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Who Wants Michael Bloomberg To Run For President? Practically Nobody


As Michael Bloomberg flirts with the idea of running for President, a poll finds very little enthusiasm for the idea.

Two-Thirds Of New Hampshire Republicans Support Donald Trump’s Muslim Immigration Ban

Trump Nixon V

As if to further demonstrate just how fair off the rails the GOP has gotten, Donald Trump’s unconstitutional, wrong-headed, racist notions are supported by wide majorities in the party that still claims to the by the “Party of Lincoln.”

A Look At The Final New Hampshire Polls, Plus Projections

Elections 2016

Unless the polls are very wrong, it looks to be a good night for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Beyond that, there’s a lot that’s still up in the air.

Oh, Those Undecideds…


The final CNN/WMUR polls states that 31% of New Hampshire Republicans have not yet decided for whom they will vote today (and only 46% have “definitely decided.”  As such, if there are “surprises” tonight it won’t be because the polling failed, it will be because you can’t measure opinions that don’t exist when the questions […]

New Hampshire Likely To Be A Battle For Second, And Third, Place

Eighth Republican Debate

The real question about the GOP primary in New Hampshire will likely be about who comes in second and third place. But what if there are no clear winners for these positions?

Marco Rubio Becomes The Main Target At Eighth Republican Debate

Eighth Republican Debate

Marco Rubio was the man in the cross hairs in last night’s Republican debate.

Trump Continues To Lead In New Hampshire, Rubio Surges, In Post-Iowa Polling

Elections 2016

Donald Trump continues to lead, while Marco Rubio surges, in the first polls out of New Hampshire since the Iowa Caucuses.

Final Iowa Polling Shows It All Depends On Turnout, Plus A Projection

Iowa Road Sign

The final polls of the Iowa Caucus show that the outcome of tonight’s caucuses depend almost entirely on turnout at this point. Plus, a projection of who will win and the order of finish.

Donald Trump And Bernie Sanders Hold On To Solid Leads In New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders Donald Trump

With just over a week to go, the New Hampshire primary is being dominated by a bombastic New York celebrity and a septuagenarian Vermont socialist.

Trump, Clinton Hold Leads In Final Des Moines Register Iowa Poll

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton

The final Des Moines Register poll before Caucus Night shows Donald Trump leading the GOP field, and Hillary Clinton with a narrow lead over Bernie Sanders, but much of the final outcome will depend on who shows up for the respective party caucuses.

The Great Rubio Hope? Maybe, But He’ll Need To Show He Can Win First

Image: Marco Rubio

Many analysts are making the argument that Marco Rubio is the GOP’s best hope to win the General Election in 2016. That may be true, but before he can get there he needs to find a way to win the GOP nomination.

The Stage For The First Post-Iowa Republican Debate Will Be A Lot Smaller

Sixth Repulican Debate

The first debate after the Iowa Caucuses will have fewer participants than past debates, and there will be no undercard debate.

If The Latest Polls Are Right, Everything’s Coming Up Trump

Trump Nixon V

With mere days until voting starts, the possibility of Donald Trump running the table in the February primaries and caucuses, or nearly doing so, is more and more likely.

Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Battle Going Down To The Wire

Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton

With less than a week to go before the Iowa Caucuses, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are fighting a closely-pitched battle that will depend largely on turnout.

Race For The GOP Nomination All About Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, And A Panicking GOP

Donald Trump Speaking

With less than a week to go before voting starts, Donald Trump continues to dominate the GOP race, with Ted Cruz the only candidate even close to looking like a viable challenger.

Rick Perry Endorses Ted Cruz


Rick Perry is endorsing Ted Cruz for President, leading to the question of why Ted Cruz thinks an endorsement from Rick Perry has any value whatsoever.

Donald Trump Has Completely Reversed Ted Cruz’s Lead In Iowa

Trump Cruz Debate

After grabbing a lead at the end of last year, Ted Cruz has seen Donald Trump completely reverse fortunes in Iowa with just one week to go before voting starts.

Rubio’s Dubious Campaign Strategy

Image: Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio’s campaign strategy depends on a lot of hope, and no small degree of ignoring reality.

Many Top Jeb Bush Donors Are Looking To Jump Ship

Jeb Bush Campaign Speech

With almost no sign that he’ll be able to turn his campaign around, many of Jeb Bush’s top campaign donors are looking to jump ship to other candidates.

The ‘Birther’ Attacks On Ted Cruz Appear To Be Having An Impact In Iowa

Ted Cruz Speaking

The attacks on Ted Cruz’s eligibility to be President have no legal merit, but they appear to be having an impact with at least some Iowa voters.

Democratic Race Continues To Tighten, Democrats Still Believe Clinton Will Be Nominee

Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton

Polling is continuing to show a tightening in the race for the Democratic nomination, even though most Democrats continue to believe that Hillary Clinton will be their eventual nominee.

Has Ted Cruz Already Peaked In Iowa?

Ted Cruz Flag Background

There are signs that Ted Cruz’s rise in the Hawkeye State will be short-lived.

Fox Business Network Announces Debate Lineup, With Paul And Fiorina Sent To Kid’s Table

Fox Debate Lineup

Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina are the biggest losers in the lineup for the latest Republican debate on Thursday.

Democratic Race Tightens In New Iowa And New Hampshire Polling

Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders

The Democratic race in Iowa and New Hampshire is tightening, according to new polling, but this still seems to be Clinton’s race.

First Post-Holiday Polls Show Few Changes In GOP Presidential Race

Fifth Republican Debate

With under a month to go before voting starts, the race for the GOP nomination looks about the same as it did before Christmas.

Clinton, Sanders Lead In Reports Of Fundraising For Last Quarter Of 2015


Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both released strong fourth quarter fundraising reports, as did Republicans Ted Cruz and Ben Carson.

Ben Carson Loses Top Campaign Advisers In Shakeup

Ben Carson Profile

Further signs that Ben Carson’s Presidential campaign, which has been in a death spiral in the polls for some time now, is in real trouble,

Christie And Bush Take Aim At Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio

Jeb Bush and Chris Christie have spent the holiday week taking aim at Marco Rubio.

Trump Comes In Second, Tied With Pope, In ‘Most Admired Man’ Poll

Trump Apprentice

Donald Trump is in second place, and tied, with Pope Francis, in a poll asking Americans to name the person they most admired in 2015.

Donald Trump’s Iowa Supporters Not Sure They’ll Show Up At The Iowa Caucuses

Iowa Caucus

Donald Trump is drawing large crowds in Iowa, but at least some of his supporters aren’t sure if they’ll be showing up for the caucuses.

Rand Paul Says He Won’t Participate In The Next Debate If He Doesn’t Make The Main Stage

Rand Paul Campaign Rally

Rand Paul is throwing a bit of a temper tantrum. It’s not very Presidential.

Mike Huckabee: I’ll Drop Out If I’m Not In The Top Three In Iowa

Huckabee Announces His Intentions For The 2016 Presidential Race

Mike Huckabee says he’ll drop out if he doesn’t finish in the top three in Iowa. He should probably start packing his bags now.

Trump Tops Yet Another Poll

Trump Announcement

Donald Trump remains firmly at the top of of the GOP field in what is likely one of the last polls of the GOP race for 2015.

The Next Republican Debate Will Have A Lot Fewer Candidates On The Stage

Fifth Republican Debate

Fox Business Network has announced its criteria for the next GOP Debate, and it looks like Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina, and John Kasich will be kept off the prime time stage.

Are Polls Overstating Donald Trump’s Real Level Of Support, Or Understating It?

Donald Trump Speaking

There have been many arguments that polling has over-stated Donald Trump’s actual level of support among likely Republican voters, but there’s also a good argument that they are understating it and that Trump may do better when people start voting than many think.

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz Continue To Rise In Early State Polling

Donald Trump Ted Cruz

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are surging in state polls as we head toward the holidays.

Trump Surges Ahead Again In Post-Debate Polling

Fifth Republican Debate

The first post-debate polls of the GOP race have more good news for Donald Trump.

Rubio Campaign’s Early State Strategy, Or Lack Thereof, Is Confusing Many Republicans

Image: Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio has been getting a lot of love lately from both conservatives and so-called ‘establishment’ Republicans, but his seemingly meager ground game in early states is raising doubts about his campaign.

Majority Of Americans Oppose Ban On So-Called ‘Assault Weapons’ According To New Poll

Assault Weapons

A new poll shows that a majority of Americans oppose a ban on so-called ‘assault weapons,’ a marked change from two decades ago.

Previewing Tonight’s Fifth Republican Debate

Fourth Republican Debate Nov 10 2015

Previewing the fifth Republican debate, and the last Republican debate of 2015.

Another Poll Shows Republicans Support Donald Trump’s ‘Ban All Muslims’ Immigration Plan

Trump Nixon V

Heading into another Presidential debate, a new poll shows that Republicans are very receptive to Donald Trump’s proposal to ban Muslim immigration to the U.S.

Heading Into Next Debate, It’s Still Trump On Top With Cruz And Rubio Fighting For Second Place

Fourth Republican Debate Nov 10 2015

A pair of new national polls shows a new trend in the GOP race heading into the final debate of 2015.

Rand Paul Makes The Main Stage In Next GOP Debate Even Though He Probably Shouldn’t Have

Rand Paul

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul got a break today when CNN included him in the prime time debate on Tuesday even though he fell short of meeting the criteria.

Rand Paul Likely To Miss Main Stage In Next Week’s Debate, And He’s Not Happy About That

Fourth Republican Debate Nov 10 2015

Rand Paul is likely to miss the main stage for next Tuesday’s debate, so his campaign is already calling on CNN to change the rules.

Ben Carson Threatens To Bolt The GOP As He Slips Even Further Into Irrelevance

Republican Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson at National Press Club

Ben Carson threatens to leave the GOP over recent reports about plans for a brokered convention, but with his poll numbers collapsing one wonders why anyone would care if he did.

Majority Opposes Trump’s Muslim Immigration Ban, But It’s A Different Story With Republicans


Polling shows that most Americans oppose Donald Trump’s plan to bar Muslim’s from immigrating to the United States, but Republicans are far more receptive to the idea.

Trump Continues To Control The Race For The GOP Nomination

Trump Escalator

Notwithstanding the hopes of many Republicans, Donald Trump continues to be the person to beat in the race for the party’s 2016 Presidential nomination.

New Poll Appears To Show Majority GOP Support For Trump’s ‘Ban Muslims’ Immigration Plan

Trump Nixon V

A new poll appears to show that a majority of Republicans support Donald Trump’s plan to bar Muslims from immigrating to the United States.

Donald Trump Continues To Hold Commanding Lead In New Hampshire

Donald Trump Hair

Donald Trump continues to have a commanding lead in the Granite State, but it’s unclear whether he can translate poll support into votes when the primary rolls around.

Trump And Cruz Look To Be Headed For A Showdown In Iowa

Donald Trump Ted Cruz

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have mostly avoided attacking each other, but if the polls are any indication that detente may be about to come to an end in the Hawkeye State.

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