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Jim Gilmore Suspends Presidential Campaign

Elections 2016

Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore, whose campaign for President was largely ignored by the media, is suspending his campaign for President: Former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore is ending his long-shot bid for the Republican presidential nomination. Gilmore suspended his campaign following a poor performance in the New Hampshire primary, which followed an even worse showing […]

Trump Holds Lead In South Carolina

Eighth Republican Debate

The first new poll to be released since the New Hampshire shows Donald Trump holding on to a lead he’s had in the Palmetto State for several months now: Former reality-television host Donald Trump has a substantial 16-point lead in the Republican primary contest in South Carolina on the heels of his New Hampshire primary […]

Clinton And Sanders Tied In Nevada?

Clinton Sanders Debate

One of the first polls out of Nevada in six weeks purports to show Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders tied in Nevada just about a week before that state’s Democratic caucuses: A Washington Free Beacon/TargetPoint Consulting poll released Friday shows between Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sander (I-VT) in Nevada. It’s the […]

Clinton Gets Aggressive With Sanders In Wake Of New Hampshire Loss

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton

If last night’s debate is any indication, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is about to get much more aggressive in its critique of Bernie Sanders.

Jim Webb Announces He Will Not Run As An Independent For President

Jim Webb

The end of Webbmentum is here, my friends.

Ben Carson Says He Can’t Quit The Race For The Republican Nomination

Ben Carson Profile

Yes you can Ben, yes you can.

Who Wants Michael Bloomberg To Run For President? Practically Nobody


As Michael Bloomberg flirts with the idea of running for President, a poll finds very little enthusiasm for the idea.

Chris Christie Out Of Presidential Race

Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is officially dropping out of the race for President.

Carly Fiorina Suspends Presidential Run

Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina has announced this afternoon that she is ending her run for the Republican nomination for President. The announcement came in announcement posted to the campaign’s Twitter and Facebook accounts and comes in the wake of yesterday’s New Hampshire primary, in which Fiorina finished seventh with roughly 4.1% of the vote. It also comes […]

Fiorina: Out


Via CNN:  Carly Fiorina ends presidential bid.

Two-Thirds Of New Hampshire Republicans Support Donald Trump’s Muslim Immigration Ban

Trump Nixon V

As if to further demonstrate just how fair off the rails the GOP has gotten, Donald Trump’s unconstitutional, wrong-headed, racist notions are supported by wide majorities in the party that still claims to the by the “Party of Lincoln.”

Chris Christie Expected to Quit Race


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is “expected” to drop his bid for the Republican nomination after a disappointing finish in New Hampshire.

Trump Wins, Republicans Still Not Sure Who The Anti-Trump Should Be

Donald Trump Victory

Donald Trump is back on top, but the field below him remains as confused as ever.

Bernie Sanders Crushes Hillary Clinton In New Hampshire, But Clinton Still Favored

Bernie Sanders Speaking

Bernie Sanders scored a big win in New Hampshire, as most people expected, but the look ahead still tells us that Hillary Clinton will eventually be the Democratic nominee for President.

Post New Hampshire, Trump Clear Favorite with Four Plausible Challengers

Vote 2016

The GOP field is now down to five.

U.S. To Deploy Troops To Combat Areas In Afghanistan, Reversing Policy

US Afghanistan

American forces will be deployed to a combat area in southern Afghanistan, reversing current policy and calling the President’s promised withdrawal date into even further doubt.

A Look At The Final New Hampshire Polls, Plus Projections

Elections 2016

Unless the polls are very wrong, it looks to be a good night for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Beyond that, there’s a lot that’s still up in the air.

Oh, Those Undecideds…


The final CNN/WMUR polls states that 31% of New Hampshire Republicans have not yet decided for whom they will vote today (and only 46% have “definitely decided.”  As such, if there are “surprises” tonight it won’t be because the polling failed, it will be because you can’t measure opinions that don’t exist when the questions […]

With Bad News Looming In New Hampshire, Clinton Looks To Reorganize Campaign

Clinton Shrug

With Bernie Sanders likely to win New Hampshire tonight, Hillary Clinton is reportedly looking to reorganize her campaign.

New Hampshire Likely To Be A Battle For Second, And Third, Place

Eighth Republican Debate

The real question about the GOP primary in New Hampshire will likely be about who comes in second and third place. But what if there are no clear winners for these positions?

Politinerds: Matt K. Lewis On ‘Too Dumb To Fail’


Our guest on this weeks episode of Politinerds was Matt Lewis, senior Contributor at The Daily Caller, who we previously interviewed back in June of last year. Matt is back because he’s the author of the recently released book “Too Dumb To Fail: How the GOP Betrayed the Reagan Revolution to Win Elections (and How […]

The Pre-New Hampshire Post


Observations, questions, and some toastosity.

Clinton Supporters Scold Younger Women For Supporting Bernie Sanders

Clinton Sanders Debate

Hillary Clinton’s campaign and its supporters seem to be getting frustrated by the fact that younger women are seemingly more interested in her opponent than in her.

Marco Rubio Becomes The Main Target At Eighth Republican Debate

Eighth Republican Debate

Marco Rubio was the man in the cross hairs in last night’s Republican debate.

Thursday’s MSNBC Democratic Debate Had Lowest Ratings Yet

Clinton Sanders Debate

Thursday night’s MSNBC Democratic debate, the fourth such debate between the Democratic candidates for President and the first to feature only Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, drew the lowest ratings yet: MSNBC’s feisty debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton received high marks from political observers, but not high ratings from ordinary viewers. With 4.5 […]

Would Subjecting Women To The Draft Make War Less Likely? Of Course Not


It’s been suggested that subjecting women to a possible draft would make leaders less likely to go to war. Unfortunately, there’s no reason to believe this is true.

Bernie Sanders To Do SNL, With Larry David As Host


Bernie Sanders will be doing Saturday Night Live this weekend, and his doppleganger will be there too: Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont plans to travel to New York this weekend to appear on “Saturday Night Live,” interrupting his campaign in New Hampshire for some national television exposure, according to a senior campaign official. Larry David, […]

Army And Marine Chiefs: Women Should Be Required To Register For Draft Just Like Men

Military Women

The Army Chief of Staff and Commandant of the Marine Corps told Congress that women should be required to register for the draft just like men are.

Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Clash In First One-On-One Debate

Clinton Sanders Debate

With the Vermont Senator holding a seemingly insurmountable lead in New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders and HIllary Clinton clashed last night in their most contentious debate yet.

Trump Continues To Lead In New Hampshire, Rubio Surges, In Post-Iowa Polling

Elections 2016

Donald Trump continues to lead, while Marco Rubio surges, in the first polls out of New Hampshire since the Iowa Caucuses.

Trump Donald dot Org


This Donald Trump looking site seems worth the effort. I play the cornet, but this is close enough.

Group Plans Giant Battle Flag Display Across from Historically Black College in Downtown Montgomery, AL


Via the Montgomery Advertiser:  Groups plan Confederate monument, large flag across from ASU Members of three Confederate groups are planning to erect a monument featuring a large Confederate flag in front of Alabama State University, the nation’s oldest state-sponsored historically black college, the Tallassee Tribune reported on Wednesday. According to the Tribune, leaders of the […]

Ben Carson Cuts Staff, Salaries, One Month After Raising $22 Million

Republican Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson at National Press Club

Ben Carson cut his campaign staff drastically just a month after raising more than $22 million. Another sign of a dead campaign.

War Against ISIS Poised To Expand Into Libya?

Obama ISIS

Get ready for an expansion of the war against ISIS into Libya, because it’s probably not far away.

Tweet Of The Day

Campaign 2016

It comes from Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore: Started out as 1 of 17 GOP Candidates, now with Rand Paul & Rick Santorum out, 1 or 9. #StillStanding — Jim Gilmore (@gov_gilmore) February 3, 2016 While I don’t mean to suggest that former Governor Gilmore is a Sith Lord, I was reminded of this:

Rick Santorum Quits


As conjectured earlier, Rick Santorum has dropped out of the race after his embarrassing performance in the Iowa Caucuses, which he won last time. CNN: Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum is ending his presidential bid, two Republican sources told CNN. He is expected to make the announcement Wednesday night and will endorse a candidate. Santorum […]

Iowa 2016 Provides Yet More Evidence For The Argument Against Caucuses

Iowa Caucus

Reports of discrepancies in the counting of ballots in the Democratic Caucus in Iowa reveal yet again why the caucus process is outdated and ought to be abandoned.

The State of Play Headed into New Hampshire


Clinton is a virtual lock for the Democratic nomination. Rubio is the most plausible Republican winner in a messy field.

Rand Paul Drops Out

Rand Paul

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has dropped out of the race for the Republican nomination.

Clinton v. Sanders: Some Key Numbers

Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders

Despite media narratives to the contrary, I do not see this as a truly competitive contest.

From 17 Candidates, The Race For The GOP Nomination Is Effectively Down To Just Three

Fighting Elephants Two

Six months ago, there were seventeen candidates for the 2016 Republican nomination. Now, the race is effectively down to three candidates.

Clinton Narrowly Wins Iowa, Heads To Seemingly Unwinnable Battle In New Hampshire

Clinton Sanders January Debate

Hillary Clinton eked out the narrowest of wins in Iowa, but now she’s headed to New Hampshire where Bernie Sanders holds a seemingly insurmountable lead in the polls.

More Winnowing


So, the Democratic pool is down to two, with Martin O’Malley out.  Meanwhile, Mike Huckabee is out on the Republican side.  Neither makes much of a mathematical difference.  I would expect a more serious set of exits after New Hampshire when several dead men walking come to gripes with reality.

Ted Cruz Wins Iowa GOP Caucus, Trump Second, Marco Rubio A Strong Third

Ted Cruz Donald Trump Marco Rubio

Ted Cruz won, Marco Rubio surged into a stronger than expected third place, and Donald Trump was humbled just a little bit, but he was hardly a “loser.” The race for the GOP nomination has begun for real.

Line of the Day (Iowa and Trump Edition)


“For the first time in the 2016 race, the conventional rules of politics applied to Donald Trump.” (CNN)

Final Iowa Polling Shows It All Depends On Turnout, Plus A Projection

Iowa Road Sign

The final polls of the Iowa Caucus show that the outcome of tonight’s caucuses depend almost entirely on turnout at this point. Plus, a projection of who will win and the order of finish.

Candidate Positions on Immigration


This piece from NPR has a very useful chart that outlines the various candidates’ views on immigration reform:  Where The 2016 Candidates Stand On Immigration, In One Chart (h/t:  the FB feed of Alan Cross).

How the Iowa Caucuses Work (with Lego Minifigs)


With a tip of the hat to occasional OTB contributor Chris Lawrence.

Donald Trump And Bernie Sanders Hold On To Solid Leads In New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders Donald Trump

With just over a week to go, the New Hampshire primary is being dominated by a bombastic New York celebrity and a septuagenarian Vermont socialist.

Clinton, Sanders, Cruz And Carson Won Fourth Quarter 2015 Money Race


Fundraising in the final three months of 2015 largely reflected the state of the race itself, but some candidates are better positioned going forward than others.

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