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Fox News Sets Lineup For First Republican Debate

Fox News Republican Debate Lineup

Donald Trump is center stage, John Kasich is in, and Rick Perry is relegated to the kid’s table.

Donald Trump’s Substance Free Campaign For President

Trump Escalator

Donald’s Trump’s campaign is the logical conclusion of more than a decade of emotion-drive, substance-free politics.

Donald Trump Solidifies His Lead In Final Pre-Debate Polls

Donald Trump Speaking Closeup

The last three polls to be released before Thursday’s debate show Donald Trump continuing to solidify his lead.

Lindsey Graham Promoted Twice As Absentee Reservist


Lindsey Graham recently retired as a colonel in the Air Force Reserves after 33 years of service. His missed most of the last twenty.

Donald Trump Continues To Expand His Lead In Latest Republican Poll

Trump Apprentice

Another poll, another Donald Trump lead

American Public Turning Against Iran Nuclear Deal According To New Polls

Iran Nuclear Deal Congress

Recent polling has shown the American public to be highly skeptical, at beast, of the Iran Nuclear Deal. That may not be enough to kill it in Congress, though.

Trump as Perot 2.0


In 1992, an eccentric billionaire ran an independent campaign against a Bush and a Clinton. It could happen again.

Amazing Stat of the Day (U of Phoenix Edition)


The Daily Beast has a piece on the woes of the University of Phoenix:  Death of a Diploma Mill: University of Phoenix Going Down in Flames? There is a lot to be said about this, but I do not have the time at the moment.  Regardless, I was truly shocked by the following stat: According […]

Donald Trump Leads In Latest Pre-Debate Poll, Perry Seems Likely To Miss The Debate

Donald Trump Speaking Closeup

Donald Trump leads in the first of the final polls to be released before Thursday’s debate.

Joe Biden Is Thinking About Taking On Hillary Clinton


Reports are saying that Joe Biden is taking another look at running for the Democratic nomination for President. But would he really do it?

Taking A Look At The Second Quarter Money Race


The big winners are Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump Courting Sarah Palin’s Supporters

Sarah Palin Meets With Donald Trump In New York During Her Bus Tour

Donald Trump’s campaign seems to be making a play for whatever portion of the GOP it may be that still likes Sarah Palin.

Driven Largely By Republicans, Public Opinion On The Supreme Court Hits A Low

Supreme Court Justices 2

Public opinion on the Supreme Court has declined significantly, largely because Republicans don’t like the Supreme Court very much right now.

The Most Important Trump Number


Remember how I have noted (twice, in fact) that one of the factors one has to consider in terms of Trump’s poll numbers is the current fragmentation of the field?  In other words, leading a field of more than a dozen, even with numbers in the mid-20s raising the question of whether he can garner […]

Newest Pre-Debate Poll Confirms Trump As Frontrunner, Kasich Now In Top Ten

Donald Trump Speaking Closeup

The first of a series of polls in anticipation of next week’s debate shows Donald Trump still at the top, with a surprise coming out of Ohio.

Current Polls Worse Than Meaningless


The current Republican primary polls are “measuring a unicorn electorate” yet effect the outcome of the race.

Trump Leading Bush And Rubio In Florida?

Donald Trump Hair

A new poll out of Florida appears to show the Trump phenomenon knocking both of the Sunshine State’s best known Republicans out of the top spot: For the first time this year, Donald Trump tops a state poll of GOP presidential candidates in Florida. A St. Pete Polls survey released on Wednesday shows the New York […]

Jim Gilmore Running for President (for No Apparent Reason)


As expected, former Virginia Governor and Republican National Committee chairman Jim Gilmore has tossed his hat into the ring:

Little Known Congressman Files Doomed Motion To Remove John Boehner As Speaker


A little known Congressman from North Carolina has filed a motion to “remove” John Boehner from the Speakership.

Drop In Hillary Clinton’s Favorability Numbers May Not Be A Big Deal

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton has suffered drops in her favorability numbers lately, but that may not mean much for 2016.

Chris Christie Still Has Reefer Madness

Marijuana Plant

Chris Christie says he would ignore states that have legalized marijuana if he became President. Fortunately, he will most likely never be President.

Jonathan Pollard To Be Released November 21st

Jonathan Pollard

After 30 years in prison, Jonathan Pollard will be released later this year.

Boy Scouts End Ban On Gay Scout Leaders

Boy Scouts

A long standing policy against gay Scout Leaders has been repealed.

Trump Leads In New Hampshire, But Kasich Rises

Vote 2016

A new poll shows Donald Trump surging to a double digit lead over his closest competitor in New Hampshire: Donald Trump isn’t just doing well in national polls — he’s also making gains among voters in early primary states. A new poll finds Trump with twice the support of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, his […]

Republican Candidates Battle For Final Debate Slots

Elephants Fighting

With just over a week to go, Republican candidates for President are fighting for the movement in the polls that could get them in to the August 6th debate.

Red States Eat Blue States’ Lunch, Grow Up to Be Blue States


Low costs and regulatory barriers are attracting people to red states–thus turning them purple and blue.

Donald Trump, Immigration, And The Republican Party

Donald Trump Speaking Closeup

Once again, Donald Trump is succeeding because he is saying things many Republicans agree with.

Mike Huckabee’s Offensive, Idiotic Holocaust Rhetoric On Iran

Huckabee Announces His Intentions For The 2016 Presidential Race

In bringing Holocaust imagery into the debate over the Iran nuclear deal, Mike Huckabee has displayed the intellectual bankruptcy of his position.

Donald Trump Still Surging In The Polls

Trump Announcement

His remarks about John McCain’s military service don’t seem to be hurting Donald Trump with Republican true believers.

Clinton To Testify Before House Benghazi Committee October 22nd

Clinton Testifies On Benghazi Attack

Get ready for another pointless political circus.

Gold Prices


But all those nice men on the tee-vee and radio told me that gold was where I should be putting my money.  Oh dear. (That and all the Austrian economists and their predictions of hyper-inflated doom). Well:

Donald Trump Bars Des Moines Register From Covering Campaign Rally

Donald Trump Speaking Closeup

Donald Trump is throwing a temper tantrum in Iowa.

U.S. Considering Releasing Jonathan Pollard?

Jonathan Pollard

Reports are circulating that the Obama Administration is considering releasing Jonathan Pollard, and many are seeing it as an effort to placate Israel in the wake of the Iran deal.

The Fine Line Between Protest and Riot


Hillary Clinton’s two biggest challengers were ambushed at a progressive political convention over the weekend.

Texas Appeals Court Tosses One Of Two Counts Against Rick Perry


A big win in Court for the former Texas Governor, but it’s unclear what this means politically.

Federal Inspectors General Call For Criminal Investigation Of Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Hillary Clinton Blackberry

Did Hillary Clinton mishandle classified information while Secretary of State? Two Inspectors General want to find out.

On Munich Analogies


Of course, the Iran deal has unleashed the ever popular deployment of the Munich analogy.  Samuel Kleiner and Tom Zoellner critique the formulation and give us a run-down of its relevance over the decades in an LAT piece for earlier in the week:  Republicans’ ‘Munich’ fallacy. The analogy is, of course, tired and pointless and yet it […]

Infrastructure Funding Blues


The gas tax was last raised in 1993.

Trump Refuses To Rule Out Running As A Third-Party Candidate

Trump Announcement

Donald Trump won’t rule out running against the eventual Republican nominee. Will the RNC use this as an excuse to try to force him out of the race?

An Important Reminder about Polling


We are still a ways from actual voting–this needs to be remembered.

Even Donald Trump’s Own Supporters Can’t Say What He’d Do As President

Donald Trump Speaking Closeup

This is not a serious Presidential campaign, it is a bloviating sideshow.

The Bland Arrest Video


An authoritarian ego trip for all to see.

Bad News For Hillary Clinton, Or Much Ado About Nothing In New Battleground Polls?

Campaign 2016

Polling in three battleground states shows Hillary Clinton slightly trailing three top Republicans, but it means far less than you might think.

Majority Of Americans Support Iran Nuclear Deal

Iran Nukes

Good news for the President.

Donald Trump Gives Out Lindsey Graham’s Cell Phone Number

Donald Trump Hair

The daily bizarre circus that is the Donald Trump Presidential campaign made its way to Blufton, South Carolina today for a speech in which Trump did something that can only be described as bizarre: If Lindsey Graham has to change cellphone numbers, he has Donald Trump to thank. On Tuesday, Trump ramped up his attacks […]

John Kasich Begins Seemingly Quixotic Presidential Bid

John Kasich

Ohio Governor John Kasich looks good on paper, but his campaign seems as though it’s unlikely to get out of the starting gate.

It Won’t Be Easy For Republicans To Get Rid Of Donald Trump

Trump Announcement

Despite his remarks about John McCain, Donald Trump is likely to be around for some time to come.

Today in “Asked and Answered” (Sowell on Iran Deal Edition)

Iran Nuclear Deal Congress

Any discussion of the Iran deal has to be about realistic alternatives, not fantasies.

The Challenge of Democracy


Or, at least, a key challenge. Via the Monkey Cage:  No, we’re not arguing from the same facts. How can democracies make good decisions if citizens are misinformed? Widely shared misinformation hampers democracy because it makes it difficult for groups of people to take effective and appropriate action on shared civic problems. Indeed. I recommend […]

United Nations Security Council Approves Iranian Nuclear Deal

Iran Nuclear Deal Congress

The U.N. Security Council has approved the Iranian nuclear deal, and now the ball is in Congress’s court.

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