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Rick Perry’s National Guard Deployment Even More Pointless Than It First Appeared

Texas Goveronor Perry activates National Guard for border security

Rick Perry is sending 1,000 members of the Texas National Guard to the border to do nothing.

One Thing the Current Border Crisis is not…


…is an example of how unsecure the border is.  Indeed, catching the migrants in question coming into the country at the border has not been a problem, what with them turning themselves in and all. As such, this points to a simple fact:  doing a better job of securing the borders is not the main […]

Rick Perry Sending National Guard To The Border For Reasons Even He Isn’t Sure Of

Texas Goveronor Perry activates National Guard for border security

Rick Perry is sending 1,000 members of the Texas National Guard to the border for no apparent reason.

Some Facts for the Immigration Crisis Discussion


NBC Bay Area has a pretty good run down of the situation here:  Kids Crossing the Border: What to Know About the Immigration Crisis. A key fact that is useful in trying to determine whether the simplistic narrative that is all about Obama administration policies on immigration or not is the following: Migrant children aren’t […]

That Word Does not Mean…


Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) earlier this week on the floor of the House in regards to the ongoing crisis of under-age immigrants at our southern border: Madam Speaker, the World English Dictionary defines “invasion.” Among the definitions is: invading with Armed Forces; but it is: any encroachment or intrusion; the onset or advent of something […]

Ted Cruz Ready To Force A Showdown Over Immigration?

Ted Cruz

The Texas Senator is threatening to block any bill dealing with the border crisis that doesn’t defund the relief President Obama granted to children of illegal immigrants last year.

Arizona Republican Mistakes Bus Filled With Kids Headed To Camp For Bus Of Migrant Children

Border of US And Mexico

A Republican candidate for Congress who showed up for a protest against a bus shipping migrants from the Texas border to a holding facility in Arizona ended up protesting a bunch of kids on a YMCA outing: Republican congressional candidate and state legislator Adam Kwasman had just raced up to Phoenix Tuesday morning from the […]

Journalist, Activist, And Undocumented Immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas Detained By Border Patrol

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Attends Panel Discussion For "Documented"

Jose Antonio Vargas, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who revealed that he had been in the country illegally since he was a child in a 2011 article in The New York Times and has since become something of an activist on immigration issues, has been detained in Texas: McAllen, Tex. — Jose Antonio Vargas, an undocumented Filipino […]

Jose Antonio Vargas Is A Symbol For Immigration Reform, Not A Candidate For Deportation

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Attends Panel Discussion For "Documented"

Jose Antonio Vargas was brought to the U.S. at the age of 12 and never left. Now, some are suggesting he should be deported as soon as possible.

Only Congress Can Do What’s Needed To Deal With The Border Crisis

United States Capitol Building, Washington, D.C. Aerial

That ball is in your court, Congress.

The Border Crisis: Many Causes, No Simple Solutions


Trying to make sense of a very complicated issue.

Ingraham’s Immigration Policy Prescriptions


Discussions about immigration policy are, unfortunately, very much like Groundhog Day.

On Immigration, David Brat And The Tea Party Stray From Their Own Principles


There is no such thing as a consistent free market, limited government case in favor of restricting immigration, whether legal or illegal.

Idaho’s Raul Labrador Launches Seemingly Quixotic Bid For House Majority Leader

Elephants Fighting

With Jeb Hensarling and Pete Sessions both bowing out of a race against House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy to succeed Eric Cantor as House Majority leader, the outcome of the race seems to be quite predictable. Nonetheless, McCarthy will face opposition next Thursday in the form of second term Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador: Idaho Rep. […]

Where New Americans Are Coming From, And Where They Live

Citizenship Ceremony

Last year, there were 779,829 immigrants who became U.S. citizens according to the Federal Government. Dara Lind at Vox took the data and created this map showing where those people came from: Not surprisingly, Mexico is at the top of the list, with India, China, and the Phillipines also providing large numbers. Interestingly, smaller nations […]

House Republicans To Move Forward On Immigration Reform This Summer?


Rumors are circulating again that the House GOP may make an immigration reform pitch before the midterm elections.

Most Common Immigrant Groups By State

Immigrant Map One

Slate’s Ben Blatt is having some more fun with maps and demographic data, this time to show the most common origin for legal immigrants in each state.  Here’s the map (click to enlarge):   The fact that India is the most common source of immigrants for New Jersey doesn’t surprise me all that much. Even […]

The Right’s Position On Immigration Is Inconsistent With Their Own Principles


If conservatives actually believed what they said they do, they would be much more open to immigrants, and immigration reform.

There Are No “Illegal Immigrants”


Mark Ambinder makes an interesting point: Here is something you probably don’t know about illegal immigrants in the United States. There aren’t any. Zero. The term, on its face, is willfully misleading. It is not a crime to emigrate to the United States without a visa. The punishment for overstaying a visa, or for having […]

Florida To Offer In-State Tuition To Children Of Illegal Immigrants


Florida is set to become the latest state to allow children of illegal immigrants to qualify for in-state tuition at state colleges and universities: MIAMI — After weeks of hand-wringing in the State Legislature and last-minute attempts by Senate leaders to scuttle the effort, Florida seems poised to make students who were brought to the […]

Virginia Attorney General Unilaterally Rules That Illegal Immigrants Qualify For In-State Tuition

Virginia Flag Map

A good idea, but do the ends justify the means?

Jeb Bush Bucks His Party On Immigration, And He’s Right

Jeb Bush

Many Republicans won’t like Jeb Bush’s recent comments about illegal immigration, but he’s right.

The Problem with the House GOP’s Position on Immigration Reform in One Chart


Yes, the evidence shows you can trust Obama to enforce immigration laws.

John Boehner: Immigration Reform Unlikely Because Republicans Don’t Trust The President


John Boehner explains quite succinctly why nothing big is getting done in Congress.

The House GOP’s Immigration Principles: A Good Start, But Can They Get Past The Tea Party?


The House GOP leadership’s principles are a good start, but it’s unclear if they can make it past the anti “amnesty” crowd that seems to dominate the GOP.

Child Of Illegal Immigrants Allowed To Become A Lawyer, May Not Be Allowed To Work

Border of US And Mexico

An excellent argument for immigration reform can be found in the case of one Californian named Sergio Garcia.

Boehner Ready To Back Immigration Reform?

John Boehner 2

Has Speaker Boehner breathed new life into immigration reform in the House? Maybe.

Chris Christie Enters The Immigration Debate, And The Tea Party Won’t Like What He Did


Once again, Chris Christie seems to be directly challenging the right wing of his party.

GOP Out Of Step With Nation On ‘Pathway To Citizenship’ For Illegal Immigrants


Republican hardliners are pushing a position on immigration that is completely out of sync with the nation as a whole.

No. 3 House Republican Rules Out Immigration Vote This Year

Border of US And Mexico

Echoing comments from other quarters, the third-ranking Republican in the House says it’s unlikely that the House will take up immigration reform this year: A top Republican lawmaker told protesters he met with in his home district in California this week that the House of Representatives would not have time this year to vote on […]

Complete the Danged Fence!


Via Fox News:   Sophisticated tunnels show border security driving criminals underground "Tunnels are definitely the new paradigm for smuggling organizations who have to adjust to the constriction caused by border security strategies and the residual circumstances of a chaotic border," said Victor Manjarrez, associate director of the National Center for Border Security & Immigration at […]

Immigration Reform Returning From The Dead?

Border of US And Mexico

Could Congress actually pass some form of immigration reform before the midterms? Don’t bet on it just yet.

Yes, Immigration Reform Is Dead, Probably Until 2015 At The Earliest


The prospect of Congressional action on immigration before the midterms just got a whole lot less likely.

Obama, Democrats To Push Immigration Reform Next?

illegal immigrants

Immigration reform may be the next big battle on Capitol Hill, but it’s going to be far different from the one that just concluded.

Decline in Unauthorized Immigrants May be Reversing


Via Pew Research:  Population Decline of Unauthorized Immigrants Stalls, May Have Reversed The sharp decline in the U.S. population of unauthorized immigrants that accompanied the 2007-2009 recession has bottomed out, and the number may be rising again. As of March 2012, 11.7 million unauthorized immigrants were living in the United States, according to a new […]

Tennessee Congressman Demonstrates What’s Wrong With The GOP


Ladies and gentlemen, Tennessee Republican Rep. Scott DesJarlais: A young girl told Tennessee Republican Rep. Scott DesJarlais at a town hall last week that her father was an undocumented immigrant. The girl was asking what she can do so her father would not be forced to leave the country. “I have a dad, and he’s undocumented, […]

The Self-Made Nature of the US’ Immigration Problem

Border of US And Mexico

Unfortunately, our immigration debate is just plain dumb.

GOP Congressman: Most “Dreamers” Are Drug Runners


Iowa Republican Congressman, and fervent opponent of pretty much any immigration reform, set off a firestorm late yesterday when he compared children brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents to drug runners: In an interview with the conservative website Newsmax, the anti-immigration crusader was asked about “amnesty” and the DREAM Act, which would give […]

Polls Continue To Show Support For Basic Outline Of Senate Immigration Bill


While the Senate was debating the so-called “Gang of Eight” bill, polls consistently showed that the majority of Americans supported the basic outlines of the bill, including the “path to citizenship” that was causing so many Republican Senators to oppose the bill. Now that the bill has passed the Senate and we wait for action […]

Definitions of Success Matter in Policy Debates


Thoughts on the immigration debate.

“Border Security” And GOP Political Pandering

Border of US And Mexico

There are many fallacies contained within the GOP’s insistence that immigration reform must begin and end with “border security.”

Republican Political Suicide Over Immigration Reform


David Brooks warns that failing to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill “could be a tragedy for the country and political suicide for Republicans.”

House GOP Rejects Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Likely Killing Any Reform


The latest House GOP pronouncements on immigration reform make it exceedingly unlikely that any bill will pass this year.

Paul Ryan Pushing Immigration Reform Behind The Scenes


Congressman Paul Ryan has apparently taken it upon himself to fulfill a role in the House similar to the one that Marco Rubio fulfilled in the Senate: Two weeks after his vice-presidential bid ended, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) ran into an old friend, Rep. Luis Guitierrez (D-Ill.), and prodded him to restart his effort at […]

Tea Party Apparently Now Considers Stopping Immigration Reform Most Important Issue

Tea Party Immigration

Forget about the budget deficit and spending. The Tea Party apparently now considers stopping immigration reform to be its most important task.

Gov. Scott Walker Backs Path To Citizenship

Scott Walker

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is the latest Republican to back a path to citizenship: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) said Tuesday that he supports a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants but that federal immigration reform efforts miss a key element of the debate. In an interview with the Wausau (Wis.) Daily Herald editorial board, […]

Nobody Saw THAT Coming: US Border Patrol Wants to (Non-Lethally) Arm Drones


Given the post 9/11 trend to militarize domestic law enforcement, this news from the Atlantic Wire should surprise absolutely no one. Documents obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation from the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Patrol indicate that the agency is close to finalizing payload standards for its drone aircraft. Among the things […]

Phyllis Schlafly: Latinos Don’t Understand The Bill Of Rights, Not Worth GOP Attention


Some really bad advice for the GOP.

Immigration Reform Bill Passes Senate, Faces Bleak Future In House

Border of US And Mexico

The Senate passed an immigration reform bill today, but it’s not going to go anywhere.

House Will Not Take Up Senate Immigration Bill


At some point between now and the end of this week, the Senate will take its final vote on the immigration bill that’s been pending before that body for the better part of two months now. By all accounts, it’s expected pass that body with somewhere between 70 and 80 votes in its favor. From […]

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