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New Iowa Poll Seems To Set Up Inevitable Showdown Between Donald Trump And Ted Cruz

Donald Trump Ted Cruz

Another poll shows Ted Cruz rising and Ben Carson falls in the Hawkeye State. The only question is who attacks who first, Donald Trump or Ted Cruz?

Nate Silver Wants Us To All Chill Out When It Comes To Donald Trump’s Poll Numbers

Donald Trump Speaking Closeup

Nate Silver reminds us all that, even when it comes to Iowa and New Hampshire, it’s much earlier than we think, and that voters are still likely to change their minds.

Poll Finds American Fearful Of Terrorism, Distrustful Of Obama And Syrian Refugees

Terrorism Word Cloud

A new poll taken in the wake of the Paris attacks finds Americans increasingly fearful of ISIS attacks in the U.S., opposed to the admission of Syrian refugees, and not very confident in President Obama’s ability to deal with the ISIS threat.

The Beginning Of The End Of Ben Carson Seems To Have Arrived

Ben Carson Profile

In the news from the campaign trail and in the polls, there are clear signs that Ben Carson’s days as a top contender in the GOP Presidential race are coming to an end.

The Race For The Republican Nomination Is Still The Donald Trump Show


Even as the focus of the Presidential race shifts to national security, Donald Trump continues to lead the race.

CNN Announces Criteria For Next Republican Debate

Republican Debate September 16

Different criteria than in the past, but there may not be much of a change in the participants.

The Race For the Democratic Nomination Is Basically Over

Hillary Clinton Blackberry

Barring some event that would essentially be historically unprecedented, Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for President in 2016.

Donald Trump Remains At The Top Of The Republican Field

Trump Announcement

Seemingly disproving yet another round of predictions of his imminent demise, Donald Trump continues to dominate the race for the Republican nomination.

War Refugees And Public Opinion: Some Historical Perspective

Syrian Refugees

In the context of the ongoing discussions about Syrian refugees, a look at some past polling about refugees from a different time and a different conflict are instructive. These tweets come from the Twitter Account Historical Opinion, which curates poll results on issues of interest from the past: US Dec 12 ’38: College students: Should […]

Mitt Romney To The GOP’s Rescue? Don’t Count On It, Republicans


Increasingly concerned by the rise of Donald Trump and Ben Carson and the failure of any establishment candidates to click with voters, some top Republicans are reportedly turning their lonely eyes to Mitt.

Republican Voters Agree With Trump On Immigration

Trump Nixon V

A new poll shows that a near majority of Republicans agree with even some of Donald Trump’s most controversial statements on immigration.

Americans Continue To Hate Congress, Will Still Re-Elect That Same Congress

United States Capitol Building, Washington, D.C. Aerial

A new Gallup poll shows public approval of Congress once again approaching historic lows, but it means far less than anyone thinks.

Polls Are Imperfect Criteria For Determining Debate Eligibility, But They’re The Best We Have

Fox Business Debate Preview

Candidates who have been excluded from tomorrow’s Fox Business Network are complaining, but their complaints ignore the fact that polling is the best objective criteria we have to determine debate eligibility.

Polling Shows Democrats Less Engaged In The 2016 Campaign Than Republicans


A new poll shows that Democratic voters are less engaged in the 2016 campaign right now than Republicans are, but that probably doesn’t mean that much for next year.

You Shouldn’t Pay Much Attention To Head-To-Head General Election Polling Right Now

Campaign 2016

Hillary’s leading potential Republican candidates, but so is Bernie! Rand Paul does better against Hillary than other Republicans! Those are the headlines you get from head-to-head match-up polls, but it’s all largely meaningless.

Louisiana’s GOP Lt. Gov. Endorses Democratic Candidate For Governor Over David Vitter


Well this could be a game changer.

Trump And Carson Lead, Bush Sinking, Christie In Debate Trouble In Latest GOP Polls

Republican Presidential Candidates Hold Third Debate In Colorado

Fluctuations continue, but the Republican Presidential field appears to be sorting itself out as we near the beginning of a new phase of the campaign.

Ben Carson’s Sham Campaign Has Him Tied With Hillary Clinton


The juxtaposition of two headlines at memeorandum is amusing.

The Race For The Democratic Nomination Isn’t Over Yet, But It’s Getting Close To That

Hillary Clinton Holds Campaign Roundtable In Las Vegas

More good news for Hillary Clinton, and a sign that the race for the Democratic nomination, to the extent there really is a race at this point, is close to being over.

Wild Swings in Republican Polling Continue


Another day, another poll.

Donald Trump Maintains Commanding Lead In New Hampshire While Rubio Inches Up

Republican Debate September 16

Donald Trump remains the favorite of those likely to vote in New Hampshire’s Republican Primary, but Marco Rubio is starting to inch up in the polls in the Granite State.

Republican Race Status Quo in First Post-Debate Poll


The first poll after the third Republican debate, by Investor’s Business Daily, shows no substantial change. After taking a battering in last month’s poll, Donald Trump has re-emerged at the top of the Republican field in the latest IBD/TIPP poll. Support for Trump among registered Republicans and those leaning Republican is 28%; support for Carson […]

Has Marco Rubio’s Breakout Moment Arrived?

Marco Rubio’s performance in this week’s debate is once again leading to speculation about whether is about to have a breakout moment.

Fox Business Network Announces Criteria For November 10th Republican Debate

Vote 2016

While Republicans are currently looking forward to the third Republican debate scheduled for this evening, Fox Business Network has announced the criteria for the fourth debate, which will be held just two weeks from now in Wisconsin: The fourth GOP primary debate, on Nov. 10, will feature an undercard debate, Fox Business Network announced Tuesday. […]

Clinton Jumps To Massive Lead In New Iowa Poll


In one of the first polls taken in the wake of Vice-President Biden’s decision not to run for President and her appearance before the House Select Committee investigating the Benghazi attack, Hillary Clinton has jumped to a massive lead in Iowa: With Vice President Joe Biden officially out of the running and the Benghazi testimony […]

Ben Carson Overtakes Donald Trump In New National Poll

Ben Carson Donald Trump

One unqualified outsider with a history of saying outrageous things replaces another unqualified outsider with a history of saying outrageous things, at least according to yet another new poll.

Donald Trump Is Definitely Losing To Ben Carson In Iowa Now

Ben Carson Donald Trump

Another batch of polls confirms that Donald Trump has fallen from the top in the Hawkeye State.

Tea Party Support At All-Time Low, Even Among Republicans And Conservatives


A new poll shows that the Tea Party movement is more unpopular than it has ever been before, even among Republicans and conservatives.

Signs Of Trouble For Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush Campaign Speech

Once the Republican frontrunner, Jeb Bush is now floundering and dealing with donors worried that they may be backing the wrong horse.

Ben Carson Passes Donald Trump In New Iowa Polls

Ben Carson Donald Trump

Two new Iowa polls show Ben Carson passing Donald Trump in the Hawkeye State, but that’s not necessarily good news for Republicans.

Two New Polls Provide Another Dose Of Political Reality For Gun Control Advocates


Two new polls show that political efforts to enact more stringent gun control at the national level are not likely to succeed.

Republicans May End Up Being Stuck With Trump Whether They Like It Or Not

Trump Nixon V

Whether they like it or not, it’s becoming quite apparent that Republicans may have to get used to the idea that Donald Trump really could be their nominee next year.

New Poll Shows Support For Marijuana Legalization Continues To Rise


Public support for marijuana legalization continues to rise. As with the marriage equality movement, it’s obvious where this will end, The only question is how long it will take to get there.

After A Summer Of Doldrums, Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Seems To Be Back On Track

Hillary Rodham Clinton

For much of the summer, the story of the Democratic race for President was the story of Hillary Clinton’s seemingly endless problems. Those days seem long gone if the latest polls are any indication.

Trump Still Leads The GOP Field, Anti-Trump Wave Still Not Manifesting Itself

Republican Debate September 16

A pair of new polls confirms that Republican hopes that Donald Trump would fade are failing to come true.

Gun Control Advocates May Not Like Political Reality, But They Can’t Ignore It

Gun Flag

A new poll shows an up-tick in public support for some gun control measures, but gun control advocates can’t ignore the political reality that says those restrictions are unlikely to ever become law.

Trump & Carson Remain At The Top, Christie & Kasich In Danger Of Missing Main Debate Stage

Republican Debate September 16 Two

Donald Trump and Ben Carson are still the top two candidates in the GOP race, while Chris Christie and John Kasich appear to be in danger of being relegated to the “KIds Table” debate at the end of the month.

Hillary Clinton Gets Some Good Polling News Ahead Of First Democratic Debate

Hillary Clinton Holds Campaign Roundtable In Las Vegas

With the first Democratic Presidential Debate just hours away, Hillary Clinton got some good polling news from Fox News Channel.

Trump And Carson Continue To Lead GOP Field, Rubio Rises

Republican Debate September 16

While Donald Trump and Ben Carson have slipped somewhat in the polls, they both continue to lead the GOP field while Marco Rubio shows signs of breaking out of the middle of the pack.

Gallup Won’t Be Polling The 2016 Presidential Primary Races


One of the nation’s preeminent polling firms is sitting out the 2016 primaries.

Marco Rubio, The Next GOP Rising Star?

CLEVELAND, OH - AUGUST 06:  Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) participates in the first prime-time presidential debate hosted by FOX News and Facebook at the Quicken Loans Arena August 6, 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio. The top-ten GOP candidates were selected to participate in the debate based on their rank in an average of the five most recent national political polls.  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Quietly, Florida Senator Marco Rubio has been moving close to the front f the race for the Republican Presidential nomination.

Public Opinion About The Supreme Court Nears New Lows

Supreme Court Justices

Thanks mostly to Republicans unhappy with the Court’s decisions on same-sex marriage and the Affordable Care Act, public disapproval of the Supreme Court is nearing a new high.

Rand Paul’s Disappointing Fundraising Brings The Reality About His Campaign To The Forefront

Rand Paul Campaign Rally

Rand Paul’s fundraising in the just completed quarter is disappointing enough that it’s clearly time for him to consider calling it a day.

CNBC Debate Criteria Likely To Be Bad News For Several Republican Candidates

Republican Debate September 16 Two

The criteria for next month’s third Republican Presidential debate have been announced, and they’re likely to end up being bad news for several Republican candidates.

Donald Trump Continues To Lead GOP Field In Post-Debate Polling

Republican Debate September 16 Two

One week after the second Republican debate, Donald Trump is still at the top of the GOP field, and that doesn’t seem likely to change any time soon.

Joe Biden Inches Closer To Clinton In New Poll

Joe Biden Campaigns With Hillary And Bill Clinton In Scranton

Vice-President Biden continues to rise in the polls even though he has yet to actually enter the race for President.

With Eight Days To Go, Can Congress Avoid Another Government Shutdown?

United States Capitol Building, Washington, D.C. Aerial

Congress has just over a week to pass a funding bill, and it’s not looking very good.

Clinton Recovers In Latest National Poll, But Biden Is Rising

Clinton Biden Sanders

Hillary Clinton seems to be bouncing back from recent troubles in the latest national poll, but Vice-President Biden is starting to rise in the polls before even getting in the race.

Donald Trump Still Leads The GOP Race In First Post-Debate Polls

Republican Debate September 16

The first significant national polls taken in the wake of last week’s debate show that Donald Trump has slipped somewhat, but still remains the clear leader of the Republican race for President.

Trying To Read The Biden Tea Leaves


Time is running out for Joe Biden to make a decision about running for President, and it’s still not clear what he’ll do.

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