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Software Patents are Crumbling


The courts have been striking them down at a dizzying pace since June.

Apple Announces iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iWatch, iOS8, and Apple Pay


Apple announced a stunning array of upgraded and new products yesterday.

Copyright Office: Monkey Selfies Not Entitled To Copyright Protection

Monkey Selfie

The Copyright Office says that works not “created” by humans are not entitled to copyright protection.

‘Open and Free’ Compared to What?


The “open and free” Internet is an ideal type, not a myth.

Doctor’s Office Baby Pictures Barred By HIPAA

Doctor Baby Photos

A good law has one rather silly unintended consequence.

Sanity Prevails In Case Of Sexting Teen Charged With Child Pornography

Sending Message On Phone

In some sense, justice has prevailed.

Nothing is Private Anymore; Should it Be?

Google Privacy

Our laws and social norms have not caught up to modern life.

The Solar Storm That Nearly Destroyed Civilization As We Know It

July 2012 Coronal Mass Ejection

Just about two years ago, we dodged a bullet. We might not be so lucky next time.

Scientists: AIDS Could Be Brought Under Control By 2030


Health experts are saying we could basically eliminate AIDS, or at least bring it under control, in fifteen years if we do the right things.

Texting At The Restaurant

Texting Diners

Managers at a New York City restaurant were puzzled as to why the speed of service in their restaurant seems to have slowed down in recent years despite the fact that they had not experienced any significant increase in customers. So, when they came across old videotapes of security footage of the restaurant during a […]

All of America’s Secrets on Amazon Cloud


The US intelligence community is gambling that it can be more efficient through a public-private partnership than going it alone.

Implementation Of Europe’s ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ About As Absurd As You’d Expect

Google Privacy

Judging by the early results, the so-called “Right To Be Forgotten” recently created by Europe’s highest court is creating more problems than it will solve.

Huh?! (Temperature on Mars Edition)


“I won’t get into the debate about climate change but I’ll simply point out that I think in academia we all agree that the temperature on Mars is exactly as it is here. Nobody will dispute that. Yet there are no coal mines on Mars. There’s no factories on Mars that I’m aware of.”–Kentucky state […]

From the Fools and Money Stack: Kickstarting… Potato Salad?!

Potato Salad

Kickstarting a dream of potato salad to the tune of $40k+

Make Your Password So Hard to Guess That Even You Can’t Remember It

Computer Password Security

All you have to do is make up unique password for each site based on randomly chosen details of an incredibly complex story associated with the first letter of the site.

The Supreme Court’s Most Important Decision Wasn’t Hobby Lobby

Supreme Court Justices 2

Hobby Lobby Is an important decision, but it’s one that the Supreme Court handed down a week earlier that will have the widest impact.

What Happens To Your Online Persona When You Die?


Another area where the law has not caught up with technology.

Are Cell Phones Getting Worse?


Modern devices are more fragile, frustrating, and resource intensive than those of a decade ago.

Daddy, What’s a Landline?


In previewing a story about an Arkansas town fighting to keep phone booths, The New York Times explains what those are.

Restaurant Reservation Scalping Is A Thing


A new app allows customers to cut the restaurant reservation line. What could go wrong?

Court Rules Defendant Must Reveal Computer’s Encryption Password

Computer Password Security

Another area where the law has yet to catch up to technology.

3D Printed Organs Coming Soon


The burgeoning science of additive manufacturing is on the verge of being able to print functioning human organs.

Previewing Tomorrow’s Hobby Lobby Decision

Hobby Lobby

The Supreme Court has saved the biggest case of the term for its last day.

Supreme Court Finds Broad Right To Privacy In Contents Of Smartphones

Pile of smart phones

A unanimous Supreme Court rules that the Fourth Amendment bars police from searching your electronic device without a warrant.

British Ban Teaching Creationism As Science, Should The U.S. Do The Same?

Darwin Fish

It is now illegal to teach creationism as science in the United Kingdom in any school, public or private, that receives public funding.

Russia Develops Pizza Delivery Drone While U.S. Lags Woefully Behind

Russia Pizza Delivery Drone

The Moscow Times reports that a Russian company has perfected the technology to deliver pizzas via drone: A pizzeria in the Komi republic’s capital city of Syktyvkar has launched a helicopter drone-delivery service. DoDo Pizza’s first unmanned delivery was made on Saturday to much applause from witnesses in the city’s main square. According to the regional news agency FlashNord, the drone was able to complete its task in just […]

Solar Power in Germany


Via the Local:  Germany produces half of energy with solar Analysis from the Fraunhofer ISE research institute showed solar panels in Germany generated a record 24.24 GW of electricity between 1pm and 2pm on Friday, June 6th. And on Monday June 9th, which was a national holiday, solar power production peaked at 23.1 GW, which […]

Former NSA Chief Cashing in Big as Cyber Security Consultant


Retired General Keith Alexander is hawking his services to banks at princely sums.

Stephanie Kwolek, Kevlar Inventor, Dies at 90


Stephanie Kwolek was looking for a way to improve tires. She invented a life-saving material.

Amazon’s next step towards total retail (and search) domination


Some thoughts on Amazon’s new smartphone: Fire

Federal Appeals Court Rules Warrant Required To Track Cell Phone Location


Should the police be able to track you without a warrant? One Federal Appeals Court says no.

100,000,000 Habitable Planets In Our Galaxy Alone?

NASA Hubble Image

A new theory posits that planets capable of supporting life may be far more common than previously thought.

There’s A Smartphone App That Will Let You Order Booze And Have It Delivered


There is now a smartphone app that will allow you to get alcohol delivered to you, but it currently only works in Los Angeles: Enter Drizly. “The smartphone app for fast, convenient alcohol delivery” just launched in Los Angeles following its debut in Boston and New York. The first neighborhoods to launch include Silverlake, Venice, Westwood, Beverly Hills, […]

Majority Concerned About Global Warming, Supportive Of Measures To Combat It

Climate Change Thermometer

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that the public is broadly concerned with the issues surrounding global warming, climate change, and the impact human activity is having on the environment: Seven in 10 Americans see global warming as a serious problem facing the country, enough to fuel broad support for federal efforts to limit greenhouse […]

42% Of Americans Believe In Creationism

Darwin Fish

A new Gallup poll finds that 42% of Americans believe that so-called “Creationism” explains the origin of man: PRINCETON, NJ — More than four in 10 Americans continue to believe that God created humans in their present form 10,000 years ago, a view that has changed little over the past three decades. Half of Americans […]

Obama’s New Carbon Rules Pose Political And Economic Risks For Questionable Benefits

Coal Fired Power Plant Sunset

The EPA’s new carbon rules leave much to be desired.

The Absurdity Of The “Right To Be Forgotten”

Google Privacy

The so-called “right to be forgotten” created by Europe’s highest court is unworkable, and ultimately absurd.

The Moon May Have A Better Internet Connection Than You Do

Apollo 8 Earthrise

Smithsonian reports that NASA has succeeded in creating what is basically an Internet connection to the Moon: The Moon may now have a better wireless signal than your local coffee shop. In a test last fall, NASA and MIT researchers showed off a fancy new rig that uses pulses of laser light to shoot data across the […]

Scientists Take First Step Toward Teleportation

Star Trek Transporter

It’s not exactly Star Trek’s transporter, but scientists have made what could be a huge breakthrough toward a new method of information transfer: Scientists in the Netherlands have moved a step closer to overriding one of Albert Einstein’s most famous objections to the implications of quantum mechanics, which he described as “spooky action at a distance.” In a […]

The Anti-Vaccination Crowd Gives Us A 20 Year High In Measles Cases

Vaccine Vial And Needle

Pseudoscience and hysteria have damaged public health.

21st Century Kids Try To Figure Out Late 20th Century Computers


Here’s what happens when you introduce 21st century kids to an Apple II: Previously, we saw how these kids react to a Walkman. H/T: Mashable

House Science Committee Has Investigated Aliens More Than It Has Investigated Climate Change


Not much science from the Congressional Committees devoted to science.

It’s Science! Drinking Makes You Cool


Once again, science provides us with invaluable information: It’s a good thing fish can’t operate a vehicle. Not only do drunk zebrafish swim extra fast, but they somehow get all the sober fish to follow them. Essentially, a drunk fish becomes the designated driver for the whole group. Although a fish is only marginally like […]

New Russian Law Requires Bloggers To Register With The Kremlin

Vladimir Putin Russian Flag

Vladimir Putin wants to put the Internet genie back in the bottle.

International Space Station Now Broadcasts Streaming Video From Orbit

International Space Station

Thanks to the recent SpaceX mission to the International Space Station, you can now view streaming video of the Earth as the ISS passes over it: After being continuously inhabited for more than 13 years, it is finally possible to log into Ustream and watch the Earth spinning on its axis in glorious HD. This […]

Benjamin Netanyahu Has Had Enough With Your Selfies


Israel’s Prime Minister is apparently not a fan of selfies: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is having trouble adjusting to this generation’s obsession with picture taking and photo sharing. During a photo shoot prior to an interview session with the foreign press last week, the prime minister waxed nostalgic, lamenting in a Louis C.K.-esque manner over […]

Supreme Court Justices Try To Balance Technology, Privacy, And The 4th Amendment

Pile of smart phones

Today’s oral argument before the Supreme Court on the issue of police searches of cell phones and smartphones left much up in the air.

New Vulnerability Affects All Versions Of Internet Explorer


A newly vulnerability in Internet Explorer is creating a potential field day for hackers: Hackers are already at work exploiting a newly discovered flaw in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer that has left more than half of the world’s Web browsers vulnerable to attack, including those on many federal government computers. Microsoft said it was aware of […]

Measles Reports Hit Highest Level In Nearly 20 Years Thanks To Anti-Vaccine Movement

Childhood Vaccine

The anti-vaccination movement has earned a dubious achievement, the return of a disease that was effectively eradicated 15 years ago.

Japanese Robot Shows Up Obama At Soccer


Among his stops during his visit to Japan, President Obama met up with a soccer playing robot: During his visit to Japan, at the Tokyo Miraikan Science Expo, President Barack Obama had a brief encounter with Honda’s humanoid robot ASIMO, The Wall Street Journal reports. ASIMO, which stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, took a bow […]

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