality television star is second among 2016 presidential […]

Does The United States Really Have More Mass Shootings Than Other Countries?


PolitiFact rates President Obama’s claim that other countries don’t have mass shootings at rates comparable to America”Mostly False.”

Walmart, Kmart, and Sears Remove Confederate Flag From Stores; Amazon, eBay Undecided


The Confederate battle flag is suddenly toxic.

Ted Cruz Second Amendment Bonus Caption Contest


Second Amendment Bonus Caption Contest

So What Is It Like To Record A Podcast With The President In Your Garage?


Talking to the President in my garage A photo posted by @marcmaron on Jun 19, 2015 at 6:25pm PDT Marc Maron had an amusing story about how he ended up recording a podcast in his garage with the President of the United States: Q. Did you plan to approach the interview in a certain way, […]

Nikki Haley, Lindsey Graham To Call For Removal Of Confederate Flag (Update: Senator Tim Scott As Well)

Confederate Flag South Carolina

The tide has turned.

Ted Cruz with a Gun to His Head


So, this picture is going around: And this one: In both, Ted Cruz is giving a speech about gun rights in front of an illustration of a gun. Naturally, outrage is ensuing. POLITICO (“AP photo shows a gun pointed at Ted Cruz’s head“): In an Associated Press image that drew comment and criticism on Twitter […]

Because it’s Fun to Stay at the YMCA When you’re in the Navy…

As I contemplate weightier subjects that I am having a hard time writing about at the moment, I give you Vladimir Putin as every member of the Village People.

Quote Of The Day: Historical Perspective Edition


Given the fact that the murders in Charleston have revived debates about the Confederate Flag and other issues related to the Civil War, a found this quote, which a friend had shared on their Facebook wall, to be appropriate “Fellow citizens: I am not indifferent to the claims of a generous forgetfulness, but whatever else […]

Donald Trump’s Potemkin Crowd

Trump Announcement

The crowd that cheered Donald Trump’s announcement speech on Tuesday was, not surprisingly, bought and paid for: Donald Trump’s big presidential announcement Tuesday was made a little bigger with help from paid actors — at $50 a pop. New York-based Extra Mile Casting sent an email last Friday to its client list of background actors, […]

Google Targets Revenge Porn in Weakest Way Possible


Google has announced a new policy regarding revenge porn: We’ve heard many troubling stories of “revenge porn”: an ex-partner seeking to publicly humiliate a person by posting private images of them, or hackers stealing and distributing images from victims’ accounts. Some images even end up on “sextortion” sites that force people to pay to have […]

MARSOC Now Officially ‘Marine Raiders’


Marine special operations forces have called themselves “Raiders” for years. Now it’s official.

Joyner on Federal News Radio

I was on yesterday afternoon’s edition of Federal News Radio’s “In Depth” with Francis Rose discussing my recent piece in The National Interest on military retirement reform.

Marine Le Pen Forms Far Right Bloc In European Parliament

European Union Flag

Led by Marianne Le Pen, the head of France’s National Front, far right parties in the European Parliament have formed a coalition: PARIS — More than a year after populist, far-right parties surged in elections for the European Parliament, several of them announced on Tuesday that they had finally banded together with the goal of […]

Egyptian Judge Affirms Death Sentence For Former President Morsi


Egypt’s legal system, which of course is little more than a tool for its military leaders, took another step down the road toward executing former President Mohammed Morsi: CAIRO — An Egyptian judge on Tuesday confirmed a death sentence against the deposed president Mohamed Morsi, condemning his rule as a “black night” and his Islamist […]

Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert On Donald Trump

Trump Apprentice

Yesterday’s bizarre Donald Trump announcement was, not surprisingly, excellent fodder for Jon Stewart last night: The Daily ShowDaily Show Full Episodes,  More Daily Show Videos,  Comedy Central Full Episodes But before Stewart was on the air, Stephen Colbert had released a video of his own that, just maybe, provides a hint of what The Late Show […]

Mississippi Blogger Gets Prison Time In Cochran Case

Thad Cochran

You may remember the controversy that became public last year when a Mississippi blogger and officials tied to Tea Party groups in the Magnolia State conspired to film Senator Thad Cochran’s late wife in the nursing home where she was suffering from dementia before she died. It was one of the many things that made […]

Politinerds: Andrew Malcom Returns For Part Three


Our guest on this week’s episode of Politinerds was the one and only Andrew Malcolm. This is the third time we’ve had Andrew on and, this time we covered his time in Japan and Canada as New York Times Bureau Chief, and his time covering Chicago, including a run-in with a young kid named Rahm […]

Jeb Bush Wants To Be Known As Jeb!


Ahead of his campaign kickoff tomorrow, Jeb Bush has unveiled a new logo: Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has made it all but official. A day before he is expected to formally announce his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, Bush released a YouTube video Sunday featuring Floridians highlighting Bush’s impact as governor of the […]

David Cameron Rebukes Scott Walker

Scott Walker

British Prime Minister David Cameron is pushing back against a claim made by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker that he had made comments critical of President Obama: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says British Prime Minister David Cameron confided in him that he was concerned about the direction of American leadership. But there’s a problem with the […]

In Case you Want to See What Hyperinflation Looks Like…


…take a look over at the BBC:  Zimbabwe dollars phased out. Zimbabwe is phasing out its local currency, the central bank says, formalising a multi-currency system introduced during hyper-inflation. Foreign currencies like the US dollar and South African rand have been used for most transactions since 2009. Local dollars are not used except high-denomination notes […]

Senator Mark Kirk: Lindsey Graham Is A ‘Bro With No Ho’

Immigration Reform

Illinois Senator Mark Kirk had a colorful way to describe his fellow Senator: WASHINGTON — Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is a “bro with no ho,” according to his colleague, Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) The assessment of Graham’s love life was made during a Senate Appropriations Committee markup on Thursday and caught on a live microphone. […]

Movie Legend Christopher Lee Dead At 93

Portraits - 66th Locarno Film Festival

Christopher Lee, who played a vampire, a Bond Villain, a Sith Lord, and a Tolkien wizard during his career among so many other roles, has passed away at the age of 93: Christopher Lee, a towering British movie actor who lent his distinguished good looks, Shakespearean voice and aristocratic presence to a gallery of villains, […]

Jawbone Sues Fitbit Over Patent Infringement


Jawbone is suing Fitbit for infringing a patent that should never have been granted.

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