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CNN Revises Debate Criteria, Fiorina Now Likely To Make The Cut For The Main Debate

Republican Debate August 6

CNN has revised its criteria for the main September 16th debate such that Carly Fiorina will now most likely make the cut.

Donald Trump Appeals To The Worst Instincts In Voters, And The Worst Parts Of American Politics

Trump Nixon V

The longer this race goes on, the hard it becomes to deny the truth about Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, Ben Carson Tied In New Iowa Poll

Fighting Elephants Two

Two candidates with no political experienced whatsoever are tied in Iowa as Republican voters continue to reject anyone with political experience.

Trump and Carson Lead Early Iowa Polling


Two candidates with no experience in elected office are leading the Republican field.

Everybody Hates Congress

Capitol Building Dusk

Another poll confirms the fact that Americans of all political stripes continue to hold Congress is disdain.

Voter’s Words For Hillary Clinton: “Liar,” Dishonest,” “Untrustworthy”

Clinton, Gates, And Mullen Testify Before Senate Foreign Relations Cmte

Hillary Clinton has a bit of a public image problem, but it’s not clear if that will hurt her politically.

Carly Fiorina’s Campaign Is Complaining About CNN’s Debate Rules

Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina will most likely be excluded from CNN’s prime time debate in September, so of course her campaign is complaining about rules that were established months ago.

Bernie Sanders Is Giving Hillary Clinton A Contest In New Hampshire, But Nowhere Else

Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders

Another poll shows Bernie Sanders doing will in New Hampshire, but there’s no evidence he’s catching on anywhere else in the country.

Trump Continues To Lead The GOP Field, But Is His Support Overstated?


Donald Trump’s support in the polls appears to become coming largely from people who don’t typically vote in primary elections.

Hispanics Hate Trump, Love Hillary, Indifferent to Rest of Republican Field


Trump is at -51 net favorability and Clinton at +40. The rest of the field is at “Who?”

Another Walker Flip-Flop On Immigration Amid Crashing Poll Numbers

Scott Walker Speaking

Scott Walker is flip-flopping on immigration again, while his poll numbers sink like a stone.

Majority Of Americans Oppose Iran Nuclear Deal, But It Will Likely Go Into Effect Anyway

Iran Nuclear Deal Congress

Another poll shows that a majority of Americans oppose the Iranian nuclear deal, but the effort to defeat it in Congress is still likely to fail.

Has Donald Trump Peaked? Possibly, But He’s Still Doing Pretty Good

Trump Announcement

There are some signs that Donald Trump has peaked in the polls, but at his current position he’s still in pretty good shape unfortunately.

Trump Continues To Lead A Fluid GOP Field

Campaign 2016

Donald Trump is still in the lead of the Republican circus, but the rest of the field remains uncertain in the wake of the first debate.

Republican Race Shaken Up After First Debate, But Trump Still Leads

Republican Debate August 6

There have been some changes in the race for the Republican nomination.

Trump Leads In Iowa, While Walker Declines

Trump Announcement

Donald Trump is leading in Iowa, and very few things make sense anymore.

Most Americans Support A Pathway To Citizenship For Illegal Immigrants


Another poll shows that most Americans, and even most Republicans, support a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Bernie Sanders Pulls Ahead Of Clinton In New Hampshire Poll

Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders

A new poll shows Bernie Sanders ahead of Hillary Clinton, but within the margin of error, in New Hampshire. But a deeper examination suggests that Bernie-mentum is a mile wide and an inch deep.

First Post-Debate Polls Show Donald Trump Still Leading

Donald Trump Speaking Closeup

The first national poll to come out since the Republican debate last Thursday seem to suggest that Donald Trump has not been damaged by either his debate performance or the comments he has made in the days afterward about Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelly: Donald Trump’s lead over his Republican presidential rivals grew substantially […]

Donald Trump Solidifies His Lead In Final Pre-Debate Polls

Donald Trump Speaking Closeup

The last three polls to be released before Thursday’s debate show Donald Trump continuing to solidify his lead.

Donald Trump Continues To Expand His Lead In Latest Republican Poll

Trump Apprentice

Another poll, another Donald Trump lead

Donald Trump Leads In Latest Pre-Debate Poll, Perry Seems Likely To Miss The Debate

Donald Trump Speaking Closeup

Donald Trump leads in the first of the final polls to be released before Thursday’s debate.

Driven Largely By Republicans, Public Opinion On The Supreme Court Hits A Low

Supreme Court Justices 2

Public opinion on the Supreme Court has declined significantly, largely because Republicans don’t like the Supreme Court very much right now.

Newest Pre-Debate Poll Confirms Trump As Frontrunner, Kasich Now In Top Ten

Donald Trump Speaking Closeup

The first of a series of polls in anticipation of next week’s debate shows Donald Trump still at the top, with a surprise coming out of Ohio.

Trump Leading Bush And Rubio In Florida?

Donald Trump Hair

A new poll out of Florida appears to show the Trump phenomenon knocking both of the Sunshine State’s best known Republicans out of the top spot: For the first time this year, Donald Trump tops a state poll of GOP presidential candidates in Florida. A St. Pete Polls survey released on Wednesday shows the New York […]

Drop In Hillary Clinton’s Favorability Numbers May Not Be A Big Deal

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton has suffered drops in her favorability numbers lately, but that may not mean much for 2016.

Trump Leads In New Hampshire, But Kasich Rises

Vote 2016

A new poll shows Donald Trump surging to a double digit lead over his closest competitor in New Hampshire: Donald Trump isn’t just doing well in national polls — he’s also making gains among voters in early primary states. A new poll finds Trump with twice the support of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, his […]

Republican Candidates Battle For Final Debate Slots

Elephants Fighting

With just over a week to go, Republican candidates for President are fighting for the movement in the polls that could get them in to the August 6th debate.

Donald Trump, Immigration, And The Republican Party

Donald Trump Speaking Closeup

Once again, Donald Trump is succeeding because he is saying things many Republicans agree with.

Donald Trump Still Surging In The Polls

Trump Announcement

His remarks about John McCain’s military service don’t seem to be hurting Donald Trump with Republican true believers.

Bad News For Hillary Clinton, Or Much Ado About Nothing In New Battleground Polls?

Campaign 2016

Polling in three battleground states shows Hillary Clinton slightly trailing three top Republicans, but it means far less than you might think.

Majority Of Americans Support Iran Nuclear Deal

Iran Nukes

Good news for the President.

It Won’t Be Easy For Republicans To Get Rid Of Donald Trump

Trump Announcement

Despite his remarks about John McCain, Donald Trump is likely to be around for some time to come.

Rand Paul’s Campaign Seems To Be Fizzling

Rand Paul Campaign Rally

Rand Paul’s Presidential campaign isn’t going so well at the moment.

Donald Trump Is Rising In The Polls Because He’s Saying Things Republican Voters Agree With

Trump Announcement

Republicans have nobody to blame but themselves for the anti-immigrant Frankenstein in their midst.

Latino Voters Really, Really, Really Don’t Like Donald Trump

Donald Trump Hair

A new poll from Univision finds that Donald Trump isn’t very well liked by Latino voters: Hispanic voters overwhelmingly disapprove of Donald Trump’s controversial comments on illegal immigration, according to a new Univision poll. Seventy-nine percent of Hispanic voters polled find Trump’s comments offensive, and 71 percent hold an unfavorable view of Trump. While a majority of […]

Donald Trump Leads In Another Poll, But How Long Can It Really Last?

Trump Announcement

Donald Trump leads in a new national poll, but a deeper look at the numbers suggests that this Trump Bubble can’t last for very much longer.

Most Republicans Still Oppose Same-Sex Marriage, New Poll Finds

GOP Rainbow Flag

A new polls seems to show that Republicans are still clinging to their opposition to marriage equality in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell.

Scott Walker Is Running For President

Scott Walker Speaking

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has formally entered the race for President, but can he overcome his flip-flops and a turn to the hard right?

Donald Trump Leads In New National Poll

Trump Announcement

The GOP’s Trump-induced headache isn’t going away any time soon.

Past Opposition To Same-Sex Marriage Could Hurt Republicans In The Future

GOP Rainbow Flag

A long history of opposing marriage equality could end up hurting Republicans even though that battle is over in this country.

Scott Walker Set To Enter Presidential Race On July 13th

Scott Walker Speaking

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will be entering the race for President later this month, but it’s unclear if his recent turn to the hard right will help him or hurt him.

Despite A Storm Of Negative Coverage, Donald Trump Keeps Rising In The Polls

Trump Announcement

Donald Trump has gotten almost nothing but negative press since entering the race for President, but it doesn’t seem to be hurting him very much just yet.

Majority Supports SCOTUS Decisions On Obamacare And Marriage, According To New Poll

Supreme Court Issues Multiple Rulings

A new poll shows that solid majorities of Americans support the Supreme Court’s decisions on Obamacare subsidies and marriage. It’s a different story for Republicans.

How Seriously Should We Take The Polls Showing Bernie Sanders Surging?

Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is closing in the polls, but it still seems as though it doesn’t mean as much as some political pundits will try to tell you it does.

Donald Trump Is Surging In Yet Another Poll

Trump Announcement

Republicans aren’t going to like this one.

Gun Control Is No More Likely After Charleston Than It Was Before


Political reality shows us that the shootings in Charleston are not going to have any appreciable impact on the likelihood of any type of gun control law passing anywhere outside of the bluest of the blue states.

Bobby Jindal Is Running For President For Some Reason

Bobby Jindal Speaking

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal enters the Presidential race today, but it’s hard to see how he even manages to become a plausible candidate.

Chris Christie Set To Run For President As His Job Approval Numbers Crater

Chris Christie

Chris Christie appears set to enter the race for the Republican Presidential nomination, but voters back home in New Jersey don’t seem to think very highly of him anymore.

Donald Trump Surges In New New Hampshire Poll

Trump Announcement

A new poll of the Republican race in New Hampshire puts Donald Trump just below the head of the pack: He’s dismissed by the political professionals, but there is no denying that the appetite forDonald Trump among Republican primary voters is real. The New York developer and reality television star is second among 2016 presidential […]

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