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States Resist Giving Data To Trump’s ‘Voter Integrity’ Commission

Donald Trump Voting

More than twenty states are resisting requests for data from a ‘voter integrity’ Commission built on President Trump’s lie that millions of people voted illegally in the 2016 election.

Supreme Court Accepts Fourth Amendment Case Involving Location Tracking Of Your Smartphone


Yesterday, the Supreme Court accepted a case that will determine whether the Fourth Amendment allows law enforcement to obtain location data without a search warrant.

Federal Judge Rules N.S.A. Mass Data Collection Unconstitutional

National Security Agency

A Federal Judge has ruled that the N.S.A. metadata collection program is unconstitutional, but it’s unclear if the ruling will have much of an impact.

Supreme Court Bars Cops From Accessing Hotel Registries Without A Warrant


The Supreme Court ruled that police are not entitled to access to a hotel registry without a warrant.

Appeals Court Rules N.S.A. Data Mining Illegal

National Security Agency

A Federal Appeals Court has ruled that the N.S.A.’s data mining program is illegal, but its ruling may not have a very big impact.

Gun Rights, Mental Health, And A Denial Of Due Process


New York State’s gun law takes rights away from nearly 35,000 people without any due process whatsoever.

Law Enforcement Claims New Apple And Google Encryption Policies Will Hurt Investigations


The FBI and other law enforcement agencies are pushing back against Apple and Google’s efforts to provide greater privacy to users.. They’re wrong.

Doctor’s Office Baby Pictures Barred By HIPAA

Doctor Baby Photos

A good law has one rather silly unintended consequence.

Google Using User Endorsements To Advertise, Here’s How To Stop It


You may not know it, but Google is going to start using your name and product recommendations to advertise to your friends: You’re considering buying a new pair of tube socks. A quick Google search pulls up some sock ads and below one of them you see your pal Kimberly’s face next to a four-star […]

U.S. Postal Service Is Logging All Mail For Law Enforcement


Every piece of mail you send and receive is being logged by the Postal Service.

Charting 33 Years’ of FISA Reports to Congress


Exploring data from 33 years’ of FISA reports to Congress

Security Data-Mining And Other Forms Of Witchcraft

Azande Granary

At what point do science and magic converge? And what are the potential costs?

NSA PRISM Cognitive Dissonance of the Day – WSJ Edition


Courtesy of BuzzFeed’s Tech Editor John Herrman who noted the following of Wall Street Journal editorial team: Bikes: evidence of a totalitarian state live.wsj.com/video/opinion-… Massive government data mining: ehhhh online.wsj.com/article/SB1000… — John Herrman (@jwherrman) June 7, 2013 I don’t think there’s much more to add…

Internet Privacy Does Not Exist


Sometimes, real life catches up with those who think their online life is secret.

Facebook Sharing Private Comments, Posts With Politico


If you so much as mention a Presidential candidate on Facebook, your post or comment (even if it’s private) will be shared with Politico: [E]very post and comment — both public and private — by a U.S. user that mentions a presidential candidate’s name will be fed through a sentiment analysis tool that spits out […]

Kill This Bill

Data Retention

Much like bills named for dead children, there’s a very high likelihood that any bill with “protecting children” and/or “pornographers” in the title is a) a very bad idea, b) a very stupid idea, c) of dubious Constitutionality, or, as here, d) all of the above.

Texas House Passes Bill Banning TSA “Grope” Searches


Texas may well become the first state to take legislative action against the intrusive airport searches that have been in the news since November: The Texas House of Representatives late on Thursday approved a bill that would make invasive pat-downs at Texas airports a crime, after a former Miss USA said she felt “molested” at […]

No Matter Where You Go, There Your iPhone Is


Why, yes, my iPhone has indeed been tracking me since last summer.