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Polling Illiteracy


While not quite the great unskewing of argument past, here is an example of why non-experts need to avoid critiquing polling.

Trump is who he is

The LA Times posted the following letter from Donald Trump to the newspaper back in 2007 wherein DJT complained about an LAT reporter: This is a letter Trump sent us in 2008. He was upset about an article on Trump University, later threatened to sue. https://t.co/VC2vbcFr4C pic.twitter.com/j8IyBbiYtO — Los Angeles Times (@latimes) October 22, 2016 What is […]

Most Damaging Presidential Run, Ever?

Trump And GOP Elephant

Has any major party nominee for president ever damaged his reputation in this manner?

Trump Finally gets a Major Newspaper Endorsement


Via Salon:  Donald Trump’s KKK stamp of approval: The Klan gives a de facto endorsement to the Trump campaign on the front page of its newspaper . Says The Crusader: “Make American Great Again!” It is a slogan that has been repeatedly used by Donald Trump in his campaign for the presidency. You can see it on […]

Trump’s Damaged Brand


Donald Trump is losing something much more important to him that an election.

A Night Of Comity Turns Bitter

Clinton Dolan Trump

What was supposed to be a night away from the campaign trail quickly turned partisan.

Final Presidential Debate Draws 71.6 Million Viewers

Third Presidential Debate

The final debate of 2016 didn’t draw as many viewers as the first Hillary v. Donald match-up, but it still drew a respectable number.

The Third And Thankfully Last Presidential Debate of 2016


Last night’s debate, sadly, lived down to my expectations.

Third Presidential Debate Marked By Trump’s Refusal To Accept Election Result

Third Presidential Debate

For better or worse, the third Presidential debate will largely be remembered for one thing.

Independent Evan McMullin Leads Trump In New Utah Poll

Elections 2016

Independent candidate Evan McMullin is at the top of a new poll out of Utah, a state that hasn’t gone for a Democrat since 1964: Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin is leading in Utah, according to an Emerson College Polling Society survey released Wednesday. McMullin is favored by 31 percent of likely voters in the […]

Trump Only Leading By Three Points In Texas

Elections 2016

As if the news out of Arizona weren’t bad enough, new polling out of Texas gives Donald Trump only a slim lead in Texas, which hasn’t gone for a Democrat in a Presidential election since 1976: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has one of his slimmest leads yet over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in Texas, […]

Clinton Up Four Points In New Arizona Poll


With the lone exception of Bill Clinton in 1996, Arizona hasn’t gone for a Democrat since 1948. That streak could end this year.

John McCain Says Republicans Will Refuse To Confirm Any Clinton SCOTUS Nominee

Supreme Court Building

John McCain said that Senate Republicans will unite to block any Supreme Court appointment by a President Hillary Clinton.

With Three Weeks To Go, Clinton’s Momentum Appears To Be Surging

Trump Clinton

With twenty-one days to go until Election Day, things are looking very good for Hillary Clinton.

I Have no Idea why we Think Trump is a Misogynist… (2)


In regards to allegations of sexual assualt: “Believe me, she would not be my first choice, that I can tell you.  You don’t know. That would not be my first choice.” “When you looked at that horrible woman last night, you said, ‘I don’t think so.’ ” –Donald J. Trump.

I Have no Idea why we Think Trump is a Misogynist…


“Psychologists will tell you that some women want to be treated with respect. I tell friends who treat their wives magnificently, get treated like crap in return, ‘Be rougher and you’ll see a different relationship.’” “I have days where I think it’s great. And then I have days where, if I come home — and I […]

Trump Ignores Intel Experts

Donald Trump Shrug

More evidence that Trump would be a terrible president.

The Republican Dilemma

Trump And GOP Elephant

Candidate trumps party in a presidential system.

Podesta, Wikileaks, and Catholics


Wherein an initial attempt to understand something seen on Facebook leads to ruminations on religious liberty.

Republican Efforts To Disavow Trump Now Are Too Little, Too Late

Trump And GOP Elephant

With just over three weeks before Election Day, efforts by top Republicans to disavow their party’s nominee are quite clearly too little, too late.

I Question The Timing


News outlets are suddenly finding out that Trump was a cad in 2005. Film at 11.

Trump In Danger In Deeply Red Utah?


Donald Trump is facing potential trouble in a state that has gone for a Democrat only twice since the end of World War II.

Second Presidential Debate Draws 66.5 Million Viewers

Trump Clinton Second Debate

Viewership for the second debate fell some twenty percent from the first debate, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that voter are losing interest.

Trump and our Constitutional Order


I would recommend the following essay by my good friend Michael Bailey, Associate Professor of Political Science at Berry College:  Enter Donald Trump. A basic taste: The Framers were war-hardened seasoned politicians who suffered no delusions about the real character of our human nature, and accordingly they built a Constitution designed to endure the rough and […]

George Will on Trump and the GOP


George Will, who has already left the Republican Party over the nomination of Trump has an eloquently scathing column on the current state of the election:  Donald Trump is the GOP’s chemotherapy. On the recent revelations and the GOP response thereto: the tape sent various Republicans, who until then had discovered nothing to disqualify Trump from […]

Paul Ryan Won’t Campaign For Donald Trump

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan is abandoning the Trump campaign.

Erick Erickson’s Struggles


The erstwhile Republican firebrand and current NeverTrumper shares his personal struggles.

Second Debate Unlikely To Halt Clinton’s Momentum

Trump Clinton Second Debate

Last night’s debate was indeed the low point everyone anticipated it would be, but it seems unlikely to change the status quo.

A Bizarre, No Good, Second Debate


Trump was alternately somnambulant, petulant, stalking, incoherent, and dangerous.

Clinton Keeps Pulling Ahead Heading Into Second Presidential Debate

First Presidential Debate 2016

As we head into the second Presidential debate, Hillary Clinton looks to be in very good shape.

New Audio Reveals Trump Is Okay With Lewd Comments About His Daughter

Donald Trump Ivanka Trump

Predictably, the revelation of an audiotape in which he is recorded making lewd comments about women is leading to the revelation of other past comments by Donald Trump that are certain to become an issue in the coming days. This afternoon, for example, CNN is out with excerpts from Trump’s past appearances with Howard Stern […]

Mike Pence Is Really, Really Upset With Donald Trump

Donald Trump Mike Pence

Indiana Governor Mike Pence isn’t even trying to defend Donald Trump’s comments about women as set forth in a decade-old video and audio: My statement below: pic.twitter.com/92VYEAxIcl — Mike Pence (@mike_pence) October 8, 2016 Campaign reporters are saying that Pence and his people are beside themselves: A source close to Trump camp told me Pence […]

What Happens if Trump is Un-nominated?


Some early musings on a political fantasy that’s less implausible than it was 12 hours ago.

Republicans Abandon Trump Over Lewd Remarks

Donald Trump Shrug

Republicans are abandoning Donald Trump in droves after last night’s revelation of lewd remarks he made in 2005.

Trump Caught on Tape Being Trump, Shocking Trump Supporters


An 11-year-old tape of the Republican nominee making misogynistic comments should surprise no one.

Is Nuance Still Possible in American Politics?


Damon Linker writes, “Millions of people disagree with your political views. That doesn’t make them moral monsters.”

September Jobs Report Reveals A Resilient, But Not Strong, Economy


The September Jobs Report continues to show an economy that is growing to some degree, but hardly growing as fast as it should be.

Even If Trump Loses, Trumpism Will Remain A Powerful Force In The GOP

Elephants Fighting

Even if Donald Trump loses next month, the political forces inside the GOP he tapped into are likely to remain very powerful.

Pence’s odd Advice for Trump


Via Politico:  Pence debate advice to Trump: Be yourself “I’d encourage Donald Trump to do what he did in his first debate and that is be himself. Speak from his mind and speak from his heart and I know he’s going to do that,” Pence said Thursday morning on Fox News’s “Fox and Friends.” “He […]

Obama Approval up to 55%


Via CNN:  Obama approval hits new high President Barack Obama’s approval rating stands at 55% in a new CNN/ORC poll, the highest mark of his second term, and matching his best at any time since his first year in office. The new rating outpaces his previous second-term high — reached just after a Democratic convention […]

Vice-Presidential Debate Draws Lowest Viewership Since 2000


Tuesday night’s running mate debate had lower viewership than any such encounter in sixteen years.

Trump Gaining With Less Educated Whites, Losing With College Grads


Donald Trump is doing worse with white voters than Mitt Romney did in 2012.

Pence Probably Won VP Debate; Almost Certainly Won’t Matter


It’s possible that Mike Pence won and Donald Trump still lost. It won’t matter.

Feel Free To Skip Tonight’s Vice-Presidential Debate, Because It’s Not Going To Matter

Mike Pence Tim Kaine

Nothing that happens tonight during the Vice-Presidential debate is likely to matter, so feel free to skip it.

With Five Weeks To Go, Clinton Appears To Have Momentum

First Presidential Debate 2016

With five weeks to go, the momentum in the race is moving decidedly in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

This Election May Not be as Weird as we Think

Trump Clinton

Political Science research suggests that the election is, in basic ways, about what we would expect.

Supreme Court Begins New Term Short A Member And Without Any Real Blockbuster Cases

Supreme Court Building

The Supreme Court begins another term faced with the prospect of having to spend much of their time dealing with the fact that they’re short a member.

Trump Pushing Asian American Voters Into Democratic Camp

Hillary Clinton, Judy Chu

Donald Trump appears to be pushing voters from America’s fastest growing minority group into the Democratic camp.

Trump’s Dangerous ‘Rigged Election’ Nonsense

2016 Election Buttons

The Republican nominee is threatening our fragile democracy.

NYT Publishes Illegally Obtained Trump Tax Records


America’s newspaper of records has published three pages of stolen tax documents from 1995.

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