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Joe Biden 2020?


Will Joe Biden be ‘tan, rested, and ready’ enough to take on 2020?

Hillary Clinton Blames Obama, Biden, Others for Her Loss


Hillary Clinton’s latest memoir lashes out at those to blame for her unexpected loss.

Joe Biden In 2020? Probably Not

Biden Sunglasses

There’s already speculation that former Vice-President Biden might try for a third run at the White House, but it seems unlikely.

Joe Biden On The Verge Of Setting A Record For Vice-Presidents

Joe Biden Senate Presiding

Unless something happens in the next ten days, Joe Biden will become the first two-term Vice-President who didn’t need to cast a tie-breaking vote in the Senate.

Joe Biden To Leave Washington, D.C. By Amtrak

Biden Sunglasses

After the Inauguration of President-Elect Trump and Vice-President-Elect Pence, Joe Biden will be leaving D.C. the way he arrived for much of his Senate career: Joe Biden will resume a long-held personal ritual when he leaves Washington for his home state of Delaware after President-elect Donald Trump’z inauguration on Jan. 20: taking the train. “Jan […]

Obama And Biden Will Skip Castro’s Funeral

Diana Nyad

Neither President Obama nor Vice-President Biden will attend Fidel Castro’s funeral.

Joe Biden For Secretary Of State?

Joe Biden Campaigns With Hillary And Bill Clinton In Scranton

According to reports, Vice-President Biden is on a Clinton campaign short list for Secretary of State.

Joe Biden Thinks Joe Biden Would Have Been A Darn Good President


Regrets, he’s had a few…….

On Marco Rubio And The Issue Of Missed Senate Votes

Image: Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio is taking heat for missing a lot of Senate votes since he started running for President, but he’s not really any worse than other legislators who have run for President.

Lincoln Chafee’s Presidential Campaign Comes Up Thousands Of Kilometers Short

Lincoln Chafee

So close, and yet so very, very, far.

Joe Biden Announces He’s Not Running For President

Joe Biden Speaking

To the surprise of nobody who was actually paying attention to political reality, Vice-President Biden announced today that he will not be a candidate for President.

After A Summer Of Doldrums, Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Seems To Be Back On Track

Hillary Rodham Clinton

For much of the summer, the story of the Democratic race for President was the story of Hillary Clinton’s seemingly endless problems. Those days seem long gone if the latest polls are any indication.

Waiting For Joe Biden


According to reports, Vice-President Biden may or may not be close to a decision about running for President, and he may or may not be running.

Clinton Wins, And Ends Any Reason For Joe Biden To Enter The Race

Hillary Clinton Pointing

In addition to doing everything she needed to do last night, Hillary Clinton also destroyed whatever logic remained for a Joe Biden candidacy.

Hillary Clinton Gets Some Good Polling News Ahead Of First Democratic Debate

Hillary Clinton Holds Campaign Roundtable In Las Vegas

With the first Democratic Presidential Debate just hours away, Hillary Clinton got some good polling news from Fox News Channel.

Joe Biden’s Behind The Scenes Political Chess

Biden Sunglasses

With time running out for him to make a decision, a new report shows how deeply Vice President Biden has been in stirring up the speculation that is now surrounding him.

Biden Will Reportedly Skip October 13th Democratic Debate, Still Not Entering Race

Joe Biden Speaking

Vice-President Biden will apparently not be at the first Democratic debate, which may be yet another sign that he’s not running for President.

Joe Biden Inches Closer To Clinton In New Poll

Joe Biden Campaigns With Hillary And Bill Clinton In Scranton

Vice-President Biden continues to rise in the polls even though he has yet to actually enter the race for President.

Democrats Coming Under Increasing Pressure Over Debate Schedule

2016 Democratic Field

The pressure on Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to expand the 2016 debate schedule is increasing.

Clinton Recovers In Latest National Poll, But Biden Is Rising

Clinton Biden Sanders

Hillary Clinton seems to be bouncing back from recent troubles in the latest national poll, but Vice-President Biden is starting to rise in the polls before even getting in the race.

Trying To Read The Biden Tea Leaves


Time is running out for Joe Biden to make a decision about running for President, and it’s still not clear what he’ll do.

Joe Biden Drops Another Hint About His Presidential Intentions

Biden Sunglasses

Vice-President Biden dropped another hint that suggests he might not be up to running for President.

Sanders Continues To Cause Trouble For Clinton, Biden Could Cause More

Clinton Biden Sanders

Bernie Sanders continues to cause Hillary Clinton problems, and Joe Biden could cause more if he enters the race.

Joe Biden Drops A Hint That Suggests He Probably Won’t Run For President


In a speech in Florida, Joe Biden spoke about his possible run for the White House, and gave a very big hint that he’s leaning toward staying out of the race.

Clinton’s Democratic Opponents Upset With Parsimonious Debate Schedule

2016 Democratic Field

Some of Hillary Clinton’s Democratic opponents are complaining about the DNC’s parsimonious debate schedule.

Elizabeth Warren’s Supporters Aren’t Thrilled About Joe Biden, But Who Is Really?


Joe Biden may want to run for President, but does anyone else? It doesn’t really seem like it.

The Biden Speculation Continues

Joe Biden Speaking

Thanks in part to a slow summer news cycle, the speculation about Vice-President Biden entering the race for President seems to be reaching a fever pitch.

As Hillary Clinton’s Poll Numbers Drop, Is A Biden Candidacy Becoming More Likely?


The reports about Vice-President Biden possibly entering the Presidential race continue to persist.

Democratic Donors Not Eager For Biden To Get Into The Race


Top Democratic donors don’t really seem very eager for Vice-President Biden to enter the race for President.

Joe Biden Is Thinking About Taking On Hillary Clinton


Reports are saying that Joe Biden is taking another look at running for the Democratic nomination for President. But would he really do it?

Biden For President?


There’s another round of reports about Joe Biden running for President, but I wouldn’t put much stock them.

Beau Biden, Vice President’s Son, Dead at 46


Beau Biden, the former attorney general of Delaware and son of Vice President Joe Biden, has died of brain cancer at the age of 46.

Joe Biden Still Wants You To Think He’s Running For President


Hillary Clinton continues to look more inevitable by the day, but Joe Biden doesn’t want to go away just yet.

Hillary Clinton Running Away with the Race


The 2008 runner-up has scared off all serious challengers for 2016. Why?

“Sad Joe Biden” Photo Goes Viral, Hilarity Ensues


A photo of Vice-President Biden from September has become an immortal Internet meme: It started in September, when the above photo was taken, and the Internet embraced the opportunity to try and understand what Biden could have been thinking. The meme could have died there, but it instead turned into a Hydra that kept regrowing favs. […]

Joe Biden’s Son Kicked Out of Navy Reserve For Cocaine Use


Poor Joe Biden can’t stay out of the news. This time, it’s not one of his gaffes but one by his youngest son.

It Doesn’t Matter When, Or Why, Hillary Clinton Changed Her Mind On Marriage Equality

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Obsessing over what a politician believed in the past accomplishes nothing.

Joe Biden And Selina Meyer At The White House Correspondent’s Dinner

Biden Sunglasses

Mostly because I had nothing better to do, I stayed up last night and watched the “entertainment” portion of the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. While this show is hardly ever the highlight of the year in entertainment, it has had its amusing moments in the past. This year, there were very few of those moments. […]

Biden: U.S. Will Never Recognize Russian Annexation Of Crimea

Crimea Russian Propaganda

Provocative words from Vice-President Biden. But, are they realistic?

Two Joe Biden’s On The Ballot In 2016?

Joe Biden, right, a Democratic senator from Delaware and vic

Vice President Biden continues to leave open the possibility of running for President in 2016, but his son Beau Biden, whose actual name is Joseph Robinette Biden III, has already decided that he’ll be running for Governor of Delaware that year: DOVER, Del. — Vice President Joe Biden’s eldest son, Beau Biden, said Thursday that […]

Joe Biden’s Cadillac For Sale On Craigslist

Biden Caddy

A 2005 Cadillac STS that was apparently was owned by Vice-President Biden is for sale: The car’s current owner, Jeff Finkle, is currently advertising the car on Craigslis tunder the heading, “2005 Cadillac sts v8 joe Biden owned it 2005-2008 – $15000.” “Joe Biden caddy sts v8 North Star engine 4×4. Total package everything included. Push […]

Joe Biden Strikes Again

Biden Sunglasses

Vice President Joe Biden, the gift that keeps on giving: (CNN) - There he goes again. Vice President Joe Biden delivered another whimsical moment Monday-the kind that borders a fine line between cheeky yet charming. Speaking at the 94th annual convention of the American Association of Community Colleges in Washington, Biden thanked attendees for their work-something […]

Every Other Democrat Who Might Run For President Is Waiting For Hillary

Hillary Clinton Speaking 2

The Democratic field for 2016 is frozen in place waiting for the presumptive frontrunner to make a decision.

Astronomers Name New Planet After Biden

Biden Sunglasses

America’s 47th Vice-President has apparently been memorialized in the heavens: Astronomers have nicknamed a new dwarf planet circling the sun at the outer edges of the solar system after Vice President Biden. According to Nature, a leading scientific journal, the object’s official designation is 2012 VP113. But the team studying its orbit around the sun […]

Hillary Leads Everyone In Iowa

Hillary Clinton Speaking 2

A new Quinnipiac Poll from the Hawkeye State shows Hillary Clinton leading every potential opponent, Republican or Democratic: Hillary Clinton is a big favorite to win the swing state of Iowa if she runs for president in 2016, according to a new poll. The Quinnipiac University poll shows Clinton leading four top potential Republican opponents by at […]

Joe Biden 2016?

Biden Sunglasses

Tan, rested, ready, Biden in 2016?

State Of The Union Photo Of The Day: Biden Being Biden Edition

SOTU Biden

I’m not sure of the context of this photo, but it seems destined to become yet another entry into the Classic Biden scrapbook:  

Robert Gates Hits Obama, Biden, Clinton In New Book, But Will Americans Care?

Gates Obama Biden Clinton

A new book by former SecDef Robert Gates is making political waves in Washington power circles, but will it matter to ordinary Americans?

People Like Joe Biden, Don’t Much Like The Idea Of `President Joe Biden’

Biden Sunglasses

A recent poll finds that Vice President Biden has fairly good favorability numbers among the public as a whole, but there’s very little desire to see him as President: Just one in four registered voters say they think Biden would make a good president, while 65 percent say he would not.  And it’s not just […]

Obama Shoots Down Talk Of Running Mate Switch In 2012

Obama and Biden in Limo

As far as President Obama was concerned, the idea of replacing Joe Biden on the ticket was always a non-starter: If they had asked me, I would have said there is no way that I’m not running again with Joe Biden,” Obama told NBC’s Chuck Todd, who asked about a report in “Double Down: Game […]

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