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What Happened In Virginia?

Virginia Flag Map

Trying to explain one of the biggest surprises of Election Night 2014.

Have You No Decency, Senator Patty Murray?


Ben Smith reports that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has responded to Senator Scott Brown’s revelations about the abuse he suffered as a child  in a rather vile, disgusting manner: The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is circulating a number of clips to reporters suggesting that Sen. Scott Brown’s revelations of sexual abuse as a child […]

On Excessive Moderation


As Steven Taylor notes, the third-party candidacy by Doug Hoffman in New York’s 23rd congressional district seems to have backfired, delivering a solid Republican seat for generations to Democratic candidate Bill Owens. While some conservatives like my Twitter pal (and OG blogger) Jayvie Canono have suggested that Republican nominee Dede “Scozzafava would’ve been a vote […]

Virginia Governor Primary: Deeds Trounces McAuliffe and Moran


While I live in Virginia, I’ve paid only scant attention to what has been a lackluster governor’s race. But the polls suddenly shifted a couple days ago and it appears that the general election will be interesting, indeed. Running with the least money and fewest ties to vote-rich Northern Virginia, State Sen. R. Creigh Deeds […]