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Texas Elector Resigns Rather than Vote for Trump


His actions illustration how well the EC process is institutionalized.

Donald Trump Falsely Claims He Won The Electoral Vote By A Landslide

2016 Presidential Election Electoral College Map

Donald Trump claims he won an Electoral College landslide. This is a bald-faced lie.

Donald Trump Claims ‘Illegal Voting’ In Three States He Lost

Donald Trump

Now Donald Trump is alleging that the 2016 Election was tainted by ‘illegal voting,’ even though he won!

Man Calls Out ‘Hillary Bitches’ on Airplane

An airline traveler wanted his fellow passengers to know that he was a supporter of the president-elect.

America’s Weird Recount Laws


An irrelevant candidate is triggering a recount in three states Trump won by substantial margins.

Even More EC Fantasies



Two million votes and counting, but look at all the states Trump won!


Clinton’s popular lead over Trump (thus far) is two million plus and rising.   Let’s put that in perspective.  Consider the number of Clinton voters (rounded up to the nearest thousand) in the following eleven states.    Wyoming (57,000) Alaska (93,000) North Dakota (94,000) South Dakota (118,000) Montana (175,000) Vermont (179,000) West Virginia (188,000) Idaho (190,000) […]

Gratitude for the Art of Losing Graciously


Democracy produces good rulers, right?  Sometimes.  What good democracies actually produce best is good losers. Let us then be grateful for gracious losers, for our losers no less than our winners carry forward the American experiment in self-rule.  

Trump Backs Away From Idea Of New Clinton Email Investigation, Prosecution

Donald Trump Shrug

Trump backs away from yet another campaign promise.

The Coal Industry Is Dying, And It Isn’t Coming Back

Coal Industry Facing Downturn With New EPA Rules And Alpha Natural Resources Bankruptcy

Canada is phasing out coal as a source of electricity production by 2030. The same thing will happen in the United States no matter how much politicians try to stop it.

Mike Pence Not Offended By Statement By Hamilton Cast

Hamilton Cast Mike Pence

Vice-President-Elect Pence doesn’t seem nearly as offended as Donald Trump by Friday’s comments from the stage by the cast of Hamilton: Following Vice President-Elect Mike Pence’s trip to Hamilton November 18, he sat down with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday and said that he “really enjoyed” the show. At the end of Pence’s interview on […]

The Whitelash Backlash

Khizr Khan

So what’s wrong with the Whitelash Backlash thesis?  Not everything, actually.  But plenty.

Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Senate Over Merrick Garland Nomination

Merrick Garland Supreme Court Nomination

A Federal Judge has dismissed a lawsuit that tried to make an end-run around the Senate and put Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court.

Was Bernie Sanders The Ralph Nader Of 2016?

Bernie Sanders Ralph Nader

One professor is suggesting that Bernie Sanders played a role in 2016 similar to the one that Ralph Nader did in 2000. It doesn’t pass even cursory examination.

Trump Team not Ready for Prime Time


“Winning was easy, young man, govern’s harder.” — George Washington in Hamilton. Indeed, one of the easiest parts of winning is the transition portion before, you know, the governing starts. Via the NYT:  Trump Staff Shake-Up Slows Transition to Near Halt: President-elect Donald J. Trump‘s transition operation plunged into disarray on Tuesday with the abrupt departure of […]

Donald Trump: Establishment Candidate

Trump And GOP Elephant

On Tuesday night the Establishment won and won yuge. (From new OTB contributor, Michael Bailey)

Ben Carson Forgoes Cabinet Position Because He Believes He Lacks Experience

Ben Carson Donald Trump

Ben Carson has reportedly taken himself out of consideration for a Cabinet position because he doesn’t believe he has enough experience: Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has told President-elect Donald Trump that he isn’t interested in serving as secretary of Health and Human Services, a Carson ally confirmed to The Hill on Tuesday. Business manager and […]

After Election Losses, Democrats Battle For Some Top Leadership Positions


In what seems like a replay of the primary battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, some top Democratic Party leadership positions may be in jeopardy.

Secretary Of State Rudy Giuliani?

Richard Branson & Rudy Giuliani Visit "Cavuto" On FOX Business Network

A surprising name is emerging as the likely pick for the nation’s top diplomatic position.

Hillary Clinton Blames Her Loss On The Director Of The F.B.I.

Hillary Bored

In a call to supporters, Hillary Clinton blames her loss on F.B.I. Director James Comey

No, The Democratic Party Is Not ‘Decimated’


Reports of the demise of the Democratic Party have been greatly exaggerated.

Mitt Romney Expresses the Fears of Many


Via CNN:  Mitt Romney says Donald Trump will change America with ‘trickle-down racism’ “I don’t want to see trickle-down racism,” Romney said in an interview here in a suite overlooking the Wasatch Mountains, where he is hosting his yearly ideas conference. “I don’t want to see a president of the United States saying things which […]

Hillary Clinton Supporters Have A Foolish And Unworkable Idea To Overturn The Election Result


Some Hillary Clinton supporters have a foolish and unworkable “plan” to steal Trump’s victory in the Electoral College. They should abandon it.

Counter-Point: The ‘Popular Vote’ is Relevant


The President-elect lost the popular vote. Legally, that is the way that is it. This is a disgrace for “the Greatest Democracy in the World.”

Maggie Hassan Defeats Kelly Ayotte In New Hampshire


It won’t change the balance of power in the Senate, but New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan has defeated Kelly Ayotte to capture New Hampshire’s Senate seat for the Democrats: CONCORD, N.H. — New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan, a Democrat, has unseated Senator Kelly Ayotte, a Republican, in one of the most competitive and closely watched […]

Trump And Obama Continue A Long And Important Tradition

Trump Obama Handshake

Despite resentments, power will transition peacefully from President Obama to President Trump. We should be thankful for that rather than protesting it.

Richard And Pat Nixon Predicted The Trump Presidency

RIchard Nixon Donald Trump

Did Richard Nixon have knowledge of the future?

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Voted Out Of Office After Six Terms

Joe Arpaio

Good riddance.

Trump Victory Spawns National Freak-Out


Americans are rioting in the streets because they don’t like the outcome of a democratic election.

The ‘Popular Vote’ is Irrelevant


The candidate I voted for got more than 200,000 votes for president than the winner. I’m okay with that.

California, Two Other States, Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Marijuana Plant

The fight for marijuana legalization advances in California.

Random Observations on Trump’s Election


Trying to make sense of that which makes no sense.

Republicans Maintain Control Of Senate

Capitol Daytime

Defying the odds, Republicans held on in several traditionally Democratic states to keep control of the Senate.

Donald Trump Defies Pollsters, Pundits, And The Odds To Become 45th U.S. President

Trump Victory Speech

Defying the odds and the polls, Donald Trump triumphed over Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States.

President-Elect Trump


Donald J. Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.

The Biggest F- You in Human History?


Michael Moore’s pre-election analysis is looking shockingly prescient.

What To Watch For While You’re Watching Election Returns

2016 Election Buttons

What to watch for tonight.

Poll Closing Times For Election 2016

Poll Closing Times

Politico has a great summary of the poll closing times for the entire United States, summarized in the chart above (click map to enlarge), that should give you a fairly good idea of how the night will unfold. By 9pm Eastern, most of the states will have closed their polls and we should already have […]

Clinton Wins Dixville Notch And Guam

Elections 2016

While most of America was sleeping, Hillary Clinton took an early lead in New Hampshire thanks to the hamlet of Dixville Notch: Dixville Notch, the quirky northern New Hampshire town that traditionally votes early on Election Day, has tallied this year’s results — and Hillary Clinton is the local winner. Clinton won four votes, while […]

2016 Congressional Election Predictions

United States Capitol Building, Washington, D.C. Aerial

My predictions for the House and Senate.

2016 Presidential Election Prediction


And the winner is……

A Final Look At The Polls

Trump Clinton

With just one day to go, Clinton’s paths to victory continue to look far more realistic than Donald Trump’s.

Looming Unfaithful Elector in Washington?

A reminder that the people don’t directly elect the president in the US via the Seattle Times:  1 Washington state Democratic elector won’t support Clinton, another won’t commit One of Washington state’s Democratic presidential electors is vowing not to cast his Electoral College vote for Hillary Clinton — even if she wins the state handily on […]

My Final EC Prediction


I say: Clinton 323 and Trump 215.

A Trump Campaign Win: They Took Away his Twitter


So reports the NYT: Aides to Mr. Trump have finally wrested away the Twitter account that he used to colorfully — and often counterproductively — savage his rivals. Since I think part of his improvement in the polls of late is partly because he has been (for him) quiet, I would put getting him off Twitter […]

Anyone But Trump


Even if you’re not sure who you should vote for, it’s obvious who you shouldn’t vote for.

Trump, Populism, and Anti-Semitic Dog Whistles


Distinguishing between anti-elite populism and coded anti-Semitism is next to impossible.

A Stunning Contrast


Obama v. Trump in handling protesters at rallies (and a helping of untruth from Trump).

Meh Hillary

Clinton, Gates, And Mullen Testify Before Senate Foreign Relations Cmte

It has become necessary to destroy the party in order to save it.

California, Four Other States, Set To Vote On Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Plant

If polls are any indication, voters are set to legalize marijuana in five more states on Tuesday.

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